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Chapter Eight-New Life part 3

"It's a rabbit, a fucking rabbit!" The Uzumaki couldn't believe it. The most threaten monster that almost this entire island feared was a small little white fur creature.

"Whoa honey, what wrong? Something got your feature rough up?" Vasp and Estelia were surprise to see his sudden behavior.

"Are you serious? That thing has been killing your warriors? It's just a damn rabbit." He shouted.

"Shhh or it'll hear you." Estelia tried to keep him quite.

"It's a nasty little bugger, with nasty, big pointy teeth!" Vasp said.

"Right." He smirked.

"Look at its body its-" He stare at the two.

"Ok, but look at the soulless eyes-" Again he stare at the two.


"Oh yeah, it'll totally kill me right? That little rabbit murder all those women." He rolled his eyes. He was about to go out to faced the small creature.

"Don't!" Vasp and Estelia tackled him to the ground.

"Gah what the hell? First you want me to kill it, now you don't?" He struggled.

"Taking it head on is suicidal you idiot." Vasp told her young lover.

"It's a rabbit, the least it could do-" Estelia covered his mouth.

"Shut up, someone's coming." She told him.

From a far the three watched as they saw two warriors were so happen to be traveling across this land. They saw the two warriors that were a part of Zita's village.

The two warriors were talking about Zita behavior lately since Naruto left.

"I don't know Palha, the Queen hasn't been herself since that guy escaped."

The second Amazon sigh "Wish, that guy would come back. I'm tired we been searching for him for three weeks. We don't know if he's dead or he left the Island."

"Well until we find some clue to happen to him. We have to keep searching and-" She paused when she notice the rabbit. Their eyes widen in shock upon seeing the rabbit.

The two looked at each other. They knew they were dead meat if it saw them, however it didn't. The rabbit was focus on who woke it from its slumber?

"Oh perfect test-subjects he-he-he-he." Vasp chuckled.

The two warriors of Zita's slowly backed away from the rabbit, but one of them step on a twig which snapped.

The rabbit heard them and turn its head giving them its full attention. The moment it saw them, their face turned pale white. Naruto and the others watched as they saw the white rabbit's eyes glow bright red.

The rabbit jump towards them. In an instant it flew by them. It seem as if it missed the two warriors or so Naruto thought.

"GAH MY EYE, MY EYE, IT TOOK MY EYE!" The warrior named Palha screamed.

"Palha!" Her friend yelled her name.

All eyes on the rabbit widen when they saw hanging from its small mouth was Palha's right eye. The rabbit quickly took it into its mouth and swallow it whole.

"What…the fuck…" Naruto couldn't believe what he just saw.

"Their dead meat," Vasp said.

Naruto pushed Vasp and Estelia off him. Naruto had a serious look on his face.

The rabbit red eyes glowed once again, this time it was going for the kill as soon as the rabbit was about to leap to finish its prey off. Out from nowhere a bone knife was thrown, it almost strike the rabbit in the head but only missing by an inch.

The rabbit was surprised by this it turned its head to who was the dumbass who dare attack it. The rabbit saw the fool who attacked it.

"Hey rabbit, if you want fresh meal, then try something different on the menu." The Uzumaki said.

Naruto's eyes were serious, unsure if he was tired of seeing dead bodies left and right. Or was the fact he wasn't going to someone die right in front of him or maybe it was because they were from Zita's village? Whatever it was, Naruto put himself on the line in front of this 'Killer Rabbit'

"Hubby looks serious…so sexy." Vasp chuckled.

"Be carefully Naruto," Estelia frown.

While the rabbit had its attention on Naruto, Palha was being dragged away by her friend.

"Thank you," She thanked him.

Naruto focus on the rabbit nothing else, his eyes slowly became red. His finger nails grew long and sharp, his teeth become fangs. The whisker mark on his cheeks became darken.

"Something wrong," Estelia feel ill feeling in the air.

