Epilogue: Happy Ending

Chloe Beale stretched her arms above her head, yawning as the morning sun peeked through her curtains. Her arm instinctively reached to the other side, searching for the girl that had made her night so memorable. Her eyes shot open as her arm was met with cold sheets. She perched up on her elbows and scanned the room.

No Beca.

A flood of panic washed over her as she wrapped a sheet around her body and headed for downstairs. She could feel the lump in her throat grow bigger when she discovered the tiny brunette wasn't in the living room either. The redhead wrapped the sheet tighter, hoping she didn't scare Beca away. Beca seemed ready, she said she was ready. So why wasn't she next to Chloe when she awoke?

As Chloe opened the kitchen door, she heard two voices lightly chatting. Her breath caught in her throat when she saw Beca at the stove, making pancakes. Aubrey was sitting at the island, her mouth full of pancake and a smile on her face. She noticed Chloe first.

"Oh, gross! That's why you're making breakfast, Mitchell?" The blonde teased, gesturing with her syrupy fork to Chloe's nude form under the sheet.

Beca turned around after flipping a pancake. "Shut up, Posen. Just be thankful it wasn't on your bed." She took a couple steps to Chloe tugging her into a hug, kissing her on the cheek. "Hi, you hungry? They're blueberry."

Chloe pulled away from Beca's grip. "I thought you left."

Beca flashed a look to Aubrey, completely confused by Chloe's tone. It sounded like the older girl was about to burst into tears. Despite Beca's cry for help, Aubrey simply rose and mumbled something about her taking a shower as she exited the kitchen.

"I-I wanted to make you breakfast, before graduation," Beca offered, wondering how her making pancakes could be a mistake. "I didn't leave, I'm right here." She tried again to put her arms around Chloe, the redhead only reacted by adjusting her sheet. Sensing Chloe was uneasy, Beca knew she had to take the lead on this. "Chlo, I know I run a lot, and I'm trying to work on that. And I don't know what's going on in your head, but I'm in this. Last night was... really amazing, and I was definitely ready. More than ready. I'm sorry if you didn't wake up next to me, I just wanted to do something sweet for you."

Chloe turned her body, burying her head in the crook of Beca's neck. "Don't be sorry. I'm being weird. It's just graduation, I guess." Chloe placed light kisses on Beca's neck, the brunette rubbing her hands up and down Chloe's back. "I'm in this, too. And... you are sweet. Last night was even sweeter."

"Don't ruin my street cred," Beca teased.

Chloe lifted her head, staring into Beca's navy blue eyes. She smiled at the flour sprinkled across Beca's cheeks. Beca smiled back. It was like Chloe's heart had been filled with something magical, like Tinkerbell's fairy dust or something else cheesy. But, looking at Beca, with the flour, her navy eyes twinkling and and the barely noticeable dimples on her cheeks. Even her smudged eyeliner and messily thrown up hair was too adorable for words. Chloe's eyes glanced down. Beca was wearing one of her low-cut Barden U tees. The shirt hugged her breasts tightly, and showed where else the flour had landed.

"I know that smile. That's your pervy smile. Like what you see, Beale?" Beca bit her lip, laughing lightly.

Chloe swung her arms around Beca's neck, forcing her stare away from Beca's chest. "I can't help it. You're just too cute."

"I'm not cute!" Beca argued. She reached behind her and removed the overcooked pancake from the stove, flicking off the stove as well. "So, are you gonna eat?"

"I kinda wanted something else instead of pancakes," Chloe said nonchalantly.

Beca's shoulders slumped under the weight of Chloe's arms. "Oh, well there's eggs, or waffles, fruit-"

"No, I'm not hungry for food," Chloe said, that trademark pervy smile spreading across her face.

"Oh... OH!" Beca caught on. She let a teasing smirk grow, as she reached for the bed sheet enveloping Chloe's body. She brought her lips close to Chloe's, not letting them touch as she undid the sheet, using it as a grip to yank Chloe's nude body to her own clothed form. "How long do Aubrey's showers last?"

"Long, when it's an important day," Chloe stepped back to hop on the island, not caring about the sheet that pooled around her waist on the counter-top. She leaned back on her hands, watching as Beca visually took in her nude body.

Beca didn't waist any time before positioning herself between Chloe's legs, running her hands over Chloe's beautifully tanned limbs. "Then, screw the pancakes," Beca mumbled before colliding her mouth with her girlfriend's. Her lips melded with the redhead's while her hands sought out the perfectly formed breasts in front of her. She squeezed firmly, mentally thanking whichever higher deity was responsible for Chloe's incredible genes and body. Chloe's tongue met Beca's, sending goosebumps over the brunette's body. Chloe worked to get rid of Beca's, well her's actually, shirt off, tossing it aside as she started tugging down the brunette's sleep shorts.

