"Banjo, what do we do?" Kazooie stated as she gulped, noticing the Zubba King was approaching them.

Banjo snapped his fingers after getting an idea, smiling. "I know! We'll head back down and jump into the giant pond!"

Kazooie narrowed her eyes in annoyance. "You're kidding me, right?"

Banjo was about to remark when he got hit in the front of his right leg by a stinger from the Zubba King, who laughed boastfully as he pointed at Banjo with his pixelated right yellow arm.

"Ha! And that's just the start!" He exclaimed as he fired another stinger at the duo. "I'll kick your butts out of here faster than a mushroom powered kart!"

Banjo crouched down, screaming in pain as he felt the intense sting in his right leg. Kazooie emerged out of the blue backpack, crouching down by the giant pink egg and spitting a couple of fire eggs at the Zubba King, causing him to catch on fire. The Zubba King yelled in pain as he moved about, trying to get the flames off as he headed towards the giant pond, making a big splash as he gargled underwater, unable to come back up due to his wings burning off from the flames combined with the fact that bees do not mix with water. Kazooie sighed of relief as she turned to Banjo, helping him back up.

"Are you okay?" She asked as she crouched down to Banjo, noticing the injury on his right leg. "Yegh... that stupid Zubba king got you good."