Summary of Harry Dursley and the Chronicles of the King (Extended Edition)

If there is a ?Number? It means there should be an implicit 'Why?' placed next to it, because it's a question that still needs answering.

If there's a !Number! It has already been answered or is answered again at the end of this.

Every story has a beginning.

This one begins on the thirty-one of July, on the birth day of Harry Potter, adopted Dursley. He is the most average geek you can find, the most average person. He is actually sort of pathetic, because he's a child, he's had a normal childhood, and if he's scared he runs to his parents.

He doesn't have half an ounce of canon-Harry.


He knows he's adopted, but he loves his family and his family loves him back.

He receives an owl from his cousin, Lillian, who starts to explain to him the wonders of magic. He answers back happily. A friendship is thus born. ?1?

Severus Snape, potion master at Hogwarts, brings him to Diagon Alley to buy his stuff, and asks the goblins for the trust fund for Harry Dursley's first year. ?2?

Their next step is the wand maker Ollivander, who gets Harry quite a special wand, made of Gaboon Ebony and Thestral Hair, with the shroud of a Dementor added to it. !3!

It is implied he has seen, at least once, a Dementor for the wand to connect with him to such a point. ?4?

The wand softly whispers a Master while in his bedroom. ?5?

The day of departure finally arrives, and as he excitedly reaches for binary nine and ¾ he ends up getting there late, albeit having done his best to get early on and meet Lillian and her parents. !6!

He makes the travel alone, and meets with Neville, Parvati and Hermione on the boat to Hogwarts.

He is sorted, and during the sorting the hats asks him two very personal questions:

Well, let's say you have to save a friend by coming out with a secret that could potentially kill you in the process, what do you do? ?7?

Would you kill your parents for power? ?8?

He is sorted into Ravenclaw.

He is told by Basileus Sfor, who is a Ravenclaw prefect, about the next lessons that are of Professors Snape and Potter. He begins to ask himself if perhaps his father's side of the family didn't want him because of financial issues, or if there was another reason altogether. !6!

Severus Snape's first lesson assigns Fifteen Points to Ravenclaw thanks to Harry. !9!

Meanwhile, Harry asks himself why he has to be average. !6!

Severus Snape gifts Harry with a book, claiming it belonged to his deceased mother, when in truth it's his. !9!

The lesson of Professor Potter, who wishes to be called 'Prongs' start with Harry not managing the spell 'Flipendo'. He tries for the entire lesson, but ultimately fails. !10!

He doesn't even manage to catch a glimpse of the professor, or of the wand's movements. He does however receive the promise from Hermione to help him later on in the library.

Hermione does not show herself to the library, leaving him the bitter aftertaste of being stood up.

The painting of Helena Ravenclaw, in the common rooms of Ravenclaw, speaks to him after his first day at Hogwarts, and later on Peeves sees the ghost smile and whistle. ?11?

He meets Draco Malfoy the next day. He calls him a Magical Nazi. The two talk to one another and agree to disagree, Draco promises to bring him books explaining why blood purity is right.

He trains with the Wingardium Leviosa. The spell does not work. !10!

He is interested in History of Magic, done by professor Binns. It is a boring lesson, where nobody pays much attention, yet he seems to like it. !6!

He is kindly counseled by a painting, Don Chisciotte de la Mancia, to eat in the kitchens if he wants a midnight snack. He later on goes to dinner with the older years, who are engrossed in Newt and Owls and don't speak to him much, nicknaming him 'Squirt'. !6!

On the next Potion's lesson, Harry throws a bezoar inside a cauldron before it can explode with lethal effects, because of Neville's poor potion-making skills. Due to the toxic fumes however, Harry faints just mere moments into Herbology, avoiding the Flying lessons and seeing for a brief instant a really blurry figure in the infirmary, speaking about warning his mother. !6!

The moment Harry leaves the Greenhouse, the students around him start to talk about him with crescent strength. !12!

While recouping in the infirmary, he reads the book written by Abraxas Malfoy that holds secrets sections only readable by Purebloods who are last of their lines. !13!

During his next Charm Lesson, he ends up making his feather twitch. He has to lower his head to catch it, and thus misses a female voice coming in the room to 'Accio' some notes. When his head pops out, he unabashedly tries the last spell in what he believes to be his charm book. The book was swapped, and he ends up failing to cast a powerful Battle-Spell.

