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Chapter I-From Prisoner to Host part 1

Somewhere on a strange remote island far from any site of civilization, young sixteen year old Naruto Uzumaki lie there on the sandy beach grounds of this unknown island. Naruto was pretty banged up, his mind wasn't right now only fog filled his mind as he tried to remember how he ended up here in the first place. There was a large white colored boat that crush, the boat was on fire. Judging from the smile on Naruto's face he was the one who cause it.

Naruto couldn't move his body at all. His body suffers heavy damage, half of his clothes were either torn or burned. He turned his head looking to his right to see other men who were alive but like him were wounded.

His body wasn't broken he was just in a lot of pain, sore from the toe to neck.

Naruto closed his eyes as he tried to remember how he got here?


A normal Monday afternoon it was for our knucklehead hero Naruto Uzumaki, on a single solo mission to the land of waves. To visited his old friends the people of waves although Naruto's mission was to deliver a cake.

Storing the cake in his backpack it only took Naruto a day to get to the land of waves with ease. Naruto was happily to do he hadn't seen the people of waves in a very long time.

Forest of the mist:

Naruto was almost there, he was only a few more steps away from there.

However before Naruto could enter the village he stop at the great bridge that was filled with memories of his first real mission. Naruto looked up to the bridge had Naruto's name on it.

'The Great Naruto Bridge.' He thought with a smile follow by a chuckle.

The moment Naruto step on the bridge he walk again and again the more he walk the more of the battle on the big bridge appear in his head "What memories this place had, it really changed me a lot." Afterward Naruto walked along into the village to meet his old friends.

Tazuna's house:

Tazuna answer the door "Naruto long time no see kid, heh you grown boy." The old man chuckle with a friendly smile and welcome the teen ninja into his household.

Naruto open his backpack and took out the cake it was kept in a seal scroll, Naruto unseal it and within the scroll it turned out to be a large birthday cake "So who's birthday is it old man?"

"Inari my grandson he's growing up to be a little brat just like you Naruto. You really have changed this village ever since you defeated Zabuza and Gato. We had a good long three years of peace thanks too you kid." Tazuna then laugh.

"Where is Inari?" Naruto looked around to see nobody was home at all.

"Ah don't worry Inari and Tsunami went out for a bit, stay I bet Inari would like to see you especially on his birthday." Naruto nod his head "Yeah I liked that."

Shortly afterward Inari and Tsunami arrive home in surprise to see Naruto, as it turn out Tazuna asked of Tsunade to sent Naruto on this mission for Tazuna's sake and of course for Inari knowing seeing an old friend would make a birthday even better.

"Naruto it been a long time." Inari grinned.

Naruto grinned back "I see you still got that grin. It has been three years you gotten taller." Inari's height his head was up to Naruto's chest. Inari nod his head "Yup I am so glad to you see you again where's Sakura and Sasuke?"

"Well Baa-chan only sent me, Sakura-chan is busy Tsunade's is her sensei. And well as for Sasuke…let just say that guy is the doing the samurai." Naruto told Inari but in Naruto's thoughts he wishes the whole team seven would be here but however fate is a cruel thing.

"Ah cool maybe next year?" Naruto nod "Yeah that's sound like a plan."

Few hours later:

After eating cake and listening to Tazuna being dunk and singing old songs only a grandfather would know. It was time for Naruto to leave and head on home.

"Naruto you sure you should be leaving at this hour." Tsunami said "The sun is almost gone and the moon will be up soon."

"Nah I'm fine I can handle myself fine, not a kid anymore. Trust me I'll be just fine well it was nice seeing you guys again. I think it's time for to go." With that said and done Naruto said his goodbyes to the family that he has changed.

"Ah man that was great my stomach is full. That cake tasted pretty good I wonder did Baa-chan made that. Nah she couldn't that that cake was very tasty I wonder did Sakura-chan or Shizune made that?" Naruto was stunk in thought about who made that Cake but either way the cake was good and heading on home is more importation a day walk wouldn't hurt and knowing Naruto he would be back at Konoha by tomorrow morning if he runs that is?

