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"Tony, what are you doing?" Ziva asked with her eyes still closed and lying on her pillow trying not to smile at the man lying beside her.

"Camera one." Tony looked at her with one eye closed, "Camera two." He opened that eye and closed the other smiling and then repeated the process, "Camera one. Camera two."

"What?" Ziva asked sleepily wearing a smile as she tried to pry open her exhausted eyes. She and Tony had only just gone to sleep an hour ago after a very long and fun evening of creative lovemaking.

"Come on, Ziva! You haven't seen Wayne's World either?" Tony asked in mock horror, "Mike Meyers looking at the beautiful woman beside him with one eye and then the other?" He repeated his alternative winking while staring at her beautiful face and inched closer on the bed. His heart smiling even more when Ziva curled her hand up near her face and the morning light reflected off her beautiful new engagement ring. One he was thrilled she was now wearing for nearly the past two weeks and couldn't get enough of waking up beside her. "Their air guitar in that movie is legendary!" He added with a soft chuckle leaning over her to kiss the spot before her ear and then trailing soft kisses down her jaw line towards her lips.

"Mmm," Ziva smiled feeling him moving closer towards her lips and threaded her hand into his hair to bring him in for the kiss. "This is a much better way to greet me in the morning…then looking at me with strange winks, Tony." She smiled when their kiss was over and she opened her eyes to look at him.

"Not strange winks, Ziva. Cameras one and two!" He alternated his winking eyes again with a smile and making her laugh. "You are just so beautiful, I have to make sure my eyes are in focus and taking you in properly."

Ziva laughed softly reaching for his hand to hold between them in the bed, her smile widening when her eyes flashed to her ring as she played with Tony's fingers. "Are you really going to marry me?" She asked quietly with a smile and still in awe even weeks later that he'd actually asked.

"Absolutely." Tony smiled lifting her hand and kissing her fingers near her ring. He still couldn't believe she'd said, 'yes.' "I cannot wait to make you my Mrs. DiNozzo." He kissed her hand again, "Though I will certainly miss calling you Ziva David."

"You assume I'm going to take your last name?" Ziva raised an eyebrow, teasing him and goading a reaction she knew was there.

"Well I…" Tony floundered having not thought about her not wanting to take his name.

"In today's day and age its very common for the woman to keep her maiden name, Tony." Ziva answered in a serious tone trying to keep from smiling at seeing her perplexed and fallen look he was trying to hide.

"I know it's just-" Tony was having a difficult time thinking of what to say.

"You assumed I was one of those women that would, what? Get married and wander around the house waiting for you to get home always with bare feet and pregnant?" She asked knowing she really had him flustered now by the look on his face.

"Well I like that mental image of you, but no I-" Tony answered seeing the image flash before his mind of Ziva very pregnant with bare feet.

"You like that mental image?" She asked with a slanted eyebrow and coy smile that was slightly predatory as she rolled over on top him, pinning him down to the mattress.

"Yes, I do. Very much actually." Tony gulped feeling her naked body lying on top of his with her face so close to his' own. "But if it makes you feel any better you're still a kickass Ninja in that mental image." He smiled knowing she was teasing him by the look in her eyes. "You don't want to take my name?" He asked reaching up to finger her long tresses behind her ear and out of her face. "I don't mind if you don't. It doesn't matter to me one way or the other."

"It matters to me." Ziva answered softly with serious eyes and a hint of a smile.

"Okay, then you can keep your name." Tony smiled back at her.

"No." Ziva shook her head, "You misunderstood. It very much, matters to me…that I will take your name." She smiled and Tony's smile grew impossibly wide to hear her already being so possessive over it. "I cannot wait… to become your Mrs. DiNozzo." She leaned down and kissed him, biting his lip playfully and then pulling back.

"So you haven't changed your mind then about marrying me?" Tony asked with a soft smile of his own. His hands raking up and down the naked flesh of her back as she perched on top of him.

"Why would I change my mind?" Ziva's brows knit looking down at him and brushing her fingers lovingly along his jaw line.