Somebody gave him a book on battle spells, which are illegal to be used on wizards. ?11?

The lesson proceeds with him talking to Lillian, who acts like a sort of sickeningly sweet Canon-Harry!

During the lesson of Transfiguration, once more he ends up with a book on how to use the magic branch for battle.

After the lesson, intrigued by the fact of blood purity being similar to Nazism, he looks at the books on world war two in the library, finding out about Gellert Grindelwald and his rule. He compares the date of his defeat with that of Adolf, and comes to the conclusion that the two are somehow linked.

He finally comes to the conclusion that Snape is the one gifting him the books, and decides to ask the man the next day.

He doesn't manage during the first period, as he somehow dozes off while taking notes. Draco is however friendly, and brings him to eat in the kitchen in order to avoid the rush of the dining hall.

Harry meets Dobby the house elf in the kitchens of Hogwarts, as a personally assigned elf to Draco.

Later on he confronts Snape during the last period, and the man actually admits to being him the deliverer of the books, albeit he glares at the knowledge. ?9-A?

Professor Snape then speaks of Harry's parents to him, always saying they died. !9!

At the question if Voldemort started the war only because he hated muggles, Snape reluctance is evident in saying 'Yes'. ?9-A?

He returns to the common rooms after talking with Filch about the existence of a 'Post Office' at Hogwarts. In the common rooms, he is later invited by Michael to participate into the Ravenclaw cram studying in the library the next day. He agrees to go.

The next day, he goes to send his first letter back to his parents, but he is the subject of a nasty prank by the Weasley twins, and ends up being helped by Filch who cleans him up. Mrs Norris takes a liking to Harry.

Professor Flitwick comes by later to clean him up completely, and gives to Harry the location of an empty classroom where he can study in peace.

He passes by Nearly Headless Nick, who seems interested in something and mumbles about 'her' being right. ?11?

When he does reach the abandoned classroom to train, he finally manages, through sheer frustration, to make the feather explode. He hears then a small voice, saying 'Finally'. !3!

He then manages the Leviosa, and ends up meeting the Bloody Baron who takes an interest in him too. ?11?

The Bloody Baron then tells him how he placed the book he had forgotten in the tower back into his bag. ?11?

The ghost is revealed to be Henry Slytherin, descendant of Salazar Slytherin. (Potentially his son, considering the time frame of Helena being his lover and her being Rowena's daughter)

He ends up striking a sort of friendship with the ghosts and the portraits, who are the only one who seem to see him and speak to him.

He hears a voice hiss 'Curse Them' after realizing that the Ravenclaw group has studied in the common room, forgetting about him in the library.

His next dream is of him in a battlefield. Battling.

He later meets Hagrid, and eats rock cakes with him. He hears Lillian talk with Ron about her scar hurting when he goes back into the school a couple of hours later, but decides to copy Neville's astronomy notes rather than stay and eavesdrop.

The next day, he realizes many are giving him the cold shoulder, and he gets to see two persons at the staff table that might be Professor Potter and Black, but they don't notice him since they are deep in conversation.

He gives back the notes to Neville, who is surprised to find them, since he lost them and did not thus bring them by himself to Harry's side.

He leaves the dining hall, and eventually makes his way to a hall where through bursts of accidental magic he knocks over suits of armor. Filch arrives, and he doesn't say anything when the caretaker gives the fault to Peeves. He helps the squib clean the corridor, and strikes a friendship while simultaneously discovering a room on the seventh floor that is the Room of Requirements.

When he next has potions, he decides to talk to Mr Potter and somehow discovers that his hand moves in order to self-damage himself and prevent him from going onwards. He manages to fling a bezoar in the cauldron, stopping it…and that is when the cauldron behind him explodes, sending him to the infirmary and once more making Harry renounce asking the professor Potter about his family.

Professor Snape gets Harry to the infirmary, while thinking if what they did that night was the right choice in the end. !9!

Severus speaks with someone, who suggests the Obliviate being needed to keep things under control. The mysterious figure is referred as the Voice. !14!

