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Silently I watched the others play and chase each other in the freshly fallen snow. They had no idea how anything in the world worked and yet they played without any care. Some of them knew death and knew it very well but they all forgot, but not me. You see each one of us orphaned by our parents and then befriended by other children that lived at the Children's Home. Each and everyone but myself that is.

To my caretakers here I was known as the "Soul Stealer" and I rather hated being called that no matter how much it fitted me. To the other children here I wasn't called anything but everything listed underneath "devil".

I was only five years and six months old at the time. Brown hair that turned blood red an inch before my hair ended. Cold, dead, silver eyes that instantly let people know that I didn't want to deal with any of their shit that they were going to throw at me.

Then there was the fact that I was also less than two feet tall at the time and was completely shorter than everyone around me. Alas, even if I was smaller and thought to be weaker I was fairly strong for my age. Even then I was constantly teased, nagged, bullied, beaten, and left alone for the most part since apparently I was the devil.


Both of my parents died in a blazing fire in the middle of the day as I played outside in the backyard without knowing there was a fire. I was the only one who survived the accident.

Of course, that led the children here always told me that I was the reason the fire started as for the fact I was apparently the devil. Our caretakers did nothing whenever I was told these opinions by the others but I didn't listen to anything they ever said. Whatever they said was death, but I was smart enough to look past death unlike most of these kids.

I knew of something much scarier, and that would be fear.

While the rest of my age group frolicked around in the snow I sat alone on a bench while holding an umbrella above my head. Looking down to my poorly made doll that I named Ghost, I always looked past the fact that he was just a rag pathetically sewed up by myself.

"Jack Frost sent us another snow day". I told him since he didn't have a face or eyes that could gaze upon the winter weather. "I wonder if he had a nice Christmas, but then again that was a few days ago so I doubt he would remember since he's so carefree. He seems like the type that would forget something very easily, Ghost".'

I tilted his head so it seemed like he was nodding in agreement with me. Then I had him turn back to the kids running around like little Eskimos.

"It's days like this when I wonder if I will ever get out of this place". I sighed heavily. "I mean the cold idea of the fact that I might actually leave this place. Of course, I will when I become old enough, but I really just want to know when that day is. Do you know, Ghost"?

Without hurrying, I easily shook his head sideways. Pretending like he did the action himself, I sighed and leaned back against the bench. I looked to the children shoving snow in their friends' faces and then at the Children's Home.

"Maybe it's another one of those days when I try and runaway"? I said. "It's not like they ever missed me the last couple of times I tried to run from here. Ghost, do you want to runaway again, or at least try to"?

It wasn't like he had much of a choice so I had him nod and then stuffed him into my coat pocket so he wouldn't fall out. Springing from the bench, I landed on the ground with ease and started to walk off to the center of town. No one would come looking for me and no one would even know that I was missing.

Like I said earlier no one cared, and I'd end up coming back anyway since I was only five years old. It wasn't like I could properly care for myself just yet.

Continuing on with my walk into town, I strolled down the road without paying attention to anyone who might've sent me a jeer or a sneer. Most people would glance a second time whenever they saw a little child walking down the street on her own in the middle of snowfall. Though, whoever cared enough to give a second look simply scoffed in disgust as they saw that it was me.

The only reason I didn't want to pay any attention to that kind of crap was because I didn't want to see any of that for a while since I had had enough of it for the past few years. Sure I could handle it and have been forced to handle it, but I just felt like I needed a break for once.

I mean for the lord's sake, I was known around town as the "Little Danger", which I wanted to punish the people who came up with that nickname but knew that I would only prove them right.

Some of the townsfolk thought I was the start of the fire as well as the children, but then again they were morons. Most of them probably hoped that I was going to be hit by a car or a train before I could go on living another day. Although, I still didn't care about what those people thought about me or said about me.

All I wanted was a break from that kind of crap.

Walking throughout the street and throughout town I noticed that some of the old churches had their gargoyles covered so snow wouldn't damage them. Getting off of the road I jumped onto the sidewalk and ran right up to three of the statues.

"Good day," I said to them. "You three shouldn't be sleeping in on a day like this though, Trafalgar, Ambrose, and Lucifer. Jack Frost sent us some snow and you guys should be able to see it fall as well as the rest of us".

Pulling off their sheets I smiled as I saw their ugly faces as for the fact I didn't find them to be ugly. I had known these statues to be my only other friends other than Ghost. They were always silent and each one of them only gave me one look, but I always liked to see their faces in the daylight.

I only found them a few years ago, yet I had come to know that they were in the same boat with me. Cast out from the normal people and given names to match either their actions or their appearance.

A small smile started to form on my face as I said, "Sorry guys, I might be seeing you for the last time right now. Ghost and I plan to runaway again, and maybe this time we'll never return. So if this is our last meeting... well, just take care you three and remember me when I'm far away doing who knows what".

Most likely this wouldn't be my last time seeing them but I felt the need to say something like this in case it actually turned out to be true.

When I felt the need to say something else to them, I heard a rock hit against the sidewalk and nearly land right beside my foot.

"GET OUT OF HERE"! People of the church yelled at me. "GET OUT OF HERE YOU DEVIL SPAWN"!

They hated me being near the churches and they hated whenever I talked to the gargoyles. Someone threw another rock near me and I quickly ran off as fast as I could since I didn't want to get hurt already.

The only thing was it was really unfortunate that I couldn't spend any more time with my friends of stone. It was a sad way to say goodbye if that was our last meeting together.

Still, the faster I ran the quicker I found myself in front of the mall that was all the way across town and far away from the church and its people.

Taking in deep gulps of air I rested for a little while in front of the entrance as I watched people walking in and out of the building. Once I got my breath back, I decided to give the mall one more look around before I continued on my way as a runaway.

As a couple walked through the doorway leading into the building, I slipped in right before the door was about to shut. Though, little did I know that the first step I took inside the mall would be the first step that I took that forever altered my path of destiny…

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