"I don't know. I guess I keep waking up every morning fearful this was all just a dream and afraid to open my eyes and see you're not really there. Not real." He shrugged softly with a nervous smile. "That my life can't possibly be this good to have the woman of my dreams actually wanting to marry me."

"I want to marry you." Ziva answered holding his face to look deeply into his eyes so that he could see the truth in her own, "You aren't dreaming. If you are, then I am dreaming too." She smiled with her thumb running under the band of her diamond ring and turning it back and forth. Something she'd become accustomed to doing in the last two weeks to remind herself that this was real. She was really going to marry Tony. "I love you, Tony…so much that it aches to think of ever being apart from you now." She smiled softly leaning down to kiss his lips softly. Remembering his very similar words from his proposal that would forever be seared into her memory at how incredible it had been.

"I'm going to miss you." He sobered realizing that today Liat was coming back from Israel and that Ziva would return home to their' apartment as she'd once again have protection with Liat.

Ziva had stayed with him every night the last two weeks since their engagement while Liat was out of town and he had greatly become accustomed to it.

"I'm going to miss you too." Ziva answered just as quietly, her heart already starting to pound at the thought of not being with him day and night. They'd fallen into a familiar pattern now of getting up and going to work together in the morning, keeping it all business during their work day and then coming home together; enjoying their time alone together, making love every night and some mornings and always falling asleep in each other's arms only to wake with smiles on their faces in the morning to see one another sleeping beside them. "I don't want it to end." She added softly using one finger to twirl the hair behind Tony's ear.

"So why does it?" Tony asked thinking about their situation and feeling his own heart pound at the thought of the void her absence would create in his life by not being with him all the time. "You don't have to go home." He began thinking of ways to change that. "You should stay."

"What are you asking me?" Ziva asked for him to explain, her heart dancing nervously and anxiously at what this could mean.

"I want you to move in with me, Ziva David." He smiled widely with excitement. Deciding on two things in that moment. That he absolutely was certain he didn't want to wake up anymore without her. And two, that he would be calling her Ziva David every chance he could until they were married knowing that sooner or later it would be over and he wanted to savor the memories the name provoked.

Ziva looked at him with wide eyes and a slow smile spreading across her face, "You want me… to move in with you, Tony?" She asked just to make sure she heard him correctly and knowing how much he had valued his personal space, this sanctuary of his for so long.

"Yes." He smiled with a nod.

"Are you sure?" She asked wondering if he really thought this through or he was simply reacting to her sudden departure today.

"I'm absolutely sure. Why do you think I asked you to marry me?" He smiled cupping the side of her face with a soft laugh at her immediate narrowing of eyebrows, "Remember what I'd said in my proposal? I want to fall asleep and wake up beside you every day for the rest of my life, Ziva David. So yes, I'm absolutely sure that I want you to move in with me right now if it means no more nights alone."

"You could have just asked me to move in and not asked me to marry you if that was your thinking." She answered seriously unable to resist teasing him for his word choice.

"No, I want to marry you." He smiled holding her face to look into his eyes with a smile, knowing she was giving him a hard time, "I've never wanted anything more in my life, then for you to be my wife, Ziva David. With maybe one exception."

"One exception?" She asked cocking her head to the side with a penetrating gaze to see what could be equal to that desire.

"Yes." He smiled widely knowing that now he was the one that was teasing her from the look in her eyes.

"And that is?" Ziva asked dragging it out of him, knowing he was enjoying this too much.

"To make that barefoot and pregnant thing come true." He smiled teasing her with that image and thinking about the future with Ziva. "There's just something about the idea of you having my baby that makes me feel… all warm and tingly inside." He added dramatically with a wide smile and shifted around as though he were feeling the tingles now with the idea.

"Warm and tingly…" She couldn't help but smile even as she tried to hold it back that Tony dreamed of the same things she did, "That's usually how those things start is it not?"

"What things start?" Tony asked starting to feel the warm and tingly as she wiggled on top of his body.

"Making a baby…usually starts with…warm," Ziva smiled devilishly and kissed down his neck, "And tingly." She added moving her kisses down his chest as she inched down his body.

