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Summary: Part Four; The Fourth Shinobi War has been declared on Akatsuki, after the devastating attack on Konohagakure. The Akatsuki's numbers have been narrowed down. In the end, will the era of war or peace come? Will Naruto live to see the aftermath of war?

Warnings: Powerful!Evilish!Demonic!Naruto. Fem!Motherly!Jubi

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Naruto couldn't remember anything. All he could do.. was look into the emptiness of this void. The black void that went on and on. It didn't stock. As 'time' seemed to pass, the blackness seemed to vanish. Soon, he was seeing grass, boulders, water, earth, and even the sky with the sun shining bright. He would hear giggles and laughs from a little red-haired girl named Saya. He would see another woman, red-haired as well, smiling at him and calling him to come close to her. Every time he came close, however, he body would fade away. He called this woman 'Okaa-san'. Both of them always came, but never stayed. Many others would come as well, taunting him and haunting him. Then, soon enough his whole world started to fade away and he could only feel chains wrapped tightly around his wrists and ankles. He couldn't move, but he felt his power constantly dripping. Why did this feel wrong? He felt... restrained.

Some days - nights? - he would remember things, but just as quickly as they came, would they vanish. He caught glimpses of happiness, kids laughing and giggling. Adults picking up large chunks of diamonds and other minerals. Some times he would dream of a explosion. He would feel his body ripping into shreds, but only to come back alive. He would feel it over and over again at least one a week - month? Maybe a year. - and he couldn't bring himself to care. Didn't he deserve this? Then, there were the days he could run free again. These days he found himself not even wanting to run. He wanted to sit down and cry. He didn't understand why. Was he forgetting something? What was he forgetting that was so bad? Did he deserve all of this? Is this some type of evil punishment?

Yes. That must be it. Why else would he be living this way?

Either way.. he knew one day he would escape, and one day he would let the reason why he's experiencing this reawaken. Kill and hurt the who is doing this to him. He deserves it - yes - but that doesn't mean he likes it. No... one day he would escape, and one day he will kill.


"It has been twenty years since the Great Explosion. Sixteen years since the World Treaty came into action. Four years since we have been able to live on this rich land. Through many disasters have we achieved this. Many say that they remember the days when they were in constant fear of war, or of the war that had just begun but already taking so many lives. The Fourth Shinobi War had ended, destroying both sides, but yet we have prevailed. All thanks to the Sage of Six Paths, who re-taught us all the way of the Shinobi. Thank you.", stated a red-haired female, smiling at the cheering crowd. She wore a old uniform that one would remember the Leaf Shinobi would wear. Her name is Saya Namikaze, and for the past fifteen years she has been helping rebuild the world after the Great Explosion.

"Cheers!", the Sage chuckled, raising his glass.

And everyone complied.

Authors Note:

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Three - I may never make a sequel, leaving everyone to think of this giant cliffhanger.

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