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Summary: Kagome Higurashi's life is simple. She has a job in the Japan's #1 company, is loved by her family and friends, and most of all she has a boyfriend for two years now. However at work, she is known as the pleaser. She pleases and does favors for everyone at work. Things started to changed when Kagome decided to go out one weekend with her friends. However, that weekend changed her life forever.

The Fated Couple

Chapter 1

It was a beautiful day in Tokyo, Japan. The sky was light blue and sun slowly rising up especially for 6am in the morning on a Thursday. In a particular small apartment that is located Tokyo downtown was a young beautiful woman with glasses getting out of her bathroom wrapped in a soft Egyptian white towel. The young woman smiled as she walked towards her closet to find an outfit for work.


The young woman turned to grabbed her phone from her nightstand and saw it was her best friend from grade school. "Good morning Ayame!"


Kagome quickly pulled her phone from her ear to avoid ear damage. "Ayame what's wrong?" Kagome asked as she was able to finally say something to her friend.

"Kouga proposed!""

Kagome squealed in delight, "congrats! I'm happy for both of you."

"I can't believe it…he finally proposed!"

Kagome couldn't help but giggled as she grabbed her white blouse, red sweater vest, and her black slacks, along with her black flats. "We should go out and celebrate," Kagome suggested as she started getting dressed.

"That sounds perfect…Kouga says that you guys have tomorrow off right?"

"Yea Sango and I are excited about it," smiled Kagome as looked into the mirror to make sure that her outfit was good before grabbing her laptop to do some last minute work before she had to leave. "Plus Daichi is gone this weekend to see his grandmother in the country side."

"Excellent! Let's have a girls' weekend!"

"That sounds fun," Kagome agreed while finishing up the last paragraph in the annual report that she promise her boss to give this morning.

"Great! I'll call the Sango and make the arrangements! I know this perfect place too."

"Alright email me the details," Kagome said as she started packing her bag and before heading out of her apartment.

"Will do! Love Ya!"

Kagome couldn't help but giggled at her best friend. The second Kagome stepped out of her building, she couldn't help but enjoy the beauty of Tokyo. Normally she would have taken a cab to her office but since it was a beautiful day she felt like walking to work. As she walked she couldn't help but stopped by her favorite coffee shop where she ran into her best friend since diapers, Sango Katayama.

"Sango!" Kagome shouted to the young beautiful woman in front of her just as she was about to go into the coffee shop. The young woman stopped as she turned around to see her best friend.

"Kagome!" Sango smiled as she waited for her at the door. "Beautiful day huh."

"Sure is," smiled Kagome as she walked in. "Did you hear about Ayame and Kouga?"

"Yea she just text me about it," smiled Sango as they walked towards the counter to see an old gentleman behind it. "Good morning Mr. Minomoto," both of the girls said.

"Good morning girls," he smiled, "the usual?"

The girls nodded as they went to a nearby table to wait for their orders. "Kagome why are you always wearing that?" asked Sango as she pointed at Kagome's outfit. "I swear, Ayame and I went shopping for you last week."

"I know and I love them but I feel comfortable wearing these," Kagome smiled just as they heard Kagome's phone go off.

"Please tell that isn't work?" asked Sango as she looked at Kagome with disappointing look, while Kagome looked at her phone.

Kagome sigh as she gave "don't-be-mad" look towards Sango as she got up and went back to the counter just in time to receive their drinks from Mr. Minomoto.

"How can I help ye child," Mr. Minomoto as he handed her the drinks.

"I'm sorry Mr. Minomoto but can I also get 3 regular Americanos, 2 regular mocha cappuccinos, 4 regular caramel macchiato, and 2 large black coffees," asked Kagome weakly as she felt a dark aura coming from behind her.

"Of course child," Mr. Minomoto as he quickly went to work.

"Oh Kagome I can't believe you," Sango said as she took her drink from Kagome. "I swear one of these days we'll going teach you say no."

