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Chapter 9-New Life-part 4

"GAHHHH, GET…AWAY FROM ME!" Naruto shouted.

"Ah come on honey, don't be like that." Vasp chuckled perverted.

Naruto was across a long table, staying far away possible from Vasp. Naruto enter Vasp's tent only to try having a friendly chat with her about the battle that will soon come. But however, Vasp had other plans.

The exit of Vasp's tent was blocked by two of her elite warriors. The two warriors couldn't help but smiled at the site of Naruto who was playing hard to get with their Queen.

"Don't stand there, help me!" He yelled at the two warriors.

"Don't mind them, they want to watch." Vasp chuckled.

"Watch what?" He ask with eye widen.

"Us having our 'fun' honey." Vasp grabbed the table and with her strength she flipped the table aside.

"Shit, shit, shit, shit!" He said over and over. Naruto was tackle to the ground hard by Vasp.

"Sorry of being a cock-block but we need to talk Vasp." A female voice spoke, Naruto let out a deep sigh of relief.

"What is it?" Vasp asked while not breaking eye contract on her beloved man.

"Ten of our warriors have gone missing." The female said.

Vasp quickly snap a glare of anger in her eyes.

"Damn, must be Zita's doing. Where was their last location?" Vasp asked.

"The dark forest," The female warrior said.

"I need those girls, they're my hunters ah I knew I should have them stay in the village." Vasp growled.

"How about I go…and look for them." Naruto chuckle nervously.

Vasp looked down at her dear lover soon a big smile came to her face.

"I know what you're planning, and the answer is no…"

"Damn," He cursed.

"Unless I go with you honey." She licked the right side of his neck.

"My Queen, who will leader us while you're gone? Zita and her army could attack us anytime." Her warrior said.

"Estelia," Vasp said her name.

"Her?!" Vasp's warriors looked shocked.

"Yes, she's from my sister's village but she's a traitor to their tribe. If she's my sister's spawn then she has a killer side much like us. It'll be until we return she'll lend the village."


"Shut it or I'll rip your tongue out! Estelia will be your leader until I return!" She shouted at her warriors.

"Well honey our sexy-time will have to wait." Vasp kissed Naruto on the lips before getting off him.

'Don't know to thank they went missing or Kami is looking out for me.' He thought.

Few minutes later:

Vasp and Naruto embark on the journey to find Vasp's missing girls. Leaving Estelia in charge of her village, though she'll know Estelia will have some trouble with her girls but lucky for her, Naruto left behind his little furry friend to make sure everyone listen to Estelia.

Vasp follow the trail of her warriors by following a fresh scent of blood in the air. Indeed Sakrai wasn't kidding when she said Vasp and Zita had the ability to hunt down their prey by smell.

The smell brought them to the place Naruto didn't want to visit again, but he did promise to return to finish the 'Good' Doctor. Vasp notice the displease look on her lover's face.

"Don't like Hospitals?" She asked him.

"Yeah…doctors make me nervous." The look of anger filled his eyes.

"Let's go." Naruto sigh before follow the crazy blonde Amazon.

Ruin Hospital:

Much like Naruto's first time here, the ruin hospital was dark, the thick smell of blood still remained. Naruto looked around to see if the Doctor or the Nurse was around. Vasp focus on tracking down her girls.

The sound of the wooden floor creek loudly with every step the two make.

"Upstairs?" Vasp picked up one of her girls sense.

The two walked upstairs on an old stairs, however right after Vasp went on head first, Naruto heard a noise that caught his attention. He looked back to make sure no one was there, he gripped the metal handle but the handle gave away to due its age.

"Shit!" Naruto fell over. Vasp gasps and when she's about to grab his hand, she failed to grab him. The moment Naruto hit the floor, the floor cracked due to his weight and force of his fall.

"Shit, shit, shit, fuck!" He yelled.

The hole where he fell was quickly closed off by metal roles, chairs, pieces of the floor.

"Honey! Honey!" Vasp called out to Naruto.

"Gah, ouch." He groaned.

Down in the basement he was in, the basement could possible be the worst placed to ever fallen into, especially a crazy Doctor and Nurse roaming somewhere. To Naruto's right was a doorway.

"Are you okay!" She yelled.