Beca moved to Chloe's breast, tasting each one, using her mouth to elicit soft moans from Chloe's mouth. The redhead tangled her hands in the DJ's chocolate locks as Beca kissed her way down. She bit near Chloe's belly button, laughing at the squeal Chloe gave her. She kissed it better, opening Chloe's legs further.

"Are you sure you don't want pancakes?" Beca taunted.

Chloe leaned back on her elbows, the feeling of Beca's breath near her center was extremely arousing. She only shook her head in response.

Beca bent down, taking a long lick between Chloe's surprisingly wet folds and smiled as Chloe tried to contain a moan. She peered up, noting how hot the redhead looked from this angle and how she was uncharacteristically quiet. "Trying to be quiet so Aubrey won't hear us?" Beca verbalized as she placed kisses along Chloe's inner thighs.

"She'll be so mad," Chloe managed to squeak out.

Beca refocused her mouth to Chloe's clit, stroking it firmly with her tongue. "She'll just have to deal." Chloe moaned again through the hand clasped over her mouth in a sad attempt to keep it down. But with Beca Mitchell using her mouth in the way that she was, the redhead knew it wasn't going to be easy.

Beca sucked hard on the sensitive nub, running her fingers lightly between the slick folds, not quite inserting them but not taking them away either. She loved the feeling of reducing Chloe into this almost primal state. She nearly got off just watching Chloe writhe about beneath her. She decided enough teasing and gently shoved two fingers into Chloe, who reacted with another stifled moan.

It wasn't fair. Chloe Beale had always been vocal during sex, and usually didn't care about having sex outside the bedroom. But with her best friend showering only a few feet directly above them... Aubrey wouldn't let her live it down.

Beca worked her fingers in and out, gathering a steadily increasing pace. Her mouth continued to pleasure Chloe in the best of ways. The redhead's breaths grew shorter, her heart raced. Moments later, she was almost about to come when nothing.

Beca stood up and removed her fingers. Chloe's eyes shot open, fearing Aubrey had walked in. She turned behind her to see no one, and then her eyes met Beca's smirking face. "What?!" Chloe whispered loudly, in a panic. The aching between her legs was unbearable.

"I don't just want to feel you come, I want to hear it, too," Beca said extremely confidently. It was so fucking sexy.

"Oh, Beca, please, I'm so close," Chloe begged, reaching her own hand between her legs. Beca grabbed it, preventing Chloe from touching herself.

"That's more I like it," Beca whispered in a raspy voice. Chloe used her other hand to grab the back of Beca's neck, pulling her into a searing kiss. The redhead could taste herself on Beca's lips. She moaned into the kiss. Beca rewarded her by plunging her fingers back into Chloe's sex, twisting them in such a way that made Chloe squirm in arousal. Chloe bucked her hips into Beca's rhythm, the sensations of pleasure growing stronger.

"Mhm, babe..." Chloe managed to drag out.

Beca kissed down Chloe's body, latching on to her right nipple, swirling her tongue around.

"Oh, god, Beca. Deeper," The redhead pleaded. Beca inserted another finger, going as deep as possible, maneuvering her fingers skillfully. Chloe's hand wrapping in Beca's hair redirected the DJ's mouth to her own, wanting to kiss Beca as she came. She was so close. Beca pumped harder and faster. The DJ sucked on Chloe's bottom lip as the older girl moaned her name. Chloe's breath got shorter as her walls clamped around Beca. The brunette beamed with pride as her own name filled the air. She slowed down after Chloe climaxed, letting the girl come down gracefully.

Out of breath, Chloe wiped away the thin coat of sweat that coated her forehead. "You spoil me."

"You deserve it," Beca replied, planting a soft kiss on Chloe's lips.

"I might get used to it, you know," Chloe wrapped her legs around Beca's unclothed torso.

"Oh, I'm already used to it." Beca ran her hands over Chloe's sides. "Think she heard us?"

Chloe pushed Beca away to the opposite counter, jumping down and pressing her body flush against Beca's. "I don't care." In a quick second, the redhead removed the DJ's underwear.

