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Summary: Part Three; The three years are over, and the Akatsuki are on the move. Each Jinchuriki shall be hunted, and Jubi will slowly return to full power. In return, the Villages will become stronger, and the Akatsuki will be hunted.

Warnings: Powerful!Evilish!Demonic!Naruto, Fem!Motherly!Jubi

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"Hey Jubi?", Naruto asked.

"What is it, Naruto?", Jubi returned, as she continued to carve into the table using her claws.

"What's the statue? You mentioned a statue earlier...", he trailed off, Kimimaro gave a slight nod of agreement.

"The statue... Pein somehow unearthed the statue that the Sage of Six Path's used to rip my body into pieces and using each one of my tails, the material form not the Chakra, to create the Bijuu. After doing so, he continued onto ripping out my Chakra and placing them into the tails that each created one of the Bijuu. There's a reason about how the Bijuu were constructed.", she huffed.

"What's so great about it, then?", Naruto deadpanned.

"There's a reason why I can't transform fully into my animalistic form. The Sage sealed it, inside of that damn statue. I can only break it when I come to full power.", she returned, sounding slightly bitter.

"That man, Pein, his eyes...", Kimimaro muttered.

"Hai. He awakened the 'God's Eyes'. The Rinnegan. The only Doujustu that can ever put some real harm on me. There is multiple techniques locked to that eye, that can be used to defeat me. He believes he can use it over me, but... He's a fly compared to the Sage. I can at least respect the Sage, despite how powerful he had gotten he only thought for the best of the world.", Jubi said.

"Is that why he created the Bijuu, and ripped you apart?", Naruto hummed.

"I was a hired killer, back then.", Jubi sighed, "I was just hired to destroy a village, a large sum waiting for me. After I did it, and took the money. He came to me. After, he burnt down the first reflection of this compound. He thought he had burnt my library along with it, obviously he didn't. He picked a few things up from me though... He figured out a way for him to compact Chakra.", Jubi smirked.

"The Sage was actually pretty amazing..", Kimimaro muttered, before he flushed. "Sorry, Jubi-sama!", he cried out.

"It's fine. I can agree with that too. I may not like him, but... he was strong. He will be the strongest ninja ever to walk this earth. He was a god in a mortal form. He defeated me, and I bet he could defeat Jashin too.", Jubi sighed, "I have no problems with saying that I lost to him. I gave pretty damn good fight!", she smirked.

Naruto snickered, "Is that why you got sealed into the Moon?", he taunted.

Jubi glared, while Naruto burst out laughing. Kimimaro himself cracked a small smile.


"Distractions.", Pein murmured.

"You're thinking about sending Naruto Namikaze and Kimimaro Kayuga?", Konan asked.

"I want too... but I know better than too. The one holding the Jubi... She's willing, obviously, and she will kill me if I let him go to fight his sister. He doesn't want to fight the Kyuubi Jinchuriki, for some reason other than her being his sister.", Pein returned, sneering the tiniest bit.

"You WILL be patient. Naruto can act as a distraction, but he cannot harm his sister. I don't want a angry Jinchuriki.", growled a voice from the shadows.

"Madara-sama.", Pein spoke, standing.

"Naruto Namikaze will not harm the Kyuubi Jinchuriki and the Jubi wants to get the Kyuubi herself. Saya Namikaze we remain unharmed.", the voice declared, a single glowing red eyes stared Pein down.

"Hai.", Pein returned in a murmur.

"Good...", the voice purred/cooed.


"I wish for you to read these scrolls.", Jubi stated, handing Naruto multiple scrolls.

"What are these?", Naruto blinked.

"They are of the first century of my life. I want you to understand my Chakra a bit more, so that you can begin to use my Chakra for justu.", Jubi stated.

"It will help?", Naruto deadpanned.

"It will.", Jubi assured.

Naruto sighed, "What is Kimimaro doing?", he asked.

"He is practicing with his bones to pass time.", Jubi returned. Naruto gave a sigh in response.