Harry wakes up in the bed in his Ravenclaw room, not recalling who his real parents are and no longer holding any idea of talking with Professor Prongs or his cousin. He's idea drastically shift to changing the system, somehow, and for some reason that sends him on a 'Why' question. ?15?

He goes to the library to catch up the lost time, and meets Draco who presents Tracy to him. He asks the boy if there's some sort of prank on why people are ignoring him, and the boy answers in the end that it's because he's a Slytherin and a Malfoy.

Harry decides that he doesn't care as long as he doesn't get burned by it, choosing the 'live and let live' philosophy.

Draco presents him a few friends from Slytherin, and Harry is now waved at and has people to talk to.

On Halloween, Harry is the one who heads after Hermione, because 'his feet' carry him over there.

Draco sees him go after the Muggleborn witch and founds himself following, if to save his only 'friend'.

Harry is trapped in the bathroom with Hermione, when he tries the Trudo spell it works, albeit only lightly. As Lillian and Ron enter the fray, Lillian is grabbed by the troll, and Harry saves her by utilizing the Trudo spell to kill the Troll.

Harry faints, and when he wakes up later on professor Flitwick tells him that in the aftermath Lillian was hailed as the heroine of the deed, while his action was shushed.

In November, Quidditch begins and Harry discovers from the Slytherin about Lillian's 'prize' for having saved Hermione: she'll play Quidditch as a first year.

His reply to those comments is sly and cunning, and just not his to begin with. He discovers later that the Baron had been rummaging in his head for a while, helping him out with the plan and generally giving his approach a more 'Slytherin' print.

Hermione wants to thank Draco, but since Harry is still nearby and she ignores him, Draco snaps and tells her that Harry is the one she should thank. Just like that, Hermione suddenly remembers about Harry, but Draco gets hit by Ron who was near too with a jinx.

As Hermione is carried away by Ron, Harry carries to the infirmary Draco, walking out since the nurse is busy somewhere else.

In the dungeons, he realizes what he has done and how. The Bloody Baron speaks of loosening up chains, of the Dementors' origins and yet asks it as a question.

He then departs whispering that the Greatest Enemy is Oneself.

The last thing Harry hears is an Obliviate once more.

He starts receiving messages like 'The plan is in motion, King' and doesn't understand. He believes someone called King is sending him messages at first, and decides to wait and see.

Since he has yet to receive a reply from his parents, he heads off to where Argus is to get answers, the caretaker stiffens slightly when he says that the owl came back with no reply, and tells him not to worry because the owl came back since there was nobody at home when the message was delivered.

Hermione talks to him during History of Magic, offering to help him out with spells and homework. Desiring to give another chance to Hermione, he accepts. As he is about to leave however…

Binns tells him: "I have Argus to thank. Usually I need to ask the Bloody Baron to convince Peeves to move the books on my desk" ?11?

Binns, just like Henry, tells Harry how he is changing things in so little time and that he should be proud of it. ?11?

As he walks with Hermione to the library, and later on see her leave because she's disgusted at his philosophy of 'live and let live', he has a vision of a woman being prideful. He swears to himself he'd take it all away on his blood. ?16?

He then meets Peeves, who cryptically says:

"I have hopes! Great hopes! You who are hidden from a hidden foe, at a crossroad of pandemonium and chaos, will your mind…no, when will your mind break I wonder? I'll be there, Harry…you can rest assured that Hogwarts always nurture her children so much…it suffocates them with its pillows."

And at Christmas, he receives the notification that his guardians (The Dursley) have renounced him.

That's when he starts hearing soft hisses coming through the walls, albeit it will be later that he realizes who he is talking of.

The moment he believes to be alone, his brain connects with the fact that he isn't, and that he does have a cousin and thus a family. He screams, and then faints.

Severus speaks with the Voice, who calms him down claiming everything is going as planned and that he is the 'Voice of Hogwarts' and knows everything that goes on in the castle. He then tells him where he can find Harry, (within the Founder's room) and watches him leave muttering about 'Youngsters'.

When Harry wakes up again, he sees the Grey Lady and the Bloody Baron fighting one another, the latter claiming that Harry can now finally 'think for himself'. He is implying the destruction of something that altered his mind. The Bloody Baron then says he will warn the Headmaster, and goes off.

