This chapter is for yorkshiretea!

After two months together Ivan and Matthew had gotten into a routine. They had lunch together on Monday, on Tuesday they went somewhere, Friday they'd go to each-others house to talk about politics and the health of the world and on Sunday they did something romantic.

This set up was going well and both were happy to take thing slowly. They only held hands most of the time and kissed softly when they were sure no one was watching. They were content with none of the other nations knowing about them. But this bliss wouldn't last for long as America was due to stay at Canada's house for a week.

"But why! Why can't I come with you! I want to go out too!" America cried, clinging to Matthews leg. "And why are you dressed up in a suit and tie!? You look way too fancy to just be going out!" Matthew was indeed wearing a suit and tie and that was because it was Sunday. Ivan had given him the address on an extremely fancy restaurant in town.

"Alfred! Let go of my leg!" he shouted at his older brother. "I have stuff to do and people to see! So I have to get going!" Kicking his brother of his leg Matthew stormed out the door and got to his car as fast as he could.

"What are you doing! Please! If you tell me where you're going I'll leave you alone for……. about an hour" for Matthew that was enough for him to make up a lie.

"Alfred….. I'm …. making arrangements for…. a… party! Yes a party!" as soon as he said that he regretted it. Alfred practically tackled him to the ground!


"Al! Alfred! Get off me! I'm in a suit!"

"Can I invite all my friends? And England! And France! And PRUSSIA! ANDEVERYONE!" Alfred called as he ran back into the Canadians home.

"Soooooo~. You're throwing a party~" Ivan purred to Matthew across the table. Matthew had been right to wear a suit the restaurant was extremely fancy! There was a silk table cloth on every table and the cutlery looked to be real silver. All the waiters had ties and black suits.

True be told one of the waiters had thought that Matthew himself worked there. Ivan had nearly knocked the man out when he told Matthew to "get back to work and stop irritating the customers". Ivan himself looked like a star compared to everyone else. He wore a dark silver suit that was made too fit him perfectly and he had entered with three other men in black suits around him. Ivan had explained that they were there for his safety because someone had made a fret to his life.

"Yes. I had to make up an excuse to get him to let me go out" Matthew sighed as a waiter brought their food to them. "Imagine that! Having to make an excuse to go out from my own house! Ha!" Matthew laughed.

"Can I come, too? It sounds like it would be fun, da!" Ivan giggled, clapping his hands together. Ivan began to munch on the food set out before him. "This is very good! What is it?" he asked the waiter.

"That's SO like you~" the Canadian hummed to himself happily, eating his Mastutake mushroom soup with strips of Wagyu steak. Matthew couldn't believe that Ivan was paying for all this! It was too much.

"What is 'SO like' me~?" Ivan purred to his lover. Taking a piece of meat in his mouth.

"It's 'so like you' to order something you've never heard of or had before~" Matthew said poking his tongue out.

"Da. That is true! So-" he said taking a sip of wine "can I come to the party or not?". Matthew grunted happily as he ate his soup.

"Of course you can come-" he said hitting Ivan on the back of his head playfully "silly~"

The music was loud and Matthew could feel the beginnings of a head ache forming inside his drain. He watched as people danced and gyrated onto each other. He took another sip of beer from his glass and his head became fuzzy. How many of these had he had? Oh well! Who cares he thought before getting up to fill up his cup.

Slowly he pushed his way through the crowd and to the table with the brinks on it. When he got there he began to wondered were Ivan was. He was supposed to have arrived an hour ago and Matthew was beginning to worry. Filling his cup he walked outside to the veranda of his small home. He pulled out his phone and began to dial but was cut off by his brother bumping into him.

"Yo Matty! This party is awesome!" he grinned brightly at his brother "What ya doing out here all by yourself?" he asked picking Matthew in the cheek. "You should go inside and pick up some chicks!" he laughed at the idea of his brother finding someone.

"I'm just calling Iv-Russia to see where he is" Matthew sighed at his brother. "Dude! Why the hell you calling him? He's just going to kill the mood! Literally!" he continued to laugh in that annoying way of his that set Matthew's teeth on edge. A familiar drunken anger began to boil in his gut "I don't see why the two of you are on speaking terms. He's like, totally, going to rape and kill you one night" he punched Matthew in the shoulder playfully, but very hard, forgetting his strength "I'm wouldn't be surprise if the reason he isn't here is because he found some unwilling nation to push up against some wall!" America just kept going on "I notice Latvia isn't here. Maybe he's the unlucky nation!"

