This is for BlackRoseGirl666

Matthew awoke slowly the next day. His mind was fuzzy and he didn't want to open his eyes. He held onto something large and soft. It was like a teddy bear. The large soft thing hugged him back pulling him into its chest. Matthew liked the feeling of the large soft thing. It made him feel safe.

A small grumble came from the Large soft thing and Matthew opened his eyes.

"AAAaaaaaaahhhhhhh!" Screamed Matthew.

"AAAaaaaaaahhhhhhh!" Screamed Ivan.

The two of them fell silent and stared at each other. Ivan's large purple eyes gazed into Matthews violet ones. They sat in bed for ten minutes like this.

"Sooooooooooo-" said Matthew trying to break the tension. His eyes looked over the large Russian before him. Ivan was well built with medium size muscles and a slightly childish face. It was cute in Matthew opinion.

"how did you sleep?" Ivan asked softly. Damn! He really was like a child! With his baby face and cute voice!

"Ummmm….. well….. I guess" Matthew mumbled softly "What about y-you?"

Ivan blushed lightly " I slept good, da" he put on a large, fake, smile. True be told Ivan had not slept well. All night he'd been hugged in awkward positions by Matthew, not that he didn't like that, it's just that it's hard to sleep when someone's got their legs in between your own legs. Touching his groin without even knowing you were doing it.

Ivan stared at Matthew without saying a word. Matthew was getting self-conscious under Ivan's eye and began to squirm. Ivan continued to watch him. In his mind Matthew was a small, extremely cute, fragile thing. He wasn't sure how he was meant to treat him. Ivan had truthfully never been in a healthy relationship and ,as such, didn't know what to say. In almost all the relationships Ivan had been in they'd have sex and that was it. As they hadn't had sex on their first night Ivan felt uncomfortable. You see, if they'd had sex (rape) he would have known what to do next (pretend it didn't happen, but allow them to rape him until the relationship was over). But as Matthew hadn't raped him Ivan just sat there.

Matthew looked into Ivan's eyes as he stared off into space. Ivan's eyes were sad, he decide, He must have a long history. Matthew, unknown to Ivan, had not been in a healthy relationship either. His brother always used him to gain an advantage, England had never really seen him as a son and France, well, truth be told there wasn't much to say for him, Matthew always felt like a replacement of Joan.

"Do you what some pancakes?" Ivan asked softly. Matthew's eyes light up at the mention of his favourite food. He jumped from the bed and pulled Ivan up with him.

"Yes! I love pancakes! I meen…." He blushed "yes please" the last part was whispered. Ivan chuckled at Matthews little outburst of happiness . Ivan took Matthew to the kitchen area of his hotel room. Taking out flour, milk, egg and sugar he began to mix it together. Once the pancake mix was smooth and slightly runny. He got a frying pan out and stole a glance at Matthew. He was surprised to find that Matthews eyes were stuck firmly on him.

His heart skipped a beat. That look. It was the look of a predator. This was it. He was going to get out of his seat, walk up to Ivan and rape him on the floor of the kitchen. Ivan closed his eyes in anticipation. He hated the horror of it all, it made him sick. But nothing happen. He opened his eyes again to see Matthew still staring at him.

But Ivan soon realised that he wasn't staring at him exclusively. Matthew was staring at the pancake mix. Ivan breathed a sigh of relief. God he'd been scared.

Going back to the stove top he did at trick that Ukraine had taught to him when he was young. Soon a stack of heart shaped pancakes sat on the table. Matthew took a large portion of the pancakes leaving just enough for Ivan. They eat in silence, a mutual feeling of content fell over them.

The silence was broken by the Canadian "Do you have any Maple Syrup?"

"I think so…. Just let me go check…." Ivan said getting out of his seat. Going to the cupboard he peered inside. "Wait a second… Ah! Here we go!" he turned around holding the maple syrup in his hand triumphantly. Bringing his prize back to the table he placed it before the small blond.

"Yes! Pancakes always taste better when there's maple syrup!" Matthew chirped happily.