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Summary: Part Four; The Fourth Shinobi War has been declared on Akatsuki, after the devastating attack on Konohagakure. The Akatsuki's numbers have been narrowed down. In the end, will the era of war or peace come? Will Naruto live to see the aftermath of war?

Warnings: Powerful!Evilish!Demonic!Naruto, Fem!Motherly!Jubi

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Normal thinking: 'Rawr.'

Naruto thinking to Jubi: 'Rawr.'


What does insanity mean? Does it mean you have no morals? Does it mean you have no empathy? Does it mean you don't care if you kill? Does it mean you have constant anger? Nobody knows, nobody can answer. What makes a Demon? Is it a murderer, a killer? Is it a anger-filled? Is it ugly? Is it insane? Would it have morals? Is it even an it? Isn't 'it' an 'he' or 'she'. Nobody answers, nobody answers.

Perhaps insanity is when you have no empathy, no morals, and with anger that makes you kill. Even kill your own family... Or would killing a family member, make you insane enough? The impact that you've killed more than most in the world, that you've killed hundreds. The impact that you helped destroy a village, even if it was rebuilt and everyone was brought back to life. Maybe the impact, of realizing you liked ripping out the throat of your own mother.

Who knows?


"What are the casualties?", Onoki asked.

"A total of seventy-three deaths on our side. We've sealed all the revived from the first attack, with a plus of around five more. Two died, but we don't exactly know why.", recited Inoichi Yamanaka.

"Naruto killed sixty of the deaths on our side, and the other thirteen were gathered from the revived. Luckily, we were able to team up on the revived thanks to out large numbers.", Inoichi added.

Mei Terumi spoke, "What are we going to do, against that brat?", she asked.

"Obviously, he's more powerful than the leader of the Akatsuki. He just can't be killed, though... We can blow him into smithereens.", Minato said, turning to Onoki.

"Oh? What is your plan?", he asked.

"Gaara will use his sand, to tie Naruto to the ground. I'll keep my shuriken around in a radius so I can flash to him before he escapes out of range. I'll rip the Jubi from him, and seal it into a jar, before we can find a more permanent stay for her, and then Mizukage will coat him lava, and when it cools you perform your technique on him.", Minato explained.

"Good plan.", Ay grunted, "But what about me?", he asked.

"You'll be to one to injure him a bit, so we can keep him down.", Minato returned.

"This plan seems foolproof.", Mei stated, smirking.

"I like it.", they all agreed.

"There is just one downside.", spoke a voice.

Minato's eyes became wide, "Shinigami-sama!", he cried, turning around.

"Do not bow, Minato. You have no reason too.", the Shinigami King spoke, right when Minato was about to bow.

"I am not supposed to interfere with human interactions, however... Kami ordered me to tell you something, so that you have a better chance. It is about the Sage of Six Paths, and a Seal he left...", the Shinigami king started, ignoring their shock.


Naruto walked down the forest, ignoring the pounding in his head. He didn't really care. He felt something was wrong... His Chakra buzzed angrily, as he continued to walk forwards. Jubi's Chakra inside of him, attempted to pull him back, somehow. It wasn't working, as Naruto just continued to walk forward. He continued to walk...

Left... right... left.. right... left... right... left... His mind; An incoherent mumble of words. For some reason, he couldn't think clearly. What's wrong with him? Is he already insane? No... That's not it, it's something else... Three more minutes passed.

Naruto found himself standing in front of Konohagakure.

"H-How did I get here?", he muttered, falling down to the grass. His eyes glowed blue, before they slowly shifted into a glowing amethyst eyes. HIs pupils struggled to stay narrowed, before they vanished completely.

Minutes passed, and Naruto simply sat there. Eventually, his pupil re-appeared, forming into the narrow silt. The amethyst color stayed, and his skin became a bit paler (a pale-tan really). His claws became more defined, and his whisker marks became pitch-black, and became even wider. It kept its pointed end, however.

More minutes passed, as Naruto felt his mind compacting. He felt as if his heart was being ripped in half, he felt as if his whole body was changing. The pain was overwhelming, before he finally just lost unconsciousness. The pain became numb, but still present...


Jubi was, by then, pulling pieces of the ground out of the earth, then throwing it randomly in the air in pure boredom. That's when suddenly, she felt a jolt in her stomach, and a slow income of power, her power, and to be exact - The power she kept inside of Naruto, inside of the Seal so they would stay linked together; The thing that kept Naruto as a her Jinchuriki.

"Naruto's turning into a Demon... It's the working of the Shinigami King. He wants the war to tip in the other's favor.", Jashin's voice spoke through, and Jubi's eyes widened.

"WHAT?! They can't interfere with the human world!", Jubi snarled.

"They had some Demon do it for them, not directly doing it.", Jashin responded.

Jubi snarled under her breath, before she screamed in and collapsed to the ground.