The rabbit leap towards Naruto he reacted quickly and dodged to the right. The rabbit shook its head as it missed its target.

"Don't let it bite you! One bite it all its needs to win honey!" Vasp gave off a helpfully warning.

The rabbit leap again at him but once again Naruto dodged the rabbit. But this time however, Naruto notice a small cut on his right cheek.

'This rabbit is damn quick, I have to be carefully. I don't know what made it this way, but remind me of the rabbit I almost killed back then with Zabuza, I guess it would be some justice if this one kill me.' He thought.

The rabbit again leap at the Uzumaki. Naruto dodged the rabbit again but almost slip due to being in thought. The killer rabbit was set to end his life quickly. However, the rabbit didn't want to end Naruto's life due to being awaken from its slumber, the little death beast felt something…more of a threat living within the young man that's for sure.

The rabbit focus on Naruto, it was completely blind to everything else. Its main target was the young man.

The rabbit suddenly vanish before Naruto's eyes.

"Huh, where did it go?!"

"Baby behind you!" Vasp shouted.

Looking back as he was told, the young man saw the little rabbit in mid air with its mouth wide open ready to end Naruto's life. The rabbit's teeth came down on Naruto's right shoulder.

"GAHHH AHHHH!" He screamed loudly.

"Naruto!" Estelia shouted

"Get off him you little shit!" Vasp growled.

Naruto grabbed the rabbit by its head sinking his long nails into its body and smash it down to the floor. Blood leaked from the left side of Naruto's neck, holding his wounded spot. He panted hard, while looking at the killer rabbit.

Vasp and Estelia ran to his side.

"Aw poor baby, did the mean little killer rabbit hurt you." Vasp spoke in a childish-motherly tone. Naruto respond with a silence stare which made the psycho blond smiled.

"I did warn ya, but did ya listen? Noooooo," Naruto sighed he nodded his head to Vasp. Agreeing she was right about the rabbit being dangerous.

The killer rabbit recover from being thrown down. It bled from the mouth. Naruto looked at the rabbit as it did to him. Once again they had a long staring contest. However, this time things were different. The rabbit closed it eyes and led over.

Suddenly the world became silence, the background became pitch black. Soon an image of a giant fox appears in Naruto's place. As a dark bluish-green image of rabbit with red eyes appeared in the rabbit's place. While the giant fox had nine tails, the rabbit only had one tail.

The fox roared at the rabbit, but the rabbit show no fear within its deadly blood eyes. The fox let out a demonic laugh before it growl at the little rabbit. The giant fox grab the rabbit and growl at it for a moment, it open it mouth as it seem it's about to eat the rabbit, but however the fox looked at the rabbit's eyes and growl again.

The fox threw the rabbit to the ground and once again growl. Before the background return to normal, the fox point at the rabbit and spoke to it, whatever it said to the rabbit was unknown.

"It's dead?" Estelia asked.

Vasp about to touch the rabbit, but Naruto grip her right wrist.

"This one…accepts me." The Uzumaki said.

A light dark bluish-green aura surrounds the rabbit, in a instant the rabbit's wounded heal. The white death beast opened its red eyes, looking at Naruto. The rabbit jumped on Naruto's left shoulder and rubbed its self against Naruto's neck wound.

"The wound…it's gone." Vasp and Estelia looked shock.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold a fucking minute. Did that little death fucker just accepted you as its master!" Vasp shouted in anger.

Naruto and the rabbit looked at each other for a moment, the rabbit gave a nod.

"Guess so." He'd sweat-drop.

"That fucker killed many of my girls in the past, that little shit is the most cruel and foul-tempered rodent I've ever laid eyes on. Why the hell should we let the fucker live?" Vasp frown.

"Beside my girls are hungry." She added.

Suddenly the rabbit felt something nearby. The group saw a deer entering the area, the deer was about the same height and type the deer on this Island was, big and tall. The rabbit's eyes growl as its body was covered in aura. The rabbit leap from Naruto's left shoulder and went straight for the big deer.