"I thought they started with Israeli cotton sheets?" He teased remembering her gift to Palmer and Breena for their wedding and her comment about baby making then.

Ziva laughed softly against him as she continued her adventure down his body. "Those too." She responded with a smile, "but definitely…with warm and tingly."

"Oh yes, definitely warm and," He gulped with a gasp of breath when he felt her mouth against his already heated and eager flesh, "Tingly." He couldn't help but smile thinking he'd never been so happy in his life to wake up early before work if this was what he was losing sleep for.

"So was that a yes?" Tony asked her as they walked into the Bull Pen later that morning, taking their seats at their desks to begin their workday and looking around to see they were alone.

"Is what a yes?" Ziva asked looking through the pile of mail on desk.

"You never actually answered my question this morning." Tony smiled thinking about what a lovely morning it was. "About moving in with me." He clarified remembering how they'd gotten distracted by other things.

"You never actually asked me the question, Tony." Her eyes flashed to his giving him a tight-lipped grin.

"I did too!" He retorted narrowing his eyebrows and thinking, "Didn't I?" He couldn't remember.

"No, actually you didn't. You just implied that you would like me to move in with you. You never actually asked the question." Ziva smiled pulling back the strip on the Express Envelope in her hands to see what was inside.

"Oh," Tony realized she was right and then smiled, "Okay, well then…Ziva David, would you like to move in with me?"

"I'd love to." She answered with eyes flashing up to his and smiled.

Tony couldn't help but puff his chest out a little and smile more widely himself, "Well okay then."

"Okay then." Ziva repeated with a smile as her fingers reached in and began pulling out the photograph inside of the envelope, smiling more widely to see it. "It's here." She inhaled sharply with a smile staring at the image.

"What here?" Tony asked as Gibbs and McGee were approaching with E.J. not far behind.

"Our Engagement picture." Ziva smiled holding it up for Tony to see. They'd had it taken just last week, not wasting any time and wanting to add it to their already remarkable collection of photos of their life together thus far, considering all that had been used for the proposal. "I love it." She smiled looking at the proof the photographer sent over.

"Well send it on over, Ms. David. I need to add it to my collection here." Tony waved her to pass it over with a smile, anxious to see it himself and unable to stop smiling.

"No." Ziva shook her head looking at him as though he were crazy. "Why do you get to keep it, Tony? I'm keeping it!" She smiled with a challenging look waving it between them.

"Why do you get to keep it?" Tony asked with a smile, wanting the photo as well.

"There will be more coming when we order them. You can have one of those. I want the first copy." Ziva answered him with a devilish smile that said she was going to get her way.

"No," Tony challenged getting up and walking towards her with a smile, snatching it out of her hands, "I get the first copy."

"No," Ziva snatched it back, "I get the first copy!" She smiled at him holding it away from him.

"No," Gibbs walked by and snatched it out of her hand, "I get the first copy." He smiled proudly to himself imagining the stunned expressions on their faces as he moved towards his desk and sat down. Gibbs couldn't contain his smile though he said nothing as he tacked it up carefully to the wall behind his desk as any proud parent would.

Tony and Ziva just looked at him and then to their photo he'd just hung with a smile of pride, while completely ignoring them. Finally, they looked at each other in their disbelief and slow smiles spread across their face to realize even more what they meant to Gibbs, that'd he wanted the photo and hung it. They both took their seats looking at the photo behind him.

McGee was sitting at his own desk with a wide smile as he typed, at the swiftness of their Boss, in once again resolving a Tony and Ziva argument. This time over their own Engagement Photo and reminding him they were very much the same even if engaged. They just had new things to argue about. "I hope I get a copy too." He added with a smile and then eyes flashed up to both of theirs.

"Me too." E.J. chorused in a singsong voice from over the wall. "And don't forget Liat wants one."

"And Abby and Ducky." McGee piped up, "Breena and Palmer too."

"Agent Borin also wanted one." E.J. added now standing and smiling over the wall.

