Thanks so much for your reviews you guys. You are way too lovely and I'm glad you're having fun with this little piece o fluff.

My favourite reviews were the ones from people who were a little bit concerned about Maura're right it is totally not something she'd throw around, but you guys, I am AUSTRALIAN. Do you know how hard that makes it for me to write dialogue that isn't all Jane sauntering up to Frost and Korsak on a scene all "Hey, youse cunts, got any farkin' clues yet?" just cos she's in a sunny mood? Cos that's just how we TALK down here.

And the fact that Dr. Maura Isles wouldn't, just makes the idea of her trying to use the vernacular totally adorbs in my mind, warped by day-to-day profanity as it is. Eh, so, welcome to my universe. Speaking of, I think I accidentally used a cricket metaphor in here, which is totally unlike me...if there was an equivalent baseball one I'd use it. I fucking loved baseball when I last visited the US. Colour me converted. And don't get me started on your "world series" - you guys are such cuteheads.

Anyway, this fic is essentially M for my potty mouth. Sorry if I offended anyone. I love all youse cunts!


"What's up with you?"

Jane jerked around at the sound of Korsak's voice and met the older man's bemused stare. She slowly came to realise she'd been staring into space for an unspecified amount of time, twisting a lock of hair incessantly around her fingers while her phone rang. With a jolt, she reached over to answer it, her usual "Rizzoli," coming out brusquer than normal. It was one of Maura's many underlings, informing her that there would be a delay in processing the DNA results from her most recent case, due to the malfunction of some lab equipment that no doubt cost three times her year's salary. She accepted the message without comment and hung up the phone. She felt vaguely bad that she'd already forgotten the young man's name but the truth was that when dealing with the medical examiner's office she'd long ago divided the employees into two groups of over-qualified science nerds: Maura and Not-Maura. Maura was who she wanted to speak to, Not-Maura's, not so much.

Jane had also been long resigned to tackling the problem of having to get through her day-to-day workload whilst disadvantaged by her brain's propensity for inappropriate thoughts about the chief medical examiner, but this was just a whole other level. Last night was running through her head on loop, like Jane and Maura's Top Ten Greatest Hits, Vol: 1. Jane was especially stuck on numbers 3 (Maura in her lap, cleavage in her face and Jane's hands on her ass) and 7 (Maura's sultry voice in her ear promising unspeakable future pleasures), though number 1 still kept overpowering her with its complete and utter air of unreality (Jane kisses Maura for the first time and knocks her for six). Jane smirked. And then she stopped.

An extremely high heeled foot had just arrived on the exact spot of worn carpet she'd been staring glazedly at. Her eyes rose up over a pair of shapely bare legs and a very form fitting red dress, shifting quickly up to meet the curving lip and sparkling eyes of the chief medical examiner herself. Jane shifted uncomfortably in her chair.

"Hello, Dr. Isles," she said a little stiffly. "How are you this morning?"

"I am well thank you, Detective Rizzoli," she replied, her tone equally formal. "And yourself?"

"I'm…well too, th-thank you for asking," Jane's voice came out ridiculously deep.

"I'm glad to hear it," Maura said, her facial expression the epitome of sincere. "Your nasojugular folds indicate a degree of tiredness. Did you not sleep well last night?" Jane's eyes narrowed at her.

"I slept wonderfully, thank you." In fact her sleep had been frequently interrupted due to several heavy make-out sessions that had unfolded each time they'd turned sleepily to discover the other there, warm, semi-clothed, and soft-skinned. She'd slipped out early in the morning to call a cab for home, leaving the doctor curled warmly between the sheets. Maura was leaning on her desk now, fiddling with one of Jane's pencils and smiling innocently at the detective. "Can I help you with something Dr. Isles?" she asked pointedly.

"No, I simply came to give you this," she lay a file on Jane's desk, which at a glance contained a summary of the doctor's initial autopsy findings of their impaling victim. Delivering it was a task any junior lab tech or administrator could have done, but as usual, Maura was there at her desk in person. She tried not to smile, seeing the past few months of Dr. Isles' ubiquitous presence in a whole new light. That goddamn dress though…that was not playing fair. Jane realised she was staring at the doctor's cleavage and jerked her eyes guiltily upwards, until the satisfied quirk of Maura's lip made her realise the dress had been calculatedly selected to provoke that exact reaction.

"Thank you, Dr. Isles," she said tightly, folding her arms protectively around her own chest. "You have a pleasant day now," she told her through gritted teeth. Maura's smile was wide.

"I will, Detective." Her fingers slid over Jane's wrist for the barest of seconds, making her jump, with all her new-found associations with Maura's skin leaping up at her touch. "You too," Maura's eyes grazed over her body, briefly but thoroughly, before she turned and clipped out. Her awareness of Jane's eyes following her showed in every one of her graceful movements as she walked to the door. "Morning detectives," she nodded at Jane's colleagues on her way through, who Jane noted tensely, were also admiring Maura's…dress. She bit back several irritated snipes at them, already feeling incredibly exposed.