The deer never saw it coming, its neck was bitten off easily by the killer rabbit little sharp pointy teeth.

The rabbit looked back at the group looking cute.

"Guess, there your girls meal huh?" Naruto chuckle nervously.

"Fine, I'll take it. That rabbit's lucky." Vasp walked off to get her girls meal.

The killer rabbit leap toward Naruto, Naruto fell on his ass. Surprise how much feet the rabbit can leap, it had reach all right lots of it. The rabbit landed on his stomach.

"Hey honey, girl, rabbit!" Vasp called out.

"I'll be back to get my other prize. You got lucky rabbit and so did you girl." Vasp grabbed the Deer's head and body, Vasp being very strong lift the large animal without problem.

"Her other prize?" Naruto looked confuse.

"She means you." Naruto froze when she mention that he did belong to Vasp.

"Before she can even find me again, let's go." Estelia nodded.

"But first, let see those two." Naruto walked off to the west of the area, Estelia follow.

Hearing the sound of a woman's wimping in pain, Naruto peek behind a brush to discover the two females from Zita's village. They gasp when they saw Naruto found them, but once they saw the rabbit on Naruto's left shoulder they screamed.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, calm down, calm down." He tried to ease them.

"G-G-get away!" The female stood in front of her wounded friend. She pulled out a bone knife.

"You won't finish what you started beast!" She glared.

Naruto looked at the rabbit and said.

"Down you, they're afraid of you. Especially after the shit you pulled."

The rabbit jumped down to Naruto's feet.

Naruto walked toward the females.

"G-G-Get away, don't come any closer." She told him, but he kept on walking towards them.

"I said get away!" She thrust her bone knife forward.


The woman gasps to see where she stabbed him. However Naruto only had a friendly smile on his face. The woman's bone knife only stabs his right hand, which he used to stop her.

"Relax, I'm not going to kill you or your friend. I want to help." He told them.

The woman looked at the rabbit who was staring at them from afar. Its long soulless stare brought chill down her spine.

"Hey!" He said,

"Look at me." He wanted her attention.

"He can't hurt you, not if it wants me to eat it." Naruto looked over his right shoulder glaring at the white rabbit.

"What's your name?" He asked the woman and her friend.

"Lulu," She said her name.

"I'm Palha." The now one eye Amazon said.

Naruto looked at Palha with a big frown. He looked at her right eye socking. The rabbit ripped her right out quick and clean. There was only a big bleeding hole in where her right eye should be.

"Can you stand?" He asked Palha.

"I can…"

"But she needs to be treated or she'll bleed out." Lulu told Naruto.

Suddenly an idea popped in his head.

"I hear the rules around here are, if you save someone's life they own you until the debt is pay, yes?" He asked them.

"Yes, that is one of the rules around here. But not everyone listen to such a rule." Estelia spoke.

"Rule or not, you own me one. I saved your lives. In return you're coming with me."

"Naruto, their Zita's." Estelia said with a frown.

"I know, but they need help. If anything we're the ones who need the most help here."

"If you're asking us to betray Queen Zita, you're nuts!" Lulu yelled.

"But…Lulu, I need…"

"If your friend doesn't get fix up soon, she'll bleed out."Estelia told Lulu.

"Think of it this way, I'll let you go if you tell what has been happening in your village for the past three weeks?"

"Why should I tell you? It's because of you the Queen hasn't been herself." Lulu growls at the young man.

"If it makes you feel better I'll give myself up."

"Naruto! You can't." Estelia said with a shock looked.

"Zita must have her girls pulling off search team left and right just for me. Who knows how many are dying or lost on this Island because of me. Beside Estelia aren't you from her village?" He looked at Estelia with sad look.

"I was…" She lowered her head.

"Traitor," Lulu said with hateful stare.

"I only left because…" She fall silence.

