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Summary: Part Three; The three years are over, and the Akatsuki are on the move. Each Jinchuriki shall be hunted, and Jubi will slowly return to full power. In return, the Villages will become stronger, and the Akatsuki will be hunted.

Warnings: Powerful!Evilish!Demonic!Naruto, Fem!Motherly!Jubi

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Timeskip of around Five Months~


"The three years are up. The Akatsuki will be on the move.", Minato stated, looking out the window towards Konohagakure.

Behind him, in front of his desk, were the ten ANBU Captains - Including his own wife.

"ANBU Air Unit, keep the skies clear. Make sure nothing that isn't Leaf, come through. If it's a messenger bird, bring it straight to me. ANBU Attack Unit, keep the borders clear. Anything not Leaf, can come through. If it's merchants or travelers, watch them carefully. ANBU Assassin Unit, kill anyone who had a scratched hiate, travel around Konohagakure's borders. ", he paused, "ANBU Hokage Guards, you are to stay near the Hokage Tower, whenever I am here. Be prepared for any type of attack around Konoha. Everyone, anyone wearing a black cloak with red clouds on them, are too be brought to Ibiki, then alert me.", he finished.

"Hai, Hokage-sama!", they all returned.

"You all may leave. K-Fox, bring me the Hunter-Nin's.", Minato said.

"Hai!", 'Fox' nodded, before jumping through the window with the other ANBU.

Minato watched them vanish, "We need to make sure the Akatsuki don't come anywhere near us.", he growled.


"Where are Deidera and Sasori?", Pein asked, glancing at Konan.

"They are moving through the deserts of the Wind Country now, Pein-sama.", she returned.

"Did Naruto Uzumaki and Jubi send any messages?", he asked.

"Hai. They refuse to allow Naruto to go into the coma. He can take them in one at a time, and between the 'breaks' of catching the Bijuu, he can fight.", she said.

"I'll speak to them when they arrive.", Pein stated.

"Hai.", Konan nodded.


"Jiraiya-sensei! Come on, I can see the village!", Saya grinned, speeding up.

Jiraiya laughed. When they get back to Konoha, he knew she's going to stop calling him 'Jiraiya-sensei', and back to 'Ero-sensei'. Why, you ask? He barely got to 'Jiraiya-sensei', because she finally saw some type of maturity in him. Though, now he knew she's going to act like the happy-go-lucky idiot.

Saya wants to make everyone think she hasn't change, hoping that they won't see the pain and hurt still boiling under the surface. She's excited to see everyone, and it may just help her forget Naruto's absence.

She always dreamed of training alongside him, both of them becoming Jounin together. Seeing his pride-filled eyes as she became Hokage.. Now, that'll never happen. She knows, deep inside heart, Naruto will never return to the village.

She's still going to try.


"Naruto-sama! Where are you going?!", Kimimaro cried, running after Naruto.

"Come on, slow poke!", Naruto laughed, his blue eyes glinting, "Lord Jashin-sama said today's going to be a good day.", he smiled.

"By his standards, that means a lot of chaos.", Kimimaro returned, frowning.

"Why are you both so happy for?", Jubi drawled, landing by them, on a tree branch.

Kimimaro and Naruto have gotten closer, amazingly really. Kimimaro is much more open, and Naruto has regained a type of happiness. They are just like brothers, though they never fight. Kimimaro still sees Naruto as a God..

It's 'God' and his worshiper.

"We're going to the Akatsuki Base. Jashin-sama knows where it is, he's helping me find it.", Naruto returned, twisting around before he shot off.

"Naruto-sama!", Kimimaro tried, but let out a small sigh. He shot after Naruto.

Jubi rolled her eyes, before she shot off as well.


"Come on, Jiraiya-sensei.", Saya pouted, "You're taking forever.", she claimed.

"Hai, hai.", Jiraiya laughed, as they finally came up to the gates.

