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It had been a week since the riot. Enjolras was doing better every day. After being a good patient for a couple of days, he had started to become restless however. His headaches had mostly lessened to a dull pounding and he was able to move around without the help from either Combeferre, Courfeyrac or any of the other Amis who happened to be around.

That was why it frustrated him to be ordered back to bed by Combeferre, everytime he was starting to enjoy himself or when he just got started working on something.

"Come on 'Ferre!", he complained, keeping a firm hold of the book which Combeferre tried to close, "I'm not tired and I feel perfectly fine!"

Combeferre only looked at him, eyebrows raised. He wasn't going to put this up for debate. They had made an agreement and that included for Enjolras to listen to him when he told him to get some rest.

"Good, let's keep it that way then, shall we", he replied, gently pushing Enjolras towards his bed, ignoring the scowl thrown his way.

But even Combeferre had to admit that Enjolras was doing better and that soon he didn't need to be limited to his own apartment. The wound on his head had healed nicely, the symptoms of his concussion had mostly worn off and he seemed more like himself every day. He started talking passionately again about his plans, preparing speeches and writing essays wherever Combeferre allowed him to and he was arranging new meetings for which he wanted all the Amis to be prepared.

Bahorel had come around some days after he had stormed out the room. He was still pissed, but he seemed to have allowed a cease-fire for now. Comebeferre soon found them discussing the Revolution as if nothing ever happened.

Grantaire had stopped by regularly, to Combeferre's and Courfeyrac's surprise. Neither of them knew what Enjolras and the cynic had talked about, but something in their relationship had changed. Grantaire had asked them about Enjolras' past, which Enjolras apparently had told him to do, and after they told him, Grantaire's respect and admiration for his Apollo had only grown bigger. The two talked almost without arguing, and even laughed with each other now and then.

The rest of the Amis had been regular visitors as well. They were starting to ask questions on when Enjolras would be released by Combeferre again to join them in the fight.

"I find myself asking that same question", Enjolras had answered, winking at Combeferre, who had rolled his eyes at him but couldn't hide a small smile.

During the moments Enjolras and Combeferre were alone, they talked about a lot of things. Mostly about the future, but Combeferre managed to get Enjolras to talk some more about his past as well. He soon learned however that his blonde friend didn't feel much for opening old wounds and so he decided not to dwell on it too long. Instead they talked about their past together, how they had formed Les Amis de L'ABC and they discussed their friends. Over those past few days, the two friends grew even closer than either of them had thought possible.

Enjorlas felt completely at ease with his friend and felt he could really be himself without being judged. A feeling he hadn't had felt in a very long time. He admired the way Combeferre had put his own life on hold, just to take care of his friend, to be there for him when he needed it, even if he found it hard to admit. He was beyond grateful and he made sure Combeferre knew that. The older man only blushed whenever Enjolras muttered those kind words and simply said it was only natural and he was glad to do it. They seemed to have grown from friends to brothers and both knew nothing would ever be able to break their strong bond.

But, as Enjolras was saying, he was getting better and it was time for him to get back to his life. Combeferre doubted if keeping him locked in his apartment any longer would actually benefit his health. Enjolras wasn't one for resting and doing nothing. He was a workaholic and he had been without 'work' for quite some time now. It would almost be cruel to keep him away any longer.

Yes , Combeferre thought, It was time.

He smiled at his blonde friend, watching as he was writing fervently on an essay, his blonde curls falling spontaneously around his head. He walked over and placed a hand on his shoulder, silently asking him for his attention.

Enjolras turned around in his chair and looked at his friend. Combeferre eyed him warily for a second and then sighed. "I have good news for you mon ami, I am releasing you from my prison."

Enjolras whole face broke into a smile. "Well, that was about time!" he chuckled, already standing up and reaching for his jacket. Honestly, that boy, Combeferre thought.

"Wait just a minute", he said as he held his friend back, who was already bolting for the door. "I agree, I think you are doing much better and I think you're ready to pick up your life again, but you must promise me to try to take it easy just for a little while longer. No public speeches yet. And whenever your body calls for it, for God's sake, please just listen to and get some rest."

Enjolras looked at Combeferre and then reached out to pull him in a hesitant, but firm hug. "I promise", he mumbled quietly. Then he let go again, turned around and walked towards the door. "You are coming?"

Combeferre still stood in the same place, rather surprised by the sudden embrace of his blonde leader. Then he smiled and said "Yes, I'm coming". He grabbed his coat and followed his friend.

The atmosphere in the Café couldn't be more enthusiastic when Combeferre arrived with Enjolras. They shared a laugh, they talked and they even got Enjolras to down one glass of red wine, resulting in Grantaire grinning from ear to ear.

Enjolras soon fell back into character however and the meeting turned more serious. He had been out of it for a week and there was a lot to be done. All of his friends didn't mind and were happy to see their leader once again in the role that was most fitting for him. All but one.

Graintaire remained seated in his corner, watching the others discussing their republican ideals and scoffed. He had hoped things might change. But then he remembered his conversation with Enjolras. He had predicted this. Grantaire smiled slightly and decided that if Enjolras could fall back into his role, so could he. So he stood, bottle in his hand, and walked towards the Amis. Counterarguments at the ready.

It didn't take long for the meeting to turn the way they used to be. By the end of the evening Grantaire and Enjolras were arguing again, causing the other Amis to just let them be, leave the discussion and enjoy themselves otherwise.

When everyone had gone home – Enjolras reluctant and under Combeferre's watchful eyes – Grantaire was the last one left. He was once again drunk. Drunker than he had been since this whole week. Yes, things had definitely gone back to normal.

He soon decided it was time to go home as well and when he had put on his jacket, he felt something in one of its pockets. He pulled out a small note. Turning it around, he stared at one single word, written in the most beautiful handwriting he had ever seen.


That was all it said. And that was enough.

Grantaire pressed a soft kiss to the note and then put it back in his pocket. He would never lose it. Then he left the Café smiling.

The End.

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