"Director Craig mentioned he wanted one as well." Gibbs added quietly not looking up from his desk work and finding their heads all immediately snapping in his direction with the statement in surprise, "Fornell and Sec Nav, too." He finally looked up and smiled, having gotten that request in exchange for the Opera tickets.

"Your Dad, Tony…and Schmeil too, of course," McGee added with a smile enjoying the surprised looks and bafflement on both Tony and Ziva's faces that everyone wanted a 'piece' of them and their love story having been such a part of that night. He was enjoying teasing them for a change.

"You will all get copies. After I get one." Ziva answered in a flat tone that was still slightly annoyed from her argument and then smiled over at Tony. She really wanted that photo, and also loved that he wanted it so much and found herself loving it even more that Gibbs had taken possession of it, wanting the first copy for himself.

"So what time does our Little Ninja land?" Tony asked with a smile changing topics and still smiling at Ziva. He had missed Liat while she was gone. He'd grown accustomed to her witty banter while at work and missed looking over the wall to tease her.

"Her flight lands around 10:00 am at Dulles." Ziva answered with a smile, excited to see Liat as well. "She took the Red Eye from Tel-Aviv last night."

"How is she doing?" E.J. asked quietly with a more somber tone.

"Honestly, I do not know." Ziva answered with a heavy sigh, "She has mainly communicated with me via text to check in. Told me that her engagement with Asa was off and gave no further details." She could only speculate as to what happened between them.

"So did he call it off or did she?" McGee asked quietly worried about her as well and finding himself slightly upset to hear that Asa was no longer in the picture. He'd liked the man and he knew Abby was fully on board Team Asa. When Ziva had told them about the text she'd received from Liat four days ago, announcing the engagement was off, Abby had cried and he held her while she rambled about life being so unfair.

"I do not know, McGee." Ziva answered with a slow headshake wishing she did know more, "I haven't spoken to her at all in at least a week. Just the texts. She said she didn't feel like speaking after her conversation with him and needed a few days to herself. I didn't want to push. She said that she would fill me in once she returned." Ziva felt badly that Liat's engagement and happiness were ending right as hers with Tony were beginning.

McGee nodded in understanding that it wasn't an easy subject to speak about, especially over the phone. "And she resigned from Mossad?"

"Not yet." Ziva shook her head again, "She wants to remain as the Liaison with us until we catch Bodnar." She swallowed hard saying his name.

"What happens in the meantime though? I mean she's going to start getting noticeably pregnant here soon, going into her second trimester." E.J. asked quietly worried about Liat and what was going to happen when it was no longer easy to hide the fact that Liat was pregnant.

"I have no idea." Ziva shook her head again feeling as though she knew nothing with all the questions being asked and worrying about the same. "She only told me before she left that before she could make decisions about Mossad and her future, she needed to speak with Asa and figure out their future. I have no idea how their engagement being called off changes things."

"So sad." E.J. sighed shaking her head softly at the unfortunately turn of events. "What about Mal? Does he know she's not marrying Asa anymore?" She asked quietly looking towards Tony as the one to speak with him most these days, wondering how the third party in this love triangle had reacted to the news.

"Not that I'm aware of." Tony answered shaking his head, "I haven't told him anything. It's not my place." He was trying to respect Liat's right to tell whomever she wanted and he didn't feel comfortable sharing any news based on a text when they hadn't spoken with Liat directly.

"Speak of the Devil." E.J.'s eyes widened as she saw Malachi stepping off the elevator and walking towards them, "Did you know he was visiting?" She turned her head quickly to Ziva and the rest of the team to gauge their reactions. All shook their heads no.

"Director Ben-Gidon," Gibbs stood to greet him with a wary look in his eyes, "What can we do for you again so soon? You didn't let us know you were coming."

"Agent Gibbs," Malachi answered apparently frazzled, "I am sorry for not announcing my arrival. I have business with the CIA and generally, that is unannounced." He gave a small smile and Gibbs nodded in understanding with the same. "Shalom everyone." He looked around greeting everyone with a smile and noticed one person visibly absent. "Is Liat here?" He asked quietly looking from Gibbs to Ziva and back again.