"HEY!" A voice yelled behind Naruto the voice caught Naruto off guard as Naruto turn around to see who was there. However when Naruto turn and look the only thing he saw before he got the lights out was a broken branch of a tree.

Naruto rolled twice in mid air before hitting the ground Naruto couch twice before his completely black out he'd heard a voice as everything went black.

"Well that was easy in fact too easy." said the voice was male.

"Well better easy then hard right? Come on let's go he should make a good sell he's young and I bet a lot of people would pay big for someone like him back home."

"Hmm he looks sixteen no fifteen? Blonde spiky hair, blue eyes was it?"

"Crystal blue eyes."

"Oh that's a bonus and he's from Konoha too another fine bonus."

"Look this guy got a tattoo cool ass too another bonus?"

"Maybe let's spike hair, crystal blue, from Konoha and strange tattoo what do we got?"

"Wow this guy will cost about twenty thousand maybe, not a bad price I would say myself brother."

"Yeah, yeah, if he matures in the pants area another hundred point for ladies to love."

"Selling people as slave is pretty wrong brother."

"Yeah I know dummy but you got to live no matter what the cost, beside he's lucky he's going to sell for the ladies department remember."

"Yeah I would truly feel sorry for him if those sick ass old guy brought oh man I am going to need a shower once we get back home brother."

"Enough talking and more walking."

"Alright brother."

And so Naruto Uzumaki has been capture by these two unknown brothers, will Naruto escape before he's on sale? Or Naruto will overcome this new but strange challenge that awaits him?

Two days later: Somewhere at an unknown location:

"Hmm." Was the sound Naruto made he finally woke up after being strike down hard. However there nothing was he couldn't see anything his sight was cut off. Naruto got familiar quickly trying to move his arms he could not as for his legs they could move but he heard the sound of chain noise. Judging from this Naruto guess it as much.

'Ok my feet are chain together, my hands are tie with thick rope and I got a bag over my head yup and I bet they took my tool pocket as well.'

Naruto tried to move but couldn't, trap like a rat and to make thing even worst he was on the ground. Naruto wasn't sure where he was all he knows what it was pretty quiet and shaky, then the shaky feeling from the ground stop.

"So these are the new slaves you found so far?" a deep male's voice asked.

"Yup I told you we could do it six slaves as promise." said a light male's voice.

'Slave oh this is not good.'

"Well six males slave but slaves nonetheless I see you have a Konoha within your hold. Very nice gentlemen you did well now let's go the ladies are waiting for what new toys we have for them. Time is money." said the deep male voice.

"Yes Mr. Thomas." Naruto then felt someone picked him up by grabbing his arms whoever it was must be very strong and big. Naruto took his chance at escape he shook his head and struggle enough to get the bag off his head.

"Hold still." A quick jab to the gut stop Naruto's struggle while Naruto couldn't see as much as there were bright lights everywhere. Show lights they were binding Naruto's sight. Naruto was then drop to the ground 'Ouch' the person put duck tape over Naruto's mouth too to keep him quiet after that the person put the bag over Naruto's head again.

From there Naruto was once again picked up and carried.

"Move him to the back like the others."

Elsewhere: In Konoha

"Ah it been two days since Naruto left. Hope he's having a good time." Shizune said while thinking about Naruto's safety while Tsunade just chuckle taking a quick drink of her sake.

"I'm sure he's fine after all he isn't a kid anymore, more like a stubborn idiot." Tsunade chuckle once more while Shizune sweatdrop.

"I trust Naruto he has done so much for the village hidden in the leaf. I think it's only fair that we give some alone time. And have him go see his friends we can't have him deal our problems all the time." Shizune agreed with Tsunade's words.

Somewhere in another village Two hours later:

It was nine o'clock the village of Kuma was live and ready, as many villagers and people from other lands came to the slave market that Mr. Thomas William was hosting. Standing about 6'3 wearing an all dark green business suit wearing green color fingerless gloves, his skin tan color his eyes were black the man was in his late sixty having a white beard with white hair long hair to his back.

