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Summary: Part Four; The Fourth Shinobi War has been declared on Akatsuki, after the devastating attack on Konohagakure. The Akatsuki's numbers have been narrowed down. In the end, will the era of war or peace come? Will Naruto live to see the aftermath of war?

Warnings: Powerful!Evilish!Demonic!Naruto, Fem!Motherly!Jubi

Disclaimer: I Do Not Own Naruto, obviously!

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Normal thinking: 'Rawr.'

Naruto thinking to Jubi: 'Rawr.'

Some of you don't understand certain things, and how this story has a DARK underlining. All I'm telling you is that there is a high chance of there being an era of war being the ending, not peace. Listen, while I love you guys for reading, please don't assume things about my story. This story is very well planned out, and none of you can even guess the outcome.

Point being; If the Akatsuki win, the era of war will come. If the Allied Shinobi Nations win, the era of peace will come.


Jubi sniffed the ground, searching for Naruto. When she had reached the spot where he was last, he wasn't there. So, she decided to use her wolf-nose and search for him. His scent - A mix between blood and mint, with something that gave her a sour taste her mouth -, led her off towards the stream. Finally, she found him laying beside the gently running water.

She transformed back into her human form, and walked over to him.

"Naruto, wakey wakey.", she called.

"Ngh..", Naruto gave a groan, before he snuggled back into the green grass.

Jubi's eye twitched just the slightest, "Naruto, it's time to prepare for the attack.", she hissed.

"Hm..?", Naruto's eyes opened slowly, before they widened and he quickly stood up.

"Hai, hai.", he grinned.

Jubi rolled her eyes, "Come one, we have to prepare. Madara is leading them close to Konohagakure, and the final attack will happen in two days time. I'll attack first in my large, animalistic form, while you prepare the first stage of the attack.", she stated.

"Hai.", Naruto nodded, stretching out his arms.


"Hokage, you will be the one to carry the orb. Only you have control to do it, since you do so all the time with your Rasengan technique.", Onoki stated, nodding along as Minato moved over and picked up the glowing orb.

It glowed bright in his hands, and his eyes widened.

"What is it?", Gaara frowned.

"It's amazing... The power is the purest form of energy I've ever felt, but yet it seems so dark...", Minato whispered, "I-It is almost like it's soaked in death, but it's still so pure, and bright...", he tried to explain.

"The Shinigami King created it, so I guess it would.", Mei murmured.

"Where is the seal?", Ay asked.

"The Center of my village, covered by the Hokage Tower.", Minato stated easily, before he blinked in slight surprise.

"That orb seems to give you knowledge, as well.", Mei stated.

"Indeed. We will move all of our forces towards Konohagakure, but you will go ahead. Break the seal before we arrive, and understand it. How fast can you get there?", Ay asked.

"Now. I have multiple kunai of mine inside my office, so I can transport there now.", Minato stated.

"Good, go now. If we rush it, we can reach Konohagakure in a day. We will move with our forces, as one.", Gaara stated.

"Agreed.", the rest of the Kage said.

"Inoichi, send out the information.", Minato called, turning to the Leaf Nin.

"Hai, Hokage-sama!", he called.

'He's taking the death of his wife, rather well... No, he's not. He is internally in despair. I'm guessing it hurts even more to know that your son had no problem killing his mother.', Mei thought, unknown to her the rest of the Kage (Except for Minato) were thinking something along the same lines.

"I'm heading off.", Minato stated, holding the orb close.

They watched as he suddenly vanished from his spot, and they knew he was now inside of Konoha.


Minato blinked, looking around his office with a nod. He held the glowing orb to his chest, as he made his way down. He traveled to the last floor of the tower, where he looked down at the wooden tiles in deep thought. How would he break them open, without alerting the civilians

The civilians.

If the fight is coming close to Konoha, what about the civilians? Minato groaned, and went on to look for a Genin or one of the left-over Jounin.


"Have all of the revived lead, or push, the Shinobi Nations towards Konohagakure. Jubi and Naruto are taking them all out in one blow.", Madara stated, looking at Kabuto.

"Oh? How do we know this will work?", he asked, with a sneer.

"Jubi will attack first, while Naruto uses a technique ten times as powerful as the one he used to help destroy Konohagakure. I have no doubt he will kill them all, without anyone there to revive them all.", Madara sneered in return, though it was hidden by his mask.

"Of course..", Kabuto muttered, and with a sigh he complied.


Jubi watched as Naruto drew a large circle out of his blood, moving to fill in the circle with small symbols and kanji, forming a spiral-like form going straight to the center. Even she couldn't understand it. She knew Naruto studied the Fuinjustu scrolls from inside of her vaults, and even created a few symbols for sealing, but she never knew it went this far. She knew that the technique included four stages, but she only knew about the last one. The one where she would part of.