When Helena lets it slip of him being her descendant, he starts running after her albeit she disappears. He leaves the room and gets grabbed by Snape, who decides to bring him to his common room while berating him on his foolishness. As he does that however they meet with Lily Potter, Harry's real mother.

The Obliviate placed by Snape failed together with the Fidelius and everything else, and thus Harry recalls who she is.

His mother.

The lingering effects of the Fidelius make the woman still doubt Harry's words, before waving them goodnight and going to look for Lillian.

Snape rounds on Harry, making him promise to not say a word and wait tomorrow, to hear the Headmaster's words.

Still believing that people like professors and headmasters are to be trusted, he obeys.

The next day he realizes that everyone sees him again and talks to him, Basileus in particular takes a shine on him, and the rest of the 'Owl' and 'Newt' corps decide to make him a gift for having 'scared' him into using accidental magic to Notice-Him-Not.

The House-Elves start from that moment onwards piling food at the table for him.

It is the Christmas break and since the school is mostly empty there is a single table, rumors on who Harry is start running amok.

He sees the various houses mingling, except for Gryffindor who sticks together.

Basileus pats him on the shoulder when he answers he doesn't know how he managed to be ignored till then, while whispering "remember that sometimes, the easiest answer is probably the wrong one."

Harry goes with the Potion master towards the office of the Headmaster, while telling Harry the events of the thirty-one of October:

The Dark Lord went to Godric's Hollow, thanks to the betrayal of Peter Pettigrew who was arrested and sentenced for life in Azkaban. There he was defeated by Lillian Potter, the Girl-Who-Lived. The Potters were knocked unconscious.

Severus reveals Harry was placed under Fidelius, to keep him hidden from everyone. Dumbledore knew from the beginning since Snape told him, but he did not act thinking it either a trap to catch the new location of the Potters, and because he believed that keeping an eye on Harry would tell him where Voldemort was.

He is told that Voldemort went back to Godric's Hollow to be killed, and yet Dumbledore doesn't know why. He knows that afterwards Voldemort's men all pleaded Imperius, and were found truthful and thus had lowered sentences, bringing them all out of prison.

Then, he is asked to play bait and when he refuses, Dumbledore repeatedly Obliviates him, leaving his mind in tatters.

Severus has another chat with the Voice later on, and the Voice claims that 'You can't change the past after six hours, Time-Turners be damned'. ?16-A?

Harry wakes up on Christmas, and receives his gifts. Among them, there are an Invisible cloak and a golden key, coupled with a golden watch that protects against Obliviate and Mind reading too. !17!

He however believes his time with the Dursley to be like the Canon-Harry one, 'Freak' and all.

A bit after Christmas, he meets with Hagrid and then sees Norbert escape. He goes to the lake, but his mind is then fixed on a flower nearby.

When he regains consciousness, he's in the Forbidden Forest talking to Quirrell, the muggle studies professor. He is seeking 'Watson' but does not find his friend and then forgets about him. He then appears in his room, a Bezoar stone in his hand, before blanking again. !18!

When he regains consciousness once more, he is hearing about Quirrell's disappearance from Dumbledore at a feast. He tries to speak with Draco, but loses himself once more and reacquires consciousness only to face a petrified Peeves and Henry talking to him together with Helena. ?11?

They explain how they had to possess him in order to keep him marginally sane and make his mind repair itself. They tell him they petrified Peeves, who was the 'wildcard' and they speak about his parents. ?11?

Henry blubbers out something about Helena's fault in hiding his son away, with Helena yelling back about how it was 'too soon' to speak of it.

Left with more questions than he could answer, he heads quickly to transfiguration, where he is 'cornered' by the golden trio (Lillian-Hermione and Ron) who threaten him to have information on Nicholas Flamel…

Because a few days before he taunted the three into knowing the alchemist.

In the end Ron jinxes him, and while he's in the infirmary Basileus passes by, giving him the information on who Nicholas Flamel is.

Meanwhile we watch the snippet of how it was a misunderstanding, and that Lillian didn't know that Harry actually had been kicked out by his family.

Harry keeps on learning battle spells with the ghosts, Fodio, Ico, Trudo and many more. Henry states: "Mors in magicae et magia in morte…Death in magic and magic in death" ?11?

