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"Hey, Garcia you busy?" JJ asked, poking her head into the tech analyst's lair.

Looking at her computers, "I'm not busy at all." Garcia snapped with sarcasm.

"So you don't want to hear about how your Chocolate Thunder is planning on proposing to our resident boy genius?"

"Sit!" Garcia commanded, followed by squeals of delight.

JJ smiled, "Well to be honest I don't know anything. Morgan kind of had a breakdown" JJ stopped and began to explain her conversation with Morgan.

"Oh my poor baby, he really loves him" Garcia dabbed her eyes.

JJ nodded, "Ya he really does, and I know Spence feels the same way. Morgan is the best thing that ever happened to him."

Garcia nodded her head in agreement. After a moment, she spoke up, "So what are we going to do about this?"

JJ smiled, "I think you already have a plan forming in that amazing mind of yours."

Garcia returned the smile, "Oh you know me so well."

Back at the hospital, a nurse finally convinced Morgan to eat something. So there he sat, eating some cherry Jell-O waiting on Reid to wake up. The nurse who had given him the Jell-O assured him it wouldn't be long until his boyfriend would be awake.

"Are you eating Jell-O?" A raspy voice asked.

"Hey kid" Morgan said with a large smile on his face, "Hey Doc, look who's back?"

Doctor Kimura came into the room. Reid tried to sit up, "is there any more Jell-O?" he asked still with his eyes half closed. Morgan couldn't help but smile at him. He was beyond happy.

"Hey, not so fast" the doctor warned.

"What happened?" Reid questioned.

Morgan stood, putting a hand on his shoulder, "You're going to be alright kid. We got Brown. It's over."

Reid nodded, then looked to Dr. Kimura, "How's Abby?" Morgan smiled; of course the first thing Reid would do was make sure the other patients were ok as well.

"She's on the mend, so are the three others. You were right about where to look for his cure." she informed him. Reid gave a half-smile. They continued to talk about the case. After a while, Dr. Kimura excused herself allowing the two men some privacy.

"Pretty boy" Morgan began but Reid stopped him.

"Der, none of this was your fault. I went in there. I already knew that I was infected, I just couldn't let you" Reid took a breath, "I couldn't let you in there."

Morgan nodded, and took Reid's hand in both of his. He didn't trust his voice to speak. Sensing just how worried Morgan had been, Reid shifted in his bed, moving over enough for Morgan to join him. Without any words, Morgan climbed into the bed, put his arms around Reid, and instantly felt better. The two fell asleep in each other's arms. Dr. Kimura knowing their relationship was not known to the FBI made sure only the nurses herself or the team went into the room while the two men slept.

Morgan woke with a smile on his face, he had his pretty boy curled up on his chest and nothing could be better. Feeling eyes watching him, Morgan tightened his grip on Reid and jerked his head to find Garcia and JJ sitting to his left.

"Oh look who's all protective now?" Garcia teased.

Morgan relaxed his grip on Reid, "So what do I owe the pleasure?"

Garcia stood and walked over to the bed. She smacked his arm, "There is really no acceptable excuse for violence, but for you I am making an exception."

"Ow, baby girl, what was that for?"

"How could you not tell me you wanted to propose? I mean since Vegas!" Garcia huffed.

"Oh, baby girl come on. I had no idea what-" Morgan stared but Garcia cut him off.

"No excuses, mister." Garcia said crossing her arms, but she leaned in whispering, "So how are you going to make it up to me?"

Morgan chuckled, "Aw, now that's my girl" He paused, "how about letting you help me with it?"

Garcia broke into a gigantic smile, "I was hoping you'd say that."

"Ya, we already have everything all planned" JJ added. Morgan had forgotten JJ was there at all.

"Wait what?" Morgan started, and then realization came, "Well of course, I should have known." Morgan knew Garcia would plan it all out with or without his permission.

"So how is he?" JJ asked motioning to Reid.

"A lot better" Morgan replied, "They're releasing him tomorrow, and he'll be back at work in a week or so." JJ looked relieved. Morgan continued, "He will have some trouble with his lungs, so desk duty for a while, but the Doc said he'll make a full recovery."

The girls, satisfied that Reid was ok began to tell Morgan their plan.

Reid woke with a start. He was drenched in sweat, and slightly shaking. 'That was a bad one' Reid thought, thinking back to his nightmare. Frowning he sat up, only now realizing his bed was empty. Morgan was gone.

"Derek?" He called out softy. "Derek" he called out a little louder. He was about to call out again, when the bathroom door burst open.

"What's wrong? Spencer, you ok?" Morgan rushed to the bed on high alert.

"Oh, sorry. Ya I'm fine." Reid stuttered, "I-I just had a nightmare, and then you w-were gone. Sorry for scaring you."