"H-How dare they?! Naruto needs my Chakra! Don't they realize this...?", Jubi hissed, as the pounding pain started to hit her body.

"Don't worry... I can keep him alive...", Jashin stated, "They are doing this... Because they know without your Chakra, it'll take him longer to heal... Thus him being able to be weakened, and sealed...", he said.

"DAMMIT!", Jubi hissed angrily, her Chakra bubbling out of her skin in pure anger and fury.

"Calm... We will defeat the side they want to win... I will help..", Jashin whispered.

-o-0-o- Earlier -o-0-o-

Kimimaro continued forward, jumping roof to roof. Everyone he saw either had a group of Genin with them, or were in too large in numbers. He was searching for groups of six or less, all Civilians of course. That way, he knew he could easily kill them, then move on to more. He shouldn't tire himself out, by attacking large groups of Civilians. Depiste popular belief, Civilians can harm a ninja. Most are skilled with kitchen knives, the females at least, and the men can be strong and hit (Not as if there were many males inside the village to begin with).

It would just tire him out.

Finally, he found a group of three civilians, all of them simply talking among themselves.

Kimimaro put his two palms up to the three, and shot out multiple bone spikes.

Each one pierced through the civilian, and the blood pooled out around them. Kimimaro shuddered slightly, but did his best not to puke. While he has killed before, he felt guilty killing civilians. Innocent civilians who really had nothing to do with the war, but he had to follow orders. Always.

"Rasenga-!", screamed a voice from behind him, and Kimimaro easily slipped to the side just in time.

The blue orb of energy hit the ground, creating a nice crater. Kimimaro continued to jump backwards, as the three Genin from earlier stood there.

"Dammit!", Konohamaru screamed.

"What do you want?", Kimimaro frowned.

"How could you kill those three people, and not feel a thing?!", Konohamaru screamed.

"Naruto-sama has told me to do whatever I can to help with the war. Even if it means killing civilians.", Kimimaro returned.

"Naruto? You mean Saya-Onee-chan's brother?", Konohamaru frowned.

"The crazy guy who killed hundreds of civilians, and even almost killed his own dad?", Moegi huffed.

Udon didn't say anything, just frown a tiny bit.

"I apologize for this, but I must.", Kimimaro stated, creating bone blades.

Before they could react, he ran towards them and swiftly hit each of them over the head. He had orders only to kill civilians, so he wouldn't kill any Shinobi. Watching as the three Genin fell to the ground, obviously knocked unconscious from the hits. Kimimaro sighed, and pushed a blade into section of their clothes, making sure not to harm them. He made sure their clothes were pinned to the ground, and thus themselves pinning to the ground.

He nodded, and jumped forward. He still had many more to kill.


"Naruto...", Jubi whispered, as she entered the area where Naruto had passed out in. She ran over, and attempted to wake him up.

"Come on... wake up.", she pleaded, unshed tears swelling in her eyes, but they would never fall.

"Please... Naruto, wake up.", she continued to plead, shaking his body. Fear and panic overtook her. What if they killed him? What if the transformation killed him? What if...

"Jubi... stop shaking me.", Naruto groaned, his eyes opening to reveal amethyst eyes.

"Your eyes...", Jubi whispered sadly.

"What happened?", he asked.

"The Shinigami King found a loophole, and in order to help the other side, transformed you into a Demon.", Jubi stated.

"How does that weaken me?", Naruto frowned, sitting up.

"...I'm no longer sealed to you. Now, you are able to be sealed, and even killed without my healing abilities.", Jubi returned.

"...my Bloodlimit is still intact, right?", Naruto asked, trying to gain mental balance on what he just heard.

"Of course. You still have all your natural power, and I can give you some my Chakra to help you, until I can perform a ritual you turn you in my heir.", Jubi returned.

"Your heir?", Naruto frowned.

"By doing so, I share my powers with you. It's what I'm planning to do after the war ends.", Jubi returned.

"Why not now?", he asked.

"I need my animalistic body in order to perform the ritual. You would need to drink my animalistic blood, thus creating a bond as a mother and son, and thus you would become a Demon Prince - My heir.", she explained.

"Great..", he sighed, letting his head fall back to the ground.

"...Do you still wish to fight?", Jubi asked.

"Yes. Give me some of your Chakra, I'm going to need it.", Naruto sneered.

"What are you planning?", she frowned.

"I'm planning my ultimate attack.", he returned, "I'm going to rip Konohagakure apart, and I'm going to end this war in one blow.", he sneered.

Jubi's eyes widened, "Naruto... Are you sure you can perform it? I know I can, but you..", she tried.

"I can do it.", he snapped.

"H-Hai. I'll get my animalistic body from the statue, and we'll start the final attack. I will have to tell Madara..", she stated, standining up.

"Get Kimimaro out of here, please. I don't want him hurt.", he called.

Jubi nodded, before she vanished into her vortex.