Beca shuddered as Chloe got down on her knees, and threw one leg over her shoulder. She immediately went to work between Beca's legs. The DJ gripped a fist full of red hair, watching Chloe go down on her. She literally couldn't care about anything or anyone at this particular moment. She mentally laughed to herself. This is the best pancake breakfast ever.

Beca left Chloe and Aubrey's apartment and was on her way back to the dorm. She was mentally mapping out the rest of her day. It was close to nine and graduation was at noon. Aubrey had emphasized how important it was to be there right on time. Beca had already secured her plans to sit with Stacie, Fat Amy and the rest of the Bellas during the ceremony. She was wondering what to wear when a solid object blocked her path and sent her flat on her ass.

"Fuck," she growled, scowling at whatever intercepted her. "Oh, fuck," she repeated when she realized that object was none other than her ex-boyfriend.

"Sorry, Becs, I tried to call out, but," Jesse gestured to her headphones, "you didn't hear me."

Beca removed her headphones, lazily letting them fall to her neck. She disregarded Jesse's offered hand and stood up. She forced a tight smile. "I gotta get going."

"Beca, wait. I need to talk to you," Jesse said, his pleading brown eyes complimenting his slumped look. The guy looked downright distraught.


"Please. Five minutes."

"Fine. Five minutes."

Jesse took a deep breath and shuffled around, running his hands through his chocolate locks. He worried his lip, trying to find the right words. "I've been getting your texts-"

"And intentionally ignoring them? Cool."

"Beca, you don't know how hard this has been for me," he began, gesturing between them. "I thought I was in love with you and you loved me! And you cheated and broke my heart."

"We've already been through how much of a bitch I am and I don't know how many more times I can apologize, Jesse! I know I fucked up! I tried to make amends, and you-"

"I know, and that's what I'm trying to do! Beca, every text or Facebook message you send me just brightens and dulls my days. It's so bittersweet being with you now. I'm supposed to hate you, and I can't. I still love you."


"It's going to be hard, but I would rather have your friendship than nothing at all. I loved you as a friend before we dated, and I can do it again. I wanna be friends. That's it. That's what I wanted to say." Jesse huffed out a tired breath, and returned to his sulking posture.

Beca knew Jesse. She knew his face, and his tone of voice. They were both radiating sincerity. "My friendship... is the least I owe you."

"Don't owe me anything. I don't want you to be my friend again because you feel obligated. Be my friend because you miss me."

"I do miss you," Beca admitted, shoving her hands in her pockets as she shrugged. "I do miss hanging out with you. And Jess, I do care about you. I hate how things happened between us, but Chloe... I'm with Chloe. And you don't have to like it necessarily, but you have to accept it. She's gonna be around for a long time, and my actions were never her fault. I'm not asking you to be her new best friend, but I refuse to let you talk about her the way you have. Do you understand?"

Jesse hesitated, knowing the way he treated Chloe was childish. "Yes, I understand. I've been working on accepting it, and it sucks but it gets easier each day. It's just... the station isn't the same without you, neither is the quad, Baker, or Barden. I miss my friend... my best friend." Instead of sulking, Jesse opened his posture. A genuine, soft smile spread across his face.

Beca wasted no time in jumping into his arms. His bulky limbs squeezed her tight as she buried her face into his shirt. She smelled his musky scent as it mixed with his coconut body wash. She wrapped her wiry arms around his strong back. "I missed my best friend, too."

She forced herself away from Jesse. "We can do this... You just promise not to use any of your movie pick up lines on me, okay?" She joked.

Jesse had a smug grin, "Alright, DJ. I can deal with that on one condition: movie night at least once a week."


"It takes two to have a friendship, Becs. If I'm trying to move past our history, you have to compromise." Jesse crossed his arms, indicating he wasn't gonna budge on his condition.

"FINE," Beca groaned, shaking her head. "Only good movies with excellent soundtracks and I'm in."

"Great, I have quite the collection of musicals," Jesse said proudly.

"That's a bit gay," Beca laughed.

"Says you," Jesse pinched her side, joining her laughter.

The laughing died down, and Beca sighed deeply. "Well, I gotta go get ready for Chloe's graduation."

"Yeah, I figured. I was gonna go to Bumper's, but I think I might head to the station instead." Jesse kicked the ground aimlessly.

"You guys have a falling out?" Beca asked carefully.

"Sort of. He heard about the guys performing with you for the grad party, completely flipped out. Then, he told me about his run in with Chloe at a Walgreens, and... he's a dick. He talks a lot of shit for someone his size." Jesse shrugged his shoulders.

