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Summary: Kagome Higurashi's life is simple. She has a job in the Japan's #1 company, is loved by her family and friends, and most of all she has a boyfriend for two years now. However at work, she is known as the pleaser. She pleases and does favors for everyone at work. Things started to changed when Kagome decided to go out one weekend with her friends. However, that weekend changed her life forever.

*WARNING* This Chapter has Foul Language!

The Fated Couple

Chapter 5

-_0 -_0 -_0 -_0 -_0 -_0 -_0

Inuyasha woke up in the middle of the night only to realize that he was back in his bed and in his hotel room. The only light that was in the room was the light from the moon. Inuyasha still feeling a little dizzy decided to strip off his clothes only leaving him in his boxers. He slowly grabbed his duffle bag and tried to get his sweats when felt a small box. He took the box out and realized that it was his the ring that he was suppose give it to Kikyo next weekend.

When he laid himself back down, he heard a soft moan. Inuyasha couldn't help but smirked and as he realized that Kikyo did come after all. He reached towards the sleeping figure and pulled her towards him. The instance that he felt her skin, he realized that she was only wearing a bra and panties.

"Kikyo," he mumbled as he laid a kiss on her naked shoulder. He heard a moan coming from her and slowly lower her bra strapped. He felt her moving into him giving him the access to take off the bra, which was gladly able too.

For what seems like eternally, two made passionate love all through break of dawn. The room was still dark but with a little light coming through the curtains. When they finally come to a comfortable stop and Inuyasha wrapped his arms around her as she snuggled into him..

"Don't move," Inuyasha whispered as he felt her body moved, "I won't let you leave me again."

"I never knew that I was this important to you in your heart," she whispered. Inuyasha couldn't help grinned as he kiss her forehead before reaching over to the night stand to grab the small jewelry box.

"Here give me your hand," Inuyasha whispered as he took the ring out of the box and raised it the light before taking her hand.

"This is…," he heard her whispered as he put on her ring finger.

"I can finally put it on you," Inuyasha whispered as he gave her a kiss on her forehead. "Not only does this ring represents your importance in my heart…it also signifies my determination to take care of you and love you for the rest of my life. I want to share my everyday with you."

He watched as she raised her hands to the light to see the ring even more clear but cuddling against his chest. "I love you Daichi," he heard her say.

"And I love you Kikyo," he whispered before kissing her forehead. However the second he kiss her forehead again, his eyes popped opened. "Wait who is Daichi?"

He felt the warm body tense, "Who is Kikyo?"

Inuyasha quickly turned on the light and turned to the body. The person who he thought was Kikyo turned to be Kagome just as Kagome screamed and gathered the comforter to cover her body.

Everything seemed too fast, and out of nowhere there flashes in. When the lights stopped flashing, Inuyasha accidently fell off the side of the bed taking one of the blankets with him.

"AH Caught ya," shouted Aito as pointed towards Inuyasha while Tadashi continued taking pictures.

"Stop taking pictures," shouted Inuyasha while Kagome continued screaming.

"We now owned you…you heartless bastard," Hiroki said, "Give us back Kochi and we won't expose these pictures in tomorrow news."

"You guys drugged me," shouted Inuyasha as he tried to cover himself with the blanket.

"Give us back out land," smirked Aito while the other continue to laugh while Tadashi kept taking pictures. Hiroki continued to laugh until he saw Kagome in bed. "Kagome?"

Kagome stopped screaming as she grabbed her glasses to see her three cousins' husbands. Tadashi and Aito stopped laughing and taking pictures when they realized that the woman who they thought they hired was no other than Kagome, their wives' cousin.

"KAGOME!" they shouted. "What are you doing in Inuyasha's bed!?"

Aito and Tadashi quickly grabbed Kagome and dragged her to the bathroom, while Hiroki punched Inuyasha in the face before joining the others in the bathroom.

Once Inuyasha covered the punch, he grabbed the phone and called security while his door busted open and Kouga and Miroku came running in.

"Inuyasha we heard screaming," Miroku said until he realized that the room was a mess and Inuyasha was only wearing a blanket. "What happened?"

"KOUGA I WANT THE POLICE NOW!" shouted Inuyasha after slamming the phone back into its stand.

Kouga nodded as took out his phone and started dialing the local police. Meanwhile Ayame and Sango were outside the door, wondering what's going on.