Kagome smiled weakly towards her before grabbing the bags of drinks, "It kills two birds with one stone, plus everyone is freaking out about the department meeting today. It's the least thing I can do for everyone."

Sango shook her head again but couldn't help but love her best friend. She grabbed the other bag as they both waved goodbye towards Mr. Minomoto and started walking to their office.

Half way towards their office, they both received a text from Ayame stating all the information for their girls' weekend getaway.

Sango squealed as she looked over the itineraries for the weekend while Kagome opened the door.

"What did Ayame say?" asked Kagome as they walked towards the elevators.

"It says that we are supposed to meet up with the girls at the train station tonight, we're staying at the Sakura Boutique in Tomari. Awww I love that village," Sango squealed. "Friday we're shopping and later to Eclipse...ohhhh I hear that's extremely popular lately…and Saturday we're going to the Star Gemini…ohh I been to the one in Kyoto last year during the tradeshow and I must say that it was a beautiful casino…and lastly breakfast on Sunday before we head back."

Kagome squealed just as the elevator stopped on her floor. "I can't wait tonight...I'll see you at lunch okay?"

Sango smiled as she waved goodbye to her just before one of Kagome's colleagues stopped next to her.

"Good morning Kagome," smiled Kagome's co-worker, Suki. "Did you get my email?"

"Good Morning Suki," Kagome smiled, "yea I finished it last night and sent it back to you. I also fixed some errors that I saw that also improved the numbers," as she handed one of the drinks towards hers.

"Thank you so much Kagome," smiled Suki as she took a sip of her drink. "Also can you do me another favor?"

Kagome nodded.

"Great can you make copies of this file," asked Suki, "I thought I had time but it seems that I don't and I needed it done before 3pm today."

"Of course it shouldn't be that hard," smiled Kagome as she took the file and noticed the sticky note on it.

"Thanks Kags you are the best!" Suki said as she waved goodbye to Kagome.

Kagome waved good bye before heading off towards her cubicle and along passing out the coffees among her colleagues. However, by the time she reached her desk, she received ten more favors along the way. When she finally reached her desk she saw her desk covered in sticky notes and couldn't help took a deep sigh.

"There you are Kagome," Kagome heard behind her only to see her supervisor, Kanna Sato. "You are here early?"

Kagome nodded, "Yes I had some last minute things to do before the meeting today."

Kanna nodded as she handed Kagome the report that she did last week for Kana. "I did need you to run this to Mr. Sasaki right now. He's excepting this in thirty minutes. I have a meeting with Kagura so I won't be able to do it."

"Of course," Kagome smiled as she put down the other files on her desk before taking the file. "I'll do it right away."

"Thanks Kagome," Kanna smiled as she walked away towards her office.

Kagome took one more sip from her tea before heading back towards the elevator. Just when the elevator opened, Kagome ran into Miko, another one of her co-workers.

"Sorry Kagome," smiled Miko as he moved aside to allow Kagome in.

"No it's my fault," Kagome apologized as she got in.

"What floor," Miko asked as he struggling towards the buttons.

"Top floor please," Kagome said shyly. "Do you need any help?"

"Top floor you say?" asked Miko as he pushed the top floor. "Hey can do you do me a favor then Kagome?"

"Sure," smiled Kagome weakly.

"Can you takes these test products to Mr. Lee?" asked Miko, "Kagura asked me earlier but I completely forgot that I need to head towards the marketing department to drop off these posters before the leave towards the tradeshow down in Hong Kong."

Kagome nodded, "Sure I can kill two birds with one stone," as she took the test bags from Miko's hands just in time for his floor.

"Thank you Kagome you are a life savior," Miko said as he waved goodbye just when doors closed.

Kagome sigh as she put down the test bags and leaned against the wall. She looked towards the buttons and saw that she has several more floors to go. She then felt her phone buzz off and quickly took out her phone. She saw several text messages from her department team asking for some several favors and some reminders, one text from Ayame about this weekend, and a text message from her mother. She noticed that her 2 year boyfriend hasn't text her this morning and couldn't help but felt little upset. Taking one more glance at what floor she's at, she started dialing Daichi's number. After a couple rings, the phone went to voicemail. 'Weird?' Kagome thought.