"Fine, I'll read your diaries.", Naruto said, taking the scroll that had 'One' written across it in kanji.

Jubi gave a smirk, and left the room to leave Naruto alive.

Naruto unlatched the scroll, opening it. He spread it across the table inside of the room, sitting by it.

He was amazed at the well written kanji. All of them written with a small extra slight curl at the end of each point. They covered the scroll easily, not to close together, not too far apart. It seemed almost too perfect.

He began to read,

Year One; Week Three - Day Four

This is my journal, that I have decided to use. I admit, despite being the Clan Heiress, I never really learned to read and write in kanji. It's never been one of my best points, though mother always said my kanji always looked beautiful.

Three weeks ago, I killed my grandfather. I should feel a little bad, but in all honesty... I don't. I liked driving the blade right through him. I should feel guilt, but that man deserved to die. Women can be just as strong as any male, these damn Samurai don't understand that!

Women in this era are rather weak, though. Most of them have barely any Chi, which confuses me and interests me. I'm planning to begin according everything I learn of this. I want to understand why I have the most Chi in the world. It's so much more powerful than anything I've ever seen.

I know I'm no longer human, I am a Demon. Jashin said that I am to be the creator of both war and peace, though I don't understand very well. I'm not even two decades old! I have never talked to any other God other than Jashin and the Shinigami King.

I met the Shinigami King two days ago. He told me I should start writing everything I do. He said that one day, I'll willingly give my life for some human. I doubt that, I will never do that. I am the Demon Queen, a true Immortal. I'll never be taken down.

He also told me that one day I'll be defeated by the most powerful Mortal that will ever walk this land, and he will create a era of even more dangerous warfare than the Samurai Wars. And there has been three Great Samurai Wars, multiple Clan Wars, and the constant Civil Wars.

We Samurai have a odd way of things, indeed. He also told me that the ways of the Samurai will fade, and slowly change to fit into the changing war. I hope not. The way of the Samurai is to kill, and keep power everywhere. Only weaklings would let the Samurai Ways become tainted with the new 'era'.

I still don't understand his words, but he said something about me being the center of a Ancient Prophecy. I'll either be the sign of a long-lasting peace, or the end of the world. I'll never get involved with those humans, I have no reason too so there must be a mistake on that one.

Naruto started to snicker.

Jubi really did change as time passed, didn't she? Shown rather easily just by reading this. He hummed, and unrolled more of the scroll to continue reading.

Year One: Month Two - Week One - Two Days

My Chi is amazing.

I can do even more than I used to, I can totally cover my form in my black Chi, and even transform into a large wolf. I have two tails, which is rather odd. Jashin told me that for the more power I get, the more tails I will earn.

I've been able to turn my Chi into fire, lightning, water, ice, wind, and earth. It's amazing, really. I'm really over using the word amazing...

I can create strings of lightning to shot from my fingertips, and I can create water out of thin air, and I can turn that water into ice. I can create earth quakes with a stomp, and I can cut a human right in half with a blade of wind. I can only imagine what more I can do, as I continue to grow stronger and stronger.

I have been killing a lot of people, for money. I am currently only have twenty gold coins, four silver coins, eleven bronze coins, and like fifty copper coins. I can't use the gold and silver coins here in the small village which I am staying at. I got a job at the local Samurai Center, which mainly just re-funds the Samurai that come by.

Samurai have honor, and they will always pay them back. I do too, despite being a Demon. I'll always be a Samurai, as I have trained.

Naruto hummed. He wondered what it must have felt like, to discover that your 'Chi' isn't really Chi at all, but rather Chakra. That you were doing something much more amazing and powerful, than Chi.

He unrolled more of the scroll, seeing there was a larger timeskip.

Year Three: Month Four - Week Two - Day Four

I haven't written in here, for about a year. I've been busy, though.

I have a lot of money stored up. Around a total of one thousand gold coins, three hundred silver coins, four hundred bronze coins, and one thousand and two hundred copper coins. I mostly keep it in a velvet bag that hangs on my hip, except for the rest that is stored in my sack.

