Keely woke with a start to the sound of children yelling.

"Oh good god." rolling over, She put her pillow over her head to no avail. Sitting up straight, Keely slowly got out of bed and put on her slippers. Keely opened the door and ran down the hall to the kitchen.

"HELLO!?" She said, scaring the children. "Why?"

"Andrew took my doll and he wont give it back." The fair-haired girl said, pouting and crossing her arms. She glared at her brother who stood next to her, the doll just barely out of her reach. Andrew looked up at Keely, challenging her.

"Give Alice her doll back,"

"Make me."

"Andrew, you are 16 years old, Give Alice her doll back." Andrew hesitated, a smirk plastered on his face. He has a problem with being a bully. So does Keely. "NOW!" he dropped the doll into Alice's waiting arms and sat down in his seat. "Good." Keely was quite pleased with herself until she looked over at the clock. She felt my chest tighten as the face read half past eleven. "What the hell guys! Why didn't you wake me up! Dad is going to KILL me!"

"We tried but you wouldn't get up." Alice said, attempting to feed her doll cereal. Keely took the bowl away from her and sat down, staring at Andrew.

"And what's your excuse? You can drive." he shrugged and took a huge bite.

"I couldn't find the keys." Keely looked over into the key bowl, and like always, there sat the keys to his Mo-Ped. She went and grabbed them, dangling them in front of his face.


"Oh wait… I just didn't want to go to school. Me and Alice don't need to go to school. Right?" He dared the little girl into a confession and her bright eyes shone with mischief.


"Hey Alice, what's the capital of Thailand." Alice had no answer for Keely "Andrew," her attentions turned to him. "Schrödinger's Cat?"

"I believe it was a tabby." Keely stared hard at him and watched as he squirmed. He grabbed his Mo-Ped keys and grinned. "Exactly, so now I have to go to school and tell them that you guys were sick, right?" Keely threw a daring glare at Andrew and he nodded with a big smile. "Uhg… Let me get dressed."


Keely drove her beater down the road, hoping not to catch the eye of her father, who had to be on lunch break by now. However a bright yellow wagon sticks out like a sore thumb among the dark gray and black town cars of sophisticated New York, New York.

"Maybe I'll get lucky and he'll mistake it for a taxi." She said to herself, turning up the radio. As Keely drove she noticed the commute to Alice's elementary school was not taking nearly as long as usual. For 12:30 on a Wednesday afternoon the streets were empty. Shrugging it off, Keely made a left turn into the parking lot of the school, which was, needless to say, as quiet as the rest of the city.

She considered driving away for a split second, but there was a sudden flurry of movement behind one of the windows, pushing her fears aside.

Keely opened her car door and stepped outside, the cool air sending a shiver down her spine, and pulled her light jacket tighter.

'Why does it have to be so cold.' She thought to herself taking a quick glance around. Keely began her walk towards the school, picking up the pace as she got closer, ready to get out of the cold. She reached for the handle of the double doors, but froze when she looked inside.

The children were in the hallway, lined up in one long row facing the wall, with the exception of several children who had fallen to the floor. They were silently crying, and the teachers all hovered over the furthest body, just staring at it. Keely was confused by the scene before her, and stared long and hard, until the child closest to her on the line looked up with a fleeting, hopeful look.

"Help." He silently mouthed the word, which made Keely more uncomfortable and anxious. Putting her hand on the handle, she tugged with all her might but the door wouldn't budge. Again Keely tried, pulling on it a few times, but to no avail. Not sure why, but frantically she began to bang on the glass, catching the attention of the teachers who looked up from the body.

Keely was relieved to see that they'd noticed her, until they began sprinting in her direction. The little voice in the back of Keely's head screamed "RUN!" and she obeyed it, cutting around the corner.

'They're coming for me!' She thought, scanning the parking lot for a place to hide. 'They're coming for me, and they're going to do to me what they did to the children!' Not sure how close behind they were, her eyes stopped on a large blue box, which she ducked behind quickly, thinking of where to go next.

