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Kissing You

Mike POV:

So I opened my eyes, looked around, and for a second, was a little bit confused. I was lying on my back in a strange bed in a strange room feeling sore and extremely happy. I heard gentle snoring close by, and there was something soft and warm pinning me to the mattress. I smiled, even though I hadn't remembered why I was so joyful just yet, and looked around.

My clothes were strewn everywhere; favorite boxers thrown on top of a chair I didn't recognize, a pair of my gym socks laid neatly on a dresser…and the tuxedo I'd rented was laid across a television set in the corner of the room. Tuxedo…

I sat up, and someone moaned. It was Mercedes Jones. Naked, in the bed with me, and I remembered what had happened in a flash. I'd rented the tux to take Tina to the Prom, and woke up Mercedes Jones' new boyfriend. I smiled in the semi-dark room.

So I looked down, inspected her pretty face, and watched Mercedes shift slightly; she was also grinning in her sleep. My girl looked absolutely beautiful…actually, even more beautiful than she'd been the night before, because the sun was shining in through the partly open window of the hotel room we'd stayed in and her skin and hair were all aglow. Cedes lay on her stomach, face turned towards me, leg thrown over mine. She clutched her pillow like a lover, and for a second or two I was jealous of the thing. I reached out to lightly finger a strand of her hair, then decided that it just wasn't enough contact for me. Call me impatient, but I wanted to touch my baby again, better than that, and right away. So I got up on my knees, maneuvered my body in between her spread legs, and stroked the back of the thighs I loved so much.

"Hhmmmnnn…" Mercedes stirred and her smile widened. "…Good morning, Baby."

"Good morning yourself, Beautiful," I replied, still moving my hands over her bare legs and hips. "Did you sleep well?"

I knew she had; well…I knew I had, and hoped she had as well. Her response was, "What do you think?"

'I think Sunday morning is a perfect time for to worship your lovely frame again, Love…"

"Is that right?" Mercedes giggled. "Well, have fun…" She was giving me permission to do as I pleased, and if it was at all possible…I may have started smiling even harder. Mercedes flattened herself on the bed, threw the pillow to the side, and lay still. I took it as my cue to re-explore her lovely body. Like I said, it was the perfect way to wake up…

First I used my palms to caress my girl all over. I tickled the back of her knees, scratched her thighs lightly, cupped her surprisingly firm, supple butt-cheeks, ran my fingers across her back. I tiptoed my fingertips across her shoulder blades, traced along her arms, then finally intertwined our digits together. After that I lay on top of her nude body, and fitted myself along the curves and dips of her amazing body. We lay like that for awhile; breathing together in a full body embrace. When my hips started to hump involuntarily, I whispered, "Turn over…" softly in her ear, and waited to see if she'd obey me like she did before we fell asleep.

I got zero arguments from my lady, and after we'd repositioned ourselves I grabbed a condom from the pack we'd all but emptied the night before. I was pretty proud of myself for having the foresight to throw them haphazardly on the bed's extra pillow before falling asleep. I put it on, bent Mercedes' legs at the knees, and looked deep into her eyes. After she nodded permission, I sank into her body and rested my weight comfortably on top of her for several seconds.

Her lips begged me to kiss them; in fact, her whole body did. So I bent and planted a smooch on her swollen lips. Despite the fact that we both were suffering from death breath, I have to say it was probably the sweetest kiss I'd ever shared. It deepened, and I made up my mind to use my body to make Mercedes' body crazy.

She sighed. "I may be addicted now, you know…"

I chuckled. "Right there with you, Babe…" I got up on my knees and pulled her to me closer. After straightening one of her legs out, I kissed her cute toes and ankles. Mercedes reached out to stroke my ab muscles and I started. I couldn't even handle the feel of her fingertips on my body while we did this. I was already in danger of losing my shit…

"Unh, unh Baby," I scolded. "No hands…"

She rolled her eyes, and I punctuated my instructions by grabbing her hands and forcing them behind her head…so she could grab the metal rails of the headboard. Mercedes looked equal parts frustrated and excited. Then she smiled beautifully. "If you say so…"

Which almost wrecked my control even more. We moved together silently, slowly, for a long time…

Afterward we lay back down, and I closed my eyes to think over some things while 'Cedes drifted back off to sleep. I knew we had a 12pm checkout time, and it couldn't have been much later than 5am at that point, since the sun hadn't cleared the horizon yet. And I wanted to stay here as long as possible; maybe sneak a little pillow talk in with my new lady. Because make no mistake about it…Mercedes Jones was mine now; in body and mind. And I had every intention of enjoying every second we spent together.

See, when I left my parents' home the night before with a sheepish-looking Tina Cohen-Chang for Prom, I knew I'd end up enjoying my evening, some kind of way. Even though she and I had just endured a seriously uncomfortable confrontation with my parents, and even though I had no clue how awkward she and I would be around each other at the dance, I was looking forward to hanging out with our friends and spending time together. We hadn't been invited to the Red Rooster with all the single members of our crew afterward…because it was a no-couples event; but I was confident it would be a fun night.

Things have a way of working out really weird when you least expect it. Because Tina dumped me, and then Mercedes offered me some comfort. I ran with it and convinced her to be my new girlfriend. We spent the whole night together, making plans and making love. So now I know the unexpected can be seriously great thing. I just hoped more pleasant surprises were on the coming.

Speaking of coming, when I got up to find my phone I accidentally woke 'Cedes up from her climax-slumber. When we saw that the time was only around 7am, Mercedes and I realized that we were both wide awake, and settled into a comfortable cuddle to talk. It was nice. I love talking to Mercedes…she's such a calm and rational person to discuss things with. We went over so many topics in that bed that were uncomfortable as all hell, but it felt so natural to bear my soul to her at that point that I was relieved we got all it all out in the open.. First, 'Cedes made a big show of slapping my forearm, in retaliation for telling all our friends we were going to need privacy the night before; then she informed me that my doing it meant we had a few awkward conversations to look forward to today. She brought up Tina, and how we owed it to my ex to tell her about us before answering any nosy questions from anybody else… even Kurt! Mercedes calmly informed me that she and I would do this together, in a matter of mere hours, no less…so that her friend and my former girlfriend wouldn't feel blind sighted at school on Monday. She grabbed her phone, sent a text inviting Tina to lunch at Breadstix, and it was done. I just smiled and nodded my head.

After that, Mercedes sat up straight and faced me head on. She wanted to know about my dating history, and have the talk she and I should have had the night before, prior to having sex. And I was honest. I told 'Cedes that I dated Brittany for a few weeks during freshman year…I wasn't her boyfriend, or anything; but she and I hooked up dancing at a party and spent a lot of time kissing after that. Actually, I even admitted to Mercedes that Britt had been my first kiss. I also admitted to my lady that I'd dated another girl the year I joined Glee, a senior who was in my Algebra 2 class; and that we'd broken up when she graduated. Finally, I told Mercedes that Tina was the only other girl I'd ever gone out with.

"Do you mind me asking about the girls you slept with before me?" Mercedes asked shyly. "Because I can see how it could be awkward, but I'm curious…"

I reached out to Mercedes, and beckoned her back into my arms before answering. "You can ask me whatever you want. You have every right to know."

"So tell me…" My girl peered up into my face; as I bent down to peck her forehead. "…where the hell did you learn all that shit we did last night?" Her sassy voice was on full-tilt, so maybe she was using it to hide her embarrassment.

So I described to Mercedes my one and only true sexual experience. The one time I'd ever had sex with an actual female that wasn't currently in the room with me. I explained that my Mom had a much younger brother, my Uncle Rich. He was twenty years old, and he's been like a big brother to me my whole life. Uncle Rich is the kind of guy who had no problems getting fake IDs for his younger friends so they could get into strip clubs in high school, or buy beer for keg parties so his little nephew could look cool in front of his football teammates. He was also the kind of grown-up who thought it was funny to get that nephew laid. I told 'Cedes that Uncle Rich had introduced me to a really hot college girl when I was in the ninth grade…a girl he assured me would be totally into "making me a man." She and I did it that one time; part of my motivation being so that my uncle would be proud of me.

"You learned how to fuck like that from a one-night stand?" Mercedes looked skeptical.

"No," I blushed. "I also like porn. The girl Uncle Rich introduced me to was a harpy. Like, Santana Lopez times three! She made me feel like absolute and total shit after we screwed; made fun of me and everything…so I made up my mind after being humiliated in her dorm room, that I'd learn how to be a great lay before I ever did it again. So I studied those movies harder than I do AP Calculus." Mercedes and I shared a laugh.

"I'm pretty impressed that you never tested your skills on Britt, or Algebra Girl, or Tina…" Mercedes nodded approvingly. "…didn't you ever feel inclined to put better memories on top of the bad ones?"

"Yes," I answered. "I did…but I was waiting on the right girl. And I found her…" I finished, kissing her again. "You were worth the wait."

Mercedes beamed.

"Well, please believe, Mr. Chang, that your new score is completely off the charts…and I have to say, I'm flattered you chose me!"

"I agree 100%" I concurred, laying back down and pulling my lady on top of me. "Don't forget; you chose me too…"

Mercedes peered down into my eyes; breasts heaving naked in the daylight with every breath she took, hair messy and lips kiss-swollen. She bent over to lie on top of me fully, and kissed me deep before replying. "We chose each other…" Then I flipped us over on the mattress one more time. Noon was hours away, after all…

Mercedes POV:

I guess I should start by admitting that part of me went to sleep scared as hell last night.

A tiny little part of me, that is; but still…

For some reason, I had this weird notion that I hadn't satisfied Mike after Prom. Maybe it's normal for a girl to feel that way, right after her first time having sex or whatever; but I honestly felt selfish as hell. I mean, this guy had exhausted every ounce of his energy pleasing me for hours on end Saturday night, and I only managed to him off once. I felt like he'd gotten the short end of the sex stick or something and my crazy ass brain translated that shit into "Oh my God, I'm gonna get dumped in the morning!"