"No," Gibbs answered hesitantly, thinking it was strange the man before him didn't know Liat's whereabouts given he had people watching her all the time. "She's on her way back from Israel. She lands in about an hour." He added quietly.

"I knew she was due back today. I thought she would have arrived by now." Malachi answered feeling his palms begin to sweat at the thought of seeing her again. Having not spoken a word to her since the night of Tony and Ziva's engagement party and declaring he loved her only to hear her say it was too late. "I was hoping to speak with her before I am due at Langley." He swallowed hard thinking of the news he'd heard. "A colleague of mine informed me this morning that her engagement with Asa is off. Is this true?" He asked looking directly at Ziva knowing she would know the details of anyone here.

Ziva was taken a back for a moment in surprise and not sure what to say, "I'm not sure about the current status. She hasn't spoken to me since last Friday evening." She could only imagine what colleagues of Malachi had told him. Spies more like it. "Your spies on her didn't give any further information, Director Ben-Gidon?" She asked in a steely tone purposefully addressing him as such to let it be known she knew he was abusing that title; feeling defensive of Liat's privacy and not liking that Malachi was abusing his authority as Director of Mossad already to spy on her personal life.

"I have no spies on her, Ziva." Malachi informed them feeling slightly ashamed that they all knew he'd been keeping tabs on Liat before, "She demanded that I leave her alone at your engagement party and to remove those I had following her. There has been no one tailing her on my orders since that evening." He paused straightening his posture a little and feeling a bit tense at having to defend himself, "My colleague works with Asa and he'd heard from him that the engagement had been called off though no details were given. I was hoping to speak with her myself about such things."

"Why?" Ziva asked immediately, stunned to learn that he'd actually listened to Liat about invading her privacy, if he was indeed telling the truth about removing the spies on her.

"Ziver." Gibbs addressed her with a warning tone that she was crossing the line by asking the man such as he was the Director of Mossad and this was his personal life.

"No it's fine, Agent Gibbs." Malachi waved him down and looked directly at Ziva, "She and I did not part on very good terms, Ziva. I would like to address that with her and make it right."

"How?" Ziva asked continuing to drill him and folded her arms over her chest. "Are you suddenly going to resign from Mossad and make her your priority?"

"It is not that simple." Malachi immediately shook his head nervously and feeling his heart start to pound at the drastic measure she was expressing.

"Then I do not see how you will be able to make this right." Ziva answered feeling herself getting fired up that the man wanted to continue to drag Liat through emotional hell if he had no plans to change the outcome. She'd done that enough with Tony for seven years and knew how badly that hurt.

"Hey," Gibbs finally stepped between them, "Not here." He motioned to them both to take notice of where they stood and that people were starting to look at them.

"So defensive of her, Ziva." Malachi shook his head smiling at how protective she was of Liat and the thought making him smile, even if she were angry with him, to know that Liat had people now that were watching her back. "You take good care of her. A good big sister." He smiled more widely and saw her only get more agitated with him for daring to smile at her protectiveness.

"If her engagement with Asa has broken off the last thing she needs right now is to be harassed by you!" Ziva fired back quietly but with a sharp and pointed tone. Kicking Liat in the heart when she was already down would only make things worse and that is exactly what facing Malachi would be given her whole reason likely for not marrying Asa was the fact she was having Malachi's baby, unbeknownst to him.

"I have no intention of harassing her, Ziva." Malachi countered feeling defensive now of his intentions. "I only wish to speak with her. She is still my Mossad Liaison to NCIS!"

"There you go again! Using your Authority as Director to force her into personal situations with you! This is exactly why she wants to resign!" Ziva was raging mad now and losing her patience. Every time Malachi had seemed to redeem himself a little bit in their eyes with his sweet and kind gestures, he'd do something else to remind them that he was also a jerk and for Ziva, reminded her far too much of her father's behaviors. Loving with one hand and abusing with the other. Even if in Malachi's case it was not physical abuse on Liat's body it was emotional abuse on her heart.