Harry decides to play along with Dumbledore, because he can't risk his 'family' not believing him and letting Dumbledore have him again.

As he leaves the room of requirement where he trains, he crosses Lillian and enters a quick ranting time. Then he passes by Ron, who accuses him of wanting to steal the philosopher's stone, and finally he goes to the library where Hermione reaches him and tries to apologize.

The girl talks to him about how she has finally understood that he is the King, and that it's his actions that brought forward the hatred of all houses against Gryffindor making them look like the house of the Bullies rather than the house of the brave.

Since Lillian played Quidditch throughout the year, it became apparent that she was being favored and that Gryffindor would actually win the cup of the houses through favoritism.

It becomes clear that Lillian had crossed him on purpose to apologize, but he had merely scoffed at her attempt and had walked away quickly.

Through an interesting perspective of Hermione, he is the one popular, while Lillian isn't. The girl has fewer friends than him and Hermione pleads him to at least consider calling back the houses.

He refuses. Harry Dursley refuses and Hermione acquiesces but adds on, trying to at least guilt-trip him into helping 'protect' the stone from Snape that the trio believes wishes to steal it.

He refuses there too, and so the school year moves to an end.

Dumbledore assigns points for protecting the stone, even though nobody stole it or even tried to. !18!

Gryffindors wins among the sneers of the other houses, and to the raucous roaring of 'The cup to the Scum!' the school year ends with the Slytherin congratulating their king and hoping for a next year as good as the first one.

Meanwhile, Lily Potter finally moves to speak about the dreadful situation of Lillian's school life, and decides to speak with the Dursley only to find they have moved out.

Meanwhile, Severus Snape and the Voice are in some place in Italy, killing some people and dancing.

The last chapter deals with Harry Dursley, no longer Dursley but 'Doe' ending up in the orphanage. He is then adopted by a raven haired lady who brings him to a nice cottage.

Meanwhile in America Lily confronts the Dursley family together with James and Lillian.

And there she learns that her son is alive.

The Abscondere charm and the Fidelius completely break.

Dumbledore meanwhile receives troubling news from across the globe.

And the 'Cottage' apparently holds three pet kneazles.

End of Book One.


!3! It is safe to assume that the wand actually 'chose' the owner, because if Lillian's wand is the Holly and phoenix feather, then Harry's own wand might have been something more normal. Unluckily it was at Gregorovitch' shop, and not in Britain. The wand that Harry carried around was actually the Horcrux of Salazar Slytherin, which held his own being not as a mere piece of soul, but as the shroud of the Dementor. The wand of Salazar is thus Gaboon Ebony and Thestral hair core, eerily similar to the 'Elder Wand', one of the Deathly Hallows.

!6! The various Fidelius and Abscondere kept him not only hidden, but also with the logical capacity of finding out the truth limited, impaired, and outright removed through violence or pain if he insisted upon it. Only by 'sharing the tale' could his identity be discovered, and that complied in weakening the lot.

!9! Snape's acts of kindness are not kind at all. He knows Harry's conundrum and he actively works on it. He actually engineers Draco's friendship with the boy, thus ensuing the Slytherin's friendship with the boy and thus stirring him away from Gryffindor's tendencies. Effectively, Severus Snape is responsible for making Harry Dursley turn a slightly darker note…but he does not sing the entire orchestra.

!10! Harry doubts himself on his ability to do magic. The moment he starts however, his resolve increases. Till then he had little examples of his 'magical' capacity, due to the 'remain average' impulse he felt. With that weakening, his 'powers' rose.

!12! As the prophecy's subtle influence begins to work against the Abscondere curse, Harry's actions are passed through a sort of magical grinder: everything he does is hidden at first by the Abscondere and the Fidelius, but is later magnified when his presence is gone. This is later seen in Book 2, and to a certain degree in Book 4. The result of 'having to be average' and yet 'being the bringer of change' forces the prophecy to create the persona of 'King' in order for the prophecy to come to pass.

!13! Harry, while holding to him the lines of Gryffindor and Slytherin by blood as a Potter, does not hold Ravenclaw or Scamander by it. However he is not the last of Gryffindors or Slytherins, but he is adopted by the Dursley, who are the muggle-related descendants of Henry Slytherin and Helena Ravenclaw's spawn, thus making him the last of Ravenclaws, and since he is born of two magical parents, the book recognizes that and delivers the hidden words.