But I was wrong…Dead wrong, actually.

Mike is probably the most intelligent guy I know, with the most accurate instincts on Earth. Somehow, he knew what I needed on Sunday morning to wipe all that nonsense out of my head. He knew what I needed to hear, what I needed to feel, exactly what to do to rein my insecurities and insanity in. It was perfect, and gave me more confidence in our relationship than I had any right to have. When we checked out and left the Red Rooster around 11: 30 to go meet Tina, I was strutting like a damn Red Rooster. Mercedes Jones was walking the walk of a girl whose man was completely fucking sprung. And it felt good.

What didn't feel good was the feeling I got when we entered the restaurant and asked the hostess where the rest of or party was seated. My girl Tina was sitting there, all alone and looking sad. She saw me first, and stood up to hug us both…that is, she hugged us both right up until she realized that we were holding hands.

"Mercedes," she asked me as we sat down, "are you trying to get Mike and me back together or something? Is that why you wanted to meet us here today?"

I shook my head silently.

"Mercedes isn't here to meet us, Tina," Mike cut in, obviously aware that I found the situation too awkward to speak just yet. "She and I are here to meet you. We have something to tell you…"

"Something like…" Tina switched back and forth between looking at me and Mike and I could tell the exact moment she figured out the gist of our announcement for herself. "…wait, what the hell?"

I finally mustered up the courage to speak. "After you and Mike broke up, he and I went to the Red Rooster Motel for the single Glee-kids party, and we were the only ones who showed up all night long. We connected, he asked me to be his girlfriend, and I told him yes. And we ended up spending the night together alone. Together. All night." The words rushed out of my mouth so fast I swear I didn't hear a couple of them my damn self. But I knew I'd said enough for her to understand the meaning behind the ones I never spoke. Now Tina knew…

"Alone. Together, All night?" Tina parroted.

"Mercedes took care of me at the dance, and I realized that I liked her that way before we even left Prom…" Mike started calmly. I could tell he had no intention of apologizing or cow-towing to Tina, and wanted to state the facts as clearly as possible. "…so by the time I asked her to be my new girl I'd had plenty of time to think it over." He squeezed my hand –which he still held- and threw me sweet smile. "We're together now, and Mercedes thought we owed it to you to tell you first."

"You owed it to me?" Tina was still mimicking our words incredulously. The waitress came over and took our drink orders; I ordered an iced tea for Tina since she didn't seem to hear the woman. Tina was repeating everything Mike and I said, but it looked like she still hadn't processed the words enough to react to them yet. And it was scary. Because if there's anything I know about this girl, it's that she's pretty harmless when she blows up quick. But a Tina holding shit in is a Tina with a lit fuse. So I made it my business to try and probe her a little.

"Are you mad?" I took my hand out of Mike's and ignored his little whimper so I could grab hers from across the table. "Because I can understand if you are…But Mike and I want your blessing, and we're willing to do whatever it takes to keep you as a friend. Even keep our relationship low-key until you're comfortable with us together." Which I meant wholeheartedly, even though I knew Mike wasn't about that life.

"I'm not gonna lie and say that I agree that Mercedes and I should hold off on being together completely just to please you…" Mike cut in. "…it's a little extreme and completely unnecessary in my opinion. But I also want your blessing, too. If for no other reason than I want my girl to be happy and she won't be until you accept this."

"My blessing?" Tina was still in zombie mode, and I hoped we could shake her out of it soon. Because right then? Tina was looking like those chicks on Snapped. "The two of you want my blessing to date?"

"Yes," I said simply. "We do. It's really important."

"Well do you want to know what I think is important?" Tina came out of her stupor suddenly, and certainly looked mad now. Not mad enough to burn down the Stix or anything, but mad enough to go off. It was an improvement in my opinion. "I think it's important for girl's best friend and boyfriend to not hook up together if she leaves a social function early." I recognized that tone of voice…she was doing Quinn's patented "icy" thing. Mike fidgeted beside me and I knew he'd clocked it too.

"Ex- boyfriend," Mike corrected. "At your insistence, I might add…"

"So this is punishment?" Tina narrowed her eyes shrewdly before speaking again. "Your way of getting me back for embarrassing you?" She turned left to right and shot us each a deadly-ass scowl that brought tears to my eyes. "And you misappropriated the Red Rooster single-only fest that neither Mike nor I was originally invited to? Am I to understand that the two of you spent MY Prom night fucking each other silly, and laughing together while I cried my eyes out at home?" She pursed he lips and shouted, "What the hell kind of friend and ex-boyfriend loyalty is that?"

"Tina," I began tearfully, "Please don't think that. Don't assume either of us did this to hurt you. We didn't…it just happened, and I'm sorry."

I think I heard Mike mutter "I'm not," under his breath but I couldn't swear to it.

"Sorry if it hurt you, I mean," I said, ignoring what Mike may have mumbled.

Tina rolled her eyes. "Yeah, whatever…is this all you had to say? Because if it is then I'd like to be on my way…" my girl looked angry as hell on top of close to tears. "Who the hell can eat anyway, across the table from people who'd do something as…"

"No, you can't," Mike interrupted. "Not until you understand!" He took a deep breath, and I could see all over his face that he'd decided to take some of Tina's abuse in order to keep the peace. For me. "We invited you here today to tell you everything…all the nosy details, because Mercedes insisted it was the right thing to do." He shot me a sympathetic grin, while I sniffed. "And we're doing it because she's right; we owe you that much. I know you Tina; well enough to understand that, despite how angry you are right now you still want to know how this happened. If you hear us out you'll get the scoop." He was so calm, and it was exactly the right way to go. I was so happy to have him there with me it wasn't funny…

"And we won't leave anything out Tina," I promised, quickly. "I swear. Mike and I want you to be alright with us together, and we'll do anything -embarrassing or otherwise- to make it happen."

"Fine," Tina crossed her arms angrily as the waitress showed back up with our drinks and asked for our orders. We all asked for alfredo dishes and she scurried away, obviously not wanting to intrude. By the time she was gone, both Mike and I could see the curiosity all over Tina's features. We knew instantly that she'd listen to us without interrupting. "You first Mike…how did this happen?"

"Well," Mike started. "I guess I should start by telling you how I felt when you broke up with me…" Tina averted her eyes guiltily. "I mean, it was so horrible…I was emotional as hell. Sad, obviously; because our relationship had been such a huge part of my life for all these months. And I was scared, too; because you're one of my best friends, and I didn't know if this would mean we weren't gonna be close anymore. I was angry, because I'd been looking forward to Prom and we managed to ruin it for each other. But I was also relieved…"

Tina glared at us so hard I think the temperature dropped.

"Not because I'd been wanting out or anything…It wasn't like that!" Mike was quick to say. "But you said yourself, at the beginning of the school year during Duets week how much we used to fight. And we did, Tina…you and I clashed over my parents, grades, Asian stuff…"

"Mike's singing voice, your dancing, how you dressed…" I added, reminding Tina about all the times I listened while she complained about her relationship. "You hated how much you guys used to bump heads, Tee."

Tina shrugged and Mike went on.

"And I was kind of okay with the way you left me at the Prom or whatever, because I knew if it we were meant to be a couple, then eventually we'd get back together," Mike explained philosophically. "But then Mercedes came over to cheer me up. I didn't know you'd told her to watch out for me. I just figured she could tell I needed a friend." He threw his arm over my shoulders and tried to steal a kiss but I gestured with my head to Tina, silently begging him to lay off the PDA for now. He rolled his eyes and kept talking "At first we just danced together… and it was fun."

I stroked his leg under the table just in case Mike was upset by my rejection of his inappropriate advances, and gazed at his handsome face before agreeing. "We always have fun dancing together…I've been telling you that all year, Tina."

She nodded reluctantly.

"And I remembered that too." Mike clarified. "That first dance reminded me of all the times we'd laughed on the dance floor in the past. It made me smile…"

"And then we started talking," I continued. "About the breakup, some of the issues you guys were having, whether or not Mike could see the two of you making up. Girl, you gotta know, I was just trying to be a good friend."

"But her asking me all those questions and talking it through with me is what finally convinced me that I couldn't see us doing that, Tee…" By now Mike looked really sad too. "…I mean, you know how frustrated we'd gotten with each other!"

Tears started to fall freely down Tina's face.

"Mercedes is the only person at Prom last night that had the luxury of speaking to both me and you about all this stuff," Mike continued. "She's the only one who knows your side of the story and mine too…" I reached out to grip his hand out of sight, and he thanked me by nodding slightly. "So she understood what I was going through, and I could tell. Again, it was nice."

"So nice you decided to go half on a room?" My homegirl snarked. I guess she was over being preached to. "Because I gotta say, regardless of whatever 'magic moment' you two had on the dance floor; the fact is that it probably should have ended there. At least until an appropriate amount of time had passed; or I don't know… you'd spoken to me about it?" As the friend and former girlfriend, I could tell Tina felt entitled to more consideration than we'd given her, and I partially agreed with her. Mike, however, did not in the least. In his opinion, he didn't owe Tina that much. I guess the dumped party feels pretty entitled to shit too.

"And this stuff sounds pretty damn extreme for you two," Tina continued. "You seem to be forgetting that I happen to know the both of you just as well as you claim to know me. This is random as hell…" she said, as the tears continued to fall. "So I guess I'm just still not convinced you two didn't do this to hurt me. I need you two to explain that…" Tina sniffed and it broke my heart.

I decided to bite the bullet and answer her question. "I guess you could say things moved kinda fast. I mean, I knew we were getting a little heavy on the dance floor, just like Mike did; but I never thought they'd progress like they did." I gripped Mike's palm for a second and he squeezed mine so I'd keep going. "And I think Mike knew we were connecting before I realized it…I laughed at all the flirting at first; and spent a lot of time on the dance floor trying to decided who your next boyfriend should be. I never wanted to cause you pain…"

"What?" Mike and Tina both asked at the same time.

