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It was so long ago that it almost felt like a dream.

But if nothing else Acnologia proved that they do exist, they're still out there. Somewhere.

Where are you, Igneel?

"Ooooo, hehe now THIS looks like it could do some damage." A girl wearing a dark pink pants and tunic ensemble grinned. She tossed her black cape and red hair over her shoulder with one glove covered hand and reached over to try to lift a large mace, struggling with its weight. Nearby a younger, bustier, girl with short black hair gave a nervous laugh as red head lost her balance, coming precariously close to several clay jars.

"Don't just stand there, Amelia, come help me!" the red head called out. The black haired girl hurried over to help the older girl get the mace back on the stand. Similarly to her companion she wore a tunic, pants, and a cape although all her clothes were white with pink trim. The cape itself had a purple lining on the inside. She seemed to be the only person in the shop, besides the owner, who did not have a sword fastened to her side.

"Well of course I only sell the finest of weapons in my shop, Miss Lina", the blond shop owner replied, addressing the red head. She was wearing a pink dress which came down to her heals and fine white gloves covered her hands. A long white cape with purple trim rested on her shoulders, a large and round dark blue broach holding it on. Resting on top of her long blond hair was a white cap which matched the robe. To either side of her head was a large turquoise hair ornament, both of which were held in place by a gold head band.

"It looks like you've settled into the business world rather well, Filia", a man addressed the blond woman with a small smile. He was rather strange looking and would have been considered handsome were it not for the rocks embedded in his blue skin, or his bristly purple hair. His clothes were a cream color and included loose pants, a tunic, and a cape. Matching fingerless gloves completed the look. Arms crossed and posture relaxed, he gave no indication of wanting to join his companions in their exploration of the small shop. He smiled as he watched a blond man. From the look on Gourrey's face, he might give up being a swordsman and start carrying a mace around.

In a corner of the store said man seemed to be enjoying his examination of the lethal weapons, an expression of childlike delight on his face. Unlike his companions he wore a black short sleeved shirt and blue pants underneath black armor. Black fingerless work gloves protected his hands. His blond hair seemed to match the shop owner's in length.

"Yes, I find great joy in my calling Mister Zelgadis. Although having the freedom to make all the decisions on my own can be rather daunting at times. But of course it's much quieter than traveling with you guys. And these two fine gentlemen have been such a big help. I don't know what I would do without either of you, Jilles. Gravos." She smiled over at two beast men who started fidgeting embarrassedly. One was a short fox-man while the other, a lizard-man, towered over everyone.

Finally managing to set down the mace she was holding with help from Amelia (several jars trembled from the impact), Lina walked over to the table where her two friends were standing.

"So what was this object you wanted me to come look at, Filia?" she asked, having decided to get down to business. She looked expectantly at the blond woman.

"Ah yes". Filia walked around behind the teller's counter and brought out small wooden box. Runes were etched into the sides and lid. Lina idly noted that they were intended for containment of magical power. "I bargained it off a few fishermen. Apparently a few days ago it appeared in a flash of light over the lake and fell into the water. They were curious about what it was, so they dived down and retrieved it. When I walked by their boat later on they were arguing about who had the right to keep it. Sensing a faint trace of magic coming off of it, I questioned them about its origins and managed to bargain it off of them. I believe it to be incredibly dangerous."

Lina and the others peered over Filia's shoulder as the blond opened the box. "There are lots of magical objects in the world, though", she remarked. "I'll admit that most don't just appear out of thin air but what about it makes you think it's so… " She made a funny gasping sound as she caught sight of the glowing blue jewel inside. Amelia's eyes widened and Zelgadis cursed under his breath. Gourry just starred with a blank look on his face, occasionally glancing at the stunned faces of his companions.

Said jewel was cut in an egg shape and was about the size of a baseball. A soft glow emanating from deep within the crystal it lent it another worldly beauty. The front of it was a flattened surface bearing a strange symbol and beneath the symbol was a single word. Anima.

But that was not what had shocked the others so deeply.

