So quick background, this begins during "Instincts" and moves on into "Memoriam"

Reid and Morgan are in an established relationship, and the team knows.

Warning: mentions of child abuse

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"Get him off me! Morgan get him off, get him off me Morgan! Morgan get him off me! Get him off me! Get him off me! Get him off - Morgan get him off me! "

"Reid, Reid! Wake up! It's Morgan." A confused and clearly freaked out Reid was about to apologize but was interrupted by an angry voice at the stairs.

"What the hell is going on?" Reid stopped listening as Morgan calmed the couple down, only muttering his apologies before the couple went back to bed. Morgan took a seat on the coffee table across from Reid who sank back into the couch. This case was getting to him, he kept thinking about Reilly Jenkins, the dead by from his childhood.

"Spencer, what the hell is scaring you?" Morgan demanded. He knew Reid wouldn't talk about the nightmare but he had to try.

"This boy is going to die, and there is nothing I can do to stop it," his voice almost broke with emotion. Morgan placed a hand on his knee, a comforting and loving gesture. He wasn't outright lying to his boyfriend; he was afraid they would be too late to save the boy, but there was something more. He just couldn't get his brain to figure it all out yet; he needed more information.

Morgan didn't like seeing the man he loved looking so scared, lost and confused. Something from his past was certainly bothering him, and his nightmares were getting worse. Morgan shifted from his spot on the coffee table to sit next to Reid. He took the younger man into his arms and soothed him back to sleep. Once Reid had drifted back to sleep, Morgan laid him gingerly back down onto the couch and stroked his hair, and gave him a kiss on the forehead before returning to the other room.

Whispering as he walked out, "Good night, pretty boy. I love you."

The case was solved, and the team was all heading back to Quantico, minus their resident boy genius. Well it turned out that Rossi and Morgan had stayed behind as well.

"What are you guys doing here?" Reid asked a little taken aback that the two had chosen to stay.

Morgan didn't even look up, just responded with, "Hey. What's it look like we're doing? "

"Uh, breaking into my room and watching Days of Our Lives." Reid retorted.

"The Young and the Restless," Rossi corrected with a smile.

Morgan walked over gave Reid a quick hug and kiss. Motioning to the Jenkins' case file, "I know what this has been doing to you." "Let us help," Rossi cut in, "Maybe together we can find out who killed him." Spencer looked down, shrugged off the arm Morgan still had around his shoulders and explained he thought he already knows the killer. "Okay babe, so tell us about the suspect" Morgan asked, a little hurt about Reid shrugging off his arm. He knew Reid was having trouble with this, but it still hurt.

"Truth is I don't know anything about him. He's my father" Reid breathes out. Morgan sighs and sweeps Reid back into his arms, and to his delight, Reid hugged the darker man tightly.

After the shock of what Reid had said had passed, the three sat down to talk. Morgan sat next to Reid on one of the beds with his hand resting just above Reid's knee and Rossi sat in a chair across from them.

Rossi looked to the kid, "I'll ask you again: Are you sure you want to go down this road?" Reid nodded, and Morgan squeezed his leg, and in that gesture Reid felt all the love Morgan felt towards him. It warmed his heart.

The next morning the three headed off to the police station. Looking back through all the evidence, Rossi points out that there was hair found under the duct tape that covered Reilly's mouth. Reid had an idea.

"Run the hairs DNA with mine." Spencer blurted out.

"What, why?" Morgan asked, and then it dawned on him, "You and your father share DNA! Spencer, babe, you're brilliant." Morgan kisses his forehead, and Reid just smiles.

"Well, while that's being done, why don't we head over to pay a visit to Mr. Jenkins?" Rossi suggested. They left the station to see Mr. Jenkins. He was clearly angry that they thought William Reid was the killer. After introducing himself as William's son, Mr. Jenkins informs the agents of William's whereabouts.

"He was 10 minutes away and never let me know" Reid huffs out, visibly upset at the information. The trio head off to find Reid's father.

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