"Yeah! I'm fine, damn I'm trapped. I think I'm in the basement." He yelled.

"Hold on I'll find a way to you."

"No! You go on and find your girls. I'll meet up with in the main hall. I think…" Naruto notice a small ray of light near a doorway "I see a doorway, I think it's lend me upstairs. I'll meet up with you when I can."

"Ok but be carefully. I would kill if anything happen to you." Vasp sound sad as she was force to leave her hubby alone down below.

"Yeah I know." He sighs.

Naruto held the boner knife the same one Vasp gave a long while ago tightly. Naruto sigh as he felt his heart start racing…if he still had in his chest.

He opened the door and step through only to find a blood cover hallway. The walls colored with red of the corpses which lay on the floor. Naruto could hear the sound of music playing, the closer he walked the louder the music became.

Naruto reached the end of the hallway there he stood in front of a door. He opened the door slowly and entered what appears to be a kitchen.

Naruto found this kitchen to be very strange, the reason for that was. Everything outside this kitchen was covered in blood and corpses, yet in this room was a spotless, everything was clean as if someone clean it up.

There something caught his attention there was someone in the kitchen. Someone was cooking, Naruto hide behind the kitchen counter and peek to see who was there.

It was a woman, he could tell by the sound of her humming a song, she wore a red dressed she had red hair which was tie in a bund. She had a large butt, he couldn't see what she look like from here.

"Honey, I'm so glad you're home. How was work? Are the guys still giving you a hard time?" The woman spoke.

Naruto's eyes widen, did she knew he was there?

"Don't worry dinner will be done soon enough, have a seat." She said.

Naruto looked to his right and saw at a table nearby, he cover his mouth quickly for what sight he saw, almost made him gasp loudly.

Sitting at the table was a dead body, but the body wasn't alone. Sitting beside the corpse of a man was three females. But unlike the man they were killed moments ago, they bodies still looked freshly new. Their throats were slashed.

Naruto saw an exit out of the kitchen, but the problem was it was right next to the woman. Naruto saw a small rock on the floor he threw the rock at a pan which fell.

"Huh?" She turned her attention and bend over to grab it, there Naruto quickly made hush across the kitchen and into what appears to be a dining room. Naruto quickly hugged the wall as the woman looked around.

"Oh sorry honey thought I saw someone." She said to male corpse.

Looking around for an exit out of the basement Naruto entered one room and found an odd message on the wall.

"If Mama ain't happy then nobody's happy."

"Guess she's Mama." Naruto whisper to himself as he looked around the room he was within. It seems it was room turned into a bedroom of some kind. The bed was old and the covers looked torn, there was no sign of blood or a corpse in this room but yet this room was dirty.

Naruto picked up a large piece of paper and read the information in his mind.

Subject #98021

Name-Elle Strongheart




Weight-she refused to say


This is Doctor Cain reporting in on the subject Elle Strongheart, Elle was once a normal housewife. She seem had to have suffer past abused from her first married. She often talked to herself about the past but never when I ask her. She doesn't talk much about her first husband, Yulaw hendo.

She later remarried, an old childhood friend of mine Mugetsu Owada, Mugetsu and Elle lived happily however when the war came it left Ms. Elle a widow and not only that. Elle discover her first born was a still-born, and she shortly lost the ability to have children. This could be the results of the effects of the war, I am still researching on what else did that explosion cause?

I've kept a close eye on Ms. Elle for sometime shortly after the death of my sister. I may be the only male left alive on the Island. Doesn't mean I can't stop helping those in need…

Year One:

Ms. Elle discovered what has become of the Island. I found her outside, she was nearly killed by one of the new creature on the Island.

I've notice Ms. Elle still believes my old friend is still alive, she could asked me often about has her husband return from the war? And that their child will be waiting for them.

I'm trying my best to keep her under control without using force. Emma has helped me so far but I'm afraid she may become a threat much later.

Year Five:

Elle killed Emma, I found her fighting with my little helper. I knock her out, I should have killed her. But thanks to the Island, my experiment and power over death have given me ability to keep the dead alive, long as I see fit. I am not sure how it came to be, it must have been that explosion at the mountain? I need to go there and see what has become of the rest of the Island.