The shrieks of the teachers grew louder and Keely knew they had seen her run behind her current hiding spot. Peeking around the side Keely saw them making a v line right for her. Unsure of where to go, She just stood there, crying to herself.

"I'm going to die…" Keely said aloud, praying it would be quick.

"Not today your aren't." She turned around to find that the box could open, and a man stood in the doorway, holding his hand out to her. His smile made me feel easy, and Keely took his hand, stepping inside after him.

Keely stared in awe at the sight around her. This place was huge. A large circular room, with an engine built right in the middle.

"What?!" She stared at the room in awe. "It's- it's!"

"It's bigger on the inside." The man gave Keely a mischievious smile before turning to tinker on the column in the middle.

"I've seen this before." Keely ran her hands over the controls. "In my dreams. " She looked up at him, recognizing his own face. "And you! I saw you too!" The man eyed her suspiciously, and his suspicions were justified, she was confused herself.

"How?" The question was more to himself than her.

"I have no idea." keely looked back at the machine and visions popped into her head. They flashed so quickly she was left with vague pictures and a headache. Clutching her head, she sat down on the bench. The man rushed over to me and put his hands on her cheeks, looking straight into her eyes. Keely felt like he could see her darkest secrets, she hated the feeling.

"What just happened." The machine shuddered and the man looked up at her. Keely realized he seemed to be ageless. She just couldn't pin point how old he was, it was as if time couldn't touch him. His accent brought her back from her daydream, as did a prick of her finger. "Hey!" red flowed from the tiny wound, which the man pinched between his thumb and forefinger.

"Don't worry, I'm The Doctor." Now it was Keely's turn to look suspicious.

"Doctor Who?" She inquired, watching him as he curiously held a blinking wand to the small amount of blood he just drew. He smiled at me as the machine made a whirring noise, and beeped.

"Just the Doctor." He grinned up at her. "And who, may I ask, do I have the pleasure of meeting?" She blushed at his manners.

"Oh, I'm Keely."

"What a great name!" There was a low beep. "There we go. It's scanning your DNA." The device beeped again and smiled to himself, satisfied at what it said.

"For what?" The man stood up and shrugged, placing the wand back into his inside coat pocket.

"Making sure they didn't get to you as well, the whole of adults in this city are sick."

"You're telling me…" Keely rolled her eyes and managed to touch everything, "Some real assholes out there."

"No, I mean actually sick. One Psycheic has managed to turn this village of New York into soul sucking leeches in mere hours. But you're fine, 100% human."

"What do you mean he turned New York?" She asked, side stepping the 100% human remark.

"It means we have to fix it before it spreads even further." he began to babble on about something scientific, but Keely got lost in the middle of his explanation. Suddenly she was angry, and wanting more information from him about what exactly was going on.

"What were those things out there?" that's when she really thought about it. They were just behind those doors, ready to rip her face off. Subconsciously Keely took a step away from the door.

"That door is impenetrable for anyone who doesn't have a key." The Doctor said without looking up. That didn't make her feel any better.

"Why haven't they turned the children yet?"

"Children don't turn. They feed off of the children's souls to survive. Since a child's soul is pure, it can't be turned into a soul sucker. That means they're safe from them, but it also means their souls are very potent." Keely thought about what he was saying for a minute before her eyes widened with realization.

"Oh no." She glanced at the door. "Andrew and Alice." Keely ran at the door, putting her hand on the handle.

"Wait!" She stopped right before pulling open the door. "If you go out there, they're gonna kill us."

"But I have to get to my brother and sister!" Keely argued with him, reaching for the door again. He placed a heavy hand on the door, stopping her from opening it.

"Trust me."

"I don't even know you!" Keely raged at him, trying to push him back.

"Yet for some reason, there's nagging feeling in the back of your brain that can trust me over your own mother."