Saya grinned, and ran past them. Jiraiya smiled, walking easily. He was in no rush.

"I'm going to miss the peace and calmness of moving around and training.", Jiraiya murmured, walking after his pupil.


Two hours later, Naruto, Kimimaro and Jubi were coming up to a waterfall.

"Large pools of Chakra are inside..", Jubi whispered, "Along with the statue.", she added.

"What statue?", Naruto asked.

"I'll tell you later.", Jubi returned.

"Naruto-sama, the Akatsuki hideout is inside the waterfall?",Kimimaro asked, looking at the blond.

"Hai.", Naruto returned.

Suddenly, the water flow stopped, to reveal a moving block. When the block finally vanished into the river, after sinking down, it revealed a large cave opening. And two figures.

Konan and a orange-haired male.

"Pein, Leader of the Akatsuki.", Jubi sneered.

"Jubi.", Pein returned.

"Naruto, Kimimaro, go with Konan. I need to speak to Pein... alone.", Jubi said.

"But-", Naruto tried.

"Naruto.", Jubi glared.

Naruto scowled, but complied. He grabbed Kimimaro's arm, and dragged him into the cave, Konan leading them.

"What do you want to talk about?", Pein asked.

"Naruto will not go into a coma, he can take in each Bijuu easily. I want him awake.", Jubi growled, "If you don't agree.. I can kill you, and the real Leader.", she snarled.

Pein's eyes widened slightly, "How do you know-", he said.

"The Leader of the Akatuski helped to release me, your Chakra does not match with his Chakra. I've seen everything, as well.", Jubi said, "Up until the moment I was released.", she added.

Pein frowned, "He will not have to go into a coma, but he WILL complete missions for me.", he said.

"Fine, as long it's not unreasonable... we'll do it. Also, I want to be the one to capture the Nine-Tailed, understand?", she said.

"Fine.", Pein gritted out.

"Wonderful you can understand I'm a bigger than threat than all the Major Villages combined.", she cooed, "Our little problem was easily solved. Now... when can I meet Madara.", she sneered.


"Saya!", Sakura smiled, watching as her friend ran up to her.

"Sakuraaa!", Saya cried, glomping Sakura happily.

"How have you been?", Sakura smiled, as Saya undid herself from the one-sided hug.

"Wonderful! Ero-sensei taught me a lot of cool things..", Saya grinned.

"Boss!", Konohamaru called, running up to her.

"Hey, Konohamaru. Listen, I'm sorry I can't talk to you more, but I gotta go say hi to my dad.", Saya sad to the Genin.

"Awwe!", Konohamaru pouted, "They'll be so dispointed!", he said.

Saya laughed, knowing who 'They' are. The rest of the 'Konohamaru Corps'. She ran her fingers in a patting motion through his hair.

"See ya later, Konohamaru.", she smiled.

"See ya, boss!", Konohamaru called, running off quickly.

Sakura smiled. Saya really has matured...

"Come on, Sakura! Ero-sensei should be with Otou-san already!", Saya called, "Race you there!", she grinned, jumping off.

Okay, may not that much. Sakura sighed, and went after her friend.


A hunched back figure, and a blond haired figure, both moved across the desert. They both wore black cloaks with red clouds decorating it. The blond had one of his eyes covered up with his bangs, with pale blue eyes. The hunched back figure, had a bandanna covered up his mouth, but let his beady-black eyes be shown along with dark tan skin. Both of them wore a straw hat, with paper stands hanging from the tip.

"Sasori-danna, how long 'till we reach Suna, un?", the blond groaned.

The hunched figure, Sasori, sighed. "Soon, Deidera.", he returned, his voice gruff and deep.

"I hope so, un! It's taking forever, un!", Deidera pouted, throwing his arms up to reveal mouths on each.

"Tch.", Sasori said, you could hear the sneer in his tone.


Sasuke entered Orochimaru's office.