Year Sixteen:

I've decided to lock Elle away in the sub-basement of the Hospital. She became very dangerous, she has two sides one is her normal loveable personally. While the other side is an angry widow, avoid any encounter with her, especially If your male. I locked all possible ways to the sub-basement. The only way out is the hidden path in the…

Naruto notice the rest of the page was torn off.

Naruto sigh and looked away, he turn around to face the door. The moment he was about to unlock the door, he heard the sound of someone breathing. His eyes slowly looked upward and soon Naruto's eyes lost all hope.

"Hello Darling," A female voice spoke, her voice sounded dark and yet very arouse.

Standing right in front of him on the other side of the door was…Elle.

Now gotten a better view of Elle, Naruto really wish he had Vasp with him right now. Elle's face was beautiful, she had green eyes. Her lips were small but she wore red lipstick for color. She had long red color fingernails, her breasts were semi-large roughly around C-cup size. She was wearing large round earrings.

Naruto froze the moment felt a pair of hand placed upon his shoulders.

Elle turned away from the door as if there was another way into the room. Naruto quickly gasp as he saw there was indeed another door in the room. He bears his teeth while frowning.

"Did I frighten you? I'm awfully sorry, I didn't mean to." Elle's voice echoes.

He could hear the sound of high-heels clicks as she came closer and closer.

"I've seen you before haven't I? I saw you at the entrance, I saw you talking with the Doctor. He doesn't know, but I know a way out." Naruto hear her creepy chuckle.

"I wanted to meet you, if you're the friend of the Doctor. You're my friend too."

Naruto left the room using the door beside him.

"You are a guest…let me fill you up."

Once he was out of the room, he heard Elle entered the room.

"I made dinner. You don't have to be shy anymore." Elle check underneath the bed, but found nothing.

"You could make me whole…oops I mean…I could fill that empty stomach of yours. Come on out, I want to see you."

Naruto ran for it, he entered another room. It was a closet. He locked the door and knee down and listen as Elle went on talking.

"When I was a girl, my father often said to me, get married honey and see how happy you will be. Mama always agreed with daddy, and soon I became a wonderful bride…But…that happiest soon faded away…with a single punch…" He heard the sound of anger in her voice.

"But my happiest…my happiest…it was GONE…for a moment. Then my true prince came and took me away from my pain…my bleeding pain."

"But my pain soon became pleasure…such…great…pleasure…" She gave a soft moan.

Naruto hear the sound of Elle checking every door she could find. But then she grabs the doorknob of the closet.

"Funny…I don't remember-"

She pressed herself against the door while trying to open the door.

"Ah dear…don't be hiding from me. I want you…I want you to come to dinner. Please unlock the door." She shakes the door.

"Unlock the door." She asked kindly.

No respond.

"Please unlock the door. I know you're in there."

Again no respond.

"OPEN THE GODDAMN DOOR!" Her voice shouted with fury.

Naruto didn't respond he remain quite as he wiped the sweat from his forehead.

Elle heard the sound of Naruto unlocking the door. Elle smiled and open the door, she open the door quickly.

"Now let eat honey!"

"EAT THIS!" Naruto strike Elle in the stomach with a Rasengan.

"Gahhhh!" Elle flew about two feet. She went sliding across the floor. Naruto quickly use this moment to get away while he can. Went Naruto was about to reached for a door. Out from nowhere a knife was thrown it strike him right in the hand.

"Fuck ahhh!" He cursed.

He ripped the knife out from his right hand.

"Now, now, now you're not getting away. For a guest you are a very rude young man." Elle's voice was heard.

Elle threw another knife but this time in the back of Naruto's right leg, than she threw another in the left leg. Naruto fell against the wall, he struggle to get up by those kitchen knives weren't helping at all.

He could hear Elle getting up from the floor. She grabbed him by the back of his head, and pulled out a large kitchen knife and held it against his throat.

"I should kill you for being a rude guest. But…" She paused "You must been very scared."

Elle has gotten a better look at Naruto. This brought great interests for her.

"Oh my you're so handsome…so very handsome." She licked her lips slowly.