"I never knew my mother…" Keely brought her hand up to her locket and fingered it tenderly. The Doctor was staring at the locket, almost studying it. "Why do I feel so… close to you?" She asked him. He shook his head and smiled at her.

"Because I'm The Doctor." He grinned cheekily before turning back to the control panel, walking at a sprinters pace. "Now, tell me where you live, we can get there without going outside." Keely was confused and she followed him up the ramp.

"What do you mean?"

"I can fly us there. Or well, I can appear us and disappear us. That's not the correct way to describe it really…"

"Just stop! You aren't making any sense!" Her head began to pound and the TARDIS began to whir. The Doctor looked up at the control panel with a bewildered smile, obviously confused.

"She's just going." Keely was confused and she gathered it was not something that happened often. "But why is she just going? She doesn't just go. Well…" He corrected himself and then looked up at Keely. There was a whirring noise that quickly faded. "Welcome to your living room." She felt the sudden urge to throw the doors open. And she did.

"Oh my god." Keely breathed. The Doctor strode up behind her, shutting the TARDIS door behind him.

"You," the teachers from the school were already at Keely's house. "In the clever blue box." The one speaking cracked a wicked smile and stepped to the side. Behind him laid Alice, on the floor unconscious, and Andrew had been tied up and gagged.

"Alice! Andrew!" Keely tried to run at her siblings, but The Doctor grabbed her waist, holding her back. "Let me go please! Let me go!" She began to cry and beat at his arm.

"You wont be able to help them this way, just stop fighting me." Keely reluctantly did as she was told, all the while not taking her tear filled eyes off of her sister. He let her go and took a few steps forward. "I'm the Doctor."

"We know." The wicked smile remained on his face. "There are very few things in the universe that we don't know. Which is what brings us to you." The man frowned.

"Well I-"

"Not you." The man spoke calmly, a hint of amusement in his voice. The Doctor paused, looking around. "You, the human." His grin was evil and he held his hand out to Keely.

"What?" the Doctor looked just as confused as she did and he instinctually took a step in front of her. "Whatever you want with her, forget about it. I will not allow it."

"What you will and won't allow is no concern of ours, dear Doctor." Before he could react, The Doctor was being held back by a multitude of strong hands and I was snatched from behind him.

"Unhand her this instant!"

"No stop! Please!" Keely struggled for a moment before glancing up at him. "Doctor please help me!" they pulled her over to the center of the room and held her to the ground, one alien on each arm.

"Leave her alone!"

"I can't quite put my finger on it, but there is something very special about your essence… I can't wait to get a taste of it."

"What do you mean her essence? What are you going to do to her?" The Doctor asked from across the room where they were holding him down.

"We have been tracking her essence through the universe's, across space. You think we would invade earth of our own accord?" the man laughed at the mere thought. "Heavens no. The human essence is laughable."

"Watch it!" Keely spat from the floor. "humans are beautiful and brave and full of life. Unlike you! The only life you're full of are the ones you steal!" The Doctor stared shocked at her words and She had to admit they shocked even her.

"Quaint. But your words haven't changed our mind." The man looked to his followers menacingly. "I shall feast first, hold her down."

"No!" The Doctor yelled, struggling against his captors. Keely struggled against the ones holding her down but it was no use. "Hold her!" The leader roared as he crouched over her.

"Please." She pleaded for the last time. "Please don't do this…" He merely laughed manically and opened his mouth wide, wider than humanly possible. His eyes rolled back into his head and Keely could feel herself being sucked away at. It was like being in a massive mental vacuum. It was hard to breath, hard to speak, and the only thing she could think about over and over again was "this is how I die." However before he could pull more of her away, the Psychiec stepped backwards. He squealed and grabbed at his face, which was being sucked into his own skull. The others did the same, and Keely sat up, rushing to her siblings aid. Quickly she untied Andrew and knelt next to Alice.

"What have you DONE?!" The Psycheic turned on her. "You have ruined us. You have compressed us! WHAT ARE YOU?"