"Enough!" Gibbs finally ordered in a loud tone, not letting it go any further. Malachi seemed to be fine with engaging Ziva in this manner in the middle of the office but he wasn't about to let it continue. Not only for Ziva's sake but also Malachi's as he wasn't sure Ziva wouldn't physically attack him if he kept provoking her.

"Ziva," Ray Cruz suddenly interrupted them walking around the corner and standing before them catching them all off guard, having been so involved in watching the verbal sparring match between Malachi and Ziva. "I need to speak with you." He looked right at her.

Ziva's mouth fell open in shock as did everyone else's to see the man standing before them. The last they'd seen of him, he was being carted off to the supposed military prison only to learn he'd been set free and at the CIA again. Now standing before them of his own free will when they'd been trying to find him for over a month.

"I have nothing to say to you." Ziva finally answered once she was able to make her mouth start working.

"It is important that I speak with you. Right now." Ray demanded and Tony suddenly stood up walking towards Ziva's desk and ready to pounce.

"What are you doing here, C.I. Ray?" Tony cocked his head to the side and the others stepped back so he could stand toe-to-toe with the man.

"I'm here to speak with Ziva. This does not concern you, Agent DiNozzo." Ray brushed him off and turned his attention back to Ziva. "Please Ziva, I need to speak with you."

"I don't want to speak with you." Ziva shook her head backing away and feeling her heart start to pound that he was here.

"You heard her." Tony answered crossing his arms over his chest and moving to stand between them protectively, "She has nothing to say to you."

"I can hear just fine, Agent DiNozzo. You needn't continue with your Big Brother tactics of trying to intimidate me." Ray countered puffing out his own chest and unafraid of Tony.

"Big brother?" Tony scoffed finding it just as insulting now as it was the first time the man had said that to him in the Men's Room two years ago when they'd first met. "More like fiancé."

"Fiancé?" Ray smiled as if amused with a mocking tone and his eyes flashing back to Ziva and then to her hand and the ring, "I heard you were getting married but I didn't think it was actually true. The idea of Ziva even considering marrying you, Agent DiNozzo, I find rather amusing. Are you so desperate for women now that you have nothing better to do, then to pick up other people's leftovers?" He glared at Tony with a menacing smile knowing it would provoke him.

Tony felt an instant surge of rage at the comment and how disparaging it was to Ziva and rocketed his fist forward, punching Ray in the face, "You sonofabitch!" He swore through gritted teeth and was instantly held back by Malachi who stepped between them and his guards.

"Tony," Malachi shook his head getting him to calm down given they were standing in the middle of NCIS and everyone was now looking at them.

Ray wiped the corner of his mouth and tasted the blood there shaking his head and glaring at Tony.

"We're taking this somewhere else." Gibbs stepped in as well, grabbing Ray by the arm and shoving him in the other direction down the hall. Wanting to punch the man as well over the comment and even daring to show his face again, demanding to speak with Ziva.

"I'm here to speak with Ziva. Not be brutalized by your ill tempered Special Agents." Ray fired back at Gibbs even as he walked along.

"She already told you, Cruz. She is not interested in speaking with you." Gibbs answered in his own cold tone, "But I am." He shoved him towards the Interrogation Room door. "I have plenty of questions for you." He pointed sharply to the chair for Ray to take a seat, "And I think I'll let DiNozzo do the asking." He gave Ray a slight head nod and left the room, pulling the door behind him.

"What the hell is he doing here?" Tony flexed his hand feeling it already swelling from the punch and his heart pounding at why Ray was suddenly back in their lives. They were now all standing on the other side of the two-way mirrored glass looking in at him.

Ziva standing in front and unable to take her eyes off Ray on the other side.

"I need to speak with Ziva." Ray called out again, alone in the room but staring directly at the glass where he knew they were all now congregated behind, watching him.

"Ziver, do you want to talk with him?" Gibbs asked turning her to face him and forcing her to look at him, seeing her slightly shaken that he was here again.

"I have nothing to say to him." She shook her head, "I don't care what he wants to tell me. He only ever lies. I cannot believe anything he says."