"Dinner gotten cold…I'll have reheat dinner. In the meantime…just relax." She bashed his face against the metal wall at least four times. The walls started become color with blood spatter. Once Elle knocked the Uzumaki out, she pulled the knives out from the back of his legs. She soon grabbed his legs and drags him into the kitchen.

"Oh the things we can do together darling…"

Elsewhere: Four hours later

"Say what?!" Estelia yelled.

"Yes, we saw Zita and her forces are coming our way." One of Vasp's warrior scouts informs her.

"Damn," She cursed, she bite on her thumb nail.

"What shall we do…leader?" The warriors of Vasp waited for their leader to act.

"Prepare for battle sisters. Zita doesn't know Vasp and Naruto are not here. They are Zita's targets we must protect them even if it mean giving up our lives."

Estelia could see they weren't so sure about this idea of dying just for a person they barely know about. But if it's for their Queen they had no problem dying for her.

"If we win then surely Vasp will see you all as her proud warriors and daughters."

"FOR QUEEN VASP!" The warriors shouted with pride.

Elsewhere: Naruto's location

"Honey, honey, oh honey. Wake up honey wake up." Elle's voice was heard.

Naruto's sight was burry at first before it become clean. Naruto saw Elle standing in front of him with a large scary grin on her face. Naruto gasp once he saw her, he found himself trapped. But trap in what? Naruto saw and found himself bound to a chair a chair with chains wrapped around him.

"Now open up and ah." Elle held a spoon, on the spoon was strange green liquid. Naruto shook his head no, but Elle force it into his mouth.

"Gah!." He coughed "That…taste bad!"

"Oh you, it's my special medicine." She chuckled.

"What…does it do?" He asked her.

"That little thing you did early. You can't do it for another six hours. You're gonna stay and be my special guest, after all. It has been some time since I had male company." Elle gave him a sexy winked, Naruto felt a deep chill from it.

"Look…Elle was it?"

"How did you know my name? I never told you once. Someone been spying on me, oh my you young men are so sneaky. It can't be help I am an eye catcher even at my age." She started to blush.

'Think Naruto think!'

"Play along kid, tell how desirable she is maybe that will get you out of those chains. I can't help you until that medicine wears off." The Nine Tails told him.

"Yes…ah, forgive me. I was scare…I fell down from above. There been some crazy happening here. And well I'm sorry I attack you Ms. Elle." He played along with a cool calm tone.

"Please call me Elle. Calling me Ms. make me feel so naughty ha-ha-ha-ha!" Elle got bit closer to him, her breasts bounce with each step she walked. Naruto gulp down as he rudely stare but closed his eyes.

"I don't mind being watched. It let me know how beautiful I am still." Elle gave him a horny smile. She placed right hand on his chest and slowly move down to his…pants.

"You remind me of my husband…my dear Mugetsu-kun. So young, handsome, shy when it came to older woman. But yet he had such beautiful kind eyes. I would say you're him. My hubby has been dead for over twenty years. Ah how long has been since I had sex!" She pushed the chair back as it fell.

Naruto groan a bit from falling.

"Oh my, sorry, I'm so sorry." She grabbed the chair placing it back up.

"Ah oh, what is this? Hmm you naughty boy you're so big and hard." Elle had her hand right between his legs gripping his man-rod nicely. She let go soon after.

He sweatdrop "Your honest young man…I like that. We could have fun…"

"Sorry…but I'm already taken." The moment he spoke those words he will soon regret them.

Elle pause as her sweet loveable smile soon faded into a sad frown.

"What is that…you have someone else…your married?" Her eyes told him, he betrayed her.

"Huh, no I'm single…it just this…woman Vasp." He explained with a nervous tone.

"Oh you want to leave me…you want to leave me just like the rest…no, no, no, no, no. You can't leave me…you can't!" Elle wrapped her hands around his neck and started to choke him.

"Ah, ugh, ahh, ahhh!"

But suddenly Elle gasps and stopped.

"No, what…no…he's not like him he's not like him…ah…ah…ah!" Elle backed away from him. She held her head in pain and ran away screaming.

Naruto struggle to escape after catching his breath, lucky for Naruto the chains she used were now old and rushed. Using his strength to loosen the grip, he slide downward underneath the chair and was free.

"Where's my knife?" He wondered.

Then it hit him either she threw it away or she had it.