I can easily live now, and it's a lot easier to travel. Everyone has gotten over the death of the old Sanji Clan Head. I've heard a new, heavy Civil War is coming. Something about the Sanji Clan becoming ultimate loyalty and the Samurai Nations being split into different nations. I've always knew my family was fucked up.

Each of them going after an element, it seems. Standing for a certain way of the Samurai. I don't like it, it sounds stupid and useless. I won't get involved, I'll watch as they start to tear themselves apart.

I've seen the Shinigami King last night. He told me that my destiny is up to me, and the ending of it will depend on my choice. I don't understand what he's trying to tell me. He always tells me riddles, every time he visits me.

Once he told me, 'The mineral will not be corrupted'. Another time he told me, 'The green energy will become a dangerous foe for your enemy'. Then, 'The red cloud will fall by your decision.'. I don't get it, I don't think I ever will.

Maybe one day I will, but I currently don't.

I now have five tails, it should be always around like twenty-five but I've learned to control my Chi and compact it heavily to make it only five. I wouldn't want all those tails swinging around like crazy, after all.

I visited my mother's grave. I saw my father's grave for the first time as well. I prayed for them both, and lit a candle on their headstones. I hope they both rest in peace, despite the fact of who I have become.

My mother named me 'Jubi', standing for Ten. Ju means ten, and I plan to have ten tails, all of them will be due to compacted Chi. Gaining power was easier than I thought, as I learned to start practicing in my animal form, that keeps on getting larger and larger. I destroyed a forest the other day, actually...

Back to topic... My mother knew that one day I will become a Demon, that one I'll become the Goddess of Demons. I know I will, once I get enough power Jashin stated that I'll become a Goddess. That is my plan, and I'll become the most powerful.

Naruto's eyes trailed the sixth paragraph once more.

'The mineral will not be corrupted.'. Does that stand for him? 'The green energy will become a dangerous for your enemy.'. Uranium, obviously. Both of these seem to connect. Did the Shinigami King already know that one day, Naruto would become what he is? He is already corrupted, he's kills hundreds all ready.

Maybe it's because he would never kill his sister, never destined to actually kill anyone in his family..? Maybe that is what it means, but it still doesn't make any sense. He could see the young Jubi trying to figure this out. Jubi must have guessed that he would get the Mineral Kekkai Gekkai before she even knew, just by remembering.

Naruto continued to unroll the scroll, curious.


Saya watched as Sakura continued to heal Kankuro. She could hear Kakashi talking to Temari, outside in the hall due to the door being open.

"They couldn't have gotten far. Just to get out of the desert surrounding Suna takes at least a day, most likely more because we have set multiple traps around it. Even if they-... If they kill Gaara, they would merely drop his body off somewhere in the desert where we are sure to find him.", Temari whispered.

"After Sakura is finished, we'll head out right away.", Kakashi's voice assured.

"Lady Chiyo is coming with you, because of Sasori.", Temari's voice stated, "She may be the only one who can actually fight him. She knows everything of Sasori's fighting style, so she'll be the best one. And if Gaara is dead, she will use a special technique to bring him back.", she murmured.

Saya could easily tell that Kakashi was nodded, glancing at the shadows, finally.

"Saya, can you hand me that bucket of water?", Sakura's voice cut in.

"H-Huh? O-Oh! Of course, Sakura!", Saya returned, jumping at first from Sakura's voice cutting into her thoughts.

Sakura rolled her eyes at Saya, as the red-haired Jinchuriki handed the pinkette the new bucket of water.

"What are you doing anyways?", Saya asked.

"I'm merely taking out more poison that spread into arms and legs, while the antidote works mainly on the poison on his heart and vital organs.", Sakura returned.

Saya gave a dull nod, not really understanding the Medic Arts. She never trained in it, after all, Jiraiya knew nothing of the medic arts... less than herself.

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