Naruto continued to use his blood to finish up the large seal, on the bare earth. His blood mixed harshly with the dirt, and he could only thank his new Demonhood for not getting a future infection from all of the dirty. He continued to trace it with more of his blood, until eventually his blood started to transform into a glowing greed liquid. liquified Uranium.

"Is that really Uranium?", she asked.

"Hai. I don't get how, but it no longer feels as toxic as it did when I was human. It's easier..", Naruto tried to explain.

"Demonhood does that.", she returned, "Why are we doing this so early?", she asked.

"What makes this technique so powerful, is that it had four stages. To prepare for the first stage, you must stay uranium seals in and surrounding the area you would want to attack. First, I'll create all of these, ", he waved his hand to the current spiral-circle-like seal, "In a star-form, so if a line connected them it would form a star. Then, I'll have to create a large circle around it, with more seals and kanji with the larger circle. It'll take us all day to finish it. Then to make the circle tomorrow.", he finished.

"What does it do?", she asked, more interested.

"The seals hold large amounts of liquidfied Uranium, it's designed so that when it's released it'll form mountains of the uranium to power the next stage. The next stage creates a large barrier to keep any extra's of the blast in. The barrier will be made out of mixtures of as many metals as possible. The third stage will be sucking in all the power of the Uranium. It'll give me such a power boost... I'll have more power than you would have at full power, I'm guessing. I won't be able it for long, and thus starts the final stage. You will push as much Chakra of yours into me, before I let it all loose. Only you and I won't be affected by the blast. Then...", he trailed off, knowing Jubi knew the total destruction cost of it all.

"The downside is that I'll be very weakened after. My Chakra Coils will be empty, and I'll go into a coma as my body goes to heal itself. This can last for as long as five years, I'm guessing.", Naruto explained.

"This technique is so powerful... How did you even design it?", Jubi frowned.

"You know I'm smart. Smarter than I seem and act. Even though I like to lunge into battle, I learn from every attack and every dodge. I designed this technique after thinking about all of my other bombs, and I knew I could create a bomb even more powerful. It has it's cost, but at least I know I'll live.", he returned.

"Shall we begin on creating the seals, then?", Jubi hummed.

"Of course.", Naruto grinned.


"Everyone! Listen to these following orders, all Civilian and Genin are to go to the underground safe ground until further orders. Pack up anything you want, and extra food if you wish, you may be in there up to a week.", ordered one of the left-behind Jounin.

Whispers broke out.

"Please, start action! Danger will be coming this way!", he added, giving a boost to them all.

"Genin, help civilians pack and move anything they want to bring. Remember, pack light!", he yelled.

Meanwhile, Minato held the orb in his hand, as he watched three Genin dug up the floor of the Hokage Tower.


Finally, after the longest day Naruto had ever felt, they created all of the smaller circle-spiral seals. Now, he and Jubi would go and rest, to wake up in the morning and start up the final circle. Which would take up most of the next day, before they would prepare for the forces to arrive the next day. Naruto wondered if Jubi remembered to tell Madara and them to stay away from the blast, or else they would be killed...

Oh well, Naruto shrugged. Jubi most likely told him.


Morning came, and Jubi and Naruto woke up when the sun was just beginning to rise. Quickly, they set to work.

Jubi watched as Naruto crafted the first parts of the circle, his blood turning into the uranium as soon as he drew it. He had grown used to doing this, after yesterday's creating of all of those seals he would be. She studied the symbols and kanji in interest, she knew most of them, while the rest she knew Naruto created, but she learned what they meant as Naruto easily explained them all.

Even now.

"-this one stands for infinity.", Naruto explained, just as he finished a symbol that looked more like a sideways number '8'.

"Isn't that the seal you used to seal supplies?", Jubi raised a brow.

"It can be used for all occasions. It helps the seal with a infinite amount of space for objects. I have to repeat the symbol multiple times, however, for it to work in this large of a seal.", he returned.

"Huh.", she hummed, continuing to watch him work.


"We are just a half-day away from Konohagakure, other forces are a day away. We'll postpone our movement, as they speed up to meet us here.", Kakashi stated, and the many other Shinobi nodded.

"The Five Kage are on their way.", one of the Yamanaka stated, and Kakashi nodded.

"Hai.", he nodded, " Set up camp for now, it'll be some time before they all arrive. We can take this time to rest, and when they get here we can take a hour break.", Kakashi ordered, and all of the Shinobi quickly obeyed his order.