Naruto enter the room where she caught him, but this time he entered through a doorway he never notice before. Upon entering through, he heard Elle spoke.

"Honey, where are you? I need you honey. I really do! I really NEED you!"

The sound of something sharp gridding against the walls was heard. Naruto looked around his location he was in some lobby. He saw an old chair and placed it against the door.

There she spotted him through the door's glass window.

"Honey! There you are! Come on now."

She tried opening the door but thanks to the chair it blocked her.

"Honey! Please don't be like this. I'm sorry I try to choke you. I wasn't myself." She struggled to open the door. The more she tried the anger she gotten.

"Elle, you need help. You're not right in the head." He told him.

"THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH ME!" She shouted with an angry voice.

She caught herself and gasps.

"Please…help me…honey. Please all I want is some loving, a nice moment of love between a man and a woman. I hadn't had the feeling of being loved for so long. I thought I never feel love again, but then you show up…please make us whole. Make me whole." She chuckled.

"Please…fill me. Give me a seed of hope in my life…give me love. I want a baby. I want my baby." Her eyes started to darken with a craze stare.

"Sorry I can't Elle." He ran away quickly.

Elle watched as the young man who remind her of her beloved husband, just ran away. She felt her heart crack into piece like shatter glass. Elle tackle the door as her strength nearly broke the door down. She tackled the door again but this time she'd successes breaking the door down.

And with a mighty scary cried she shouted.


'Give me a fucking break…first Vasp, then Zita and now her, my luck with women really starting to suck!'

Naruto entered the men's locker room hoping she wouldn't find him there, Naruto enter one of the lockers.

"Mama always told me, love will set you free. She said love always finds a way to your heart and that everyone has a special someone out there waiting for them. You my dear is my special, special someone."

'Shit, shit,' He thought.

He heard Elle entered the men locker room. He heard the sound of water drip from the showers. Elle went on about her parents told her about finding true love and then.

"My first husband…he was a wonderful man…but I made too many mistakes. He hit often…I was with child, our first child. I lost my first child because of him, but didn't tell anyone I didn't even tell the Doctor. But you…you…you are so much like my Mugetsu and so…I want you."

"The smell of my love's scent, like a heated beast of dripping love."

There was a long pause, Naruto waited. He really hoped Elle left the men's locker room.


Elle stood in front of the locker Naruto was hiding in.

"Ah!" Naruto scream, he quickly cover his mouth but it was too late, she knew where he was. Elle placed a lock on the handle trapping Naruto inside.

"Darling, you can't hide from me." She said with a wide smile filled with love.

Elle grabbed the locker and torn it from its place, Naruto being surprise how strong she was. Then again this whole Island had many surprises. She dropped the locker on the floor.

There she peeked over looking down at the scared Uzumaki.

"You wrapped yourself just for me. How sweet of you." Again she smiled "A gift for me. A delivery of love…our love. A love to be wrapped, then unwrapped and unwrapped again. And savored…" She stare creepily. She left out a happy moan soon after.

She grabbed the locker by the top and dragged it, while dragging it she went on talking to the young man.

"I know I've been a little…rough with you. I know, and I wanted to say I'm so sorry. It just…you should know how it is, when you hadn't felt the touch of love. How a woman desire upon her needs with releash…a touch only a man can deliver. I missed it so…"

'She is…saying what I think she's saying.'

"If you don't escape now, she's going to rape you!"

"But after our wedding ceremony. I remember your words Mugetsu…you promise to make our love last forever. You made me a different woman and now…I'll make you a different man."

"Ceremony? What are you talking about? Let me go out of here!" He yelled.

Elle stop dragging the locker and peek over, looking down at Naruto. She had a sad look on her face, she didn't look crazy or any had a hit of being insane.

"I want a family, a child. To be the mother I always wanted to be. I'll never let anything happen to our baby…not like…" Elle paused for a moment, her facial emotion change from sad to a face of anger.

"You'll have to wait here. I know you must be eager to make love as I am." Elle pulled the Locker up and placed it against a wall. When she placed it up, Naruto found himself in a strange room. The room was bloody like no tomorrow, blood was on the floors, walls. And especially on a large table.

