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Summary: Kagome Higurashi's life is simple. She has a job in the Japan's #1 company, is loved by her family and friends, and most of all she has a boyfriend for two years now. However at work, she is known as the pleaser. She pleases and does favors for everyone at work. Things started to changed when Kagome decided to go out one weekend with her friends. However, that weekend changed her life forever.

The Fated Couple

Chapter 5


Sango slowly woke up to the sound of her alarm going off. She realized that it was 8am and that she promised the girls that she'll get Kagome up and meet them downstairs for breakfast. Sango quickly got up from bed and started getting dressed. When she walked out of her room, she saw Kouga and Miroku banging on a door, shouting for Inuyasha.

"Morning guys," greeted Sango as she stopped right in front of Kagome's room which was right across from Kouga and Miroku.

"Morning Sango," greeted Kouga as he stopped banging on the door to give Sango a hug. When they pulled apart, the rest of the girls came out of their rooms. Ayame smiled to see her fiancé and her best friend.

"Morning everyone," Ayame smiled as she went up and gave Kouga a kiss on the cheek before giving Sango a hug.

"Getting Kaggie?" asked Eri as she stepped in front of Kagome's room.

Sango nodded, "Yea until I saw Kouga and Miroku banging on Inuyasha's door

Ayumi looked around and said, "I didn't know that you guys were on this floor too."

"Yea what a coincidence," said Yuki.

"I think it's fate," smiled Ayame as she looped her arm with Kouga's arm.

"Damn it that fucker isn't waking up," mumbled Miroku as he finally gave up banging on it.

"Well, let him rest and enjoy us for breakfast," Ayame suggested as she turn her head towards Miroku.

"You guys go down first, I'm going to check on Kagome and see if she wants breakfast," said Sango as she stepped up to Kagome's door and put in the key.

"Alright," said Ayame as she nearly pulled Kouga towards the elevator while the girls and Miroku followed right behind.

When Sango walked in, she realized that the entire room was still dark. "I swear Kaggie in your other life, you were a vampire," mumbled Sango to herself as she turned on the light and went straight towards the curtains, without looking towards Kagome or the bed. As Sango opened the curtains, allowing the sun to shine into the room, she heard a deep moan that sounded like a guy.

Sango slowly turned her head to see her best friend and their head boss in the same room.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH," screamed Sango as she backed into a corner in horror to witness the two people in the same bed.

Kagome, who was still asleep, nearly jumped up to the sound of the screaming while Inuyasha literally jumped out of bed ready to fight.

Sango screamed again as she quickly realized that Inuyasha purely naked and was practically in her eye sight.

Kagome looked around and saw that Inuyasha, who was naked and standing on the other side of the bed and Sango screaming and covering her eyes. She then felt a cold breeze and looked down to see that she was also naked as well. Kagome screamed as she pulled onto the covers and ran towards the bathroom.

Inuyasha as confused and starting to get a headache from all the screaming, realized that he was naked and not in his room. He then grabbed the closest thing to him, which in his case was a pillow, and covered his private area. Inuyasha quickly used this time to search for his clothes since Sango was screaming with her eyes covered and Kagome crying in the bathroom.

When Inuyasha was done dressing, he told Sango to stop screaming and that he was dressed. Sango slowly moved her hand to see if he was telling the truth. She saw that he was fully dressed and that Kagome was nowhere in sight but then she heard a faint cry from the bathroom. Sango quickly stood up and tried her hardest not to beat up Inuyasha.

"What the fuck are you doing here," growled Sango as she marched towards Inuyasha.

"How the fuck should I fucking know," Inuyasha said as he scratched his head. "Can you please not yell…I'm getting a headache."

"Not yell? Not yell!," shouted Sango, "Fucker, you were in my best friend's bed!"

Inuyasha winced as he quickly stepped back and sat down before he gets too dizzy.

Sango glared at him and realized that he was looking sick. "Stay here," growled Sango as she stepped closer to him and giving him a deadly death glare, the glare that everyone believes that it can kill.

Inuyasha couldn't help but nod his head as he watched Sango moved towards Kagome's bag and pulling out some clothes before heading towards the bathroom.

"Kaggie, sweetheart," whispered Sango tapping on the door, "let me in…I have some clothes for you."

Sango heard Kagome slowly moved towards the door and watching the bathroom door opened slightly. Sango quickly turned her head towards Inuyasha and glared at him before entering the bathroom.

Sango walked into the bathroom and felt tears coming down her face and her heart breaking. She saw her best friend bath tub, covering her body with the comforter, crying into her arms.