-_0 -_0 -_0 In the bathroom-_0 -_0 -_0 -_0

"What are you guys doing here," asked Kagome as she felt Aito pushing her down on the toilet. She wrapped the comforter even tighter not wanting to expose her body to her cousins-in-laws.

"What are we doing here?" Hiroki ask, "What are you doing here?"

Aito took out his phone and started dialing Umeko's number. When she didn't answer Aito growled and hanged up. However the guys forgot to do was to lock the door, so when the door opened, security guards grabbed the guys and took them outside room while Kagome screamed.

Since Ayame and Sango were closer to the door, they quickly rushed in knowing fully well that the scream belonged to Kagome.


"Take those men out of here," shouted Inuyasha before realized that they still had the camera. "Oi Miroku that have the camera!"

Kouga couldn't believe his eyes. His childhood friend was crying and had only a comforter on. "What the fuck happened here?" he shouted towards Inuyasha as he too realized was wearing a blanket.

Kagome pushed through and ran out the room and into the hallway.

"Hey shut the fuck up," shouted someone who came out of their room.

Kagome turned around to see that the person was no other than Daichi himself. Kagome felt more tears running down her face when she realized that he too was naked only wearing blanket around his waist while his arm was wrapped around the woman from the bar.

Sango and Ayame came out of the room and towards Kagome when they saw Daichi and the other room. By now, Inuyasha changed into one of the robes and the guys came out of the room to join the women in the hallway. After calming down, Inuyasha saw Kagome hugging the blanket to her as her tears rain down her face like a waterfall while the girls looked like they were ready attack the man down the hallway.

"This is priceless," Daichi said as let go of the woman next to him and walked towards Kagome and the girls. "I never thought Miss. Goodie Good Two Shoes would cheat on me," he smirked. "Now I don't feel guilty for cheating on you after all these years."

"Why you," growled Sango as she tighten her fist.

"It seems that you are a fucking whore," Daichi laughed. "Oh well it was fun while it lasted slut and just to let you know I was only using you," he said before turning towards Inuyasha, "Enjoy my sloppy seconds man."

Sango and Ayame were about to jump him when they heard Kagome's soft whisper. "Don't."

Inuyasha couldn't help but felt extremely pissed off and wanted nothing but to punch the guy in the face until he was unconscious. However, he was stopped when heard the manager on staff calling for him.

"Mr. Takahashi," the old gentleman said, "I apologized. The trespassers have been removed and arrested."

Kagome gasped when she heard her cousins' husbands were arrested. Forgetting that she was the only one naked and holding the comforter, she quickly went to Inuyasha. "Please don't press charges," Kagome begged as she looked straight into Inuyasha's eyes. "Please I'll do anything but please don't press charges."

Inuyasha looked deep into her chocolate brown eyes and for some odd reason he didn't want to upset her even more. Inuyasha nodded before turning toward Kouga. "Release them," he stated as he watched Kagome's eyes sparkled a little. "However I want that camera and I want it destroyed."

Kouga nodded he stepped to the side to make the arrangements. Inuyasha watched as Sango and Ayame pulled Kagome to towards her room and waited as the manager opened the door for her. He watched as the door closed behind them before turning towards Miroku and went back into his room. However before he went in, he looked over towards the two doors between them and realized that there were two "406". He glared at the manager and pointed at the room numbers, "Fix this."

The manager nodded as he quickly went to the elevator to get people to fix the two signs.

-_0 -_0 -_0 -_0 -_0 -_0 -_0 Kagome and the girls -_0 -_0 -_0 -_0 -_0 -_0 -_0

Kagome went straight into the bathroom while Sango grabbed a set of clothes for Kagome as Ayame ordered some room service. When Sango went into the bathroom, she saw Kagome crying silently in the corner. "Kagome," Sango whispered as she put the clothes down and slowly went towards Kagome.

Kagome cried even more as Sango knelt down in front of Kagome and gathered her in her arms. Kagome continued crying even more, when Ayame came in and joined them. The two girls allowed their friend to cry. When Kagome finally was able to stop, Sango handed her a tissue while Ayame squeezed her hand.

"I can't believe," Kagome started to say. "I can't believe I lost my virginity."

"It's going to be okay," Ayame whispered. "We're here for you."

Kagome nodded as she leaned her head on Ayame's shoulder.

"Come on Kagome wash up," said Sango, "it would make you feel better."

