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Summary: Part Four; The Fourth Shinobi War has been declared on Akatsuki, after the devastating attack on Konohagakure. The Akatsuki's numbers have been narrowed down. In the end, will the era of war or peace come? Will Naruto live to see the aftermath of war?

Warnings: Powerful!Evilish!Demonic!Naruto. Fem!Motherly!Jubi

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Chapter Fifty-Seven

"You ready?", Naruto smirked, and Jubi nodded.

Placing his two hands on top of the circle, he pushed his Chakra in, and first unsealed part of the uranium, which created uranium spikes all over the circle, and all over the star's surrounding the area. Naruto continued to unseal some more, making the spikes even larger. He winced slightly, as the toxic energy started to get to him. Hell, it was even started to bother Jubi since she was so close to it. The radiation unsettled her, and made her sick to her stomach.

"How do you think humans are affected?", Jubi asked, as Naruto moved from the uranium spikes.

"If they touch it, they will get infected and start to die. Being near it will only bother them, like you.", Naruto shrugged, "I'm the only one able to even touch it.", he stated.

"Next up?", Jubi asked, eyeing him.

"The barrier. First, I need to find a way for light. I kinda forgot about it... the barrier will suck out the sun's light.", he stated.

"I can solve that problem. I'll create an orb of energy at the top of the barrier, so that it'll spread the light through the whole area.", Jubi stated, "It'll be nothing.", she added.

"M'kay...", Naruto mumbled, flipping through a set of handseals, before he placed his hands on the uranium spikes.

Jubi's eyes widened, as she started to gasp for breath. Heat from molten metal mixed in with the radiation so close to her, started to heavily affect her. She collapsed to the ground, and started to cough.

"W-Why is it affected me so much?!", Jubi hissed, clenching her fists.

"I-It's the heat... I'm used to it. Molten metal isn't nothing.", Naruto chuckled, forcing the barrier up even farther.


The Four Kage present frowned, as a boiling set of black started form miles out from them. The many Shinobi present frowned as well, uncomfortable. Were they being trapped in?

"What the hell is happening?", Mei asked.

Ay nodded, and Onoki and Gaara continued to watch as the barrier rise.

It started to round upwards, and slowly started to connect at the top.

The sunlight started to fade off, until they were all put into complete darkness.

"What the hell!?", shouted one of the many Shinobi.

A bright light started to form at the very top of the barrier, and spread out easily. A glowing yellow-green-white orb floated why up above, flooding the whole area (that was shielded by the barrier) with artifacial light.

"Do you think it's the Akatsuki's doing?", Ay asked.

"Who knows? Maybe it's the weapon the Shinigami had given us.", Mei shrugged, and Onoki nodded in agreement.

"I don't think so. I can feel the power in the barrier - It's dark.", Saya muttered, yawning as she left her tent. From the one next to her, Killer Bee moved out.

"I do believe we're going the wrong way.", stated a man's voice.

"I know they're somewhere around here... Can't you use some of your powers to help me find them?", another asked.

"I'm saving my energy up to fight the Jubi, why would I waste it on something so simple?", the man asked.

"Okay, then...", muttered out the other.

Two figures entered the area, to be revealed as Minato Namikaze and another unknown male next to him.

"Hokage, who is this?", Mei asked.

"Is the barrier form the seal? What was unleashed?", Ay asked.

"Is it powerful?", Onoki asked, smirking.

"Where is the weapon?", Gaara asked.

"The Seal didn't release a weapon, nor did it create the shield-barrier. It brought someone from a long time ago, back to life.", Minato explained, nodding towards the man.

"He is the only one with the power to defeat the Jubi, and has done so before.", he stated.

"That's impossible! In the legends, only the Sage of Six Paths can defeat the Jubi!", Sakura Haruno cried out, walking over.

Many of the other Shinobi walked forward, as well as Saya and Killer Bee.

"Exactly.", Minato stated.

"Are you telling us, that he's the Sage of Six Paths? The most powerful man ever to walk the earth?!", Mei hissed.

"It is nice to meet you all.", the man, the Sage of Six Paths, said.

"I was informed of the circimstances, and I shall do my ultimate best to help you.", he smiled.

"That's impossible- You died!", Mei gaped.

"The Shinigami and I are good friends, thus we made a deal. I knew that one day the Jubi would rise again, and no one would be able to defeat her. I would have to come back to help, least she win. She is the ultimate unbalance, but I hoped that she would turn back into a human once she gained the emotion of familial love...", the Sage sighed.

"What do you mean?", Ay grunted.

"Jubi lost all sense of moral when she killed her grandfather. I hope that after watching the human world for centuries, she would gain moral. Unlike the Bijuu, she can turn back into a human if she can 'repent', if you can call it that.", he explained, "She is the ultimate unbalance, and the ultimate power. If she gains the last two Bijuu, even I will have tight trouble fighting her.", he sighed.