"It's true," I nodded. "I did. It started out as me trying to figure out why the two of you had such a hard time getting along, because you're both so great! This was during the first song we danced to; when we didn't say much…I don't know, I guess my mind just wandered over the names of guys who you could probably be good with."

"Where'd you land?" Tina asked curiously. She's too nosy for her own good. Can't even stay mad when somebody has some interesting scoop. Its part of why I love this girl so much…

"Puck," I replied briefly. "If he wasn't with Lauren, obviously." I fiddled with the paper from my straw. "You and Artie would probably would get along better if you hooked back up too…since he knows not to try you in certain ways now, and understands how hardcore summer gaming can mess up a relationship…" I felt my cheeks warm. "…plus, there are certain issues that you used to complain about a lot with respect to Mike and your's lack of a sex life. To be perfectly frank, I don't think would be a factor if you and Artie got back together again. Him being such a freak and all." I gave myself silent permission to add the next part. "And this morning I sort of thought about you and Sam hooking up; he's single now and hot as hell. I pretty much killed myself laughing in the bathroom about all the potential fun you could have trying on new boos."

"That's what that was about?" Mike whispered in my ear. I nodded and continued.

"But I had most of those thoughts last night; way before Mike and I even kissed."

"And after?" Tina changed the subject back to the two of us. "What happened afterwards to make you wanna be so selfish?"

"After we kissed I agreed with Mike; felt like the two of us were meant to be." I explained, bristling a little at the harsh way Tina was speaking to me. "We talked a lot. About everything under the sun; and I guess I just wanted to get closer to him in whatever way I could. I think Mike felt the same way." He agreed with me silently, I could tell by the look in his eyes.

"Mike, get lost…"Tina demanded suddenly. "…I don't wanna talk to you right now, and I need to speak to 'Cedes. So leave us alone; go pee or something."

I gave Mike my silent permission to obey his ex, after an annoyed expression briefly covered his face. Then he took his phone and went into the bathroom.

"Okay, Mercedes…" Tina began. "…I'm not gonna torture you; the two of you now have my blessing. I think you and Mike make a great couple, and I'm ready to stop being angry." She said the words as kindly as she possibly could, but punctuated it with a severe eye-roll. But I was happy to get her acceptance in whatever form it took.

"Oh, Tina…" I sniffled, happily. "…I'm so glad."

"Yeah, yeah…" she got up and I stood to hug her hard. "…it's your one free ex-boyfriend pass. Enjoy it, I guess…"

"I will," I replied excitedly while wondering why Mike had to be dis-included from the festivities. "But why send Mike away before telling me?"

She shrugged. "Because I wanted to make him squirm a little bit, and girl-code means I can't do it to you. Ex-boyfriend torture is pretty much the only fun I can salvage out of this, so I went for it. Plus, I have some advice for you. Think of it as a good will offering."

I knew Tina would never give me anything but real, heartfelt advice and I probed her gently. "Advice like what?"

"Okay well, first of all you need to make nice with his parents real soon." Tina offered. "I made the first and worst mistake ever for dating an Asian guy… Mike and I were together for several weeks before I actually came to dinner. Longer, if you count the time we spent during Asian Camp."

"Why would I wanna meet them so soon?" I asked. Knowing what I knew about the senior Changs from Tina, I wasn't exactly looking forward to it.

"Because they'll think you have something to hide if you don't," she answered, "and because you want them to trust you. See, Mike told me once that all of the issues we had in our relationship probably stemmed from that one little thing. And it crept up a lot. Every time I turned down going to dim sum with his mom, Mike accused me of not liking his mother. And I probably could have redeemed myself by being the perfect little girlfriend over time…" she rolled her eyes, eyes that were now free of tears. "…but you know me, I live to make people squirm."

I nodded. "Anything else?"

Tina nodded. "Also, you might want to think about possibly giving Mike a little more room to be himself in your relationship than I did. Mike has a problem with showing people certain parts of himself…and I know I was probably a big part of that. Together we were this perfectly innocuous couple, and I guess in a lot of ways we got used to that." I understood. "Mike and I never challenged people to see us as anything other than a quiet couple of kids who went along with the flow; so nobody really knows much about him in a real way other than people he's really close to. You can't let Mike keep going this way. Because one day something really important is going to happen in his life and he won't have anyone he trusts to confide in. Get close to him; find out what bothers Mike and what makes him happy… then devote yourself to supporting him. It's honestly where I fell short, and I don't want you to make the same mistake…:

"I get it," I tilted my head thoughtfully. "He's quiet, and people automatically assume there isn't much beneath the surface. But when you dig a little you find out stuff. Already preaching to the choir, bestie…"

"Oh yeah?" Tina seemed interested. "And what did you find out, Bestie?"

I was already regretting telling Tina that she could ask me anything. "Just that Mike likes to get his way just as much as the rest of us Glee kids," I felt my cheeks warm as I remembered all the times he'd gotten his way with me. "He's a little more reserved about asking for what he wants; but if you give him a chance it comes right the hell out, believe me…"

Tina narrowed her eyes shrewdly, "I just bet…"

"Was there anything else you wanted to say?" I could tell Tina was curious about something else, and I figured she'd take a little time to pry into our sex life more. She probably wanted to, but something else was obviously more pressing. When the waitress reappeared with our food she sat there, pondering something.

"Yes," I could tell the exact moment Tina decided to just ask me whatever she wanted to know. "Were you serious about me hooking up with all those Glee boys, or were you just saying that to make me feel good?" Tina looked really concerned about this, to be honest. "Because if you truly think I can get something going with Artie or Sam…"

"I know you can," I concluded. "You already know Artie thinks you're the prototype…and I know he played The Love Below for you way back when; so you know exactly what that means…"

She nodded and grinned.

"And Sam is probably the sweetest and most honorable teen boy I know; other than Mike. There's no way he'd ever lead you on or make you feel like a fool for falling for him…even if he doesn't feel the same way. Think about it: hooking up with Sam makes a lot more sense than crushing on one of the gay boys we know…" We laughed, because we both knew how easy it was to fall into that trap. "I don't even know why he wouldn't feel the same way, though..." I continued. "…as far as I can tell, the boy doesn't have a type. Outside of knowing that Rachel most definitely is not it, that is."

She and I shared another giggle.

"But skin color, body type, height, hair shade, makeup choices…none of that stuff seems to matter to him; Sam likes all girls. I figure he was deprived for so long at that all boys' school that I suppose he sees girls as luxury items. Actually, if you want the truth, lately I think he may have had a tiny little crush on me!"

Tina pondered this and I backtracked so as not to seem braggy.

"But recent experience has taught me that any guy I can get you can get too," I flattered. "So I think you could probably take your pick!"

Tina looked thoughtful, "I think I'm gonna take that advice to heart. Honestly, a part of me wants to date them both, just to see what happens…"

"Good girl!" I congratulated as Mike made his way back to the table and slid in beside me, circling my waist with his arm. "All done here?" he asked, kissing me on the cheek. "Or am I still not welcome back into the conversation?"

I thought I'd gotten my point across to Mike about all the PDA, and that he agreed with me about not making Tina uncomfortable. I guess I was wrong though. "Tina gave us her blessing, Baby. Isn't that great?"

Mike was kissing my neck and behind my ears, which didn't go unnoticed by Tina at all.

"Yeah, Mike…" She didn't seem too eager to watch us make out, but wasn't commenting on it either, though. "So we're good. Everybody's friends."

"Great!" Mike muttered between smooches. "Because I don't think I could have dealt with keeping me and Mercedes on the down-low. She means too much too me," he said, gripping my thigh under the table. "And now we don't have to hide."

Tina put on a fake pout, "Is it too soon for me to admit to feeling a little bit jealous?"

"Oh, Tina…." I sympathized. I knew the lovey-dovey stuff would get to her.

"Not because you and Mike are together; that's not it," she was quick to reassure me. "I'm just salty because you got some on Prom Night and I didn't!"

Mike colored up and I kind of went bashful too. But we kissed a little to punctuate our embarrassment.

"…But if what you say about Sam and Artie is true, then maybe I should see for myself…"

"What up peeps!" Artie had just rolled in and up to our table without us noticing. Sam was pushing him, smiling and passing out hugs to everybody one by one. "Y'all talking 'bout me? My ears are burning." I just laughed because I knew without Mike telling me that he'd called the boys from the bathroom for Tina. And I quickly realized he'd come to the same conclusion about Tina experimenting with polyamory as I did. I swear that boy is just about perfect…

Mike POV:

I guess you could say that sometimes it does pay to be a tiny bit manipulative in this life. And it makes sense…otherwise why would Coach Sylvester and Rachel and the Cheerios and Mr. Schuester and Finn and everybody else I know do it so much?

Because I have to admit, my Prom weekend wouldn't have been anywhere near as great as it was if I hadn't played puppet master once or twice. For instance, when Tina banished me to the washroom, I was a tiny bit pissed off. Offended, actually. Just the thought that my ex felt like she had the right to demand my departure burned me right up. Yeah, she was hurt…and yeah, we'd blind sighted her. But still…rude much?

So when I stepped into the bathroom, the only thing I could focus on was making myself feel better. Obviously, my hands on 'Cedes body parts worked wonders the night before…and I figured I could I could let a little smoochy time soothe my hurt feelings. But it would have been totally rude to go there while Tina just watched. So I decided to phone in some company for her. I couldn't decide who to call, based on Mercedes' little "what if?" scenario, other than to NOT invite Puck; so I called Sam and Artie both.

They were both really intrigued by my "suggestion" that they both try and date Tina, and if I'm not mistake kinda turned on by the thought of going on hot three-way dates. Before I dialed and conferenced them both in, I tried to come up with a few pros for convincing my bros to give it a try. You know; a few valid arguments for if one or other had a major problem with it. Because I figured it would be way easier to get Tina on board if the guys were in on it too. But I probably should have saved myself the effort. And I definitely could have actually saved my breath. They were both into it, and neither one of them needed any convincing.