Kagome nodded again but not moving an inch.

"Let's go home," whispered Ayame which triggered Kagome to raise her head.

"No," Kagome said sternly. "Let's carry on." Kagome slowly gotten up along with the girls.

"You sure Kagome?" asked Sango as Ayame turned on the water. Kagome nodded as she dropped the comforter and the two girls left the bathroom.

Just when they closed the bathroom door, the girls soon heard a knock from the main door. Ayame opened it and saw it was Inuyasha.

"Leave," he stated before pushing his way inside the bedroom.

"Why should we," growled Sango not caring that he was her boss.

"This is between Kagome and me," Inuyasha stated as he sat on the bed. "And us only."

Sango was about to say something about was interrupted by the sound of the bathroom door opened.

"He's right," Kagome stated as she slowly came out of the bathroom. She was wearing a black skirt that ended at her knees and a turquoise polo shirt. "You guys go and have breakfast. I'll meet you later to go to Star Gemini."

Ayame nodded as she practically dragged Sango out of the room. After they left, Inuyasha and Kagome stayed quiet for some time, until Kagome started playing with her fingers. There she realized that she still had the ring.

Inuyasha watched her as she slowly took of the ring and for some odd reason that killed him. He watched as she faced him and raised the ring to him. "Here," she stated.

Inuyasha nodded as he took the ring and looked at it. "This was my great great grandmother's ring," he stated.

Kagome stood there quietly and listened to him. "I was supposed to give this to my girlfriend, Kikyo. However she's going to New York to partake the Swan Lake."

After gather her courage, "Why not give it to her."

"We just broke up," he chuckled a little. "She just text me stating that the film and her modeling career is a big hit that she doesn't have time to for a relationship," he growled.

Kagome couldn't help but felt sorry for him as she watched him stare at the ring.

"I'm sorry," she whispered.

"Fuck we've been dating since high school and she ended our relationship over a fucking text."

"I'm sorry," she whispered again.

"And you," Inuyasha said as he stood up, "you allowed your ex-boyfriend to talk shit to you in front of your friends."

Kagome became shock not realizing where this was going. "I…I…I…" she stuttered as she saw him get right in front of her face.

"Why did you do that?" he growled.

Before she could reply to him, she felt him grabbed her arm and basically dragged her out of the room and towards the elevator.

"Where are we going?" she finally said as they got into the elevator and heading down to the lobby.

Inuyasha didn't answer as he glared at the door in front of him. As the elevator doors opened, Inuyasha quickly rushed out of the elevators and out the doors, dragging Kagome behind him. When they got into the cab, Inuyasha quickly told the driver to take them to the shopping center. Kagome was in so much shock that once she finally got over her shock, she turned towards Inuyasha once again and asked, "Where are we going?"

Inuyasha yet ignored her as he took out his phone and text Kouga and Miroku the new plans. Finally when the cab stop, Inuyasha got out of the cab and turned to Kagome. "Do you trust me," he stated as he offered his hand.

Kagome looked at his hand and back at him. Take one big leap of faith, Kagome gave him her hand and he helped her out of the cab. Inuyasha led her straight into an unique store. One of the sales reps came up to them.

Inuyasha basically pushed her towards him. "I want her to look different. Starting with these," Inuyasha said as took Kagome's glasses off.

The sales representative nodded as he motioned on his colleagues to take Kagome to the back. Kagome turned towards Inuyasha and saw that he was sitting down smirking at her.

While Kagome was in the back, Inuyasha grabbed his phone and dialed Kouga.

"Where the fuck did you take Kagome!" He heard Kouga shouted.

"She's fine," Inuyasha stated as he took look through the magazines until he saw something in one of the glass display. He pointed at the necklace as one of the ladies took it out. "Tell the girls that we will meet them at the Star Gemini at 6."

"If you harm in anyway Inuyasha I swear I'll come after you."

"She's fine," Inuyasha said as he hanged up. He picked up the necklace in front of him. The necklace was a beautiful turquoise "S" looking pendant.

"The story of this symbol," said the sales rep, "that shows there are two sides of a person. However no matter what you side you chose, it is always a beautiful side."

Inuyasha looked at the necklace once again and couldn't help but pictured Kagome. "I'll take it," he said just in time to hear a sound behind him. Inuyasha turned and saw it was Kagome, but wasn't prepared to see what he saw.

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