"Kaggie," Sango whispered as she stepped into the bath tub and gathered Kagome in her arms. "Everything is going to be okay."

Sango allowed Kagome to continue crying. They stayed there for a quite a while. Kagome moved slowly from Sango's arms as she kept her head down. "Sango," Kagome whispered.

"Hmm," whispered Sango as she looked at her.

"What am I going to do," Kagome whispered as she wiped away her tears.

Sango couldn't help but felt sorry for Kagome especially knowing that last night was her first night. "I don't know Kaggie," she whispered back. "However I'm here for you. We'll get through this."

Kagome couldn't help her tears as she continued looking down. "Is he still here?"

"Yea," she whispered back.

Kagome slightly nodded as she tried to figure out what do next. Once Kagome figured it out she slowly got up from her spot with the help of Sango. "Can you see how he's doing," Kagome whispered as she grabbed her clothes.

"He's doing fine Kaggie," growled Sango wanting to hate the guy on the other side of the door.

"Please Sango," Kagome whispered again.

Sango sigh again knowing how caring her best friend can be even though the person she's caring took her virginity. "Fine I'll go see," she mumbled as she went out of the bathroom, allowing Kagome to change.

Once Kagome finished cleaning herself up and changing into the pair of clothes that Sango gave her, Kagome slowly walked out of the bathroom and walked towards the bedroom area to see Inuyasha drinking a glass of water and Sango standing in a corner glaring at him.

Inuyasha heard her walking out of the bathroom to see her in her slim boot cut ripped jeans and black tank top. He looked up towards her face and felt guilty because he couldn't see the shining pure eyes he saw last night but instead cold and sad eyes.

"Are you okay Inuyasha," whispered Kagome as she avoided looking into his eyes.

Inuyasha couldn't help but feel that his guilt was growing. He silently nodded his head not knowing what to say.

Kagome gave a faint smile. "Inuyasha can we forget this night," she whispered as she tried to hold back her tears.

"Yea," he stated as he got up. He slowly move towards Kagome but saw how she stepped back. He took a big sigh and whispered, "I'm sorry about last night."

Kagome quickly blinked her tears away before looking at him, "Me too." With those words, Kagome stepped aside and turned her back towards him.

Inuyasha looked at her before heading towards the door. Before Inuyasha can open the door, he heard Kagome say his name. He slowly turned around to look at her and saw tears running down her face.

"Please keep this a secret," Kagome stated as she strongly stared at him.

Inuyasha nodded in agreement before exiting the room.

Once Inuyasha left the room, Kagome did everything in her power to stay strong as she grabbed her back and started packing. Sango stayed silent as she watched her best friend gathered her stuff. When Kagome was finished she turned to look at Sango. "I have to go Sango," she whispered. "Can you tell the girls that I had an emergency back home?"

Sango nodded, "I'll tell the girls. Do you want me to go with you?"

Kagome shook her head. "No…I want to go by myself…I need to think things over."

Sango couldn't help but felt hurt but she understood where she was coming from. "Alright," she whispered. "However I'm coming over once I get home."

Kagome couldn't help but smile towards her best friend. "I'll be over at the shrine today…my mother went over to my uncle's this week."

"Okay I'll come over to the shrine," Sango stated, "I miss grandpa and Souta."

Kagome nodded at her before double checking everything. When Kagome was sure that she has all her stuff, the girls left the room and headed towards the elevator. By the time they got to the main floor, Sango walked Kagome to the bus stop and waited with her.

Once the bus arrived, Kagome gave Sango a hug and left to get on the bus. Sango waved goodbye before heading towards hotel and towards the café.

Sango saw her friends laughing and enjoying their breakfast. Luckily Sango didn't see Inuyasha there but she noticed that Ayame gave her 'where's Kagome' look.

"Hey guys," Sango greeted.

"Hey about time you come down," smiled Ayame. "Where's Kagome?"

The rest of the girls looked around to see that it was only Sango that showed up.

"She had an emergency back at home so she just left," Sango said as she sat down at the empty seat between Miroku and Yuki.

"Is everything okay?" said Eri with a concerning tone.

"Yea she just need to go home as soon as possible," Sango stated, "here Ayame," as she handed Kagome's room key.

Ayame smiled faintly as she took the room key and put it in her pocket. "I hope everything is okay," she whispered while Kouga rubbed Ayame's back.

"Did you see Inuyasha by any chance?" asked Kouga as he looked at Sango.

Sango shook her head knowing that she doesn't trust her words.

"Man I told ya that the fucker was still asleep," said Miroku as he stuffed his face.

Everyone continued on eating and enjoying their morning. Even Sango tried her hardest to hide the secret of this morning.

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