Artie didn't care about all of my talk about being able to rely on Sam for help in places that don't have wheelchair ramps, or when I tried to put the bug in his ear about his mom appreciating having a guy around her handicapped son, whenever he left the house at night. By the same token, Sam wasn't remotely concerned; when I brought up the fact that Artie and Tina could easily foot the bills for any dates they went on, leaving him free to spend his wages on his family. Or the fact that sharing a girl meant he didn't have to feel guilty whenever his schedule got crazy. I'm pretty sure both of them just liked the idea of three-way kisses and putting double the hickeys on Tina's whole body.

Those were Artie's exact words by the way.

So it worked out. Both of the guys agreed to try it out and really put some effort into convincing Tina, too. So after they showed up, I gave myself permission to take advantage of the soft and cute bundle of sexy sitting next to me while they worked on Tina. I nipped at Mercedes neck and collar bone in the booth while Sam slid in between Tina and the wall…Artie parking his chair expertly on Tina's other side and closing her in. I gently probed Mercedes' earlobe with my tongue and pinched her nipple while the boys flirted outrageously and made a bunch of excuses to touch Tina, one right after the other. I whispered raunchy stuff in Mercedes ear about everything we'd done the night before and early this morning; stroking her thigh the entire time. While I did that, the guys each leaned over and smooched Tina's cheeks over and over again. When I finally stole the kiss I'd been deprived of, the three of them were already standing up –Artie even showed out a little by paying our check- and leaving. Laughingly, Tina sat on Artie's lap and clutched Sam's hand while Artie maneuvered his own chair. So I guessed at that point that it was all gonna work out. There wasn't much eating going on, at any rate. A few minutes after they exited, Mercedes and I decided to leave too. Because we had some stuff to catch up on…

Mercedes POV:

Can I just say, that even though I learned a lot about my new boyfriend after Prom, and even though I know I trusted him wholeheartedly before this weekend…

I mean, obviously, right? After all, I did let him hit it.

…But anyway, despite all of that, I think that the things I learned about Mike on Sunday were probably way more important than even all of that stuff.

It's true, that I was glad to find out about his serious sex game; but I think it made me even happier to know that he trusted me with the story behind it. And yes, I loved knowing Mike thought enough of me to bare his soul to me, and show me the hidden fears he'd been sitting on since before we hooked up. But I think I was even more flattered by how Mike was willing to let Tina know what we meant to each other, point blank. It's the kind of loyalty and genuine affection I'm not used to. People cling to me when they need somebody, but rarely prove themselves to be ride or die, you know? But if this thing with Mike lasts, I know I'll get my chance to acclimate…he's such a great person. Deep down I know I can trust him to value me more than what I'm used to.

I learned a few new things too. Like, I always thought the Tike habit of kissing in public and Finchel-like PDA was all Tina. I figured her horny ass was all about that making-out-in-front-of-people life. But I was wrong. Mike was the guilty party there. He's really into the sensation of touch.

Really. Into. It.

All the smooches and touching and nipple-fiddling at Breadstix told me that much. It got so bad after Tina, Artie, and Sam left, that I made up my mind to always keep a few feet and a bunch of layers of clothing between the two of us in public at all times. Because really? I think I let him go a little too far in the restaurant, and he took unfair advantage. I'm not saying he and I screwed in the booth; but it wasn't because Mike didn't try.

Anyway, after we finished our lunch, Mike invited me over to his house to meet his folks, and I accepted, thinking about what Tina had advised me to do. He seemed really happy that I agreed, so I was glad to do it for him. The first thing we did when we got there was meet his parents in his dad's office…apparently Mr. Chang Sr. does a lot of work over the weekends, and his wife generally hangs out in the same room while he does it. They're kinda quiet…she reads, knits, does her needlepoint, or writes in her journal while he gets into his work assignments. When we walked into the room I actually thought somebody was in there taking a nap. There wasn't even any soft music playing in the background! But it was also comfortable and homey. I've never been comfortable enough around any boy to just sit in a quiet room with them and say nothing, so in a way it was really nice to see.

Mike broke the silence by saying hello, shaking his dad's hand, and hugging his mom. Then his father calmly asked Mike –well, he asked Michael- how Tina Cohen-Chang came to bring his car by just minutes before, flanked by two other teen boys. Then his mom wondered aloud why the girl then hopped into her own car with those two boys –one of whom whose lap she sat in- and drove away laughing and kissing happily. Mike and I shared a victorious look before he replied.

He started by reminding his parents that he hadn't come home the evening before because he'd been broken up with, and wanted to go hang out with the rest of the single Glee kids after Prom. Then his father cut in and asked if he was okay with that. When Mike nodded, he also broke the news that he and I had become a couple since then. The parents seemed happy enough, and Mrs. Chang even hugged me. Then we all sat down to talk

"Wow Mercedes…I have to say that while this is certainly an abrupt development, I also think its great!" I smiled, because I'd never seen Mike's mom this animated. "We wouldn't want Michael to stay in a relationship that he wasn't completely happy in; so if you two get along, the only thing I can say is 'congratulations'!"

"I agree," Mr. Chang chimed in. "My wife and I would never suggest that our son make decisions about who he dates based on our own personal preferences…but obviously, we had our problems with Tina Cohen Chang. If Michael can get along with you more harmoniously than he did with her, and if that harmony can somehow translate to a better relationship with us; then as far as I'm concerned my wife and I owe you a pre-emptive thanks…"

"Well," I defended lightly. "Tina and I are great friends. So I know second-hand about some of the things you guys battled over. In Glee we're family; and she's a big part of mine. But I'm happy you guys are supportive of us so far…"

"I have to say, that whole 'Glee club' thing baffles me," Mr. Chang admitted, using air quotes. "Michael's ex-girlfriend and I bumped heads over that quite frequently. She insisted, along with Michael…" He gestured toward his son. "…that your director was teaching you all valuable lessons that would help you one day become acclaimed performers. But I just don't see it; nor do I see the point of children coming together and encouraging one another in some idealistic dream that each of them has a shot at fame. If your club members were to reevaluate the format of the class –meaning, if it were an academic club that also sang- I'd be more supportive. But according to Tina, every single person in the group intends to make a living as performer later on in life. You have to see that's a little bit unreasonable…"

I thought about Lauren, who wasn't the world's best singer or dancer, and decided he was right. "That's true…" I shrugged my shoulders. "Some of the NDs want to be famous, but don't really have what it takes yet to realize it. But they can learn…that's the whole point of Glee. The poor singers hone their dancing and acting skills while learning how to vocalize better. The great singers learn from the best dancers. We're all just trying on what we love for size!"

"Where do you fall on the spectrum?" Mr. Chang asked contemplatively.

"She's the best singer in the group!" Mike chimed in. "No doubt about that!"

"And are you also the star?" Mr. Chang inquired. "Because if anyone in your is fated for a bright future on the stage, then it stands to reason that only the most celebrated members will do so. How can you become famous if you don't get the appropriate accolades now, while you're still honing you craft?"

"No," I admitted. "I'm not. But I can be…and I will!"

"No doubt!" Mike repeated. "The only reason Mercedes isn't the star is because she hasn't been allowed to be just yet. It has nothing to do with her talent, or lack thereof. Despite Mr. Schuester's stupidity, she'll be the one in the crew that does definitely make it; and you guys can bet on that!"

"Well, do you agree with Tina, in her view that Michael should concentrate on making his dream a reality, to the detriment of his academic standing?" Mrs. Chang asked, ignoring her son's vehemence. "Because there've been many times where she and I had words on this issue. Tina never encouraged Michael to focus on that part of his development; and that's dangerous as well…"

I thought about it. "No, I don't." I was being honest. "And I don't think Tina feels like Mike should neglect his studies either."

"She didn't," Mike defended.

"More than likely she was reacting to you guys…" I told his parents.

"How so?" Mr. Chang crossed his legs and listened intently.

"I think Tina felt like you and your wife spent so much time reminding Mike to focus on his studies that she had a duty to do the same with his dancing." I looked at Mike and smiled. "But I won't do that. I think if you two can commit to encouraging Mike towards developing his talent, I can do my part by encouraging him to follow through with his studies…I mean, there are plenty of places in the world –good colleges, I mean- where he can learn the skills necessary to become great doctor or Indian Chief or what have you, in addition to being a key dancer in theatrical productions. If we all do our part and avoid forcing Mike to choose…he could be happy all around while he figures out his future."

"You get it, Mercedes…I knew you would," Mike told me happily, and then addressed his parents. "Do you guys?"

They shared a look.

"I think that will be fine, Michael…" Mrs. Chang replied.

"So do I," Mr. Chang answered. "Thank you Mercedes…"

The rest of the conversation was way more fun. Mike's dad is a little serious, but has this really funny and snarky sense of humor. He makes all these dry little jokes that crack his wife and son up; but most people wouldn't even recognize as humor. I started getting used to it over the next few hours, and before I made my way home I was laughing right along with them, too. Mrs. Chang is really nice, a truly humble and calming person to be around. She doesn't talk much, but when she does it's always something smart and insightful. And she brought up things that I never expected to talk about with my boyfriends' parents so fast. I don't know, I guess our little gab-fest made me feel right at home.

Like, we talked about religion. Did you know that Mike was a Seventh Day Adventist? Nope? Well, neither did I! Apparently, Mike's paternal grandparents were devoted Buddhists until the day they died. And Mike's parents became Christians independently, something that caused a certain amount of acrimony in the family for a long time. They aren't regular churchgoers…but they show up on Christmas and Easter every year. Mrs. Chang even invited herself and Mike along with me to my service the next Sunday…provided that I come with them the day before. I took the deal and was happy, because it was one more thing he and I could share.