"Enough! Doesn't matter who betray who or what happen in the past. Right now Palha need to be treated. Right now you two belong to me, you lives are in my hands like it or not. Right now let get out of here before anything bad happens."

"Naruto, if you take that rabbit with us. The girls are going to freak. That thing is the most deadliest animal on this Island." Estelia warned the young man.

"Ok, you rabbit. You can stay with me…but once we reach camp you stay where I said understood?" He told the white beast. The rabbit only stare but it made a small cute noise as if it understood him.

Later at Vasp's village:

"FOOD, FOOD, FOOD, FOOD!" The women of the village cheer with joy upon seeing Vasp returning.

"MOMMY's HOME, GIRLS!" Vasp shouted with joy.

Tossing the body and head of the giant Deer aside, Vasp watched as her women grab the dead animal and dragged it off and get their meal of the day ready to be consume.

"But this isn't the monster." One of Vasp's girls noticed.

"Yeah, about that," Vasp chuckle "There was some problems along the way. Naruto did do what I ask of him, kind of. But anyway eat us girls, today is going to be a busy day."

"What would you have us do?" One of the females asked.

"We're going hunting." Vasp grinned.

Back with Naruto:

"There we go." Sakrai fix patching up Palha. She used her own healing treatment to stop the bleeding and gave her an eye patch made of leaf.

"Don't worry about repaying me. Naruto told me he'll cover for you." Sakrai had a perverted smile on her face.

Naruto sighed upon hearing that. He was mostly focus on what Lulu was telling him.

"How many of your 'sisters' return from the search every day?" His question was.

"Some don't return they have camp out, while in search for you. The others return home to report, but Zita want us to return when we have any clues where you are. If she keeps this up the village won't have any protectors if Vasp decide to strike." Lulu explained.

"If I return, would this stop the search?" He asked Lulu, she answers with a nod.

"She only wants your return, nothing more." She told him.

"Tell me, what is the Gem?" He asked.

"You speak of God. Only Zita can speak with God."

'Great…its God to them, ok Naruto let's play it safe.' His thoughts were.

"I heard that this 'God' save Vasp. Is it true?" He asked.

"Indeed, Queen begged for God to save Vasp's life after the war. It took a piece of their souls as part of the deal. But however, as the years went by. Vasp went mad and attack God. She cracks his shell just for a moment. I don't know what happen but my mother told me, Vasp stolen a piece of God's power before she left the village." Lulu explained.

"Naruto, Vasp took back the stolen part of her soul. But I guessed she also took some of 'its' power it drove her to being what she is today." The Nine Tails said.

'That could explain why she's crazy. Maybe if I crack it like Vasp did I can get Zita apart of her soul back?' He thought.

"But the only one who knows how to do it is Vasp."

'Yeah I know.' He sighed.

'I have an idea I hope it's a good one. I may not be smart as Shikamaru but I think this one will work.'

"I hope so, especially for your sake."

"Naruto? Naruto? Naruto?" Estelia called his name.

"What is it?" He asked.

"She's here." Estelia said with a frown.

"She who?" He asked again.

"OH HONEY!" A familiar voice shouted.

Naruto looked over his right shoulder to see Vasp, but this time she wasn't alone. Beside her side were six warriors from her village.

Naruto let out a loud whisper, in an instant the killer rabbit stood in front of the Naruto.

Once all eyes saw the rabbit everyone but Naruto, Estelia and Vasp freaked out.


"NOBODY MOVE!" Both Naruto and Vasp shouted in slink.

All in fear froze in place.

"So that why you let the little demon alive." Vasp laughed "Honey I never thought you would be such a bastard."

"Keep your friends close and your enemy even close. Ever heard of it?" He smirked.

"So what do you want? My girls are brutal but even they will shitted themselves seeing the rabbit." Vasp cross her arms over her breasts.

"I want to make a deal. If you do this I think our problems will be solved."

"Why should she make a deal with you?" One of Vasp's warriors spoke.

"Shut up! He's talking to me." Vasp snap death glare at one of her warriors.