!14! The Voice is actually Nicholas Flamel, who is in turn Godric Gryffindor. His claim 'I am the voice of Hogwarts' is due because he believes himself the sole surviving Founder. He can pass through the wards with ease especially because of that and he has kept himself alive with the Philosopher's stone, which however Dumbledore stole from him and he tried to retrieve, failing in his purpose because it wasn't there to begin with. (Somebody else had already stolen it)

!17! While many of the gifts are given to him by the Ghosts, the pocket watch is repeatedly said to be of Salazar, even though the time-frame of Salazar's life would have made it impossible. (Not true, as seen in books 3) Harry does not ponder on this until later on, because the benefits far outweigh the risks. The golden key is used later in Book 2 and revealed for what it is, as the Invisible Cloak is said to have belonged to Rowena Ravenclaw by her daughter.

!18! The Philosopher's stone is actually stolen from the very beginning. The moment Albus Dumbledore placed the stone at Hogwarts, it was stolen. Of course the Headmaster did not put it after the 'obstacle' course that Harry, possessed by Henry Slytherin (As Shown in Book 4) goes through. However it still was stolen. As seen in the later book, Nicholas is angry at Dumbledore for having stolen it, effectively lying when he doesn't say he's gotten it back. (He received it from Possessed-Harry one night)

?Logical Reasoning Up Till Now?

?1? As it has been proven that only through one who already knew the secret can the knowledge of Harry's existence be shown, then Severus Snape is the one who told Lillian about her cousin. That much is clear, while the reason he did that isn't.

?2? The goblins have a trust fund for Harry Dursley, not Potter. Harry does not question this in his first year, but neither do the goblin point out anything of the Potter value. Since it's Severus Snape who brought Harry to the bank, it can be easily deduced the man and the goblins have something going on.

?4? This can either be proven false, (Since it was Salazar's decision to react to its descendant to have the wand 'sparkle') or right, (Maybe Voldemort did put Harry near a Dementor hoping it would suck his soul out). It has yet to be revealed.

?5? As it is shown that the wand is in truth Salazar's temporary home, then it comes to pass that if Salazar says 'master' he is probably referring, in his still sleepy state, to someone else. Who this someone is could be easily deduced as Herpo The Foul, first Parselmouth and Basilisk breeder, but it could also be a certain 'Merlin' whom the man calls in Book 4 his master and who wishes for his son to be named the same.

?7-8?The hat asks him questions that seemingly hold no reason. (Book 4 will answer them)

?9-A? While Snape's allegiance is shrouded in utter mystery (Since apparently he holds contacts with everyone, even Peeves since he lies about the books with a straight face) it is clear that in the end he is up to something. How much that something will work out for Harry, if it will be to his benefit or not, that is still to be seen.

?11? The ghosts of Hogwarts, just like the paintings, all seem interested in Harry beyond normal. This cannot be explained with a mere descendant or 'the other students ignore him' thing, because the ghosts of Henry and Helena repeatedly lie to him, avoiding to answer some questions on his blood while at the same time having Peeves give him books (And claiming they did it). Furthermore they use the basilisk to petrify Peeves, calling him a wild-card when in Book 4 it is clearly shown he is the ruler of the ghosts of Hogwarts, thus faking everything up to that point for some sort of reason that will become clear in book 4.

?15? The change of thought could be easily given to a possession by the Bloody Baron, who altered his brain. Or it could be given to the Obliviate usage. Or it could be a ploy of Snape. In Book 4, that is revealed.

?16? It is easy to imply that thanks to the wand Harry somehow has visions of Salazar's past, as the man grows back in strength and starts to slowly change Harry's actions. Who the woman is however is yet to be determined. She appears prideful and he appears vengeful of her, so much that he swears revenge on her on his blood.

?16-A? There is a connection between the events, but it becomes far clearer in Book 4. If the Voice, Nicholas Flamel-Godric Gryffindor is to be believed, past six hours there can be no changes to the timeline done by the Time-Turner. While this does make sense, there is the problem that Time-Turners are not limited in their going back in time, if not for the aging effect. Technically, nothing prohibits someone from going back to Adolf Hitler's times and killing the dictator. Practically something does prevent that, and Book 4 deals with giving a 'logical reasoning' to Time-Turners.