Gibbs nodded rubbing her upper arms supportively with his hands that gripped her there, "Okay." He added softly in understanding that she was too emotional where Ray was concerned to be in their questioning him. "DiNozzo," He turned his attention to Tony, knowing he was emotionally charged where Ray was concerned but didn't mind Tony putting the hurt on Ray a little instead of Ray hurting Ziva for a change. "Do you want to question him?" He offered with a hint of a smile.

"Me Boss?" Tony was slightly surprised that Gibbs would let him after he'd just lost control and punched Ray in the Bull Pen.

"Yeah," Gibbs nodded as if it were obvious, "That's why I asked you." He gave him a small smile, "We need answers." He cocked his head to the side remembering how well Tony had done under the cool calm and collected interrogation by Eli David, in which Tony had ended up tricking the man into revealing his secret about ordering Rivkin to seduce Ziva. Sometimes Tony's way with words and provoking people worked to their benefit. It had with Eli and he was sure it would with Ray as Tony already had a way of getting under the man's skin.

"All right." Tony nodded with a slow smile growing over his features, realizing why Gibbs wanted him to question the man. Remembering what had happened with Eli as well where Ziva was concerned. His mind with that thought immediately short-circuiting to how she felt then to hear such a betrayal, and concerned for her reaction now. "Zi, are you okay with me questioning him?" He asked turning his attention to the one he loved. His hand reaching up to cup the side of her face intimately and not caring they were in their workspace. This was not only a work issue with how Ray was potentially involved with the Hashshahini Project and the death of the two Mossad Officers and a Navy SEAL, but also extremely personal for her given their relationship in the past.

Ziva nodded softly against his hand, "It's fine, Tony."

"I'm going to have to say things…to rile him up and," Tony swallowed hard not wanting to hurt her in the process, "I don't want to hurt you with them."

"It's fine, Tony. I will be fine. Just say what you need to." Ziva pulled back away from his touch, understanding why he needed to do this but not liking that it had to be done. "I need to go get Liat from the airport anyway." She took a breath realizing what time it was.

"No," Gibbs shook his head, "I don't want you driving right now." He knew she was upset and distracted and that left her vulnerable, "Bodnar is still after you and your head's not in the game right now enough to be driving. I'll send Barrett with McGee." He nodded towards E.J. who nodded back in acknowledgement. McGee had already planned on riding with Ziva to pick up Liat, not letting her go anywhere alone. "You stay here." Gibbs instructed Ziva to stay put in this room and on this side of the glass. "If you want to watch. Otherwise, wait in the Bull Pen. Your choice but I don't want you leaving here." He gave her options.

"I'll stay." Ziva answered knowing there was no point in arguing with Gibbs when he had that look in his eyes. She was sure she was fine and capable of driving but too tired to put up any argument already feeling emotionally drained so early in the morning. What had begun as a wonderful morning in bed with Tony, had suddenly started deteriorating quickly with first Malachi's unexpected arrival wishing to speak with Liat and then, Ray just suddenly showing up and demanding to speak with her.

"I'll stay with her." Malachi volunteered wanting to watch this as well, having two Mossad Officers possibly lost to this man's hands, and feeling slightly protective suddenly over Ziva's seeing her reaction to the man on the other side of the glass.

"Can I trust the two of you not to come to blows on this side of the glass?" Gibbs asked with a pointed look to both Malachi and Ziva, recalling their argument just moments before Ray arrived.

"Yes, Gibbs." Ziva answered quickly in no mood to fight Malachi when a real enemy sat on the other side of the glass. She may have been furious with Malachi for his personal behaviors but she knew, or at least believed she knew, that he was on their side and working with them. Not against them as it seemed Ray had been.

"Okay," Gibbs acknowledged them, "I'm going to stand in the corner, DiNozzo." He turned his attentions to Tony, "Try to keep your hands off him this time. We want you to get under his skin," He started walking out the door towards the other side of the glass, "Not rip it off." He added realizing that was a real possibility with how much rage Tony held for the man.

"I'll try my best, Boss." Tony took a deep breath, giving no promises. The man had been in their presences less then five minutes and had insulted not only Tony with his Big Brother comment but also Ziva in calling her leftovers.

