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Summary: Part One; The Jubi was never the sign of the end of the World, nor was she always a demon. The Jubi was born in the last two hundred years of the Samurai, as a human girl. When the Sage of Six Path's came, towards his death he sealed the Jubi into the Moon. After hundreds of years, of giving bloodline after another, she is released by Tobi on the night of the Kyuubi attack, but her freedom doesn't last long before she is sealed in a baby boy.

Warnings: Powerful!Evilish!Demonic!Naruto, Fem!Motherly!Jubi

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Chapter One

Mari of the Sanji Clan, is very happy to say she is pregnant with a baby girl. After multiple failed pregnancies, every one of the them dying minutes after being born, on her tenth time of being pregnant with a girl, it seems as if this one will survive, but at a cost. Mari already has three son's, though this time around of raising a child, there will be no father. Kiku of the Iynn Clan, died in the last Samurai War. Finally, peace has become something common after six months of treaties being signed.

Mari gasped out, and coughed out a large amount of blood into the metal pan, while nurses patted her softly on the back. They couldn't do nothing to help her, since Mari refused to give up her baby girl, the one that seemed to sucking the life out of her.

" Okaa-chan? ", called a soft voice, and the door opened to reveal three boys, her other 'babies'.

Kyo, Raze, and Lin. Lin is the eldest, at the age of thirteen, then Raze who is nine, then Kyo who is six.

" Ah, hello my boys. ", Mari smiled at them, sitting back up, leaning against the soft pillows.

" Jiji-sama claims that you should let it die. Saying that it's killing you... ", Lin muttered.

" Lin. ", Mari sighed, " I'm going to be fine, besides I already have a name for it. Her name with be Jubi, because she is the tenth try. Ten will be her lucky number, always. ", she smiled, placing a hand on her bloated stomach.

Kyo went over, and sat next to his mother, " Okaa-chan, don't leave us. ", he whispered.

" I'll never leave you three, just how I'll never leave by unborn baby girl. ", Mari cooed.


Two months later, while the Full Moon hung in the sky, screams came from Mari's bedroom, as she gave birth. The Head of the Sanji Clan, stood outside of the bedroom, worried for his daughter's life, wondering if this birth will take her life.

Kyo winced, from inside of his room. Will his Okaa-chan be okay?


Three hours passed, and the screamed faded away into silence, to be replaced by a newborn wail. The Sanji Clan Head, opened the door slowly to see his daughter, holding a newborn in her arms.

The newborn has hints of black hair on her head, skin paler than snow. The Clan Head walked over.

" Haji-sama. ", bowed one of the nurses, " The baby girl is healthy, though Mari-sama was almost killed, we were able to save her, but at a cost. ", she claimed.

" What was the cost? ", Haji returned, eyes narrowed.

" Mari-sama's womb had to be cut out. She cannot have anymore children, and one of her kidney's were taken out, her lungs were heavily damaged. She will mostly likely die in a few years. ", the nurse muttered, " It was either that, or she would die today, the baby girl sucked all the life out of her. ", she finished.

" As long as she is okay.. ", Haji whispered, staring at his daughter sadly.

" What did you name her? ", Haji asked, walking over, to sit down next to his daughter, who was laying the flat matt.

" Jubi, as I told you. Ten will be her lucky number, just watch. ", Mari smiled, " I can see her being strong, despite the fact many don't like woman being fighter's just yet. She'll be strong.. ", she cooed.

Haji could only blink, and frown slightly in confusion.


Four years passed, and you could find the young Jubi watched as her brother's trained.

Lin is now seventeen, Raze of thirteen, and Kyo is ten. Raze has just gained a Master, to teach him how to wield a Samurai Sword, while Kyo is still learning the basics. Lin is rarely ever at the Sanji Compound, since he became the Iynn Clan Head once he became a Samurai Prodigy, and rarely ever can visit.

Jubi has pitch black hair, that goes to her waist in ten different braids, her bangs are cut short to cover her forehead, the sides of her head. Her eyes are a molten silver, her pupil standing out easily. Her skin is pale, almost like snow, and looks delicate and she looks as if she could easily be broken.

But that would be wrong.

Mari smiled from where she sat on a cushioned chair, watching as Jubi traced her brother's footsteps, holding a fake wooden sword.

" Be careful! ", Mari called, Jubi just rolled her eyes and continued to trace Kyo's footsteps.

Raze felt his eye twitch, as he looked over to his sister. How could his mother let Jubi do that? Jubi doesn't have a chance in the Samurai World..

'What is Okaa-chan thinking?! Jubi won't last, she's too.. delicate, like glass!', Raze thought, sighing.

" Neh, neh! Okaa-chan, look! ", Jubi cried, as she perfectly mimicking Kyo's moves, but with more grace.

" No fair! Why can she do it better than me! ", Kyo cried, letting out a sigh, he returned to practicing.

Jubi giggled, and ran over to her mother, who praised her daughter.


Now, the nine year old Jubi could be found inside of the Sanji Forest, in front of a running creek. Her katana, a flat bladed sword with a odd-tipped point, a sword rarely ever used since Samurai never used one.

Jubi watched as the clear water washed off the crusted blood on the steel blade.

" Come here, Tiki. ", Jubi smiled, looking over to a silver-grey wolf, who walked over, it's golden eyes watched the blade.

" I know, Tiki... but the man wanted to hurt Okaa-chan. ", Jubi sighed, lifting up her katana, " It's not my fault he was foolish to believe that little girl wouldn't kill him. ", she sniffed, standing up.

She sheathed her katana in the black sheath attached to her back with a strap. She fastened the straps on Tiki, the one's holding a bag by his chest, a brown leader bag that contained small weapons, needles, and vials of poisons with their antidotes.