Then we discussed curfews and stuff. I let them know I had a strict 12am restriction until my 18th birthday, which my parents had no intention of letting up on. Mike doesn't have a curfew, per se…like most boys. But his parents don't just give him a bunch of freedom either. Mostly, they let him go out and do things as long as those things are productive in nature. It's probably why he's such a big joiner. He's smart and realized early on that one of the upsides to being well-rounded was the social aspect. So, under the pretense of Academic Decathlon, Glee Club, football, Mathletes, National Honor Society, and various Asian clubs…he gets out of the house quite a bit. And his parents are fine with that.

We talked there for about three hours, had an early dinner, and then I went home to break the news of my new Boo to my own parents. Then I went I fell asleep wallowing in seriously sexy memories.

The next morning Mike picked me up bright and early for a 7am Glee meeting. It went better than I'd imagined, to be honest. Sure, we had to field a few questions before the meeting started, and everybody who'd received Mike's ninja messages clowned on us. But for the most part we were overshadowed by the new thruple in the crew. Sam, Tina and Artie were completely over-the-top with the TMI. Actually, it was mostly Tina…every time somebody (namely Santana, Puck, and Zizes) made a comment or asked then something personal, she answered as bluntly as she could and made the boys blush. Tina spent most of the meeting stroking Sam's abdominal muscles over his shirt and fluffing her fingers through Artie's hair. She took turns kissing on them all loud and sloppy; girlie even had the nerve to hold both dudes' hands in class! I think Tina, after all the years spent sitting quietly and fading into the background, was enjoying being the talk of the class. I was happy for her.

My favorite moment was when Santana and Britt asked Tina if she was gonna let "Richie Poor" and the "Robo-Nerd" make "dorky love" to her at the same time. And if she was willing to paint herself blue and find a play-play tail so the three of them could get together and play "Assatar," while Sam did impressions and Artie recited the quadratic equation. Santana said something else about Sam's favorite movie featuring a paraplegic, and how he and Artie could do a double penetration while the movie played on Artie's big-ass TV screen; but it doesn't bear repeating. The important part is that Tina nodded enthusiastically while the boys fist-bumped behind her back. In my humble opinion, it boded well for the lifespan of their relationship.

The meeting itself was short, and to be honest we didn't get much done. Mostly, we all talked about Nationals and took a vote on whether or not we'd write our songs for New York. The group decided not to; and Mr. Schue told us that anyone interested in trying out for a solo could do so next week. There was a little bit of friction in the air when Tina playfully challenged me and my new boo to a sing-off with she and her new boos…and we totally accepted the challenge. Mr. Schue looked a little bit worried when we said that, and if I had to guess, I'd say he didn't like the idea of new couples coming in and jeopardizing Finn and Rachel's leads. But all in all, the meeting went okay, and most of what we discussed was pretty harmless.

What happened next though, was anything but harmless. Mr. Schuester started the shit by asking Mike to stick around before class, so he could have a talk with him. I waited for my man outside the classroom, and was shocked as hell, because our teacher showed his motherfucking ass!

I mean, I totally expected for a bunch of our peers to have a problem with me dating Mike. That much was a given. I knew certain Cheeri-hoes would find out that Tike was no more, and be all butt-hurt; because there weren't too many first string Titans left in the pool for them to parade around. I also knew there were a few nerd-girls around school who don't like to see smart guys date outside the genius clique. I knew there was a chance that I'd get flack from one of the three or four Asian girls at school, too…those bitches like to keep shit all in the family. But I never expected to get some haterade from a TEACHER!

I heard the whole thing…because I made sure to stand right in front of the door and leave that bitch cracked. Schuester started all his shit by asking Mike if something had happened over the weekend with Tina that he wanted to talk to him about. Mike politely told him no, because he's not Finn and doesn't want his teacher all up in his love life.

Then Schue asked Mike if he was missing Tina at all; whether or not he was sad and needed closure…offered get Tina out of first period, so the three of them could have a talk and maybe try to resolve things. Mr. Schue put on the "Concerned Teacher" face and suggested that a deep heart-to-heart would be good for the exes; they could clear the air and come to some resolutions so that Tina and Mike could be comfortable around each other. Again, Mike said no. This time he let Schuester know that he and I already talked to Tina as a couple and that Tina was okay with us; just like we were okay with she and her two new boyfriends.

Then Schuester went off about how odd it was for such a sweet and docile girl like Tina to agree to let two boys use her like this, and didn't Mike want to help him address the disturbing nature of her new relationship with the girl? They could possibly stage an intervention with Miss Pillsbury, and find out if Tina doing such a destructive, unconventional, and completely-out-of-character thing was maybe a reaction to him moving on with me? Didn't Mike want the girl he'd been so in love with all year long to be happy and fulfilled? When our teacher went there, Mike took off the gloves. He informed Mr. Schuester that 1) Tina's love life was no longer his concern, given that she'd been the one to dump him. That 2) he and I were partially responsible for getting the three of them together in the first place, so why exactly would he want to try and encourage the girl to change her mind? And 3) if Schuester wanted to talk about Tina and how healthy or unhealthy her new thruple was, why was he speaking to Mike about it? Because she was right there…Schuester was gob-smacked and speechless after my man said that little bit, so Mike snuck out and walked right into my arms. But the fuckery wasn't even halfway over.

First period is Mr. Schuster's free period, which I'm sure he spent in the teachers' workroom spreading gossip. And how do I know this for sure? Because my second period Precalculus teacher was talking to me crazy as hell.

Miss Gregory gave a pop quiz first thing Monday morning, and side-eyed me when I was the first one to hand mine in. Then she had the nerve to grade that shit right in front of me, as I stood there. Now, I got a B on the quiz, and I was actually pretty proud of myself, considering the fact that I hadn't cracked a book all weekend. But Miss Gregory's busted ass actually took me to the side and informed me that the shit was unacceptable. Said all this mess about my "class standing" and "academic trajectory" being in jeopardy because I was obviously content with only "scraping by." The heifer actually tried to tell me that I should have been studying this past weekend instead of singing at school dances and hanging out with my boyfriend. Then she told me I should have been more prepared because my "new significant other" was truly committed to academia, that if I didn't improve he'd be disappointed, because eventually he'd figure out that he'd "hitched his wagon" to someone who wasn't on his level. It was complete and total fuck-wittery.

Also, it was unfair as hell, since Azimio's dumb ass was in that same class, and I know from experience that he probably made a damn 30 on the test…so why the hell was she coming for me? I was shocked, and a little hurt, but I kept it mute and promised to do better. I wanted to go off, but the class was still in session, and I know her…she'd have had me in Saturday detention like some Breakfast Club reject fast enough to straighten every curl outta my Hawaiian Silky.

Third period was my study hall, so Mike and I met in the library to talk and smooch. While we sat there, he informed me that he'd had a similar altercation in second period gym class. See, all the Titans work out together in the off season at the same time, and apparently Sue Sylvester was real good for barging into the weight room to belittle and deride the football Glee boys for fifty minutes. This wasn't exactly something new. What was new was the way she concentrated all her attention on Mike today. Kept calling him "lazy Asian," and making fun of him for not being able to bench 500 pounds. She actually fixed her mouth to say this while Finn sat there eating a Little Debbie cake, mind you. Then Sylvester told Mike that if he kept on, he'd be "flabby and soft" by graduation, and wondered aloud if his new "talent for sloth" was something he picked up hanging out with "one of McKinley's favorite Weather Girls..."

Now, Sylvester actually does like my ass; I know that from that little bit of time I spent on the Cheerios last year. So I wasn't surprised when Mike then described the way she went on to tell him that she had no personal investment in who I dated whatsoever… outside of hoping I chose a boy who was suitably scared of me, and that I'd be happy. But she also made sure to inform Mike that his own IQ should have led him to figure out on his own that he should be dating someone more like himself. If not another dancer, big brain, or another athlete…then at least another Asian. Then she went on a pretty serious tirade about people needing to stay in their lanes, and made Mike listen while she berated him. But unlike me with Miss Gregory, he spoke the hell up after she finished.

Mike told me that he'd asked Coach Sylvester politely to kindly stay out of his personal affairs. He informed her that I was no longer one of her slaves, which meant she had little to no say in how I spent my time. Mike reminded my former coach that he'd NEVER been one of her minions, nor had he ever wanted to be one…therefore, what he did was exactly none of her business. Finally, he smirked and told Coach Sue that he expected this type of inappropriate interference from our choir teacher, and wondered aloud if she realized that her inner Schuester was showing. Mike told me Sue was totally fucking horrified when he said that and left the weight room without speaking another word. So I guess at that point the score was MikeCedes-2/ Teachers-1.

If either of us had been really offended or hurt by our various teachers' judgment, I guess it may have bothered me or him enough for us to keep our PDA to a minimum for the rest of the day. But shit didn't go down that way. Because I pretty much spent all of my time Monday, walking the halls of McKinley swatting Mike's hands off of me. We kissed, and to be honest…showed our collective lovey-dovey asses. So maybe that's why I didn't get too mad when the rest of the teachers at school weighed in on their displeasure about our new ship. But they were acting really awful…

Like for instance, when Mike walked me to fourth period with his hand tucked inside one of my back pockets. He leaned over to kiss my temple briefly, and we were immediately stopped by some random History teacher and told to keep our hands to ourselves. Like, seriously? I've been walking these halls for three years now, and when the season is right, the place looks like a kissing booth that runneth the fuck over. Why pick on us? And when we got to class and I pecked him on the lips real quick, my Health teacher threatened me with detention for breaking school rules. The kicker was when Mike stopped by after class to meet me and walk me to lunch. That weird metal shop guy with the missing fingers saw Mike reach out to take my book bag, and stopped us to impart a lecture on how condescending it was for my Boo to try and treat me like a lady. Said if he were me, he'd dump any boy insulting me like that with the quickness. I just rolled me eyes and walked away. It was insulting as all hell, but there wasn't much we could do at that point.