"This will help you relax honey." Elle spray some form of gas into the locker. Naruto tried to hold his breath but it was too late, the gas took its effects on him.

"I'll be back soon, rest while I prepare our love nest. There's some rats I need get rid of..." Those were the last thing he heard before blacking out.


"Naruto, where the hell you've been!"

Naruto stood in front of a giant orange colored frog. Who called upon a summing jutsu.

"Yeah, I know. Look I want you to deliver a message to Baa-chan and Pervy-sage I want them to send help. I don't know the location of this place, buts it's an Island. An Island to the far west I believe. I was kidnap by some slave traders in the village of Kuma. If you tell Baa-chan, find a shipment of any missing delivery. They might find where I am. Please you're my only way out of here. Please get this message to them."

"Ok Naruto, stay alive. You have no idea how freaked out Tsunade is."

"Trust me I know, oh boy do I know." He sweatdrop

The frog disappeared in smoke, just when that happen, Naruto looked back to see Vasp and two of her warriors enter her tent.

"Honey, think us to have our sexy-time." She chuckled.

"Aw crap." Naruto ran over to a large table.


End of Flashback:

One hour later:

"And here we go." Elle's voice was heard.

"Huh?" Naruto waking up from no know how long he was out. He heard the sound chains, his eyes shot open once he heard this. He looked upward to see his arms were held upward by thick fresh looking chains. He looked downward to find his pants were stripped, he was completely butt naked.

But that wasn't the worst part. Naruto heard the sound of something dripping.

Looking around where he was. He was in some new area, he was on a large bed. He looked to his right and saw there was blood written letters on the walls.

Love Room

"Why me?" He asked.

But then he heard the sound of a woman screaming bloody murder.

"Yes, come on that it." The sound of something being ripped was heard follow by the sound something spraying.

"Ah yes, yes, yes, yes! Look how beautiful its looks…look at that. Look, look how beautiful your womb is…and now…now it's mine…now…now I can have a baby…but…that wouldn't be fair to honey. I'll be this in the freezer…for now."

'What the hell did I missed?' He thought.

Soon he heard the sound of rushing water, but it soon afterwards. After few minutes, Elle entered the room.

"Now shall we continue where we left off honey?" Elle slowly stripped in front of the young man. Naruto curse as he was turn on as he watched Elle took off her clothes, seeing her beautiful nude form.

He couldn't believe it, he was screwed in more then one way and all he could say was.

"Ah fuck me."

"That's the plan baby." She winked.


The Blood soak fields, the fields where the battles between Zita's and Vasp's always take place, a place far from both lands. A placed where many warriors met they be slow painfully death or quick peacefully one, either way this place was death field.

Estelia stood in front of Vasp's warriors that stood in the hundreds, some of the warriors were left behind to protect the village. However Zita brought her warriors in thousands, Zita had breed many warriors in her village far more then Vasp did. Be that Vasp killed her warriors out of anger or failure or she doesn't mate with them much, either way this didn't look good at all.

A loud horn was blown on both Zita's and Estelia side. But however Zita shouted which cause her warriors to stop matching on. Which cause Estelia and the rest to worry.

Estelia and others warriors notice there was change to Zita, there was something odd about her. They weren't sure what it was, but something happen, something good for her but bad for them.

"I see my sister is not with you, where is she?!" Zita asked.

"Taking care of business!" Estelia shouted back.

"Our Queen doesn't need to waste her time on the likes of you DEVIL!" One of Vasp's warriors shouted.

"I see, very well. I have an offer. A onetime offer, I will spare you all this one time, if and only if you hand over Naruto to me! If you do I promise to spare yours lives!"

However neither Estelia or the warriors of Vasp looked at each other with doubt in their eyes.

"Surrender! Lay down your weapons! Hand over Naruto!" Zita shouted.

There was a long pause, Estelia let out a deep sigh. But then one of Vasp's warriors gave Estelia a long wooden made spear. Estelia threw the spear at Zita, however Zita caught the spear before strike her face.

Estelia shouted as her eyes filled with pride and strength. She was ready to challenge her former village leader and creator. She was ready to die at any given moment, long as it serve to protect Naruto from the likes of Zita. For such a heavy price of saving what could save them all, she was ready fight for it.


End of Chapter 9