"Yo this is Daichi, sorry that I miss ya but leave me a message and I'll get back to ya."

"Good morning Daichi I'm just wishing you a safe trip to your grandmother's tonight," Kagome said softly, "I hope she's feel better soon. Also I'm having a girls' weekend with the girls but I'll call you every night. I love you." Kagome finished just in time she reached her destination.

Kagome bowed to some several men who were waiting for the elevator as she picked up the test bags and headed towards the receptionist desk. "Good morning Andrea," smiled Kagome, "is Mr. Lee or Mr. Sasaki in?"

"Kagome?" Kagome she heard a muscular voice behind her.

Kagome turned around to see her best friend since she was a toddler and the fiancé of her best friend.

"Good morning Kouga," smiled Kagome as she gave him a hug.

He returned the favor before, "what brought you hear?" as he noticed all the bags near her feet and the file in her hand.

"Miko asked me to dropped off these test bags for Mr. Lee and Kanna asked me to deliver this to you," Kagome smiled weakly.

"Jeez Kags," Kouga sigh as he took the file from Kagome. "I bet you have other favors don't you?"

Kagome couldn't help but giggled weakly, "You don't want to look at my phone nor my desk…"

Kouga couldn't help but shook his head at his best friend. He knew even back in grade school, she had a problem of saying no. "Kagome I swear we need to reteach you how to say no."

Kagome couldn't help but laugh as she remembered what Sango said to her earlier this morning. "Sango said the same thing," Kagome laughed grabbed her sides to help her stop laughing.

Kouga couldn't help but chuckled cause they both know that it was true.

By the time Kagome was able to calm down, she looked up at her friend and smiled. "By the way," Kagome grinned, "I hear a congratulations are in order."

Kouga couldn't help but smiled knowing that Ayame told her this morning. "Thanks," he blushed.

"It's about time," Kagome smiled, "I still remembered you putting worms in her hair during recess."

Kouga chuckled at the memory. It was that day that he knew that he found his one. "I heard that you girls are going out this weekend?"

"Yes," smiled Kagome, "Ayame wants to celebrate with the girls. Don't worry in no time you guys will be spending your entire lives together."

"No worries," Kouga chuckled, "you girls have your weekend, while the guys are going to have ours."

Kagome nodded just as she felt her phone go off. Kagome gave an apologetic smile as she took out her phone to see that Kanna text her for more favors. "Sorry Kouga I would love to chat but I have stuff to do before my meeting."

"No worries," Kouga waved his hand, "I'm have a meeting with Mr. Lee and Mr. Takahashi…well whenever they get here."

Kagome nodded, "do you mind if you can give this to Mr. Lee then?"

Kouga nodded as he took the test bags, "Sure thing."

Kagome smiled before giving him one last hug before heading towards the elevator. Just as she about to go in, she almost bumped into two men. "I'm so sorry," Kagome said as she bowed towards the men before getting into the elevator, not realized that a pair of deep amber eyes staring at her.

When the elevators closed, Kagome took out her phone and started reading the text messages from everyone.

Kanna – Kagome when you get back, I left a USB stick on your desk, in that hard drive there are three files I need you to print out and make one hundred copies. Once you are done, there are two reports that I need you to look after and correct any mistakes that you see. I trust you enough. I need that completed before go you go on break.

Daisuke – Kaggie I need your help can you help, I put a file on your desk and I need at least four hundred of the reports copied and among that I need another thirty of them to be bind before the meeting.

Hiroki – Kags, I need you to look over my file and check out the report that I did for any mistakes. I already sent to your email.

Fumihiro – Kagome I need your help, I left a couple files on your desk can you please upload it to the databased before 2pm. Thank you.