As soon as she was gone, Naruto closed his eyes as he let everything that happened too quickly, hit him.


"Your joking.", Minato whispered.

"I am not. You can break it yourself, but you are going to need this.", the Shinigami King stated, waving his hand over the desk.

The five Kage watched a single, glowing white orb forming the middle of the table.

"You must carry that ball of energy into the center, and let it touch the seal. Once it breaks, your win is affirmed. However, you must control it's energy into the orb or else it will explode. If it does, it will create destruction above anything ever seen by the human world.", he stated.

"Why are you helping us?", Mei frowned.

"I do not wish for an era of war, that would create if they win the war. Jubi and Naruto would leave this world to its misery, now, however... Jubi will be resealed into her prison, and Naruto will stay alive to heal you both. I advise you this, the chosen may be able to stop him, unless he has already lost himself in insanity .", the Shinigami stated, he kept it silent for only a minute more, before he vanished into a coil of smoke

The five Kage hoped the plan would work.


Kimimaro frowned, watching as Jubi quickly vanished into the vortex. He knew his surroundings, he was back inside the compound. He didn't know why though, all she said was that she and Naruto were going to let loose an ultimate attack upon the Allied Nations, and he would be harmed if he stayed in Konoha.

For some reason, he had the worst feeling in the bottom of his stomach.


Jubi sighed, as she just finished replaying the plan to Madara. Now, she was watching as the statue before her started to break. She couldn't help but grin happily, as the black form inside broke free and ran right towards her. She laughed happily, forgetting everything around her and merged back with her real form... her real, original body.

Her thoughts, however, were pushed towards the memory of the Ultimate Attack.

-o-0-o-0-o- Flashback -o-0-o-0-o-

Jubi rolled her eyes, as Naruto started to replay a set of information. Something about an ultimate attack he created, that could create such destruction, he would need her help to perform it. In all honesty, he was acting like a hyper child. Which brought a small smile to her lips, she knew that Naruto loved showing things he came up with. He felt smart, and proud of himself every time Jubi said it was a good idea. It's the main reason why she always half-listened to him. Even if the idea was something she wasn't interested in, or didn't like, she always said it was a good idea. She honestly couldn't help it.

"-with your help, the blast can destroy over 1,000 mile radius. It would turn everything into pure radiation, and it would take a whole year before the radiation was gone and it would be suitable air for living things to breath, and many more years before anyone will be able to live there. The air itself would be poison expect to me, as it's mostly made out of my Chakra. With your help, your Chakra, it can be performed. I call it- The Ultimate Attack Bomb.", Naruto grinned.

Jubi blinked, as the information hit her.

"That not a half bad idea, and we can use in the war...", she grinned, "In fact, why don't we just use it against Konohagakure when we do the invasion... Well, destruction.", Jubi asked, raising a brow.

"My body won't be able to handle it, yet anyways. I have to wait until I use more uranium before I can perform this technique.", Naruto returned.

Jubi sighed, "As well, I guess we can use it later on.", she grinned.

Naruto grinned back, and nodded.

-o-0-o-0-o- Flashback End -o-0-o-0-o-

Jubi hummed in pleasure, as she opened her eyes. She grinned happily, feeling herself back in her animalistic form. Then, she sighed. She knew she would have to turn back into her human form, in order to help with the technique... Then again, she can get to the attack site by running, right? She grinned, showing off her sharp, white, ivory-made teeth. She gave a nod towards the shocked Madara, looking at the flicking eight tails with shown interest, before Jubi shot off towards Konohagakure.

Towards Naruto.

Towards the final attack destination.

She let out a loud howl.


Naruto looked at the streaming water, in pure shock. He had went to see if something was different about his appearance, after hearing Jubi's comment about his eyes. He looked different. Really different. He looked more demonic, and a lot more unhuman. In all honesty, he liked his new appearance, for some reason. Maybe it's out of pleasure that he's now a Demon? Who knows. He doesn't like no longer being Jubi's Jinchuriki, though. He feels as if something is missing, and he doesn't like it. He misses the compacted, dark, evil Chakra that would always be there.

He sighed, standing back up, running a hand through his blonde locks. He felt as if he barely had a grip on his sanity, and he knew that wasn't a good thing. But he knew, that he wouldn't lose it. After the war ends, after Jubi and he win, he can regain his tight grip on sanity once more. He won't lose it, he knows he won't. He is smart, he is powerful, and he is sane. He will not ever become insane. Never, ever... ever, ever, ever...

Naruto grinned happily, feeling the happy and positive emotions boiling inside of him. Outside, however, if anyone saw his grin, they would fear for their life. It wasn't a happy grin. It was a maniac, insane grin, that showed out sharp canines that could rip out a throat. Like he did so to his mother. He is a Demon, now. He is no longer a human, he is a Demon. And slowly, however slowly, he is becoming a monster. An insane monster.

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