"So who calls in a favor from someone without getting directions first?" Kiba teased, as he drove them drove to the crime scene. Karui rested her chin in her palm, fingers tapping against it as she glared out the window.
Yes she had made a rookie mistake before calling him to her aid. But did he really have to gloat about it?
"Do you really feel the need to remind me of my slip up?" She growled at him.
"Yes. Yes I do," He responded without missing a beat.
Karui whipped her head around to focus her glare at him just as they came to a stop. She threw the door open and climbed out of the car, Kiba not too far behind.

Tenten could be found just outside the perimeter of the cautioned tape. Inside it, Shikamaru Nara was noting down the scene and inspecting every inch for clues. Off to the side, Choji Amichi was interviewing the person who had found the bag as well as any other witness at the time.

"So who's the stud?" Tenten said as Karui stopped beside her and looked over her shoulder to the guy slowly trailing her.

"An insufferable prick I have no business knowing."

Tenten raised a brought, grinning.

"Does someone have a crush?" She spun on her heel and cupped her hands over her mouth, "Hey, guy, keep aggravating her! She'll get used to this place in no time!"

Karui was fuming silent, but before she could retort, he came jogging up.

"I'll do my best to keep her entertained and model her to our Leaf ways." He gave a mock evil wiggle of his fingers, causing Tenten to laugh.

"You picked up a good one, Uzumaki, but seriously who is this guy?"

Noticing that he was about to open his mouth again, Karui cut him off.

"Where is the victim? Or, rather, what's left of the victim?"

Tenten lifted the yellow tape up after she went under it, leading them both the contents that sit in a duffle bag. Kiba, having at some point put gloves on, squatted before the item and slowly unzipped it. Just as he had been told, the bag was full of human bones. He quickly found the skull and looked it over several times. Tenten and Karui just let him work in silence, watching him closely.

"At first glance? Our friend here is male, 16, maybe 17? This little indents near the eye mean he was either a fighter or just had extremely poor vision."

Tenten's face wrinkled in confusion while Karui's annoyance melted into admiration.

"This is Kiba Inuzuka," Karui finally answering the weapon expert's question, "And I think he knows a thing or two about bones."

Unlike the Monday rush from yesterday, Naruto was having a pretty slow morning. Karui hadn't come home from her assignment after she drove off with some punk in glasses and Karin was doing Kami knows what with her computers. Hinata hadn't stop by yet so he could only assume she was in class. He sighed and leaned against the countertop.

It was then that a young woman came into the cafe. Naruto straightened his back and stood tall at the sight of her. For some reason she looked really familiar, but he couldn't quite put his finger on. With that shocking, bubblegum pink hair, she did look a little like-

"Sakura?" A heavier voice than Naruto's

This woman, Sakura, turned her back on Naruto, green eyes moving onto the dark haired figure who was moving toward her after entering the other door on the left side.


Sasuke. Sasuke? Why was that name so familiar to Naruto all of sud-Oh!

"You're the Uchiha jerk Karui was going on about! The broody uppity one!"

Naruto quickly clasped his hands over his mouth, not having meant to say that outloud.

It was too late, the damage was done. The cop named Sasuke broke his soft look on Sakura, sending a piercing glare Naruto's way. The guy's eyes were the darkest shade of brown Naruto had ever seen. He swore he saw a glint of red there as well..

"Karui? You mean that Uzumaki girl from Kumo? Why am I not surprised that she knows some as dim looking as you?" Sasuke muttered just loud enough for the barista to hear.

Naruto looked as if he was going to climb over the table to strangle guy."

"What was that you punk!" He cried, loudly, not noticing the scene he was causing.

"Stop it you two!" Sakura's voice came out as she punched both boys in the face, Naruto on the nose, Sasuke on the cheek. The two simmered down, glaring at one another as they checked the damage.

"Honestly, it's like you two have a history together or something, jeez." Sakura sighed, as she looked to see everyone resume their activities.

"Naruto, what are you doing here?" Sakura then asked, her eyes worried and confused as they fell on him.

Before Naruto could reply, Sasuke interrupted.

"You know this joker, Sakura? How?"

Naruto cut her off before she spoke, "Sakura happens to be my godsister, for your information. We're practically family. And who are you to her? The douchebag rebound ex?"

Sasuke gritted his teeth, about to start yelling when a voice chimed in.

"Is everything alright here?" Hinata's voice seemed to break the tension, the sour look on Naruto's face breaking into a smile and that pulsing temple on Sakura's forehead fading.

"Hinata!" and "Hinata, how are you?" were spoken harmoniously with one another. .

Hinata smiled at her friends, surprised to see them all together.

"Hello Sakura-san. Good morning, Naruto. And it's been a long time Sa-"

The moment Hinata had distracted them, Sasuke had slipped away, walking out the door the second they took notice. Sakura sighed, telling the two that she'd catch up with them later and going after the dark haired guy.

Naruto's face scrunched up in irritation that his god-sister felt the need to go after such a pretentious bastard.

"Did you know that those two have quite the history together?" Hinata told him, reading his expression on his face, "Ever since Elementary school they've had a pretty profound bound. Sasuke's always been Mr. Popular with almost everyone, especially with the ladies, if you can believe it."

