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Summary: Part One; The Jubi was never the sign of the end of the World, nor was she always a demon. The Jubi was born in the last two hundred years of the Samurai, as a human girl. When the Sage of Six Path's came, towards his death he sealed the Jubi into the Moon. After hundreds of years, of giving bloodline after another, she is released by Tobi on the night of the Kyuubi attack, but her freedom doesn't last long before she is sealed in a baby boy.

Warnings: Powerful!Evilish!Demonic!Naruto, Fem!Motherly!Jubi

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Chapter Four

Two years ago, Naruto had no idea what a Jubi is, but now he knew more than anyone could ever imagine, due to the fact the Demon Queen is sealed inside of him. Jubi and he grew close, in the past two years.

Jubi came to think of Naruto, as her own cub. She could move her chakra by her own will, more freely outside of him. She used it, for his own protection. It's a natural shield, though she would only use it if it's needed. It's easy to say, that she plans to give him a Kekkai Gekkai, a new one.

Naruto has been in the Academy for a few weeks now. He hates most of his peer's, and he hates Mizuki-sensei, the damn bastard will one day get Naruto's shoe up his ass, just watch.
Naruto also gained a, ah, larger vocabulary.


Naruto threw multiple kunai at the seperate targets, he continued throw kunai out until he had thrown a total of twenty.

'12 of 20. Your getting better.', Jubi commented.

'Yeah, yeah.', Naruto scowled.

'Go again, throw ten this time, two hands, one time to throw. Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Ninth, Tenth, First, Second, Third, Twentieth, and Twenty-First Targets.', Jubi instructed.

Naruto complied, and took out ten kunai, and threw each one at once

'9 of 10.', Naruto scowled.

'It's good. Your eyesight isn't of the best, but that is what I'm planning to fix.', Jubi cackled.

'What are you talking about, you crazy demon?', Naruto asked.

'You'll see.', Jubi cooed back.


" Hashirama Senju was the First Hokage or The Shodaime Hokage, and he founded Konohagakure with Madara Uchiha. Tobirama Senju, was the Second Hokage, or The Nidaime Hokage. Hiruzen Saurotbi, was the Third Hokage or The Sandaime Hokage. Our current Hokage, is the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, otherwise known as the 'Yellow Flash', or to us, The Yondaime Hokage. These four Ninja were deemed the most powerful Ninja of their time, and our First Hokage was the one to first seal the Kyuubi No Yoko into a Jinchuriki, after defeating Madara Uchiha. ", Iruka explained, " Hashirama Senju, was marked down as a SS-Rank Ninja at the age of twenty-two, along with Madara Uchiha. They both are named the most powerful ninja ever seen, and their last battle created a giant crater in the land, now known as, Valley of End. ", he finished.

" Any questions? ", Iruka asked.

" Neh, what happened to Mandara Uchiha? ", asked Ino Yamanaka.

" It's Madara Uchiha, and it's said that he died in his fight with Hashirama Senju, though rumors were constantly spread around that he lived and continued to get stronger before he own, natural death. ", Iruka returned.

" Neh, neh! It says in the history book, that rumors were spread that they were once lovers. ", called Sakura Haruno, who giggled.

" Ah, yes.. ", Iruka sighed, " But there is no proof of that, as the First married Mito Uzumaki, and had children. ".

Giggles erupted from the girls, while the boy's screwed up their faces. Naruto, however, just sighed and shrugged.

Jubi, meanwhile, had a fun time laughing her ass off.


'Naruto, your fling is always curved, move that to your advantage. Throw earlier, and you'll hit the targets, perfectly.', Jubi instructed, and Naruto quickly complied.

Seventeen of Twenty.

'It... worked.', Naruto blinked.

'Of course it did! Now, continue to do so. You'll get it by the end of today's training session.', Jubi smirked, albit proudly.

A few more hours passed, until Naruto got twenty of twenty. He couldn't be anymore proud of himself, though to him, it took long enough.

'Hush you, it only took a few weeks. Even now, your Kunai and Shurikun throwing is mediocre Your eyes can't track all of them at once, so I am going to train you to push chakra into your ears, nose, and eyes. It'll heighten your senses.', Jubi returned.

'So... it's like Chakra Control?', Naruto asked.

'Indeed. We'll start out with your eyes, and instead of pushing in your own chakra, we're going to push in my chakra, though this is going to be permanent. Plus, when you use my chakra, not only will your body adjust to it more, but your eyes will be even more advanced than when you use your own chakra, when you have to constantly push it in. Your own chakra will be preserved for your ears and nose, those two senses need your own chakra since their highly sensitive and if you use my chakra, it'll hurt them. As time passes you can upgrade, to say, and we can add in my chakra into them, to make it permanent.', Jubi explained.

'Got it... when do we start?', Naruto grinned.

'Tomorrow, my cub. How about we go get some of BBQ?', Jubi cooed.

'Sure, Jubi.', Naruto returned, smiling softly to himself.


" Minato, I think something's wrong with Naruto. ", Kushina claimed, entering the Hokage Office.

" Eh, what do you mean? ", Minato frowned, looking up from his paperwork.

" He's six years old, but he acts so much older! At school, Iruka-sensei says that Naruto has been talking back, and skipping classes! ", Kushina huffed, " Even more so than Saya! ", she hissed.

" Kushina, Naruto has always been mature for his age. We've known that since he was three, when he called Jiraiya a 'Super Pervy Frog Sannin'. ", Minato grinned slightly at the memory, " The point is, Naruto will never act his age. ", he winced slightly when his wife started to glare at him.

" It's not only that! From what I gathered, he's always in the Training Grounds, and all he does is throw kunai and shurikun, things he does in the Academy! Why would you train so much, I mean, I know he wants to be strong but he doesn't have any friends! The only things tying him to this village, is us! ", Kushina whispered desperately.

" Kushina... ", Minato sighed, " We both know Naruto would never betray this Village. Besides, he'll make more friends when he gets older. ", he said.

" I-I guess... ", she muttered.


'My eyes hurt', Naruto stated.

His eyes are closed, lips in a thin line. You could see black chakra oozing out of Naruto's palm's, straight into his eyes.

'Shush you. If we do this, it'll be permanent.', Jubi returned, 'Even if it hurts.', she added.

'Permanent my ass.. it hurts!', Naruto snarled back.

'Naruto, language!', Jubi snickered.

'Look whose talking, Miss 'I don't a flying fuck about the stupid, motherfucking peverted Godfather of yours'! It's like saying-', Naruto started, but he got cut off from his own whimper of pain.

'Yeah, yeah... Now, it's almost done. Just a few more seconds.', Jubi cooed.

Finally, the pain subsided and Naruto's eyes opened.

" Wow. ", Naruto gaped.

Everything was so clear, he could see in so many directions at once.. it's amazing.

'Your eyes, to explain it simply, can see everything, like the Sharingan, and can see multiple things at once like the Byakugan. Only side-affect is that your pupils are slightly narrowed, though it's practicly impossible to notice.', Jubi explained.

'Got it.', Naruto returned, as he continued to look around in pure wonder.

'Now, back to Kunai and Shurikun throwing. Once you can easily shoot them off, we'll move onto Chakra Control and hightening your other senses.', Jubi returned.

Naruto complied and starting his daily training, of simply kunai and shurikun throwing.

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