They can be good, your happy place when all seems lost. They can be bad, nightmares that keep you up at night and haunt you. They can be indifferent, just another blip on the radar.

Making memories is easy, every moment in your life can become a memory. The difficult task is trying to recover the ones that are lost, but there is always hope.

Memories make a person how they are, so what is one to do when they no longer remember their past or even their name? Will he help her remember? Will she want to know who she is, or will she prefer who she has become?

A forgotten past lies beneath the snow, what will the Spring reveal? An entire life left behind; a family broken through tragedy becomes more distant when a horrible event turns her world upside down. Her only clue is a simple locket around her neck, and the secrets it will unlock. There is but one word which holds the key to an entire past, a lifetime of memories, and the world she left behind. Marie.