Naruto merely scoffed and gave a blatant roll of his eyes.
"I take it you were one of those girls?" To Naruto's surprise Hinata gave a short laugh.

"No, no. I prefer gutsy guy rather than aloof pretty boys." Naruto cheeks flushed as this girl winked at him. Then her expression shifted from flirty to something different entirely.

"Sakura, though, was one of those fans of his. The difference being that she desperately wanted to acknowledge by him, to be seen as someone he could rely on. Now Sasuke's always been a bit of a loner, an odd mix of being really meek and distance. I think it's because of his father, who I've heard is possibly even stricter than my own. The thing is, Sasuke actually let Sakura in. It was on Valetine's day in middle school-"

Naruto made a mock-gagging gesture, grabbing his throat with both hands and gurgling. Hinata rolled her eyes at his antics as she carried on.

"He always receive the most ridiculous amount love letters, especially on Valentine's Day. There was only one he actually responded to, the note saying 'Want to have lunch with me?'. That day will pretty much down in Senju Middle history since it's the only time any of us really saw him give a genuine smile."

"For years, those two were near inseparable. As close as you can get without being a couple." Hinata smiled brightly at a memory from ages ago, but it quickly fell away."

"Then everything fell apart at the seams. He lost his mother to an illness and then not too soon afterwards his brother disappeared into thin air. Sakura was the only who could get out a part of what he used to be. That's when the incident occurred and the only thing that connected him to everyone he knew was almost taken away."

Hinata closed her eyes and let a shudder go through her body, gathering herself before she could continue.

"You know of the Uchihas, yes?" Naruto nodded. He never knew any of the family personally, except for meeting the guy now, but it was well known knowledge that the Uchiha's were a family of law enforcement and were the best of the best. There were urban legends that spanned the entire country of what that family was capable of doing to a criminal or someone they wished to see incarcerated.

"Then you know that over time they've made a lot of enemies over the years. Sasuke's father used to be a very decorated cop when we were in school. Two weeks before graduation, Sakura went missing one day and a ransom note was left behind on Sasuke's locker. They were using her to get to Sasuke and ultimately get their hands on his father."
Naruto was in shock. It had honestly been years since he had last seen Sakura. But when they had caught up the last time, even at a very young age Sakura always seemed to be spacing out when they played. Sometimes Naruto thought she was looking through him, as if expecting someone else. It had angered him and saddened him at same time, that someone had captured his god-sister's attention enough that she ignored him. Later, he would understand that look in her eye, as Karui and Karin began to date. And he was finding out that Sakura's feelings got her in a deadly situation.

"Sasuke found the kidnapper and he went alone. He took out two of them by himself, but the third had grabbed Sakura's hair, which at the time was probably as long as mine. Thank god for this, because for somehow Sakura had cut through her binds (I heard it was a scalpel she always carries with her) and cut through the hair that was being grabbed. In that span of confusion her escape caused, it allowed Sasuke to shot the third culprit in the chest."

"Sakura came out beaten and battered, cuts all over her skin but the biggest gash on her back. Those vile people tortured her and carved some onto her back. What it is, though, I've never asked. Still, after that nothing was the same between them. Sasuke shut himself down and shut her out. He all but vanished after graduation but I did hear a while ago that he was back and on the force."

"She still loves him," Naruto said. It wasn't a question but a statement of fact. Hinata nodded with a small smile.

"And I'm sure he does too."

Sasuke knew that she would follow him, as he strode down the street. It had been years since they had seen each other last. That was on him, after not being sure if she hated him for what happened that day. Not only that, he had pretty much left without a word.

"Sasuke-kun, wait! Where are you going?"

"I've got a meeting with my therapist!"

"What are you going to talk about with her?" She cried, "You're superiority complex or angst filled past?

He stopped and turned to face her, tilting his head slightly, the girl's footsteps clicking as she ran.

"Why don't you come with me and while we're there we can find the root of all that anger you harbor?"

There it was. That steeled focus look she got when she was pissed or focused. She took long steps, her arms swinging as she did.

He was tall enough to look down at her with a smirk as she stopped in front of him with a protruding pout.

"Like I said anger management issues."

Sakura then did something he didn't see coming: she grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled.

Sakura then did something he didn't see coming: she grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him so that they were to eye to eye. She then retracted her free hand and clenched it into a fist. Despite his best attempts not to, he flinched and closed his eyes. Of course nothing came and when he opened them again, Sakura was wearing a smirk of her own before pulling into a hug.

"You could have told me you were still here! A card or a letter would have been nice."

"I honestly thought someone would have told. It wasn't a big secret." He was telling the truth. He thought Lee or Tenten had told her, given how close those three had been in school. He sighed and rested his chin on top of her head.

"You're hair's still short..." He mumbled, loud enough for her to hear it.

"It's hard to say the Konoha's Woman Boxing champ with long hair."

Sasuke gave a 'hnn', the closest to a laugh Sakura would ever hear. She was always such a kidder. Then Sakura pulled away with a wicked grin on her face as she looked up at him.

"I've got three belts at home. Why don't you come over, cook me dinner for old times sake, and I'll show them to you?"

Sasuke nodded, trying to not let fear creep into his features. Well at least now he would more to talk about with his therapist.