"You called me?", the Uchiha said.

"Hm.", Orochimaru returned, "Saya Namikaze is returning to Konohagakure, and Naruto Uzumaki has joined the Akatsuki, in the hunt of the Akatsuki.", he stated.

"And this matters to me how?", Sasuke growls.

"Itachi could be paired up Naruto.", Orochimaru returned, smirking a bit. He doubted it would ever happen, but he wants to see Sasuke's reaction.

Sasuke tensed, "I can defeat him.", he returned.

"I doubt that. The Jubi, the most powerful being in the world, has been sealed in him. She easily defeated me, and I have no doubt she has trained Naruto in the past three years. I know he could easily defeat you before, and now..? I bet he can still defeat you.", Orochimaru chuckled.

Sasuke grit his teeth, "I can defeat him!", he snarled.

"Oh? Not so sure about that, are you? The one thing you fear, is him.", Orochimaru laughed, "Though, I don't like him very much either. He took Kimimaro Kayuga away from me, and is no doubt using him as a... guard.", he said.

"What's so special about him?", Sasuke snapped.

"Kimimaro Kayuga has a special Kekkai Gekkai, the last one left in the world with it. He is a Bone User, coming from the powerful, war clan, the Kayuga's. They were the started of the Civil War in Mist... Back in the time of Clan Wars, they even had a place of fear and respect in the Uchiha's...", Orochimaru murmured.

Sasuke didn't know if he was lying or not, but either way... This guy is strong, he can guess.

"I can defeat him.", Sasuke snapped, leaving the office angrily.

Orochimaru burst out laughing, "I doubt that.", he laughed, "He'll eat you alive.", he purred, eyes sparkling.

"I can guess he's immune to the Sharingan. He is the one foe I never want to go against... even if I could defeat him. The Jubi still stands by his side, along with Kimimaro.", he murmured.

Orochimaru knew Sasuke heard him. Orochimaru wished he could be lying... but in all honesty, he would never fight Naruto or the Jubi, if he could resist it. He will be killed by the Jubi, the only one who can defeat that beast is the Sage of Six Paths, who died centuries ago when he sealed that beast off. If she could break through that Seal, that means she grew stronger in time.

When she gets to full power? Well... Orochimaru has no wish to be near her.


"Your first mission will not start, as Deidera and Sasori shall be returning with the Ichibi soon.", Pein stated.

Naruto gave a nod, "Where is Hidan, and Kakuzu?", he asked.

"Both of them are out hunting missing-nin's for the bounty.", Pein returned

Naruto sighed, turning to Kimimaro. "Come on, Kimimaro. Let's go look around the base.", he said.

"Hai, Naruto-sama.", Kimimaro returned, following the blond out of Pein's office.

Jubi stood off to the side, glaring at Pein.

"The Ichibi is the first on the list, how long will it take to gather all the Bijuu?", Jubi asked.

"In the next year or so, we should have the seven bijuu. The Eight Tailed will be harder to get, as if he is under strict watch, due to his brother being the Kage of his village.", Pein returned.

"The Kyuubi will be mine, after I take all of the bijuu's Chakra.", Jubi returned, "In return, once I get all my power back, I will destroy the major villages for you.", she said.

Pein gave a stiff nod, "Good.", he said.

Jubi sneered, "Tch."


"Gaara's been taken by the Akatsuki?!", Saya gaped.

"Hai.", Minato sighed, "It's been requested that we give back-up. I'm going to comply with it. Sakura will come as the Healer, Kakashi as the Leader, and you, Saya, will come as the fighter. More back up will be sent later on.", he said.

"Also, Naruto's movements seemed to have gone silent in the past three years. I'll have no doubt that he will appear, he is most likely working with the Akatsuki to get the Bijuu.", Minato said.

Sakura nodded, as did Kakashi.

Saya paused, but gave a small nod.

"Head out as soon as possible.", Minato said.


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