Beca patted him on the back. "Well, I for one, am glad he's graduating. The Trebles are much better under your direction." She watched him nod slowly, agreeing with her opinion. "Well, the rest of the week might be kinda crazy, but let's hang out next week?"

"Yeah, I'd like that." Jesse laughed as Beca gave him an awkward fist bump then mumbled her goodbye. As she swayed away, headphones securely back on her ears, he sighed. He would always love Beca. But, the difference was, this time he didn't want to kiss her. The need to kiss her wasn't there, but the caring still was. Maybe it was sign he was fully ready to be friends. Regardless, his five minute interaction with Beca Mitchell was the highlight of the week.

Chloe wiped a sweat bead from her forehead as the Dean began his speech. It was warm out, and Chloe wondered why they weren't having graduation inside. The polyester material of her gown was sticking to her legs, and this speech was rather boring. She knew the ceremony would be long and torturous in the Georgia heat. She glanced back, trying to spot Aubrey in the sea of graduate faces.

The blonde looked rather irritated, chatting quietly with a peer. Chloe smiled to herself, shaking her head. She could only guess the kinds of complaints Aubrey was ranting about. She looked up to the stadium seating. She immediately spotted her family, her brother's hair stuck out from the crowd. Sam and Rosie looked extremely bored, but her parents did their best to acknowledge the Dean's words. She scanned the crowd as her eyes finally locked with another pair. A navy blue pair.

She grinned. Beca was seated with the rest of the Bellas almost front row. She looked more like herself this time, opting to keep her dark makeup and unkempt hair, but Chloe knew Stacie forced her into another sundress. Chloe blew a kiss in her direction, giggling at the blush painting Beca's cheeks.

Despite the unbearable heat, Chloe felt very content in this moment. She was going to graduate, as soon as the Dean hurried up, spend her summer with Beca and Aubrey, and enter a prestigious graduate program.

Two and a half hours later, Chloe tossed her graduation cap into the air. It fell gracefully back into her hand just in time to feel a strong pair of arms grip around her belly. The soft cry she heard in her ear was all it took for her to recognize who the hugger was. Aubrey. She turned in the blonde's arms, her best friend's eyes glassy with happy tears.

"We did it, Chloe. We fucking did it!" Aubrey said proudly, clutching her degree in one hand and her cap in another.

"We did, Brey! I'm so proud of you," Chloe beamed back. The look of tears on Aubrey's happy face was heart warming. Chloe knew how hard both of them worked to get to this point. All the trials and tribulations. The struggles and obstacles. They fucking did it.

Chloe felt her own happy tears trace down her face and she gripped on to the taller blonde. They stayed glued together until they heard a chorus of familiar voices shout in their directions. They broke apart, Beca almost knocking Chloe to the ground.

"Congrats! I'm so happy!" Beca said in Chloe's ear, arms tight around the redhead's waist. "These are for you." Beca handed Chloe a bouquet of tiger lillies.

Chloe grinned ear to ear. "They match my hair." She grabbed the brunette's face and kissed her softly. Chloe broke away to hug the other Bellas, all of them stating their congratulations and eagerness to party again.

Aubrey was speaking briefly to a peer when she felt a tug on her gown. She turned to see Beca. "Hi, Mitchell."

Beca smiled. "Congrats, Posen. You should be proud of yourself."

"I am. You will be too when you're done."

"If I make it that far," Beca teased. She stepped forward, giving the blonde a congratulatory hug. When she retreated, she saw the necklace from the night before. "Sweet necklace."

"I'm never taking it off," Aubrey said, holding the small silver heart affectionately.

Both girls turned when the voices of the Beales and Posens neared. Chloe and Aubrey received praise, hugs and flowers from their family members. Beca expected to hear the kindest words from the Beales, Sam was practically jumping up and down with excitement. What she didn't expect to see was the interaction between Aubrey and her father.

The tall, gray-haired man strode up to his daughter and held her out by her shoulders. Aubrey looked like she was trying to keep her composure. She had wiped her tears before her family came up, and reeled in her bursting excitement. Beca hated that she had to do that. She also thought it was weird she felt so defensive for the blonde. She watched out of the corner of her eye the scene between the eldest Posen and the youngest unfold.

"Aubrey, it's been a long and hard four years," Mr. Posen began, his face stoic.

"Yes, it has, father," Aubrey replied automatically.

He paused. He gave her shoulders a squeeze and a crooked smile formed on his face. "I am so proud of you, honey." He pulled her into his chest and kissed her head. Aubrey broke. She cried into her father's arms, never expecting to hear those words leave his mouth. Beca turned away, her own eyes starting to well up. Damn it, Aubrey.