Minato gave a nod towards the Genin, who waved to them as they ran towards the long line of Civilians and Ninja moving towards the undeground safe area. Minato sighed, turning to examine the large seal.

He couldn't even understand it.

They were a bunch of scribbles, but as soon as it was revealed the orb started to get frantic and he could barely keep it from exploding. Crackles of energy were zaping out of the orb, and it was time to see what the seal held.

After another hour passed, and all of Konohagakure was in the underground safe area, his curiosity was about to be answered, as he bent down and placed the orb on the seal.

immediately, the orb's glowing white line was pushed into the dull, smeared lines giving them into a much more full, straight look. The glowing go brighter and brighter, and a high-pitched sound.

Minato winced, as he held his hands to his ears.

"W-What the Hell is this...?", he hissed, watching as the seal suddenly dulled and vanished. The lines, the seal, was no longer present.

"What happened...? What the Hell did it do?", Minato asked, as the noise died down. He looked at the area in confusion, shouldn't the seal holding something..?

"It is a pleasure to meet you. May I ask, where am I?", asked a deep voice.

Minato froze, and turned around to see a man standing there.

"Who are you?", Minato asked.

"Many call me the Sage of Six Paths.", the man returned.


Jubi's eyes widened, before an angry growl went loose.

"What?", Naruto raised a brow at her, as her claws sharpened and dug into the ground.

"I can sense his Chakra.", Jubi snarled.

"That's impossible. He's dead, not even he could cheat death.", Naruto sighed, knowing just who 'he' is. He knew who she hated most, the only one to get that type of reaction from her. Not even the Sage of Six Paths would be able to come back to life. He may be called the God of Shinobi, but no one is strong enough to come back from the dead.

"Your right... The damn Shinigami King may be copying his Chakra out to get a rise out of me.", Jubi muttered.

"No... He's back.", Jashin's voice called, "That seal in Konoha... It held the Sage's soul, somehow... He's back.", he stated.

"Impossible.", Naruto's eyes widened, before his lips transformed into a sneer.

"He won't be able to stop my attack, he will be busy fighting off Madara's forces and Jubi. We'll get him.", Naruto assured.

"Tch! I can't wait to delve a katana right through his heart...", Jubi snarled.

"I cannot do anything against him... He may be mortal, but he is... stronger than I. He was called a God... for a reason..", Jashin muttered, "I'll give some of my power... to Naruto... and I'll heal all of his future wounds... I can't do much else..", he stated.

"You can do enough. Right now, Naruto will finish up the preparations. When should it be done?", Jubi turned to Naruto.

"By tomorrow.", Naruto returned.

"Good.", Jubi nodded.


"The Sage... of Six Paths?", Minato whispered, as the man walked forward.

Silver-blonde hair fell to his shoulders in spikes, with Rinnegan eyes staring at him, and pale-tan skin. He wore a black cloak over everything, with odd symbols written on the top in a low-cut 'U'. Minato could feel the radiating Chakra from him, however. Even more Chakra he had ever felt from the Kyuubi. It was amazing. This was the man that defeated the Jubi.

"Yes. Who are you? Where am I?", the Sage asked.

"My name is Minato Namikaze, Fourth Hokage of Konohagakure. There is a war, with Jubi on the other side. She is working with her Jinchuriki, Naruto Namikaze...", Minato trailed off.

"Is Naruto Namikaze your son?", the Sage asked.

Minato nodded, "He's undefeatable, though. And insane.. H-He killed his own mother, and he wants to kill his sister..", he tried to explain.

"His sister? What for?", the Sage asked, obviously wanting to get a grip on the situation.

"She is the Jinchuriki to the Kyuubi No Yoko. Naruto and Jubi have gotten the One to Seven tailed Bijuu already, and had given the power back to Jubi. Jubi created many, many Bloodlines over the years and she can use them all.", Minato explained, "She's unstoppable..", he said.

"Not unstoppable. She had many weaknesses.", the Sage corrected, "Her rage, at most notice. Has she gained any sense of moral? Has she earned any emotion, other than hate and anger?", he asked, curious.

"I believe the Jubi may have started to care for Naruto.", Minato said.

"Hmm... If he was her Jinchuriki, she could have broken through the seal, I'm guessing. Meaning, she does care for him. Heavily so, or else she would have killed him already, and left the seal. Tell me the rest about this war of yours, I will help you.", the Sage stated, "Only the emptiness and power of the full powered Jubi could have awakened the Seal, other than for Shinigami's special little 'Seal Breaker', meaning he has helped you. Also, tell me about how much this world as changed.", he said.

"O-Of course!", Minato nodded, going on to explain everything.

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