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They were going to kill me if they ever found me in this position.


Sitting in front of a walker.

The one that saved me a few days ago.

Talking to it like it's the most normal thing for someone to do.

After the incident with Ed I stayed in Merle and Daryl's tent for at least a week before coming out. I didn't want people to see me, to look at me with pity or with this weird look. And I certainly didn't want Ed to look at me. I don't ever want to feel his eyes, hands, or breath on me ever again. Daryl and Merle made me a promise that they would look after me a day or two after I refused to come out, even for food. Everyone seemed worried, even my protectors, but I told them I just wanted to be left alone but one person wouldn't allow it.


I don't know why but that man hasn't let me out of his sight ever since that day with Ed. It feels nice that I have a protector, someone to look out for me but I can't visit my friend when he watches too closely. Hence why, this meeting with my friend, would lead me to both our deaths if Daryl comes looking for me. He's taught me a lot, giving me comfort and security when I thought I lost it.

But now, I have to start learning what people have been keeping from me.

"It's all been a lie, told to keep you from knowing your freedom." His name is Dr. Alexander Carter, another scientist and doctor to my parents. He worked for them but went with Marcus to the city where he took me. He died in the city when City Hall fell and he regrets the things that Marcus made him do. He's been the silent watcher, always looking at what's really happening but never speaking what needs to be spoken. "I..should have spoken...now I wish I did when I was alive."

"Are you and the others not alive? Can you be just sick? Marcus tried to find a cure and maybe he was close but just a little off." I asked and the doctor shook his decaying head.

"No, there is no cure that I could find when I was alive. There is only death, followed by a caged mind. When we die, we do not go to heaven, we're stuck in these bodies. We watch and feel nothing as our bodies betray our minds. No...control...no..." He said and we turned our faces out towards the cliff that looked out towards the ruined city.

"So when you die, your still in your bodies, watching everything that you're doing but you have no say in the matter. You're stuck until someone kills you. An unending nightmare." I said in a soft tone as we sat together. All those walkers are just people, stuck in their bodies, watching everything they're doing.



The madness they have to go and experience.

"And my parents? Did they know?" I asked him and he shook his decaying head again.

"You're parents...only understood that once people knew that you are immune to every sickness, every disease to human kind, they would use you as nothing more than a tool." He said and this horrid feeling settled in my stomach as he explained to me. "They kept you from the outside as a means to protect you but in that protectiveness they lost sight of what it meant to care for a child. They locked you away from the world, thinking that nothing would truly harm you, allowing you to live a happy peaceful life. Look at...the world...now..." He said and I had to agree with him. When I first stepped out into the world I felt lost more than ever.

It seemed like hell...

My mom and dad told me that the outside was a normal, boring place where bad things happen to good people. All they said was that I was to stay inside, away from harm and everything else from people who wouldn't understand. Everyday when I would pass the doors to the open world I wanted nothing else than to run out the doors, to feel the wind and the dirt beneath my feet like I had done when I was a little girl. When my mom took me to the playground I would take off my shoes and run around in laughter and giggles. Everything about the outside made me happy.

Now, it scares me.

People I don't know act in way I was taught not to, places of deep sadness and not the bright sunny places I've dreamed of, and of course there is the dead bodies walking around eating everyone that screams in horror.

"There's nothing happy or peaceful about this life. This isn't the world I dreamed of when I lived at the CDC. Everything is wrong and terribly twisted. It's true what the others think of me, isn't it?" I turned my head to look at him with a sad smile. "I'm a child. A small helpless child that would die in a matter of hours without the help of others around me. I'll likely be one of the first to die."

"Fear the living...take comfort in the dead." He said and I knew what he meant by those words. The dead protect me and only the living can harm me.

"How is it that I can 'control' them? You explained to me that I give something off that makes them believe in their primal nature of following a leader, like a queen bee almost."

"The queen...produces the most complex pheromone known in the animal world...she at her command a cache of chemicals to make other bees do her bidding. She uses this powerful and seductive perfume to attract a retinue of worker bees that lick and groom her and carry chemical signals back to the rest of the hive." He explained and I had to have a laugh.

"Like I would want them to lick and groom me." I giggled. "So you mean to say is that I give off this chemical, thanks to my blood, that allows me to control the walk...I mean the undead. They can do anything I want?"

"Within reason of their dead bodies." His mouth twitched in what I can only imagine a smile but he really couldn't do it with his mouth being dead and all. "When Ed attacked you I could feel your fear, your own mind calling out for help. From what I can gather from the long time I have to think...you can call for help, any who that are within range to come to your aid. Like a queen bee, you can command any undead and they will do so without question."

"Except ask for freedom." I turned away and looked outwards. "I had to do that once at a store where we were looking for supplies one day. One of the undead lead me to the back room where they held the medicine. There were others and in return for keeping the medicine safe and showing it to me, they asked for me to end their suffering. They lied down like obedient animals and it made my heart hurt. They just lay there, asking me to end their lives, and as I raised the ax one of them gave me I could feel them leave as I did so." I wiped away tears as I remembered the way they acted the way they did back in the store.

