A/N: Lucky you guys! Another new fic for me to work on while my writer's block on "Slayers REGAL" festers and annoys. Just a little idea I had the other day. It should be sinfully fun. ^ ^

"Miroku's Eyes"

He was much taller than she was, his hair long and as white as an old man's, yet with a natural thickness and sheen that only the very young possessed. He met her eyes briefly, and she saw that they were the color of amethyst and slit-pupiled, mocking the one whose life he had stolen without even a ghost of shame in their depths.

"Demon," she whispered.

"That I am," he replied lightly, smiling at her in a sickening imitation of her lost friend, even as his shape became that lost friend's. "Would the clever lady be so kind . . . as to bear my child?"

Sango's eyes flashed dangerously and she struck him on reflex. The nameless youkai laughed.

"It is so easy to be him," he said in an amused tone. "And soon, my dear, you will forget that I am not even that lecherous monk. My spells can take away even your strong mind's memories."

She wished that she could believe he was lying- believe that she was strong enough to know what had really happened and not dishonor her friend's memory. But already she felt his accursed magic stealing the truth away.

The last conscious thought she had was that his eyes were nowhere near as beautiful as the real Miroku's.

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