"You know what! Fuck you Alfred!" he received a punch to the face and Matthew went back inside the house. Slowly he walked through the crowd and to the stairs. Going up them he came to his room. Once inside he quickly packed a bag with his keys, his phone and his wallet. Coming back down the stairs he came face to face with England.

"What the hell was that for!" he was clearly angry about Alfred's face, which was beginning to bloom with a deep purple bruise. "He didn't do anything wrong and you just punch him in the face! What's up with that!?" he continued to fume, not letting Canada get a word in "Besides he was just talking about Russia! And everything he said was true anyway so why are you so angry!?"

"I'm just-"

"He's a god damn Rapist! I can't understand you're infatuation with him!"

"Well we-"

"I mean how could-"

"Shut the fuck up England!" England closed his mouth in surprise "Fuck! I'm god damn fucking angry because he's my fucking boyfriend! I have a right to be angry! How would you feel if France started to talk about America like that! Ha?" England continued to stare "Oh don't give me that look! Like you're any better. You're fucking going out with your brother! At least me and Ivan aren't related!" he began to walk around the brit. "I'm going to find my Boyfriend! I think he's in trouble" with that he walked to the front door and slammed it shut.

"Hey, Arty? What was that about?" Alfred came over cradling his cheek.

"M-Matthew's going out with Russia!" England blurted in his face.

"The fuck!?"

"Ivan if you get this message I'm just wondering where you are?"

"Ivan are you there? I'm starting to get really worried!"

"Ivan! Please tell me you're ok!? I-I just n-ne-ed to know y-you'r-re ok!"

Ivan's body ached as he looked down at his phone… which was on the roof of his car? It was like the gravity had been turned off and now all the things that could move were on the roof of his car. He felt gravity kick in and he noticed that his arm was hanging limp from its socket. He turned too looked at Latvia, who was sitting next to him.

The Latvian's head was bleeding as was his arm. He looked really pale and slowly Russia reached out with his good hand. "Latvia" he called "Latvia?" Ivan began to struggle against his seat belt, which was the only thing holding his to his seat. He got it undone and fell to the ground/roof of his car. Looking out of one of the windows all he could see was grass, glass and blood.

He slowly got up and hit his head on his seat which was now above him. A pain shot through his leg as he went to Latvia and he gasped but kept crawling. He undid the boys belt and held onto him as he fell so he had a more comfortable landing than Ivan did.

His phone beeped at him and he turned to look at it. "Yo Commie dood! You had better be ok! Mattie is balling his eyes out because you won't pick up your phone! You had better not be with slut right now! Or I am going to punch your lights out!" Ivan heard Matthew's voice in the background "A-Alfred! He's p-probably just caught in traffic!" he heard America laugh "No way dude! I bet he's, like, got some chick!"

There was silence before Matthew spoke again "I don't think so" his voice was soft "He wouldn't do that" Alfred laughed at him. "He's not like that Alfred! H-He w-wouldn'n't!" there was a short silence before Alfred spoke again.

"Why on earth wouldn't he? You're, like, the most boring, unnoticeable person in the world!" Ivan could hear the Canadian walk to his brother before there was a loud thump on the floor "Why the Hell did you do that!?" he scoffed a Matthew. "You know it's true! I bet he's only dating you because he can't go out with me! I mean~ You're basically me. Just not as awesome" tears fell from Ivan's eyes "Or cute" he wanted to smash the phone "Or noticeable or loveable or …." He went on and on, listing all of Matthews's bad points and some things that didn't even exist.

"You bastard" Ivan hissed at the phone before turning it off. "I'll get you for this!" and a plan began to form in his head. It was an evil, malleolus plan that would break Alfred and show him what it was like to be ignored and forgotten. "Sir! Are you ok!?" someone from outside called to him. Ivan looked out of the car to the man standing there. He began to cry at the man as he helped Ivan out of the car "Ravis! Ravis is still in the car!" he was placed on the ground as the man went back to get Ravis out. Ivan shook before passing out. His plan would have to wait. Right now he needed to get to a hospital before he lost too much blood.