"What will we do? To fight her?", Saya asked, moving forward.

"I'm gathering my power, thus I will not be able to do much until I greet the Jubi. I can see a rising amount of great power, however. As well as a toxic-like energy spreading through out the shielded area we are in.", the Sage said.

"What do the Jinchuriki do?", Onoki asked.

"They must fight. I will fight the Jubi, the two Jinchuriki will fight Naruto, and then the rest of you will fight the army they may have brought. If no army arrives, help fight Naruto. The Hokage included.", the Sage stated.

"Wait... this is confusing!", Sakura tried, "How are we supposed to deal with the Sage of Six Paths?!", she hissed.

"Deal with me? I don't know what I ever did wrong...", the Sage stated.

"Either way, we need all the help we can get. When shall we move out?", Mei turned to the Sage.

"As soon as possible.", he stated.

"Got it. EVERYONE! Start getting ready to move out!", screamed out Mei, and the Shinobi Army started to pack up everything, and get ready to move out.


"Wait to blow up this area, after I defeat the Sage. I've grown in power, so I know I can take him on.", Jubi grinned, cackling happily.

"Hai, hai...", Naruto sighed, as he set off a release seal that would release all of the uranium just after the next six hours pass. At that time, if Jubi hasn't defeated the Sage of Six Paths by then, oh well. He needs to do this as soon as possible, to make sure he can do it by the end of this day.

"In the next six hours, all the uranium will be released. We both shall move onto the final stage, understand?", Naruto turned to her.

"Psh, I understand. I can totally defeat that bastard by that time.", Jubi smirked, cracking her fists.

"Whatever, just be prepared.", Naruto said, standing up to stretch out his arms.

"I'm going to store some of my power to the side for the bomb, but then I'm going to fight. I think we're going to need it... Though, I'll do my best not to fight. I need as much Chakra as possible when I perform the bomb.", he said, and Jubi nodded.

"Got it. I'll be busy with the Sage of Six Paths, so be careful.", she warned.

"Something else you wanna say?", Naruto scowled.

"Think before you act, you moron. Just do it for me, 'kay?", Jubi sighed.

"Fine.. It'll catch them by surprise, for sure.", he smirked.

"Got that right, you never think.", Jubi snickered.

"I will be able to double his power, and give him an even faster healing ability... It may seem like a lot... but be careful...", Jashin's voice called out, the shadows thickening and spreading out towards Naruto.

"Thank you, Jashin-sama.", Naruto said.

"You won't need mine or Jubi's power... once you start to think before your attacks... You no longer have Jubi to heal you... Even as a Demon, you can be killed...", Jashin warned.

"How?", Naruto asked, while Jubi started to sniff the air.

"They must rip off your arms... your legs... and your head, before bleeding your whole body out... Only a Bijuu's or Jubi's healing ability can heal from this... only Jubi would be able to do it within a day...", Jashin stated.

"Thank you very much for this information, Lord Jashin-sama.", Naruto bowed.

"It is nothing... Good luck, Naruto...", Jashin muttered, before his presence vanished.

"Come on, Naruto. I can smell the scent of Madara Uchiha, the real Madara Uchiha. The fake Madara must have reincarnated him.", Jubi hissed.

"I wouldn't have had too, if you told me about this damn shield.", spoke a voice, as two figures walked into the field.

"Tobi, Madara.", Jubi looked at them both.

"Hello, Jubi.", the real Madara Uchiha chuckled, while the masked nin, or Tobi, stood beside him.

"I'm guessing he's going to fight the Shinobi Army, and Jubi's going to fight the Sage of Six Paths?", Naruto asked.

"The Sage of Six Paths?!", Madara hissed, turning to Tobi.

"He wouldn't know. The Shinobi Nations somehow got him revived, no doubt thanks to the help of the Shinigami. Wouldn't matter if you brought him back anyway, he would be able to overpower the technique.", Jubi shrugged.

"When will the attack commence?", Madara growled.

"As soon as possible.", Tobi and Jubi both said at the same time.

Naruto spoke, "If you defeat them soon enough, I can get you out before I blow up the whole place.", he said.

"Soon enough?", Madara asked.

"At most, you have ten hours.", Naruto lied, smiling.

"More than enough time.", Madara snorted, and Tobi nodded.

"Let's move out, shall we?", Jubi asked, and the other three agreed.


Fifteen minutes later, the four meet only five feet away from the Shinobi Army.

"Sage.", Jubi sneered, glaring at the man.

"Madara Uchiha and Tobi.", the Kage murmured, staring at the two.

"Saya.", Naruto purred towards his sister.

"Naruto.", Saya whispered back to him.

Only within the next few seconds, did they all attack.

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