" Jubi! Where we you?! We found a man dead just outside the forest- ", Raze called, looking his sister over. Jubi rolled her eyes.

" I'm fine, Onii-san. ", Jubi claimed, just as Tiki came up and sat down next to her.

" Tiki would protect me anyway. ", Jubi grinned, turning to pet Tiki.

" Tiki is a wolf, a wild animal. He can't protect you. ", Raze huffed.

Tiki snarled.

" Tiki, be nice. Raze, shut up. ", Jubi said.

Mari let out a breath, as she entered the backyard of the Compound.

" Jubi, what happened to you? ", Mari asked.

" I was... busy. ", Jubi returned.

" What were you doing, that took up a day? ", Raze frowned.

Jubi shifted foot to foot, " Collecting venoms and herbs, you know how I like to make poisons.. ", she returned, " I made them out in the forest. ", she explained, turning to Tiki, and opened the leather bag and took out three vials of different colored liquids.

One blue, one yellowish-green, and the last a dark red.

" This one, is made out of Poisonous Berries and Snake Venom. Within seconds, it clots blood up together, and kills one slowly, and painfully, it's the reason why it's a yellowish-green. This one, it's dark red since it's made out of Poison Ivy, and snake venom. Within seconds, it kills one easily, and quickly, with a large amount of pain by clotting the blood and closing down the throat and lungs. ", she grinned, showing each of the vials.

" A little gruesome. Samurai do not kill his, or her, opponents with such pain. ", Kyo frowned, just entering the area, with Haji following behind him.

" Tch. ", Jubi huffed, putting the vials back into the bag.

" Tiki, go out to our base. ", Jubi ordered, Tiki gave out a bark, and ran off towards the forest.

" Come on, you must be hungry. ", Mari smiled.

Haji, meanwhile, frowned at his granddaughter.


" Your sixteen years old, you must get married! ", Haji growled to his granddaughter.

" I don't want to get married, to some fool who won't let me train! I want to be a Samurai, not even that! You've seen my power, Jiji-sama! You've seen me take down multiple men, some of the Sanji Clan's best! ", Jubi snarled.

" Your Chi is black! It's tainted with malice, it's not one of a Samurai! ", Haji returned.

" Ever since Okaa-chan died, you've tried to control me! I refuse to be controlled! My brother's listen to your foolish words! Your a pathetic old man, and I'll never be tamed! I am a Wolf! ", Jubi snarled.

" Wolves are wild animals, that need to be hunted! ", Haji returned, sneering.

" Your the one who ordered the hunt. ", Jubi whispered, eyes becoming wide.

" Yes, I killed all the wolves in the forest's, even your dumb wolf Tiki. ", Haji sneered, " They kept you from becoming what you need to be, a Lady of the Sanji Clan. ", he returned.

Tears fell down Jubi's cheeks, and she ran at him.

Her hand cut right through his chest, blood covering her hands, dripping to the floor.

Haji's eyes became wide, and blood boiled over his chin. Jubi tore her hand out, and watched her grandfather fall to the floor.

" I'll never.. be a pathetic, mortal girl. ", Jubi whispered, her pupils turning into silts.

" Indeed you won't... your a demon now, girl. ", laughed a odd, maniac voice.

" Jashin the damn savior.. ", Jubi muttered, snorting as she turned and ran out of the room.

She needed to leave.


Years passed.

Jubi turned more and more into a Demon, and soon enough she had a second form, of a large ten story high wolf, with ten flowing tails that could destroy mountains and kill millions at a time. She watched as her nephew's and nieces continued on the Sanji and Iynn Clan.

She watched as the world aged around her, and she stayed the perfection of a sixteen year old girl, killing left and right, earning more and more power as she mastered more arts, and saw that her power, wasn't Chi, but something else.

A point was reached, when a Sage came with odd-looking eyes, and said that the power she had was called 'Chakra', and only they both have unlocked the power to use it. He was able to defeat her, and took nine of her tails and created the Nine Bijuu.

Even more years passed, and Jubi filled them by going in and out of sleep, it was all a blur to her, until she felt herself being released and put into a different space, something she knew as the moon.

" Jubi, before I give my life up to fully seal you into the Moon... you were able to compact so much power into only ten tails of chakra, each tail is a uneven mass that even I cannot understand. With your last tail, your power that remains you can still defeat one of the Bijuu, your skills will continue to improve as you watch other's use Chakra. ", the Sage of Six Path's claimed, before he gave her a final smile and gave his soul to the Shinigami and sealed her away.

Centuries passed, and Jubi harnessed her power and created Bloodlines of all sorts, gifting them down, while she created more and more power for herself, she also gave Ninja more power. And when it came down to it, she felt the chains weaken enough and she ripped free.


Minato Namikaze panted heavily, looking over to his twins. Saya, the female newborn twin, had the Kyuubi inside of her, the Seal on her stomach. Naruto, the male newborn twin, had the unknown demon sealed into his stomach.

" I wonder what that beast was.. ", Minato muttered before he went blank.

Authors Note:

Minato and Kushina are alive.

Saya will be Naruto's twin sister, and the Jinchuriki to the Kyuubi No Yoko. Naruto is the Jinchuriki to the Jubi. The Jubi will be like a Mary-Sue if she returns to full power, but with the Seal holding a large amount of power back, tied to Naruto, she can use it though the rest she uses to help Naruto. Naruto and Jubi will both have a close relationship, but it will be like Mother-Son.

The story itself will have no main pairing, and will stay as serious as possible, though with some scenes of humor in it.

The Side Pairings WILL be Yaoi, so if you don't like please leave, thank you :)