Kagome sighed as she found twenty more messages basically stating the same phrases. Kagome took a big sigh as she realized that she's going to miss lunch. She continued to scroll down when she saw her mother's text.

Dear I had to leave this weekend to visit your uncle in Tokyo. He's in the hospital. That old fool didn't listen to the doctors the first time and now he's back in there. I left Souta some money for him and grandpa, however please can you check on them. I love you!

Kagome text back her mother and told her that she'll call them after work. When Kagome finally reached her floor, she headed towards her desk only to see that there were more notes then last time. Kagome smiled weakly before she started organizing all the notes and papers that she needed to do. When she was done, she quickly grabbed her bag and the papers that she needed before heading off towards the copy room. By the time she reached there, she sat down on top of one of the tables and started working on the assignments while she was waiting for the copies to be done.

This continued for the next two hours. When it was 9:30, Kagome finished all the files that was sent to her, copied all the reports, and finished half of her work. She started collecting everything and headed back to her desk and on the way returned all the reports back to her colleagues before heading towards the conference room.

When she reached the room, she saw Sango saving her a seat along with an evil glare. Kagome smiled weakly knowing fully well that Sango was upset with her.

"Hey Sango," whispered Kagome.

"So I stopped by your desk to see if you wanted to walk here together but only to find sticky notes all over and you not there," Sango upset. "You were in the copy room again weren't you?"

Kagome nodded as she looked down at her lap.

Sango shook her head but couldn't be mad at her. "I'll bring you lunch," Sango whispered just as the room started filling in.

Kagome smiled and nodded as she prepared herself for the meeting.

The meeting last an hour and by the time it was over, everyone was getting ready for lunch. While everyone was gathering together to find out what to eat, Kagome headed back to her desk with Sango to see that there are even more papers on her desk along with some more sticky notes. Sango growled while Kagome shook her head. "I'll meet you in the copy room," Kagome smiled weakly as she pushed Sango towards the elevators.

Sango mumbled under her breath so she couldn't hear her but she can figured it out. Kagome headed off and started reorganizing her desk. Like before when she was finished, she headed straight towards the copy room. She hopped onto "her" table and started her work. Kagome was working on her files when Sango arrived with the food. Like a good friend, Sango helped out Kagome while eating their bento boxes.

When it was time to leave, they completed all the favors and their own works. Sango was completely excited as she basically dragged Kagome out of the building and towards their bus stop to down towards the church.

"I'm super excited for this weekend," Sango squealed as they got on bus heading towards the Church of St. Francis of Assisi. When Kagome and Sango moved to Tokyo five years ago, they came across a beautiful church that had an orphanage shelter program. They automatically volunteered to help out since the shelter had so many children but very less nuns to watch them. The bus ride towards the church didn't took long and in matter of seconds they were in front of the church. They couldn't help but admire the beauty in front of them. The church was big and white with trees around the building. In front of the church was a statue of the saint along with an open field. To the left of the church as a simple playground where at least two dozen children were running around playing.

"Auntie Kaggie," shouted a little girl, "Auntie Sango!"

Kagome and Sango couldn't help and giggled as they watched the children running towards them, while the head nun walking towards them. Sango and Kagome hugged each of them, before bowing towards the head nun.

"Hello sister," smiled Kagome and Sango.

"It is a beautiful day isn't," smiled the nun, "Kagome the portrait you did is absolutely beautiful."

Sango looked towards Kagome giving her a smirk, while Kagome blushed.

"Thank you," Kagome blushed. "It wasn't anything."

The nun laughed as she motioned them inside the church towards the kitchen. Automatically, Sango and Kagome started grabbing the bowls and filling them up. "Did we make enough money sister?" asked Sango.

"Thanks to your ideas," smiled the nun, "we made it enough money to supply the school for my supplies for the children."

"That's good," Sango smiled not realizing that Kagome was staring at her. Ever since the church budget cuts last year, the church didn't have enough money to support the children's learning skills. Kagome and Sango did everything they could to raise money for the church by creating festivals, marathons, and doing plays by the children to raise the money.