"Oh, no I'm sorry." Morgan said as he climbed back into the bed. "I'm here now, don't worry." Reid curled back up onto Morgan's chest. Morgan began to stroke the younger man's hair, "Wanna talk about it?"

"Same dream, just in this one he, uh he killed me. I was behind the washer" feeling Morgan tighten his grip, Reid decided to continue, "the team, uh, you found me, but then I wasn't a kid anymore. I was lying behind the washer as an adult, dead with black lesions. An-anthrax." Reid stopped.

"It's ok, baby boy. I'm here, now. It's all ok. You are ok." Morgan soothed Reid.

"I know." Reid said, burying himself deeper into Morgan. After a couple of moments, Reid looked up, "Hey, Der."

"Ya, kid" Morgan looked down to meet his eyes.

"I need to find him. I need to find my biological father."

Morgan nodded, "I know buddy, I know." After a few moments, Morgan asked, "Do you know anything about him?"

"No, well sort of. When I look my mom back to Bennington, I asked her about him. She didn't say anything helpful. She was rambling. She kept saying, 'House. House. No, not house. House is not here. Gone. Gone.' I don't know what she meant by it."

"Well it's a start. We just need to figure out what house." Morgan began, "Oh maybe it's a fun house." he joked.

Reid smiled, "I love you, Derek."

"I love you too" Morgan said kissing the top of Reid's head.

Reid was happy to be going back home. Morgan had left earlier that morning to run some errands and take a shower. Now Reid was left to wait. He was sitting on the bed, dressed in some clothes JJ had dropped off the day before.

'Man it feels good to be in real clothes again' Reid thought to himself. He was trying to put his shoes on when his door opened.

"Hey pretty boy. You ready?" Morgan asked, and then noticing Reid's shoes were still off, "Need help?"

Reid was about to protest, but Morgan was already at his feet, with his left shoe in his hand. As Morgan began to place in on his foot, "You know this scene makes me think of Cinderella. The folk tale relays the life of a young woman living in unfortunate circumstances, whose future is suddenly changed to remarkable fortune. Thousands of variants are known throughout the world. First published by Charles Perrault in Histoires ou contes du temps passé in 1697, later by the Brothers Grimm in their folk tale collection Grimms' Fairy Tales, but most notable was the Walt Disney Animation Studios animated musical re-creation, whose glass slipper scene was in the 64th minute."

Morgan laughed, "Man it's good to hear him talk like that again' he thought. Then looking up at Reid, he teased "So you're Cinderella?"

"No, that's not what I was saying." Reid cried, already blushing. "I was merely pointing out the-"

Morgan cut the man off by standing and kissing him. Shocked at first, Reid froze but soon returned the kiss with more passion.

Morgan pulled back after a couple of minutes, "God, you are so hot right now. It's definitely time to go home."

Morgan pulled into the driveway, "Finally home" he said then turned to Reid, "Hey, so you go on in and I'll be right there." He handed Reid the house keys.

"Ok" Reid said as he got out and began walking up to the house. He unlocked the door and went in. The scene before him made him freeze. There stood his team, JJ, Garcia, Hotch, Rossi, Emily, even Will and Kevin. There were candles everywhere and off to the side he could see champagne in a bucket of ice and glasses.

From behind him he heard a cough. Quickly Reid turned to find Morgan on one knee. His mind was racing, but Reid couldn't speak, but Morgan did.

"Spencer, I love you." Morgan began, "I love the way a cup of coffee can change your day. I love the way you tuck your hair behind your ears, oh God I do love your hair. I love the way you read, getting completely lost in it. I love the way you look when you're thinking. I love the color your cheeks turn when you're embarrassed. I love that you always put yourself last, even if you deserve to be first. I love that you can tell me almost any statistic I would ever want to know. I love that you don't have to do anything to make me happy. Just seeing you puts a smile on my face."

Morgan paused for a second, reaching into his pocket and bringing out a platinum band, "I love you with all I have. You are the strongest, bravest, and remarkably the sexiest man I know and I would love to spend the rest of my life proving that to you." Morgan smiled, "So, Spencer Reid, my pretty boy, will you marry me?"

Once Morgan's words sank in, Reid didn't speak, no instead he tackled Morgan. Reid crashed his lips onto Morgan's with hunger. He had never felt more wanted in his life. The two clawed at each other; Reid's hands around Morgan's neck, Morgan's clutching Reid's back.

Eventually someone cleared their throat, and the two lovers broke apart. Reid's cheeks were quickly turning red. The group laughed a little, and Rossi spoke up, "So Reid what's your answer?"

"Yes" he squeaked out, then turning to Morgan, "I love you and trust you more than you could ever understand. I can't even imagine a life without you in it. I love you, Derek Morgan. So, yes. Yes I'll marry you."

The two were kissing again, and the team cheered. Morgan and Reid broke their kiss, "So who's pouring me and my fiancé some champagne?" Morgan called out to the group.

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