The moral of this story is that by the time Mike and I met up in the cafeteria for our daily dose of slop, it was pretty clear what had happed. Mr. Schue didn't like the two of us together as a couple, and was turning the rest of the teachers against us. Our suspicions were pretty much proven when Mike and I got ready to go stand in the lunch line. He got a tap on the shoulder that told him to meet Mr. Schue and Miss Pillsbury in the guidance office after eating from an office assistant. Just as I was about to start cussing, the girl handed me the same note. So I guess this was going to be an intervention…

Mike POV:

When Mercedes and I finished eating, we walked to Miss Pillsbury's office together hooding hands. Once we sat down and nodded our hellos to Mr. Schue and Miss Pillsbury, the squeaky clean redhead immediately started talking

"It's good to see you, Mike…" she greeted me kindly before addressing my girlfriend. "You too, Mercedes,"

Again, we nodded together.

"Mercedes, Mr. Schuester came to me this morning and informed me that he and Mike had a conversation during which time your teacher realized that he and your new boyfriend share concerns about a fairly pressing matter. Apparently, the two of them are experiencing some trepidation about Tina Cohen-Chang; who I understand is one of your best friends. Mr. Schuester told me that he's worried about Tina; and understands that Mike agrees with him completely…They both feel that something is amiss, and want to help her if she's flailing."

Mr. Schuester fidgeted a little bit, probably because it was obvious that he'd been caught lying to the counselor. I never agreed with him, nor did I ever agree to any meeting to discuss her love life. However I said nothing; only gripped Mercedes' hand harder.

"It appears that Tina has become involved in a rather unconventional relationship and they'd like to take an active role in helping your choir-mate remove herself from the situation," she continued gaily. "However neither one wants to act on this without your additional support." She turned to gush at Mr. Schue…

"Children, you know that Mr. Schuester cares very much about the lives and happiness of his pupils; the Glee Club especially. He worries terribly when something happens that could effect how harmoniously the team interacts with one another. And he's asked me to call this meeting in order to ask you, Mercedes to allow Mike to help Mr. Schuester in whatever way he can…"

She handed Mercedes a trifold pamphlet which read "Please Donate…" across the top. Under that there was some doc art portraying a girl sitting in a tub with a few razorblades laid out. Then across the bottom margin of the pamphlet were the words "Your Boyfriend to a Worthy Cause."

"Tina, as I understand, is the type of girl that has a hard time being alone. She's consistently had one steady boyfriend or another ever since last year." Miss Pillsbury started. "It is our belief that Tina was so very upset by the breakup and subsequent Mikecedes "hookup," that she's allowed herself to become a trophy geisha, catering unwaveringly to Sam and Artie's despicable teenage hormones."

Mercedes was perusing the pamphlet, since she couldn't trust herself not to go off, and I looked over her shoulder to see what it said, too. On left inside flap was the word "Them…" under which were pictures of couples. All perfectly matched. A tall skinny blonde girl in a cheerleader's uniform with a tall muscular blond guy wearing a letterman jacket. A heavyset Black guy with dreadlocks wearing glasses standing next to a short Black girl in braids holding library books. And a quiet looking Asian couple.

The center portion said, "You…" at the top. Underneath it was a picture of bunch of unattractive single girls at a dance sitting at a table together. It was depressing as hell and I was insulted for my girl…

"However, you Mercedes are used to being by yourself. From my understanding, you've never had a steady boyfriend, and are quite content being alone." Miss Pillsbury nodded expectantly; I guess she was hoping my girl would agree with her. "Tina seems to lack self-esteem…something Mr. Schuester and I both agree that you, Mercedes, seem to have in spades. So if you would consider 'stepping down' and for lack of better phrasing, 'give Mike back' to Tina; we can avoid any of the truly foreseeable negative consequences, and everyone will be happy!"

Miss Pillsbury gestured to the inside back flap of the pamphlet, where girl in the tub lay, apparently dead at her own hands. The caption read: This Is What Happens When The Natural Order Is Disturbed…" and at the bottom it read: "Remember To Always Be Selfless!" She clapped her hands together and entwined her fingers in a way that suggested that everything was a done deal. "What do you think, Mercedes? Will you do this for your friend? I know Mike is already willing…"

"No, I'm not," I scrunched my nose up like something smelled awful at Miss Pillsbury and Mr. Schue to illustrate my distaste. "I never told Mr. Schuester that, and I don't want to help you guys break up TAS. They seem happy. And Tina isn't some geisha…if anything; she's the one leading the boys around by the nutsack. Trust me, I know from experience…"

"Mike's right," Mercedes finally spoke up, ignoring Miss Pillsbury's shock at my suggestive language. "They're happy so far. Whether or not they make it together shouldn't be any of our concern. It's their business. But your eye-of-judgment for their little triad is the least of why I find this little intervention troubling. And I'm not going to use this meeting to address how inappropriate it is for a teacher and counselor to weigh in on my love life without my having asked them for advice. Nor am I going to say anything about your, frankly, insulting assessment of me, my looks, my personality, and whether or not I need a boyfriend…"

She looked at me and scowled.

"…But the only reason I'm not saying anything is because I have a feeling my Daddy's legal team won't want me to. Because make no mistake, I'll be sure to tell them all about this right here as soon as I possibly can…"

Mr. Schue looked positively scared.

"But I will address the fact that this meeting has been organized under false pretenses. Mike just told you that he and Mr. Schuester had no such conversation, and you can plainly see that Mr. Schuester exaggerated the little talk they had this morning when he reiterated it for you…"

Miss Pillsbury looked over to Will, who'd crouched into his seat and was currently attempting to avoid everyone's gaze. Miss Pillsbury lifted her hand and covered her mouth. She looked like a wide-eyed child who'd accidentally knocked a vase over and broken it. My girl ignored her and continued to talk.

"…Therefore, it stands to reason that Mike and I should be allowed to leave. This is a bunch of nonsense, and you don't need us here to exacerbate it. Come on Mike; let's get out of here…"

She slammed the pamphlet on the desk, and we left quickly. Then we spent the rest of the day documenting all the instances of teacher ass-holery that happened after that.

To be honest, it was pretty fucking crazy. Fifth period was me and Mercedes' Physics class, and we'd been lab partners all year long. We dissected a pig together, did blood typing, and even took an extra-credit trip after school together to the planetarium in Columbus back in September. We both had A's in the class, and we worked well together. Way before we became a couple. So why, all of a sudden did Mrs. Grant decide to re-pair the class, so that we all could get new partners? Maybe it's just my nerdy side going in for a conspiracy theory, but I think it was to keep me and 'Cedes apart. And I'm not even gonna go into our English teacher, who suddenly felt like the class needed to sit in alphabetical order. By the end of the day, it was pretty clear that the only allies me and my baby had as far as teachers were concerned were Miss Holiday and Coach Bieste.

Speaking of Coach Bieste… in the end, she was the one who stood up for me and Mercedes; and got all the teachers to stop it with the bullshit. What happened was this: Mercedes and I, following sixth period, were called into Mr. Figgins' office. He sat us down, and started this long-drawn out speech about all the "trouble" the two of us had been reported for during the day. Cited all the PDA infractions, as well as the time or two she and I argued about the injustice of it all with whatever teacher we were battling at the time. Then he told us that it had come to his attention that our new disrespect for authority came on the heels of our newfound love. So he asked that we maintain our good reputations and up-to-now stellar scholastic records by considering a "break." Mercedes and I just looked at him like he was crazy and said absolutely nothing. But when we came out of the principal's office, we ran into Mr. Schue and Coach Bieste arguing in the front office.

Coach Bieste was all, "Will, you think that just because you 'care' so much about these kids that you get to dictate everything they do, and it ain't right! I care about 'em too, and you don't see me trying to control who they date!"

And Mr. Schue was all, "What am I doing?" Trying to act innocent or something.

Then Bieste came back with, "Look, I get that you liked it better when the Chang boy and the Chang girl were together…they were quiet, and they never talked back to you in class. With all them loud-mouths in that group, I understand that it was real refreshing to have those two together bein' all silent. You don't want Miss Mercedes' little friend dating my two football boys, because you know that they'll boost her confidence. With them around actin' all whipped, you know that girl'll probably start challengin' you when you do something unfair in Glee. What you're tryin' to do here is keep the status quo, so your job goes easy; and I'm plum ashamed of you!"

"Shannon, you don't know what you're talking about…" was Mr. Schue's reply.

"I don't know what I'm talkin' about? Are you tryin' to tell me that you can't tell Mike Chang is crazy about that Jones girl? You tellin' me you ain't worried that he'll speak up the next time you try and keep her in the background? That boy ain't gonna sit there quiet, the next time she asks you to consider her for a solo…And he ain't gonna buy any of your cockamamie excuses either. So you're worried about stuff changing and the whole thing blowin' up in choir rehearsal like a fart in front of a Bunsen burner."

"I can admit that there may be some truth to what you're saying," admitted Mr. Schue. "But I want them to be happy, too. You're one of my best friends; but right now I don't need your advice…"

"You bet your sweet bippy you need my advice, boy. And my advice to you is to start backtrackin' real quick; because you ain't gonna get away with this for long…"

"Trust me, I know what I'm doing Shannon; you just don't understand the particulars…"

"I understand more than you think I do…I understand that you're messin' with a couple-a smart kids. And I understand that one day soon one of 'em are gonna mention to their parents that all their teachers are pickin' on 'em. Do you wanna be on the hot seat when the Joneses and Changs all show up here and threaten the school board with a lawsuit? You're creatin' a hostile environment, just so you can keep your Glee club runnin' like you want it." She put her hands on her hips. "And lemme tell you this; if you don't stop quick, fast, and in a hurry…I'll be the first one in line to testify!"

That wasn't the end of the conversation, but you get the gist. The end result was the Mercedes and I didn't have any more trouble for the rest of the day. I guess if you have the Bieste on your side, the rest of the school will pretty much fall in line. All I know is, I wasn't worried that Tuesday be bad for us, and neither was my 'Cedes.