"Leave Estelia and her friends alone. And also let Palha and Lulu return to the village in one piece. I know you hate anything or anyone from Zita's village." Vasp rolled her eyes to his request.

Vasp let out a sigh "Fine, fine, I won't touch or kill either side. So what's the deal?"

"I want to end this war. I want you to help us end this war." He told her.

"So end the war huh?' Vasp licked her lips "What's in it for me and my girls?"

"Victory and I offer myself to you."

Vasp's, Sakrai's, Estelia's jaws drop the floor together

"SAY WHAT!" They shouted together.

"Are you nuts? Do you have any idea what they'll do to you?!" Estelia yelled at the young ninja.

"Hold on now, I don't mind the idea. After all he does belong to me." Vasp grinned.

"If giving myself to Vasp will helped stop the endless bloodshed on this Island. So be it, I don't want any more family losing their love ones. Also I want no one to eat each other EVER AGAIN!" He pointed at Vasp and her warriors with look of rage in his eyes, but Vasp only smiled.

"If you help us bring peace to this Island. I'm yours. There will be no more killing or eating each other. But if this doesn't work…I really don't want to think about it." He sighed.

"I accept your deal. But Naruto, honey do you really think my sister and her 'girls'" Vasp looked at Lulu and Palha "Will accept this? They're too busy praying to their so call 'God' offering their souls to a fucking Gem!" Vasp bare her teeth.

"What do you know?! Zita worries about you ever since you left the village traitor." Lulu spoke.

Vasp didn't like the tone her sister's warrior. Vasp grabbed Lulu by the neck.

"I don't like that tone of yours. Maybe I should take out that rude tongue of yours."

"No! There will be none of that. No killing, no raping, no fighting. I mean it." Naruto's blue eyes turned red as the killer rabbit eyes flash red.

Vasp let go of Lulu's neck "You're lucky day bitch."

"But rat us out to my sister, I will rape you while I consume your flesh." Vasp's green eyes flash red for a moment.

"Y-y-yes." Both Lulu and Palha nodded.

"Now then, where do we begin?"

Unknowingly to the group, they were being watched from afar by one of Zita's search parties.

"We found him, let us report to the Queen."

Few hours later: Zita's village: The Moutain's Heart

Zita was down on her knees with her back facing the God Gem with her eyes closed.

"My Queen, we return with news." Her warriors speak.

"Speak." She said in a calm tone.

"We have spotted Lord Naruto, it seems he has been capture by Vasp and so have Lulu and Palha. Also Estelia and Sakrai were there as well."

Zita opened her eyes to show a look of pure anger but yet also a look of joy in the mix. Zita rose from her knees "So my sister have capture not only my daughters Lulu and Palha but also my beloved Naruto. If Estelia and Sakrai have sided with my sister then death will awake them in the end. May God have mercy on their souls."

"My Queen what shall we do?" Her warrior asks.

"Bring everyone on the search back. It is time for battle. We go to War!"

"Yes my Queen." Once she was alone with the God-Gem.

Zita heard a voice in her head.

"Yes, I know. I was a fool to spare my sister that one time. I never again will. Yes…I must do it even if cost the lives of my daughters. I will do as you ask…yes." Zita frown sadly.

The Gem gave off a strong beat as if it spoke.

"Promise that only the evil will be absorb from him." The Gem again gave off the strong beat pulse.

"Very well then, I will bring him. I only ask may you give the power to make my wish come true my lord."

The Gem God shot a large blast of charka into Zita's body. The blast knock her off her feet but she quickly recover soon.

"Ah yes. Thank you my lord." On both sides of Zita's face shows there were purple colored scales growing on the back side of her face. Zita's golden amber eyes become lizard-like eyes.

Now given power by her God, Zita decided enough is enough, it is time to end this. But can Naruto win this war with the combine force of Vasp's and Estelia's allies or will it all it be for nothing?

The final battle draws near.

End of Chapter 8

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