"I want to speak with Ziva." Ray demanded the moment Gibbs and Tony stepped back into the room.

"She doesn't want to speak with you." Tony answered coolly with a tight smile, taking a seat opposite of Ray while Gibbs went to stand in the corner. Observing but also preparing to play referee should things get out of hand.

"I want to speak with her." Ray insisted, "She needs to hear what I have to say."

"She has no desire to hear what you have to say." Tony countered quickly.

"Then she can tell me that herself." Ray leaned in closer to Tony, "Didn't you tell me last time that you have no need to speak for Ziva…she is capable of doing it for herself?" He smiled coyly twisting what Tony had said during their previous encounter.

"She can speak for herself and she has. She told you pretty plainly out there, C, I. Ray, that she doesn't want to speak with you." Tony replied tightening his fist, "Are you sure you aren't hard of hearing? Perhaps I can speak louder!" Tony nearly shouted the last part to antagonize him.

"I can hear just fine, Agent DiNozzo." Ray answered with a smile, accepting the move for what it was, "So tell me, did you enjoy the Opera?"

Tony took a breath, not expecting to hear that and realized Ray was trying to take the upper hand, catch him off guard again and get another emotional rise out of Tony. "Yes, actually it was quite an evening. Ended in rather spectacular fashion." Tony smiled thinking of their engagement with eyes locking onto Ray's coal black ones.

"I took Ziva to the Opera once too, did you know? In New York." Ray smiled and leaned in closer again, lower his voice as if sharing a secret, "It ended in a spectacular fashion as well." He smiled and sat back with a cocky look on his face. "Ziva's quite impressive," He spoke slowly and accentuated his words to carry more meaning, "As I'm sure you know by now…especially after an emotional evening."

The suggestion of having spectacular sex with Ziva after the Opera was heard quite well, and Tony had to fist the other hand to keep from reaching out and strangling the man across from him. Remembering he needed to get him riled up, not the other way around.

"Yes, she is impressive…but worth far more then just a fantastic roll in the hay, ol' C.I. ex-Ray whenever you happened to be in town." Tony smiled leaning forward, purposefully making light of their relationship to suggest it didn't mean anything of importance, "Course you never figured that out, did you? How incredible she really is, I mean… you gave her the empty ring box, Ray…that's pretty terrible." Tony mocked him with a smile shaking his head, "At least I gave her the actual ring and made it special."

"I wanted her to know that I was serious about marrying her but that I couldn't yet." Ray was immediately on edge and defensive from his tone and posture.

"Not until you got Daddy's permission." Tony countered realizing that he had Ray on edge now and needed to keep pushing for answers about his connection with Eli David.

"Yes, I'm not a stupid man, Agent DiNozzo." Ray scoffed shaking his head as though Tony were now the one who was an idiot, "When a Company Man wants to marry the daughter of the Director of Mossad, he'd better get permission first. I needed to ask Eli for her hand before I could present her with the ring."

"Eli." Tony smiled repeating what Ray had said, "That's pretty personal. You must have known him well."

"I knew him well enough." Ray answered backing down realizing what Tony was trying to get from him. "I want to speak with Ziva. I'm done playing these games with you."

"Forget it C.I. Ray, Ziva wants nothing to do with you! She's not going to talk to you or listen to anything you have to say!" Tony fired back across the interrogation table sick of the man's demands to speak to Ziva. "Nothing you can say will change her mind!"

Ziva was tense watching from behind the two-way glass, her arms wrapping around herself to see Tony and Ray facing off on the other side and hearing them discuss her as they had.

"Then tell her… I need to speak with her about her sister," Ray countered in desperation, "Tell her, I have something she needs to know about Tali."

Ziva felt her heartbeat stolen and the breath sucked from her body to hear Ray speak of her sister. Her mind suddenly running wild with what that could mean and what he knew. She didn't wait for Tony to answer for her and bolted out of the door and into the Interrogation Room where they sat. She looked directly at Ray with chest pounding and terrified to know but had to ask, "What do you know about my sister?"