Canada sat in the meeting room. It was 2:30pm and he had half an hour until the meeting. He was bored. Extremely bored. Normally he would have something to watch as the other nations argued, flirted or even cooked. The rowdiness of the other countries was highly entertaining. He often didn't do anything at these meeting but watch and listen. Even if he were to speak up no one would hear him and he would by ignored by most of the countries.

The large oak doors open and Canada turned to see who it was.

Shivers ran over his body as a large Russian man came into the room. "First one here" he chuckled to himself as he walked over to the table "as always".

Russia stood next to the chair were the Canadian was sitting for a second before sitting down on Canada himself. Canada let out a small squeak as the Russian sat on his lap and pulled out his note pad and pen. Russia shifted in his chair pushing his ass closer to Canada's groin.

Canada something inside him snap. If this Russian wouldn't notice him even when he was sitting on him he'd have to make him notice him. Canada wrapped his arms around Russia's waist and found it was surprisingly thin. Russia screamed.

It was high pitched and girly and it made Canada's ears ring. Russia got off of the leather seat and spun around to look at the chair. He gasped in surprise as he saw Canada. After a moment his face went back to his normal childish, but evil, smile. "Canada! What are you doing there?" he laughed lightly and sat on the table in front of Canada's seat.

Canada cute little face turned into a cute little pout "I was here the whole time! You just didn't notice me! Again!" Russia could tell Canada was angry, even if he's voice was just louder than a whisper. Canada spun in his chair so that it was facing away from the Russian.

Russia came up behind the large chair and his hand touched the Canadian's chin tilting it upwards. Russia leaned down from behind the chair and kissed Canada's lips gently.

The kiss was more like having a butterfly land on his lips before flying away, but Canada couldn't help but blush at the brief contact. Russia turned the chair so that it was facing him. He got to his knees. Even on his knees he was still taller than the siting Canadian. Their heads were about level and Russia stared into the smaller of the two's light violet eyes. Canada suddenly became the timid, shy Canadian Ivan knew so well. The Canadian began to squirm lightly in his seat and moved his eyes away from Russia's.

"Russi-!" He was cut off.

"Call me Ivan, da?" Russia said. Calling a nation by their human name was a big privilege that you could only obtain by becoming a family member or friend.

"Rus- Ivan. I… um….. you may call me Matthew! I-If you like" he blurted out; he was too embarrassed to think about the fact that he had just revealed his human name to Russia. The Russian smiled a large, happy smile before tackling the Canadian. The seat fell backwards and Russia ended up on top of Canada.

He looked down at the small figure under him. He was so cute! Russia just wanted to hug him forever!

"I'm so happy, Matvew!" Russia laughed as he pulled Canada close to his chest.

"Ivan why are you so happy?" Canada honestly didn't see what there was to be so happy about. The Russian stared at him with a blank expression before giggling at him.

"Didn't you know!" he chuckled lightly "When two nations exchange names they become a couple! That is why I am happy, da!" Canada stared at the Russian in shock. They had just exchanged names! Did that mean that he and Ivan were…..were a c-couple!? His head spun from the thought. What would Ivan be like in a relationship!? Would he be cruel and mean, like all the stories said! Or would he have a change in attitude and be sweet and nice, maybe even loving! "I thought it was just friends!" Canada squeaked.

This was all too much for the Canadian to proses and he fainted.

Russia watched as the small Canadian fainted into his chair. He chuckled lightly before pulling Matthew into his arms bridle style. He walked quietly to the door before fumbling with the knob. He was in the corridor when he saw the first of his new boyfriend's relatives.

France walked down the hall when he saw Russia. At first he wasn't all that worried about seeing the large man, he had to move around somehow so why not use the hall, it was when he saw his young Canada in the man's arms when that he started to worry. France rushed up to Russia.

"Russia! What are you doing with Canada!?" He said trying to get his Canadian out of the Russians arms. Russia, being bigger and stronger, had no trouble pushing the man away without waking him Matthew up. Russia smiled at the French man "I'm just taking Matvew up to my room" he purred before going past France and headed for the elevator.

Francis stood in the hall. He didn't move a muscle. How had Russia known Matthews name?! That privilege was for family members and lovers only! Francis was almost completely shore that he had no relation to Russia, so he couldn't be a family member, but that only left them being lovers. Francis couldn't see Matthew boing something that bold so it had to be Russia who started their relationship.

Ivan placed Matthew in the bed in his room. The news must have been to much for the small man to handle. Pulling the blanket up around his new lover Ivan watched as the Canadian moved so that his head was the only thing Ivan could see. It was adorable and Ivan wanted to touch the silk of his pale skin. Matthew moved again and some of the blanket fell reviling his curved hips. His shirt was riding up so Ivan could see part of the man's stomach. It, like everything else on this man, was cute and slightly cubby but in a muscular way.

He sat next to the sleeping Canadian until he himself could stay awake no more. He slipped in to the bed next to Matthew and hugged him softly before, he too, fell asleep.

Ivan dreamed of his new life with his lovely Canadaian.