After school I demanded that my girl go straight home and get ready for our first official date. I told her not to shower, but to eat a small meal…something starchy and full of protein for energy. Then I informed Mercedes that I would be by to pick her up at 5pm.

When I got there, she and I talked with her parents for about thirty minutes; her dad grilled me on my grades and future plans while Mrs. Jones begged me to take pictures so she could add them to her scrapbook. In the end, I think they both liked me. After all, what's not to like? Then I drove my girl to Lima Strip Mall…because we had some shopping to do.

I led Mercedes inside Naughty Bits…a small lingerie store that I researched online. It's like, the only place in town where they sell one-of-a-kind stuff in all different sizes and styles. When I ripped through Mercedes' teddy on Saturday night, I was kinda mad at myself because it was so pretty, and I'd ruined it beyond repair. Even though doing it was really hot, I felt so bad that I actually kept the pieces. So after Mercedes left my house on Sunday I did some searching and found out where she was likely to have bought it. And when we got inside, I saw the exact teddy I'd messed up on a display right up front. I grabbed one in Mercedes' size and draped it over my arm

"Look around Babe…" I offered grandly, "...for the first part of our date we will be doing one of your favorite things. Shopping. So have fun…and get what you want…"

Mercedes looked at me incredulously. "Not gonna ask how you knew where I got that thing or how you figured out what size I wear. I'm not even going to comment on the fact that you staged this whole "Pretty Woman/Cake-Daddy thing and that I should probably be offended…"

I laughed and pulled her close.

"…Instead, I'll just thank you for the shopping trip and keep all my questions about the second part of this date to myself." Then she kissed me and ran, not walked to the back of the store near the cash registers.

Mercedes flipped through the various racks and flirted with me at the same time. She took her favorite pieces into a dressing room and asked my opinion on them. The first one was a dark blue bra-and-panty set, that I loved because it had these leaf-shaped pasty things over the nipples and along the crotch that were a different color; so it kinda had an Adam and Eve feel. She also wanted me to weigh in on a two-piece teddy that was pink with black lace trim. The top part was sort of tube top-looking, and the bottom was a tiny little half-slip with slits on the sides that showed a lot of thigh. The last one was a tan-colored bustier and boy-shorts combo that looked like frosting against her skin. As far as I was concerned, my girl needed to get all three. I was totally prepared to spend every single dollar in my checking account to get my baby all hooked up with lacy things for me to rip off of her. But she's not the "my man needs to buy me stuff" type. Mercedes accepted the original teddy, because it was my fault the first one got messed up. And she accepted the pink and black teddy from me as sort of a "new-love" gift. I mean, what kind of guy takes a girl's virginity without bringing her flowers or doing something else super nice for her the next day? But that was pretty much all she'd take on principle. I say pretty much because Mercedes didn't see me picking out garters and thigh high stockings and a pair of stripper heels while she was in the dressing room.

I had my purchases gift wrapped, and kissed my girl as I took the bag and receipt, then grabbed her hand and asked her to walk with me a little further up the strip so I could buy her a cup of ice cream. I got my double fudge brownie, and she got her turtle tracks…then we came out and I nudged my girl into the dance equipment shop next door called Jazz Hands.

While we were there, we talked to the owner…a good friend of mine. His name's James Richards. James was a dancer in Los Angeles, a long time ago in his twenties. He's sort of like me, in that he's a way better dancer than singer .But right before he retired from the stage, James won the role of Seaweed in a pretty big-deal playhouse production of Hairspray. Now he lives in Lima and co-owns the shop with his husband; they sell dance attire, shoes, and equipment in the front room and teach ballet and jazz in the back of the store. I've been learning form him since middle school, and he teaches me a lot. Gives me hope.

James and I walked around picking out dance clothes for 'Cedes…because she didn't realize it yet, but part two was just about to start and she'd be needing them. We found her leotards, a few tank tops, leg warmers, a sweatshirt with the shop's logo on the front, and good toe and tap shoes. Then I paid and led Mercedes to the back so we could change in order to participate in the 7pm Beginners Ballet class that was about to start. Mercedes shot me a really ugly look when she realized she that she wasn't going to be pampered anymore; but she was joking. My baby wasn't mad…she seemed excited to share it with me, actually. It was something I'd been wanting to share with Tina now for a long time; but we'd never managed to make it happen. She spends most Monday nights blogging about Asian vampires and colored hair extensions.

My girl did amazing in class. Mercedes, just like I thought, was flexible as hell and moved her body like water in a pool. I never knew this before, but Mercedes told me most girls dream of being ballerinas as kids, and most of them ask for ballet lessons at some point in their lives. She even told me that a lot of little girls teach themselves how to stand en pointe in their tiny little tennis shoes. She had, and her parents had been happy to provide her with formal training when she'd asked for it. Mercedes was an old pro at positions and paying attention to her posture. We had fun. After the class left, she and I got permission from John, James' lover who teaches the class, to stick around and work a little more. So we turned on some Michael Jackson and I showed my girls some of my favorite moves.

She really loved watching me n my element. I put on a show that brought together all my favorite parts of jazz, pop-locking, and ballet. I pulled her up and taught my girl how to do girl versions of my favorite dance moves. We worked hard, got all kinds of sweaty twirling and playing around. Eventually we needed water and rest, so we decided to stretch, then sit down and cool off some

When Mercedes pulled a couple of yoga mats out and spread them out on the studio floor so we could chill with our waters, we were both mostly being silent. I wanted to just bask in the feeling of sharing a sweet moment with my girl. And she was thinking about something; I could tell, because she was smiling. Eventually she started to hum a song and I asked her about it.


She gazed into my eyes and giggled before responding. "Yeah, Babe…"

"What song is that?"

"Oh, it's called Kissing You. This really old song, by this group called Total. My mama says they use to be on P. Diddy's label back in the late nineties."

"Cool. Will you sing it for me?"

"Sure." She got up to find her phone and started thumbing through it. "It reminds me a lot of you, Boo…"

"Oh, yeah?" I asked, as she sat back down.

"Yeah…" She got sort of blush-y. "…remember how you kiss-attacked me at the Red Rooster? If you hadn't done that, then we wouldn't have hooked up."

I remembered. "I know, Miss Stubborn. You made me pull out the big guns!" The music started and we cuddled close together while the video played on YouTube.

Kissing you is all that I've been thinking of; Kissing you is, ooo-ooooo.

My immediate reaction was to wonder why in the hell Glee Club had never sung a song by this group before. It was made up of these nice looking three ladies wearing all black while singing and dancing all sexy. They obviously didn't have shit on my girl though.

Don't matter who knows, I don't care who sees; Me thinking about you makes my life the complete, uhhhh…

The music itself was R&B, but one of the ladies was strumming the hell out of a guitar. I could see New Directions doing something like this at Nationals…

And what I mean by that, That my whole world changes; You make me feel things, That I've never felt; I wanna kiss you…

The vocals weren't the best; technically speaking…we had girls in the group who could totally outsing Total. But I'm not one to throw stones at glass houses. These women had major league stage presence and were awesome performers.

Kissin' you is all that I've been thinking of; Kissin' you is ooo, ooo…
(Oh yeah, I wanna kiss you)

Mercedes chimed in on that last ad-lib and I decided grant her wish. I pecked her lightly on the lips.

Kissin' you is all that I've been thinking of; Kissin' you is ooo, ooo…

The song was romantic, and sultry as hell. I actually wanted to hear Mercedes serenade me. My baby didn't disappoint, she chimed in on the second verse.

When I'm with my friends, I'm trying to figure out a way; To leave them behind just to get back to you oh-ho…

'Cedes straddled me and sang softly into my face as I caressed her body through the workout clothes.

You're my best kept secret, And that's the way I like it…

We were both grinning like loony birds, and I tried my best to keep things PG; we were definitely getting kinda steamy. If I wasn't careful something inappropriate was gonna happen.

You're my pride and joy boy, That's why I'm dreaming of you…
I wanna kiss you…

We made out through the second chorus, and I think Mercedes was as powerless over the kiss as I was. Her lips were soft, and traces of her lip balm had stuck around through class, just long enough for me to kiss it off.

Kissin' you is all that I've been thinking of; Kissin' you is ooo, ooo…
(Oh yeah, I wanna kiss you)

Mercedes moaned into my lips and stroked my chest over the tee shirt I wore. I could see us venturing off into the land of no return, so I grabbed her hands and cooed so my girl wouldn't go there.

Kissin' you is all that I've been thinking of; Kissin' you is ooo, ooo…

'Cedes didn't struggle against me, but I figured out that this whole Center Stage-esque seduction scene had probably been on her mind since the rest of the class left. She looked deep into my eyes while singing the next few bars.

You're my pride and joy, You're my baby boy, People ask me how I feel 'bout you…

Now it was my turn to blush. She was gonna get her way. No way around that one.

They ask me if I love you…

Biting my lip now.

Am I crazy for you…
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)

At that point we started smooching again. It continued all the way through the chorus. By the time the bridge began a second time we were both murmuring the words to one another.

You're my pride and joy, You're my baby boy, People ask me how I feel 'bout you…

Well, she murmured the words; I pretty much just provided the "yeahs."

They ask me if I love you…

But there were a lot of them, so I think it counts as a mutual serenade.

Am I crazy for you…
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)

While we traded "yeahs" back and forth, Mercedes started doing this sexy little dance, right on top of me!

Yeah, yeah, yeah…
Yeah, yeah, yeah…
Yeah, yeah, yeah…
(Kissin' you is so good)

She was rolling her hips and making this grinding motion with her ass. Mercedes crotch jerked against my own and my semi-tumescent hard-on immediately became a six gun salute.

Yeah, yeah, yeah…
Yeah, yeah, yeah…
Yeah, yeah, yeah…
(Oh yeah, I wanna kiss you)

She pressed her breasts against my chest and kissed me softly on the neck. I felt her tongue dart inside my ear, but I was concentrating on my hands, which were cupping her butt so she'd hump me harder. We may have even missed another chorus. By the time the last few lines of the song faded away we were well into removing one another's clothes.