Main Purpose of Book One.

Book one deals with the troubles of a young average student getting flung into the magical world, at first. It later on morphs into the tale of Harry's quest to discover why he was abandoned by his parents, and finally brings forth the questions of why everyone seems interested in him, as prophecies lurk in the background ready to pounce.

Harry is not a hero in Book One. He is an average eleven year old who does not act like a Gryffindor. He asks himself questions, even repeatedly so, and brings forth various possible answers to his problems. He actively trains and tries to become someone, differently from his other counterparts, after he realizes that he simply does not have a chance at anything else. Being ignored and completely alone except for the ghosts and the paintings, he effectively seeks his own road in the school through knowledge.

He becomes wary of human contact, but is not angry at the world or disgruntled. He still believes everything can be solved, and happy endings are possible.

His friends in the end are the Ghosts, the Paintings and Draco Malfoy, albeit the latter was engineered by Snape. In the beginning he does strike a friendship with Lillian, but it suddenly stops after the difference between the two become evident. Harry Dursley is a bit of a loner, a normal-Ravenclaw. Lillian Potter is the girl-who-lived, the heroine of the stage, the one who goes around with her friends to solve mysteries and save people. Yet towards the end thanks to a mere explanation of Propaganda the situation is reversed.

Harry is the King of the Slytherins, and Lillian Potter is the Exception-From-The-Rules. Three houses believe in him, while the Gryffindors are considered merely bullies and petty individuals.

The main purpose of book one was to show the Biased-Limited viewpoint of characters, so as to make it clear to readers that what one sees and says is different from what actually happens.

In real life people lie: having characters of a book 'always claim the truth' is unrealistic. Just like in real life one does not see the sleight of hand of a thief, so too a character does not.


The first chapter of the book is in re-writing thanks to Project Team Beta, later ones will come one at the time.

Known Issues

Harry and the wand. It is an important plot-point, yet it isn't an extremely disconcerting event. It's a wand. Magic by itself should be more disconcerting than a wand that doesn't even work properly in the beginning. Just like the wiki says, Thestral hair is difficult to master, and the Gaboon Ebony is for extremely decisive persons, that Harry at the start is not. A lot of people stop reading with the 'super wand' involved. I ask the question, really? Mind you, if the super wand is made of crystalized essence of Ice Daeva mixed with demon horns, with wood of a three-thousand years old wood intertwined with the lance of longinus…I'd probably stop reading too. Why? Because it would only be a fancy-stick. No longer mentioned, no longer important, and in the end it would just justify Harry's steam-rolling all opponents.

Harry's wand is mentioned again and is not unimportant, as shown in Book 3 it is an extremely important bit of the plot, with various reminders of what it holds throughout Book 2.

Harry and the anachronisms. He plays Zerg. He goes on Wikipedia. These points are there only to show his average geeky side. They aren't mentioned more than in passing. They can be counted on the fingers of one hand. No plasma rifles were donated to the British cops and while I frankly don't see an issue with them, the re-writing will probably remove them and place something more time-appropriate in there.

Harry being slapped on the ground. Harry is not a hero in the first book. He's eleven years old. Sorry to tell you, but I did not fight basilisks at twelve and even the most important students (See Dumbledore, Voldemort) become powerful at sixteen. Harry does start earlier, but not 'that' early.

Harry repeatedly possessed. The ghosts' possessions were there to drive home the point that even 'thoughts' can be biased and colored, and while some actions are the clear-cut result of it, many more leave open questions that are answered throughout Book 4.

Grammar mistakes. Those are getting corrected.

Author's notes

At first I thought it would be easy, 'just a couple of pages' then I realized how much stuff there is. So I'm going to publish this aside, and update it once for every book. By doing so if people have questions they can ask them in the reviews still and I'll answer them by the next book.

Being human, I might have forgotten to add something in this summary of importance. An information, a slip of someone, a piece of the conversation or the likes that instead is important. If that happens, it's a mistake. As always feel free to ask questions through the reviews. Don't feel shy now. The summary of Books 2-3 are coming up, and eventually (I hope), the ones of Book 4-7.