"As will all our payment. Not in honey but in freedom of this nightmare." His undead hand reached over and rested on my shoulder in a comforting way. "We are yours to command. Practice and learn to be a real Queen. You're the safest person alive in this world now. Take care and learn everyday."

"What about you? If you stay here they'll likely to find you and kill you." I said and his lips twitched again.

"Then it is a welcome death. I have faced death before and now I feel no fear but I welcome it. I will stay as long as I can with the time that is allowed to me." He said.

We talked for another few days until he vanished from our meeting spot. Everyday, we would meet and we would go over the things we've learned about me in the few days. I've noticed that I've seen the Doctor before, in the CDC, when I was still living there. We didn't or rarely spoke to each other but I remember the face only it was less decayed back then. We would talk about small things and large things but when he disappeared I felt rather lonely.

Once the good doctor was gone I've begun to spend my time with the children and switching out between the grown ups. Half the day would be spent with Carl and Sophia, helping them with their math and other work books that they brought with them. Lori and Andrea were really surprised by how smart I am. I explain simple math in easy ways and I know lots of things. I told them that my parents home schooled me for a while. For the rest of the day I spent my time with the other women, talking but mostly doing chores.

Then when night falls, and we all sit around the fire. Daryl and Merle would sit by themselves but they would sit close enough to me just in case something happened. Daryl seemed to be the one watching while Merle is the one to make me laugh with his crude humor and other things. He may be a bit...rude, disgusting, a pervert with bad breath, and an ass altogether but he's only like that with everyone else in camp. With me, he seems like a very old version of a beer gut brother. He messes around with me while he teaches me simple survival things with Daryl along side him. It's not like I go hunting with them, it's gross just seeing them come back with the squirrels we have to eat for dinner. They've only taught me how to build a fire, simple tracking, and when they wanted to teach me about plants I told them I was pretty good in that category.

"Why do you have to go with them?" I asked Merle as he packed up to leave for the city. Last night Glenn told the group that collecting supplies would be even harder since we have to continue moving outwards, more away from the sanctuary of the group.

"They need muscle for their wimpy chicken arms." He said and packed his bag. "Plus that dumb shit cop wants me to go."

"Then don't go if it bothers you that much Merle." Daryl said but the older man shook his head.

"Maybe I'll find something to bring back for you cupcake." Merle said and ruffled my hair, making me groan in annoyance, making him chuckle. He's always calling me that silly name I don't even know what it is. I believe you can eat it but then again, that makes no sense.

"Like what exactly?" I asked and he grew a grin.

"That sweetheart is a surprise." He said and slung his pack over his shoulder, stepping out of the tent. He look at his brother with a stern face and pointed at me. "Watch her and make sure that bastard doesn't try any funny business." He told Daryl and then ruffled my hair, making his way towards the group.

"He's going to be fine right?" I asked and Daryl chuckled.

"The only thing that can kill Merle is Merle." He looked at me then took my arm in his hand. "When did you last eat?" He asked me and turned my arm over to see how skinny it was. Everyone else looked perfectly fine but for some reason people say to me that I've been looking quite skinny.

"I think yesterday? We've begun to ration what we have left since the last time Glenn and I went looking for food, there wasn't much we found. I don't know why I'm getting skinny but I'm sure there's nothing to worry about." I told him but he shook his head.

"I might go huntin' later, go get some squirrels." He said and looked me in my eyes. "Do you think you'll be alright without me?"

"I'll stick close to Andrea and Amy if you're worried." I smiled and he dropped my hand that he was holding.

"No, just want someone lookin' out for you while your still..." He growled and walked away from me. I tilted my head in question as we stomped away. He's never acted like that before and the way his face looked flustered...

Did I do something wrong?


"I see you're alone today?" Amy said and sat next to me, dropping her bundle of sticks as I continued to practice my writing. It's the only thing I have trouble with. My penmanship is rather bad so Amy and Lori have been helping me with my writing.

"Merle left with the group and Daryl left last night to go hunting." I said and turned towards her. "I'm not really alone. My protectors have just simply taken a leave of abstinence." She laughed. "What?"

"Your writing sucks and yet your vocabulary is rather...impressive. Just how old are you?"

"Twenty-five. My birthday is in April." I told her and she smiled.

"Well, when you're birthday rolls around, if we're still here, we'll have to do something special." She said and gave me a one arm hug before standing up.

"Thank you." I said and her smile grew.

"Don't thank me yet until we get there." She bent down and picked up her sticks. "I better get these near the fire. We're running low and Shane wanted me to go get a few for later tonight."

"Do you want to...help me with my writing later?" I asked her and she smiled.

"Sure. See you later." She said and walked back towards the camp fire.

"Hello? Hello, is anyone there?" Everything froze and everyone turned towards the radio that Shane set up in case something like this would happen.

There is someone still alive.

Someone not dead.

Someone looking for survivors.

Heading towards the undead filled city...


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