"Ladies and gentlemen for those who are first time visitors welcome to the village of Kuma! We wish and hoped that you will enjoy your stay in our lovely village." Thomas laughed "Then before the shows begin we will have the men and women slip into two groups as today show we have both slave of the male and female sex class."

All the men and women went into two different large groups, the group of men and women were about a group of forty people.

"And remember people these slaves that we just have in are rare and special. They will make wonderful maids or slaves for your services at your household. And with these chakra collars they will not casing trouble for you!" Thomas's words brought joy to those who couldn't wait for it.

Back stage:

After awhile Naruto was ungagged, the bag was taken off his head.

"Man these clothed doesn't suit me." Naruto spoke while he and few other capturer males much like him agreed with the young teen. The clothed that Naruto was force to wear was a pair of white pants, with no shirt however Naruto wore a black color collar he felt funny while wearing his collar.

"Yeah, I hear you kid this is bullshit. How the hell did they capture us, talk about getting jump on." Spoke a middle age man.

'Damn they took my gear I feel like my chakra is drain damn it.' Naruto thought 'Guess I have to wait for my escape wait for that perfect moment. I better not do anything that might get my ass kicked.'

After ten seconds Naruto and the other males were force out on stage from there, Naruto did his best not to look at anyone in the eye. Keeping his eyes focus on his feet.

"First up we have is a young man who is sixteen year old." Thomas said "Blonde spiky hair, crystal blue eyes." Thomas saw Naruto wasn't looking up so he grab Naruto by his hair and force him to look at the group of women who thinking of buying him.

"Look ladies see the wonder crystal eyes he has, and not only that see the whisker on his cheeks they're real. He's a one of kind ladies." Thomas said.

"Oh he's really cute." Spoke one of the women.

"He got pretty eyes." Another woman spoke

"Oh those eyes are beautiful." Another woman said

"He got a sexy tattoo on his stomach." Another one also spoke as well.

"Three hundred!" The betting started.

"Five hundred!"

"Six hundred!"

"One thousand!"

"Three thousand!"

"Ten thousand!"

There was a long pause as many of the women had a long glare at one another.

"Going once, going twice!" The Thomas said.

There was a long pause that lasted for over a minute.

"Stole! To Ms. Yujin of the land of Grass!" Thomas yelled.

End of Flash back:

Naruto slowly rose up, holding his right side. He groans in pain as he looked at the other men who were slaves much like him. Naruto heard one of the men laughed.

"Hey kid gotta say that was some crazy shit, blowing up the boat ha-ha-ha-ha!" Naruto shook his head with a smile.

While being shipped to the land of Grass by sea, Naruto was able to get free thanks to the Kyuubi. The chakra of the Kyuubi overcharged the chakra collar. Naruto used his Rasengan on the boat's engine.

Suddenly Naruto saw a look of fear came across the face of one of the surviving men. Naruto was about to looked over his shoulder to see who was there. But Naruto only a foot strike him in the face knotting him out cold in one strike.

Naruto could hear the sound of the other men screaming, they yelled their lungs out. Naruto suddenly felt something stab him in the stomach. But soon there was long pause of silences until Naruto heard a young woman's voice, Naruto let out a loud groan in pain.

"This one is still alive. It looks so different. What is it?" The woman's voice said.

"I think it's a man?" A second woman's voice spoke.

"A man? Oh Queeny should see this." A third woman's voice said.

"You think so? Queeny and the bitch is the only one who had seen a man. Are you sure this is a man?" Naruto felt someone poke at his right cheek.

"He's cheeks are so soft. He got whiskers markings. Maybe he's a cat or tiger, like the mutant shark men from the dark rivers?" The third woman said.

"Knot it off." The first woman said.

"If he's really a man let see if he got you know what." The second woman let out a perverted giggled.