"Getting a little teary-eyed?" Stacie commented, bumping her hip against the DJ's.

"Shut up."

"It's a rare site," Stacie reflected, a smile lazily drawn on her face. She was happy. Because Aubrey was happy. It was a good day.

"I just... she deserves it," Beca relented, gesturing to their mutual friend. "They both do."

"It's gonna be us in three years," Fat Amy beamed, coming up behind them.

The Bellas stood back, watching their two friends take hundreds of photos with peers, family and other friends. They chatted among themselves about their own impending graduation before Sam drew their attention.

"Picture time, Bellas. Over there," Sam ordered. They listened, shuffling to squeeze together. Sam snapped the button on his camera, laughing at the girls' silly antics. After seemingly ten minutes of taking pictures, Sam said he had enough shots.

"Take a picture of me and Beca," Chloe called out.

Fat Amy pulled out her phone and switched it to camera mode. "Squeeze together, love birds!"

Chloe brought Beca close and after a shot of them side-by-side she was content. She went to follow their party out of the stadium, but Beca tugged her back.

"I'm proud of you," Beca commented.

"I know you are. Thank you for being here."

"I wouldn't miss it for anything. Chloe, you've managed to work your way through all my ways and into my heart, and I'm never letting you go. Hope you're okay with that," Beca's eyes drifted down, feeling a little too much like a romantic.

"I'm more than okay with that. I love you, Becs," Chloe said softly before leaning in for a kiss. They stood together, kissing for a few moments before they heard the sound of a camera click.

"Perfect shot. I think I found my new profession," Amy gloated, showing them.

Beca rolled her eyes, but Chloe was already sending it to herself. They walked hand in hand towards the parking lot when Beca felt her phone buzz in her pocket. Taking it out, it was a copy of the picture they just took. It really was a good picture. The first the pair had taken as a couple. With a few taps of her fingers, Beca smiled with satisfaction at her new screen saver, proudly showing Chloe. "Like it?"

"Love it," Chloe grinned, squeezing the DJ's hand. "You gonna be able to handle me all summer?"

"Hmm, I think I can manage. If you get outta line, no sex," Beca teased quietly, making sure the redhead's family was out of hearing range.

"Ouch, babe. That's harsh!" Chloe pouted, nudging Beca with her hip.

"I'm kidding! Don't damage the goods!" Beca whined, holding Chloe close to keep her still. Chloe leaned into her girlfriend, loving the affection. They were interrupted when Fat Amy slung her arms around both of them.

"So Stacie and I were thinking you and Brey should sneak us into that seedy little bar downtown?" the Aussie directed her question at Chloe.

"Oh, really?" Chloe laughed.

"Yeah, it will be fun! Let's get Aubrey really drunk!" Stacie said excitedly, skipping up to Beca's side.

"So you can take advantage of her?" Cynthia Rose chimed in from behind. Stacie's reply was in the form of a devilish grin and flirtacious wink.

Aubrey seemingly popped out of nowhere, "Lilly said we're going to the bar?"

"These youngins want us to sneak them in," Chloe answered, gesturing to her friends.

"Oh, I don't know about that. Chlo, now that we're graduates, should we really be surrounding ourselves with children?" The blonde questioned.

"You're right, they're so young," Chloe commented, leaving Beca's side to link arms with Aubrey.

"That's not what you were saying last night!" Beca laughed.

"Beca!" Chloe whined, a blush sweeping across her face.

"I'm going to try to get that image out of my head," Aubrey gagged.

"Picturing us doing it? Dirty," Beca winked, stealing Chloe back.

"Gross," Aubrey rolled her eyes.

Chloe laughed, "Oh, this summer is going to be one for the books!"

"Summer? Don't forget about next year! That's going to be wild," Stacie clapped her hands in delight.

Beca scanned around, eyeing the girls around her. This year had been tough. Tougher than she expected. She had made new friends, found something she loved besides DJing, had a job and good grades. But most importantly, she found someone she could open up to. Someone who put forth the effort in getting inside Beca Mitchell's head instead of giving up or walking away. Chloe Beale had barged into Beca's shower those first few weeks at Barden, and eventually Beca's heart. While there were still so many unanswered questions, the brunette didn't mind. As long as she had Chloe, the Bellas and now Jesse, she knew the rest would fall into place. For the first time since she was a kid, Beca felt truly happy. She pulled Chloe a little closer, kissing her on the cheek.

"Next year is going to be aca-awesome."

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