"Keely look away! They're going to disintegrate but you can't look into the light!"

"Andrew do what he says! Look away from them!" Keely closed her eyes and covered Alice's with the other, while the Psycheic's were disintegrating would be an awful time for Alice to decide to wake up. Out of instinct Keely brought the other hand to her locket around her neck and held on tight.

In a flash of light and a loud roar, the living room went silent. Keely sat with her eyes closed on the floor, breathing heavily. A soft hand touched her shoulder and she jumped, screaming with fright.

"Keely it's alright, it's just me." The Doctors reassuring voice cut through the silence. She couldn't help herself, so she threw her arms around him and began sobbing into his shoulder.

"It's okay," his voice was soft and kind as he returned the embrace. Keely pulled away from him and Andrew hugged her next, squeezing her. Then keely remembered Alice.

"Oh Alice!" Keely brought her fingers to the childs neck as Andrew rounded the other side of her.

"Is she okay Keely? Please tell me she's okay!" Keely waited a few seconds, feeling a strong pulse. Keely's chest ached with relief. The Doctor joined her next to Alice, running his wand above her body.

"She'll be fine, nothing a good nap wont fix. Andrew, why don't you get her up to bed?" Andrew nodded in agreement and gingerly picked up his little sister, carrying her off to the stairs. Keely watched them walk away, a silence settling in around us. Nervously, her fingers once again found her locket. "What's that then?"

"Oh, uhm. Its my locket. I've had it since I can remember. There's a picture of my mom in there." Keely's tone dropped when she spoke about her mom. Being an adoptive child, her parents were always a depressing subject. She was so young when they died, She had never even seen a picture of them.

"I'm so sorry, what happened?"

"I dunno." Keely shrugged, forcing a smile. "It happened when I was a baby. The Jone's adopted me when I was 6 months old and I've been here ever since. I can't even open it, so I have no idea what she even looked like…" She felt tears stinging her eyes. "I've got a picture of her but I have yet to even see it. It's so stupid."

"Well, maybe I can help you with that." The Doctor smiled at Keely reaching up for her locket. "May I?"

"Oh!" Keely reached behind her, unclasping the chain, and slowly handed it to him. Pulling out his wand thing, he quickly pointed it at her locket.

"the great thing about a Sonic Screwdriver is," there was a click and he smiled triumphantly. "They open anything. Here, open it." he handed the locket back to her. Keely sat there for a minute, almost afraid of what was inside. She had waited so long to open it, so very long. Taking her thumb, Keely flipped open the necklace.

"What?!" The Doctor stared perplexed at the item in Keely's hand and a rush of golden energy sprung from the watch, incasing her in its wake. "That's impossible." He breathed, standing up and away from her. "That's quite impossible because if I'm right and I'm always right, that looks like a Chameleon Arch Transfer."

She could feel it now, everything was coming back to her, this world, compared to everything was so tiny in the vast scheme of things, She saw visions, She heard sounds, She felt pain and suffering and loneliness.

"If that's a Chameleon Arch then you're…" he trailed off, a sudden realization hitting him. "That's impossible!"

"No, it's improbable." Keely spoke with a new voice. HER voice. She had barely recognized it after the years of being Keely. A flood of emotions came running back to her and Keely felt a grin spread from ear to ear. "It's been so long I had almost forgotten." Keely stop, shocked. "I did forget…" the empty locket sat in her hand and She smiled at it, reminiscing.

"You're a Time Lady." The shock in his voice was understandable, as was the perplexed look on his face.

"I am Io, The Remnant." Keely smiled, taking a step towards him. "And I can't believe you exist." She stepped up to him, wrapping her arms around his neck.

"The feeling is mutual." He spoke softly, slowly bringing his arms around her. "I thought I was the last of the Time Lords." He drew back as he spoke, a look of realization suddenly flooding his face. The Doctors smile grew big and he squeezed her again for good measure. "I can't believe there's another! This is incredible!"


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