They stayed there for another hour before they realized that it was time to go. However before they go, they asked Father Clarence if he would pray for them and their safe trip. The priest smiled as Sango and Kagome knelt in front of him.

"Dear heavenly father, I asked you to protect and watch of these two and everyone around for a safe journey. May their journey be safe from any harm that would come to them and guide them to their destiny for they are the children of God," Father Clarence prayed. "As we pray Hail Mary, full of grace. Our lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen."

Sango and Kagome smiled as she hugged the priest and everyone else before heading towards the bus stop. When they got on the bus, Kagome check her phone again to see if Daichi ever called her back or not. Sango turned to see her friend checking her phone again for the hundredth time.

"No words from Daichi?"

Kagome shook her head once again. "He must be busy with his grandmother," Kagome said defensively as she put away her phone. "By the way mama told me that she's visiting uncle this weekend, so the boys and grandpa are going to be home alone this weekend. She would visit us but I told her that we are heading down to Tomari this weekend."

Sango nodded as she quickly got on her phone to send money to her little brother, Kohaku. When they were babies, Kagome and Sango have been best friends. However, when Sango was ten and Kohaku was a baby, there was a car accident that killed their parents, leaving Sango and Kohaku orphans. Kagome's family couldn't bear to separate the two, so Kagome's mother adopted them. Sango smiled as she put her phone away and realized that her stop was about reach her stop.

"I'll see you hear later," asked Sango as she picked up her bag, "Right?"

Kagome nodded as she waved goodbye before calling her mother.

"Kagome dear?"

"Hi mama," Kagome smiled as she quickly got off her bus stop. "How's Uncle?"

"He's doing a little better however but it's going to be a while before I can leave him alone…that old fool."

Kagome couldn't help but laugh at her mother's language. "I'll send some money to grandpa before I leave to Tomari."

"Dear you don't have to do that. I made sure grandpa has an enough money to support him and the boys."

"I know mama," Kagome sigh as she clicked her voicemail. In the background she could hear Ayame squealing about the weekend, her mother checking up on her, and some doctors telling her that she has some appointments for the next couple of weeks. She couldn't help but feel disappointed that her boyfriend hasn't check up on her at least once today.

"Plus Ayumi, Eri, and Yuki promised to check up on them at least once a day until I get back."

Kagome couldn't help but laugh. She knew that Ayumi, Eri, and Yuki always annoyed the boys especially Eri since she's pregnant with her fourth child. "Mama you did that on purpose?" Kagome could hear her mother laugh on the phone.

"Of course…I'm not going to leave two teenage boys home alone with grandpa."

Kagome looked at the picture that she took of her and Daichi last year and couldn't help but feel upset. "So how long are you staying in Tokyo mama?" said Kagome as she started to pack.

"About a month from what the doctors told me. My love I have to go your uncle is calling for me. Call me when you reach to Tomari and when you get home on Sunday. I'll stop by and see my two favorite girls."

"Of course mama," Kagome said, "I love you mama."

"I love you too my sweetie."

By the time she was done with the packing, it was time to go. She grabbed her duffle bag and headed towards the bus stop. It didn't take long and she saw Sango already waiting for her. When they finally reached towards train station, they saw Ayame already waiting for them.

"Kagome…Sango!" shouted a young woman with long beautiful red hair.

"Ayame!" squealed Kagome as both of the girls hugged Ayame. "Congrats! Let's see the ring."

Ayame grinned as she quickly took out her left hand to see a beautiful simple gold carrot ring that screams Ayame.

"It's perfect and it completely suits you," Sango smiled as she gave her friend another hug before heading towards the train.

"All aboard B25 Tokyo to Tomari!"

"That's us!" shouted Ayame as she pulled Sango and Kagome towards their train.

Kagome couldn't help but laugh at her friends as she knew this is going to be the best weekend. However what she doesn't know that this weekend is going to change her life.

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