Despite the apparent weakness of the magic power held within the jewel, it unmistakably contained a combination of black and holy magic.

"You see why I called you all here Miss Lina. Out of all the people I know, well at least those who are still among the living, you guys are the ones most familiar with runes and magical objects. I was hoping that together we could find out the purpose of this crystal and perhaps a way to destroy it if necessary."

Lina looked up, breaking out of her shock and in a rare show of motivation responded. "You are absolutely right, it's important to find out what this is as quickly as possible. For a shinzoku or ryuzoku to work together with a mazoku…" She shook herself. The shinzoku, or gods as some called them, and their servants the ryuzoku (the dragon race) were the mortal enemy of the mazoku (the monster race). Most of that had to do with the fact that the monsters wanted to wipe out life and return the world to chaos. However Lina seriously doubted that the two factions would get along even without their goals being opposites. They were just too different.

"I hate to think what such a thing could be capable of, considering what happened when Miss Filia and Mister Xellos combined their magic". Amelia stated, worry written all across her features. When fighting against the leader of the mazoku from another world and trying to prevent his destruction of this one, Filia (a dragon) and Xellos (a monster) had combined their magic in order to help drive the monster named Darkstar back to where he came from. When questioned about why he would care to save a world he himself was also working to destroy, Xellos had merely stated that the goal was for HIS people to destroy the world, not for the mazoku in another world to do it for them. Rather confusing but the group had been grateful for his assistance nonetheless.

Recovering more of her former self, Lina winked. "Alright Filia, I guess I speak for everyone here when I say we'll help you out. I'll even do it for free, seeing as how you're an old friend and all."

Everyone else sweat dropped.

Turning back to look at the gem, Lina put on a thoughtful pose. "Usually I don't encounter objects that are this uncommon. Most of my knowledge of magical stones and the like was learned so that I could know how valuable something was when I sold it. Although there is something about the design of that symbol though…" She frowned.

Glancing down at it, Gourry's face brightened. "It kinda looks like a piece of steak from this angle", he said while everyone face planted. Lina quickly jumped back up and smacked his head, knocking him to the floor. "Leave it to you to think about food. Geez now you've completely interrupted my train of thought." She picked up the much abused swordsman and proceeded to pummel him.

Zelgadis took the opportunity to examine the jewel. "All joking aside, you are right about there being something familiar about the design. In fact, to me it looks a lot like the symbol for Chaotic Blue."

Quickly dropping Gourry, Lina ran back over the table. "You know Zel, I think you might be on to something."

"What's Chaotic Blue?" Amelia asked, looking confused.

"Chaotic Blue, or the King of the Blue Sky, is one of the four great Ma-o. Each is the leader of the mazoku in one of the four worlds. Little is known about him and his shinzoku counterpart, the Blue Dragon…." Filia trailed off, quickly jumping up and hurrying from the room. Everyone had enough time to exchange a glance before she returned with an ancient looking book. Carefully she began flipping pages, muttering to herself before stopping on a page with another symbol.

"This," she announced. "Is the symbol of the Blue Dragon." Everyone stared.

"Well I guess that explains where the symbol on the gem came from," Zelgadis stated. "It looks like a mixture between the symbol of the Blue Dragon and the Chaotic Blue."

"And then there's the fact it contains both holy and black magic…" Lina continued, reaching out with her left hand to touch the gem.

"Be careful, Lina. We don't know what that thing can do." Zelgadis cautioned.

Carefully picking it up with her left hand, she began to trace the design cut into the stone with her right forefinger but soon stopped and stared in shock as the talisman on her right wrist began to glow white. It was the same as if she was casting magic amplification except the other talismans remained their dormant red color. As the light intensified, the symbol cut into the jewel face began to glow a pale whitish blue in response. Frozen, everyone could do nothing but shield their eyes as the light grew to engulf the small area around the table.

When the light finally subsided, Jilles and Gravos stared in disbelief. Everything and everyone who had been close to the jewel was gone.

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This fanfiction is based on the anime versions of Slayers and Fairy Tail.