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It had been about half an hour since Alice asked me if someone was out in the storm. I of course had said; "Of course not Ali, you worry far too much. Why do you ask?" I had asked her simply hoping to find why she had thought that. Then she said; "I just have a feeling someone is out there." It made me wonder.

I had been thinking about that exact statement when a strange chill came over me and without thinking I jumped up and ran outside into the storm. Something or someone was out here and it felt as though it was leading me to it.

I ran straight out from the house in nothing but my night gown. I ran out about twenty feet and surveyed the horizon, but still I saw nothing. I still felt it though, with certainty that something was out here.

"Edward!" Alice called out to me. She sounded close. I turned to find her and barely noticed her standing ten feet ahead.


"What are you doing?!"

"Something is out here! I have to find it!"

She said something else but I didn't catch what it was. I turned away and continued my way through the now knee deep snow. I had barely gone ten more yards when I felt a pull so strong that it pulled me to my knees in the compacted snow under my feet.

Without thinking I began digging in the snow. I felt more and more aware with every handful of snow I moved. I was careful not to pull at the snow to fast; afraid I would hurt whoever was buried there.

It felt as if I would never find them when I felt my fingers graze something denser than the snow but softer than the frozen ground. I began frantically but carefully uncovering what felt to be a body.

I uncovered a hand first. It was delicate, too young to be a woman's and to mature to be a child's. As I continued to pull the body out from its cold white blanket it became more evident that the body was that of a young lady.

Once I had her right arm and torso uncovered I pulled her, by the waist as best I could. It took me what felt like eternity to free her.

I pulled her into my arms, flush against my chest. Her frozen form tucked into me as I struggled to get up and headed back towards home. As I trudged back I studied this girl, studied her face.

She had a pale complexion, nice full lips, and long chestnut hair pulled into a disheveled bun. The only thing I couldn't see was her eyes.

I had expected to pass Alice but as I made my way back I realized she must have already gone back inside. I just knew she would lose her mind when I walked into our home with a girl in my arms, a girl I found buried in a blanket of snow.

As I expected, Alice freaked out.

"How did you know she was out there? Is she alive? Wow she is really pretty. Does she have a name?"

"I don't know how I knew Alice. I can't explain it, not really. It was like, I felt her; a chill ran through me and I jumped up. I headed outside, knowing someone would be there."

I didn't answer Alice's other questions, instead I moved to lay the girl down on the floor in front of the hearth. Her heart was weak; I could barely find her faint pulse.

I had Alice bring me a spare quilt and pillow. Alice had insisted upon sitting with the girl, alone. She had brought a spare night gown of hers for the girl to be changed into. As Alice was removing the girl's wet coat and gown I decided to go and tell Carlisle.

I found him asleep in the chair next to mother's bed. Afraid I would wake mother by making noise; I simply shook Carlisle awake. When his eyes opened he looked at me questioningly and I motioned for him to follow me into the hall.

"What is it boy?" Carlisle asked groggily.

"I found someone, a girl, buried outside in the snow. She is unconscious and her heart beat is weak but she miraculously isn't dead."

"What?!" He shout whispered so as not to wake mother.

"I'll have to show you for it to make sense."

He nodded for me to lead the way. I turned and headed for the main sitting room in the house.

Alice was still sat next to her. The girl, now in Alice's spare night gown, looked even more heavenly and beautiful in the warm iridescent glow of the fire.

"Oh my, Edward; you weren't pulling my leg with this."

Of course not, who would kid a thing like that? I thought.

Carlisle knelt down on the side of the girl opposite Alice. He checked her pulse and breath. Then felt her forehead for signs of a fever before turning to Alice.

"Alice, I know it is a lot to ask, but since your mother is in the guest room I was wondering if you would mind sharing quarters with Rosalie so we can get this poor child off of the floor."

Before Alice could respond I answered in her stead.

"Carlisle, we can just give her my bed. I tend to fall asleep right here, in front of the fire, on most nights regardless. That way Alice keeps her room and doesn't have to worry about waking Rosalie this late."

"Edward…" Carlisle began but I cut him off.

"It is alright, I do not mind; besides I found her let me do this. When should we move her?"

"Now would be as good a time as any. Even better than day break, I would rather not explain her presence so early in the morning; especially with the chance of Jasper or Rosalie waking first."

"Alright," I said, I then turned to pick her up. "Carlisle will you go and pull the covering down on my bed?"

Carlisle stood and moved away, he turned down the hall so that he could have the coverings pulled down when I arrived there with the girl.

With her in my arms again I couldn't help but notice how perfectly she fit there.

"Hold on a moment, shouldn't we have a bed warmer for her? I know Edward doesn't use one but she is still cold as death."

"Of course Alice but do we have a spare bed warmer any where?"

"I have one in my cupboard… or was it my trunk? I better go look."

With that Alice turned and hurried quietly into her room. I then continued down the hall after having had to stop to speak to my sister.

I walked slowly not wanting to drop her but also relishing in the feeling I had with her tight and safe in my embrace. I felt as though I had to protect her.

"Edward, where is Alice?" Carlisle asked as I entered my room and slowly crossed the short distance from the door to my bed.

"She is looking for a spare bed warmer."

"Oh…" Before Carlisle could continue Alice skipped in with the empty bed warmer in hand.

"Carlisle, could you fill this up for me? I wouldn't want to accidentally burn myself."

Carlisle left the room to fill the bed warmer with warm coals from the fire.

I turned my attention back to the girl, making sure she was safely away from both edges of the bed. Before Carlisle returned I asked Alice to help me properly elevate the girl's head by fluffing and repositioning the pillows. We had barely finished putting the pillows back under her head when Carlisle returned with a bed warmer full of warm coals.

Once the bed warmer was positioned and the coverings pulled back up Carlisle blew out the candle by the bed and Alice grabbed her candle and led us to the hall.

We were say our goodnights and Carlisle turned to retire when Alice said, "Her name."

"What Alice?" Carlisle asked, not quite hearing her.

"I think I know her name."

"Well," I said. "What is it, what is her name?"

"Marie, she has a locket around her neck, and it had a name engraved on the back. I couldn't actually open the locket, but the name on the back was Marie." Alice said it as if her discovery was old news.

Carlisle then sent us off to bed. Alice walked into her room without even saying goodnight.

I had just lain down to sleep when a door opened and someone approached me. I knew it was Alice when I had extra quilts and pillows thrown at my face. I whispered a quiet thank you as I sat up to place the extra pillow and blankets where they belonged.

It was then after making myself comfortable, I closed my eyes and drifted into sleep; dreaming about Marie, the beautiful girl from the snow. She was the girl who had already stolen my heart and my bed.

She was my angel… my snow angel.

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