"Hold on now. Lets hurry and bring him and the dead ones back to the Village." The first woman said.

"And the remaining living ones, but first, could ya remove your Spear from his stomach." The third woman said. Naruto felt the spear ripped from his stomach quickly.

"Look his wound it's…healing!" The third woman yelled.

Hours later:

Naruto woke to the sound of drums beating. The beating grew louder and louder by every second. Naruto open his eyes, only for them to widen upon what he saw.

A large group of beautiful naked women, dancing by the beats of the loud drums, everyone of them wore face paint. The face paint resemble of a skull face. All the women wore the same face paint. Naruto notice his hands were tied behind his back.

"Finally wake huh?" A woman's voice spoke to him. Naruto looked in front of him to see a naked woman who much like him had her hands tied behind her back. The woman had beautiful long red hair that stopped to her back. Her breasts were large, her eyes were golden amber. She had strange but beautiful tattoos all over her arms.

"It has been years since I've ever seen a man. Especially one so young." The woman smiled at Naruto. Naruto couldn't help but smile back at the woman. But he couldn't take his eyes off hers there was something strange about her eyes that bother him.

"Who are you?" He asked the woman.

"You may call me Zita. You are?" The woman said with a big smile.

"Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki." He introduced himself.

"Lovely name you have there." She said.

"You seem very calm about being capture." He sweatdrop.

"I am." She chuckle.

"Why?" He looked worry.

"That's because you are here." Again she chuckle.

"Come again?" He raised a brow.

"You are a male, you are alive, in a cage. Surely you are special if not they would have gutted you and cook you in an instant." She told him.

"They…eat males?" Naruto's eyes widen.

"Normally they don't. Normally they eat anything that breathes or don't poison them. But as I said, it has been years since the Queen and I have ever seen a man." Zita explain to Naruto.

"And who is this Queen?" He asked.

"SISTERS!" A voice shouted. The drums instantly stop. As all eyes turned to see a short brown hair woman holding what appears to be a machete in the air.

"For years, this endless War has haunted us. But today that ends tonight! Today we finally capture the Queen of our enemies and tonight! We shall ravish our Queen's Nemesis! But not just that, we have a living men in our village! Our Queen hasn't seen a male in years! We will see if they has what it takes to be our equal! May the flesh of the dead ones grand us new found strength to protect our village from the likes of that BITCH!" The woman let out a battle cry as all the other women let out a battle cries of their own.

"Oh crap." Naruto mumble.

"The girls are full of energy tonight. No doubt mating will happen soon after dinner." Zita said with a frown.

"Mating?" Naruto's eyes widen while his face blush red, thinking tons of girl on girl action ran through his teenage mind.

"Sex of course. But I believe we should escape before that happens. Trust me this village can become very 'rough' when mating hour comes." Zita looked greatly upset what she explains to him.

"If you can help me get back to my village, you will be rewarded. My village isn't brutal as they are." Her smile made Naruto believe she was telling him the trust.

Naruto's hands were tied by a strong thick rope. Naruto sigh at first, he closed his eyes focusing on the weak point of the rope. Naruto used his brute strength to rip the rope apart. Zita's eyes widen for what she saw, never ever such raw strength in her life like his. Zita saw just for a moment, Naruto's eyes were red just for a moment. Her wonder what she saw.

Naruto untie Zita's hands. Zita stood up. Naruto sweatdrop the moment she stood up. She was a giant compare to his height.

'She's huge!'

'That's huge bitch!' The Kyuubi said in the Uzumaki's thoughts.

Compare to height level, Naruto's height stop at Zita's breasts.

'I'm six feet. She gotta be at least nine feet.' Naruto thought.

"Come," Zita grab his right hand and kick the wooden gate open. The sound of the gate open caught everyone's attention.

"They're escaping! CAPTURE THEM! DON'T LET HER ESCAPE! OUR SISTERS DIDN'T SACFIFCE THEIR LIVES FOR NOTHING!" The woman shouted with fury in her voice.