"What's up with you and the doc? You have a fight or something?" asked Korsak, raising his eyebrows at the weird vibe in the room. Jane pulled her eyes back from gazing through the door at Maura from behind, as she waited for the elevator to arrive. Both Korsak and Frost were giving her odd looks; Korsak looked confused, while Frost appeared to be faintly smirking.

"Huh? No," she scoffed and glared down at her desk. The scent of Maura's perfume was wafting up from the file in front of her. Jane tried not to believe that the doctor had managed that on purpose. Oh god. This whole working together thing was going to be a nightmare. She waited until Frost and Korsak were both on calls of their own, before picking up her phone and dialling.

"Dr. Isles," came the formal response, even though Jane knew perfectly well Maura had caller I.D.

"Hi. It's Detective Rizzoli," her tone was sardonic.

"And how may I help you?" Maura asked, her voice warming Jane's ear.

"When can I see you?" She kept her voice to a soft murmur.

"Do you need me to come back upstairs again?" Jane could hear the smile in Maura's voice.

"Maura. When can I see you?"

"Lunch," Maura promised. "I'll wrap up as soon as I can and take you to Yumi's," she named a sushi restaurant three blocks away. Jane read between the lines and smiled. Raw fish aside, Yumi's was quiet, dimly lit and far enough away from work there'd be no one there they knew. She imagined squeezing in beside Maura in one of the little booths, their bodies touching, teasing each other a little over lunch…maybe she'd get to steal a kiss coming back through the park where no one could see them. Jane threw herself into work trying to make the time fly.

As lunchtime arrived, Maura sent a message saying she'd be delayed at least half an hour. Grant stuck his head around the corner minutes later to announce a meeting for immediately after her scheduled lunch break, and so Jane found her fantasy of a private lunchtime canoodling with the medical examiner screeching to a halt. Instead she found herself facing down Maura across a table in the very public and highly unromantic police cafeteria.

"I hate my life," she announced, eyeing Maura in her sinful dress, and stabbing at her undercooked fries with her fork. She'd hooked her blazer on the back of her chair to eat lunch in her tshirt and was gratified to notice Maura's eyes were roving as well.

"Take me to dinner tonight instead," Maura said, her eyes drifting hungrily over Jane's biceps. Jane wasn't sure if that was a command, a suggestion or a question, but it made her smile despite herself.

"Okay. Sure. That dress definitely deserves to be taken someplace better than Stanley's Kitchen from Hell," Jane agreed, though mostly she just wanted to imagine peeling the damn thing off of her. Maura seemed to realise this because she leaned forward just a few inches, allowing Jane a tantalising view of the tops of her breasts, all the while concentrating on her salad as though entirely unaware of what she was doing. Jane gave up and shoved her food to the side, a tiny agonised sound escaping her throat.

"Maura," she began. "We should talk about how we're going to play this, you know - at work."

"Play what exactly, Jane?" Maura raised her eyebrows.

"This," Jane frowned at her. "Us."

"Us," Maura repeated. "This. Shouldn't we talk first about what this is?" she asked. "Isn't that what we decided?"

"Here?" Jane asked. "You want to talk about this in Cafe Chez Stan?" Maura only shrugged and Jane felt a little like she'd been thrown down a gauntlet. "Okay," she started, feeling more than a little awkward. She lowered her voice. "I…want to date you," she gazed at Maura, who nodded, her cheeks a little pink.

"And what does dating mean, precisely?" Maura asked "To Jane Rizzoli," she added, toying with her fork and watching Jane's face. The detective cocked her head, watching Maura right back.

"Usually it means some guy pays for a lousy dinner and expects me to put out," she admitted, and Maura laughed, the little flash of fire in her eyes quite clearly stating, you wish, Jane Rizzoli. "But as for dating you…Maura, I…don't know. Maybe I just want what we've been doing all along - eating together, seeing movies and baseball and…ballet," she scrunched up her nose, "and just taking the time to just feel out where this goes," she tried.

"You don't know where you want this to go," Maura stated. There was no judgement in her voice, and her face was unreadable. Jane really wished they were anywhere but at work right now. All she wanted to do was touch the woman sitting across from her, as if that would somehow make these words come out correctly.

"Maura," she said softly. "I don't want to sound like…I mean, I don't have self-esteem issues, okay? I think I'm fucking great. But I never, once, for a second, thought that you were going to return these feelings I had. Look at you-" she shook her head, almost laughing. "You're so completely out of my league."