The two escaped into the jungle. Naruto tried to keep up with Zita but she knew the jungle far better than he did. She quite faster than him as well for such a very tall female she was. With the enemy right on their tails, out from nowhere a dragger was thrown it hit Zita in the back of her right leg. Zita fell to the ground.

"Zita!" Naruto yelled.

"Damn, they got me good." Zita pulled the dragger out from the back of her right leg. Naruto suddenly grab Zita carrying her in his arms. Naruto dashed through the forest using his speed to distance themselves from the enemy.

After awhile Naruto found his way back to the beach. He looked around with a sadden frown on his face.

"What's wrong?" She asked him.

"So I am on an Island." He said.

Naruto looked to his right and saw the remains of the large boat that carried him and the male slaves. The boat was a mess thanks to Naruto's Rasengan. The boat crash here before going up in flames. Naruto place Zita down on the sandy ground.

But before Naruto was about to take another step, he heard a noise from behind. Naruto quickly turn around only to grab an arrow before strike his face.

'Amazing, such reflex he has.' Zita thought.

"Stay away from the Queen Zita!" An angry woman's voice shouted from afar.

Naruto stood still as a small group of women much like had beautiful red hair. However unlike Zita they only had tattoos on their right arms. The tattoo Zita and women share was a symbol word called "ING" and a picture of a large creature. Naruto couldn't see what their tattoo was fully like due to it was night.

"Are you safe my lady?" The short red hair woman asked Zita. The woman had a Bow and Arrow which she aimed at Naruto's head. Zita lower the woman's aim on Naruto.

"Ease yourself my daughter. This man saved my life." Zita told her daughter.

"This is a man?" The woman looked shock, as Zita nodded her head. Zita's daughter glare at Naruto for a moment before she nodded her head.

"Naruto, would you like to come with us?" Zita asked him.

Naruto looked back at the ruin boat then back at the group of women. He shook his head.

"No thank you. I need to check something. See if my stuff were taken with me. Before the boat crash here I saw my things were on the boat my weapons, my headband and my special necklace. I can handle myself fine, trust me." He told the women.

"Very well then but if you ever so wish to come to my village. Head towards the west of the island beyond the blood soak fields you will find my village and as a token of saving my life." Zita looked at her daughter who nods her head. Zita's daughter withdraw a large metal knife, it was a Machete.

"Take this. You will need to survive. There are more just Amazons out there." Zita stared at him Naruto gave a slow nod as the women took their Queen and left the Uzumaki on the beach.

Naruto could hear strange noises coming from the forest. He started to regret his choice very soon. But he was a ninja, whatever out there he could handle. He dealt with dangerous things before and whatever the island has he was ready to take them on.

Elsewhere on the East side of the Island:

Entering a large tent, the short blonde hair woman enter the tent with a disappointed frown. She bowed down once entering the tent. There was another woman sitting in a large throne chair cast in shadow.

"Forgive me my Queen. Zita has escaped." The woman said.

A deep sigh of a woman was heard in the room.

"I was going to enjoy my chat with my big sister. What of the blonde one, the young male we capture along with the others?" The unknown woman's voice asked.

"Also gone." The woman told her Queen.

"Shame I was looking forward to see how he do in the arena. Do you know where he went?" The Queen asked her servant.

"No my Queen but we have sent a search party for the two." The woman inform her Queen.

"Call it off." The Queen said.

"My Queen?" The blonde woman looked confuse.

"I said call it off. No need to waste time for the girls, it's a good night to eat and drink don't think so? Go on go and bring the girls back. Drink, eat, party, fuck like crazy! Also would you be so kind to bring me a fresh heart from one of the men we capture, blood wine taste seems very dull, and I need fresh blood for my wine." The Queen smiled.

"Yes my Queen." The servant nodded. The servant left the Queen's tent, leaving the Queen alone to gather her thoughts. Rising up from her throne, a smile came across her face.

"It's been awhile since I went hunting." The Queen let out an evil chuckle.

End of Chapter 1