"No, let me finish. I thought it was this…crush, that I had and I hoped so hard for it to just go away because in my mind the only alternative was going to be for me to be longing for you at a distance, forever. That was it. I never once even considered that you would want me back, not ever. So now, sitting here with you, even having this discussion? Feels unreal, like actually unreal. I'm still waiting for someone to laugh and tell me the punchline, or…or for me to wake up, or something and to go back to my normal life…where you're out of my reach and…Ian is your boyfriend."

"Jane, Ian would make a terrible boyfriend. He only wants to fellate other men's penises. Like, all of the time," Maura rolled her eyes and Jane spat her mouthful of coffee and had to grab for the napkins. Maura didn't skip a beat. "What are you telling me, Jane?"

"I'm telling you that you're right, I haven't ever thought about where I wanted this to go," she gazed, wide-eyed at Maura. "All the future that I thought about, was the one where I hoped that I would be able to cope with always wanting you so badly and not ever getting to …have you," she swallowed. "I never thought about what it would mean if you wanted me back. What it would mean to…my life, and my family and for my job and us working together," to her horror there were tears in her eyes all of a sudden. She loved Maura. Why was this so hard?

Maura grabbed for her hand across the table and Jane hated how her gaze quickly shot out to see if anyone was looking, but Maura didn't let go.

"All those things, Jane," she said softly, "we'd work them out together. You know that, don't you?" Jane looked into Maura's steady gaze and nodded her head, slowly. When she looked into Maura's eyes, she did know that, or at least, she was pretty sure she did. "Jane…fast or slow, or really really slow," she said, "it would be okay with me. I just want to know how you feel," her eyes were imploring now.

Jane gripped Maura's fingers back. There was no way in hell she was going to tell Maura that she was in love with her for the first time in the police cafeteria. And on top of that…Jane believed in slow too. She wanted to do this right. She wanted to tell Maura she loved her, and then love her, no holds barred. She didn't want to announce this huge feeling and then follow it up by insisting on discretion and tiptoeing around as she worked things out. She wasn't a hypocrite. But right now Maura was looking at her, needing something. She took a deep breath in.

"Maura, I'm not afraid of dead bodies," she started. "I have…zero issues with corpses, crime scenes, blood, guts, gore. Nada." The doctor just stared at her, so she rushed on. "Jesus, Maura, I've seen hundreds of autopsies….tons of dead bodies. I've been a cop for fifteen years, and I have never once gotten dizzy, or pale, or shaky or sick." Maura was shaking her head now.

"You lied about that?" she asked quietly.

"No," Jane retorted. "I was dizzy, pale, shaky and sick," she pointed out. Maura opened her mouth and then closed it again, looking lost. "Maura," she took the doctor's other hand in hers too. Fuck all those other cops. "It wasn't the crime scenes that were shaking me up, it was the medical examiner." Maura shook her head again.

"I made you sick?" she asked, incredulously. Jane nodded. So far as romantic declarations went, this one wasn't exactly kicking goals.

"Yes. L-lovesick," she almost stumbled over the word. "That's what my mother calls it anyway," she rushed on. "I have a bad case of it," she reported seriously. "Probably the worst you've ever seen," she bit back a smile. Maura gazed at her for a long moment, her eyes shining now. She bit her lip thoughtfully, then pulled back her hands and looked at her watch.

"We have fifteen minutes," she announced, standing up. Jane stood too, unsure what was going on, but she followed Maura's firm grip on her elbow as she led her out the door.

The doctor walked her briskly through the corridor, up the back stairs, down another corridor Jane had never seen before and quickly checking around them, hauled the detective into a small dark utility room.

"Where the hell-" Jane started and stopped when Maura tugged her close, colliding into each other's bodies in the semi-darkness. She stopped thinking anything at all as Maura's warm mouth found hers, instead leaning in and backing the doctor into the wall, moulding herself against her firm body without breaking the kiss. The sudden change from the imposed distance over the cafeteria table to this - Maura warm and pliant in her arms - made everything else go blank. Then she pulled back and laughed shakily. "We're a homicide detective and the chief medical examiner, and we're making out in a supply closet," she stated, and Maura gripped her in close by her hips in a way that made the laugh die in her throat.

"Yes, we are," she leaned up and kissed her again. "And we have nine minutes left," she pulled Jane's tshirt out from her waistband and slid her hands underneath, making the detective's breathing hitch. "Jane?" she pulled back from a searing kiss. "Are you feeling dizzy or sick right now?" Jane's hands were under Maura's hair, toying longingly with the zip at the back of her dress, wishing nine minutes were ninety.

"No," she kissed and nipped Maura's neck, trying to remember to be careful and not leave any marks. "Turns out you're my cure, as well as my sickness," she told her, as she kissed her top lip and then the bottom,"so I'm going to need your mercy, Dr. Isles." Maura hummed and ground her body up against Jane's.

"Oh Jane," her lips brushed the detective's ear. "I'm sorry, I'm all out of that."