Got to have, have your love. That's all I'm thinking of…

Got to have, have your love. That's all I'm thinking of…

Got to have, have your love. That's all I'm thinking of…

I took the time to savor undressing Mercedes, since I'd been so impatient about ripping her teddy off on Saturday night. I lifted the hem of her tank top, and bent over to kiss her navel once before removing it from her body. Then I palmed her tits over the sports bra she wore, and licked the salty sweat from between them. While Mercedes purred and closed her eyes, I ran my hands across her back and shoulders.

"Hmmmmnnn…" my girl exhaled.

Then I slowly pulled her bra strap from the left shoulder, taking the time to kiss the indentation it left there. After that I did the same thing to her right one. I kissed her collarbone, the long column of flesh on the side of her neck, and finally licked behind Mercedes' ear. Every single bit of flesh on this woman tasted amazing.

Mercedes pushed me back onto the floor mat and asked, "Is the Mikey Show over yet? I want my turn to play with you, Babe…"

While I relished in the feel of her removing my clothes, piece by piece I also knew I wasn't ready to let Mercedes have her way with me yet. Licking and teasing her earlier was making me want more of her body parts in my mouth. So I flipped us over so I could give 'Cedes my answer,

"Not yet…I wanna make sure you enjoy yourself as much as you did the first time. Can't do that if you take the reins, Babe."

My girl didn't seem pissed or frustrated. She was probably remembering the five addictive orgasms I gave her just three days ago. At any rate, she looked excited to let me take over again, at least for a little while. I even startled her when I peeled the fabric of her leotard and undies away from her thighs; that's how antsy she was. "When does the Mercy Show start?" she asked as I discarded the stretchy thing.

I bent over to kiss her navel again before replying. "After you scream my name twice..." Then I got right to work. I have to say one more time here, I love this girl's body. Mercedes Jones has to be the most supple, soft, excruciatingly comfortable person to have pressed naked against a man's body in the whole wide world. She's pliant, almost…flexible. I know deep down that a lot of my "control issues" in bed stem from how feminine and soft she is…I know that if I were making love to someone whose frame were more powerful and domineering, like Brittany; or a girl whose icy demeanor were more standoffish, like Quinn…who knows? I may not have had the confidence to call all the shots. But despite the way my girl has zero qualms about letting people know who she is and what she wants, I can't help but want to show her she's all mine in bed. Not that she doesn't know it without me telling her, though.

Her belly was so damn smooth and kissable beneath my lips I almost forgot to kiss her any lower. And the juncture where her hips meet her thighs was so fucking fluffy I felt like it was kissing me back. But when my lips found the lips between her legs I was done with kissing, and well into tasting. My girl is so damn sweet…even post workout, all I could get a whiff of or sense on my taste buds was her. It was this tangy musky delicious flavor that I'd know was Mercedes, anywhere.

My favorite part of doing this to her has to be the nuzzling. I love sliding my lips in-between her lips and coating my closed mouth with her cream. I love the way my mouth glides over her delicate skin, lubricated because she was so aroused. I love kissing her hole, and feel it pucker against my face. Smooching her clit while it quivered. My lips always end up wet with Mercedes' juices, and anxious to open up wide. Then when I lick her essence away from my face, I always want more, so I introduce her to my tongue. I like to tease…snake my tongue along everywhere but where Mercedes wanted me to lick the most. I'd play along her folds, dip inside the creases, and find all the hidden crannies of 'Cedes' pussy...because they were mine. Then, right when my lady lets out a frustrated growl and starts to buck her hips, I finally lick her clit.

It's so tiny; just this little pink bundle where most of my girl's nerve endings are located. Its like, the most powerful part of her body if you think about it. So I showed the proper to respect to Mercedes' clit. I licked around the base of it, softly…fluttering my tongue against it like a breeze in the treetops. Then I kissed her in the same place, sloppy-like…making sure she felt my lips puckering and sucking, as well as my tongue stroking and slobbering. I licked the tip, starting with my tongues darty point, and then turning my face side to side to trace along the edges where I don't have any taste buds. I made circles, rotating my neck so I could paint every morsel of delicious and sensitive flesh as many times as she could stand. By the time Id decided to wrap my lips around her clit and suck like a baby with a boob, Mercedes was gasping for air.


I moved two of my fingers inside her gently, feeling where she'd gushed wetness in response to all my attention. The whole time, sucking and licking …sucking and licking…

"Shit, Mike…"

My tongue was wild by then; no method to my madness at all. I was flicking and twirling my tongue, nibbling and sucking with my lips, probing and filling with my fingers; all in the interest of making my lady scream…

"Fuck, Mike, gonna..."

"I know," I murmured, still buried in my baby's body as far as my mouth and hands could go. "Please come for me, don't hold back…"

With a final parting shove of my slick fingers inside her warmth and a hasty tongue flicker that sent her reeling in pleasure, my girl shrieked my name and bucked underneath me. Her hips undulated, a stream of creamy juices flowed freely from her pussy right onto my palm, and I could feel her entire vagina contract and release around my digits. I sucked and licked until the worst of the spasms were over, then sucked and licked some more to taste the flavor of her passion. I cleaned my girl up with my tongue, and I'm pretty sure she blacked out for a second.

"Oh, my god…" Mercedes panted, sitting up. "Boy don't you ever kiss me like that in public again…"You're gonna end up getting our asses arrested!"

I laughed, made my way to her lips, and shared 'Cedes juices with her. We kissed for awhile, sweetly pecking one another's lips softly, then sucking away at each other hungrily. I sucked her tongue, she licked mine. I pulled her bottom lip into my mouth, she pulled my top one. The whole while my girl ran her fingers over my chest and between the lock s of my hair. Then she flopped back down, exhausted. Good thing I wasn't done with her yet.

Mercedes POV:

Wow. Just…wow.

I know I need to start getting in Mike's ass about his controlling ways. I do. Because letting him do me anyway he wants to just isn't like me. I'm a feminist, a strong Black woman with her own damn mind and a mouth that's not scared to speak it. But my God…when a guy takes as much care and shows as much dedication to making you feel like putty in his hands as my Boo does; it's hard not to let him. And it's even harder when you see with your own two eyes how much he enjoys getting his way. So, bad feminist or not… I can't help myself.

After I screamed Mike's name long enough to make it sound like a four-syllable word instead of a four-letter one, and kissed him hard for being so fucking generous; I flopped back down and waited for him to finish taking off his clothes. I wanted to feel him, inside me again. I wanted to connect with my man again. I missed his flesh, his body taking over my body. I needed to feel it again, and soon.

"Please?" I whimpered. I wasn't above begging, to be honest…and I knew making a demand was the wrong way to go about this.

Mike smirked. "You want me to make love to you, don't you?" he teased, while standing up to remove his boxers and sweats. "You want me in you again…"

I nodded, still gasping a little. "I do. Please?"

Mike placed a condom on his dick, knelt down so he could run his fingers over my thighs, and nodded again. "I wanted to be a ass, Baby. Make you wait while I teased you with a slow tongue bath. But I can't stand to see you beg. You mean too much to me…and I don't want to make you wait. You know that don't you?" he asked, sliding his hands up and caressing my naked hips.

I closed my eyes and breathed deeply, arching my back slightly because instinctively I knew Mike wanted to circle my waist. He didn't disappoint me. I felt his warm, slightly damp palms move slowly around my body; taking the time and care to stroke my sides and scratch my back gently before using his arms to envelop me firmly. Mike pushed his entire body against mine comfortingly…my chest pressed into his chest, his check nuzzling into my neck, our legs tangled. I felt soft butterfly kisses being planted on my collarbone, fingers fluttering against my back. I raised my hand to card my fingers through his hair and accepted the long and slow kiss I never saw coming. I didn't need to open my eyes in order to anticipate affection from Mike. His intentions were as plain to me as my own lips. We shared and tasted one another and I felt him enter me slowly.

Mike found me without using his hands as guidance, and worked his hips in shallow, careful thrusts that lit my body up from the inside. I felt him probe me, deeper and deeper, and deeper still until I was full. We continued to kiss, continued to hold each other close, continued to use our bodies to speak the words neither of us knew how to say yet. I felt him snake in and out of my channel; felt the base of his shaft rub against my clit. I felt the dripping wetness sticking to my thighs; the result of all the wetness I'd released onto his lips just minutes before. I could feel my walls loosening and relaxing around his cock. I reveled in the warmth in between my legs, and squirmed as Mike's ab muscles gently slapped against my own soft torso. I used my nails softly on his upper back; widened my legs to make him go deeper…his movements felt like "I love you"…so I broke the kiss in order to tell him, "I know, Mike…"

Mike lowered his lips back onto my own, and made his movements more forceful. I felt him plunder my body relentlessly. Felt him graze my walls and force himself as deep as he could go. I felt him suck away at the tender flesh of my shoulder, leaving a mark. I felt his palms clutch my waist, leaving passion-driven handprints. I released another wave of cream onto his manhood and felt the beginnings of another amazing orgasm on the horizon. I clutched his hair, pulling slightly. Gripped his shoulders, scratched hi back, and clawed his butt; the whole time thinking "Oh my God, I love this boy…" before erupting, moaning his name over and over. Mike shuddered hard, cursed under his breath, let out a deep rumbling groan, and allowed himself to come too. Then he raised his head and told me, "I know, too…" We kissed again, and lay there for about thirty minutes before he took me home.

Mike POV:

There just something about having one of your favorite fantasies realized that fills a man with a sense of contentment and joy. That's what I felt like after 'Cedes and I christened the yoga mats at Jazz Hands. I lay on the yoga mat, breathing in tandem with my girl, wrapped around her and enjoying the afterglow. We'd left some very important things unsaid, but were both surprisingly comfortable with it. I knew at that moment that I had some very deep and sincere feelings for Mercedes, and that she felt the same way. Yes, I was already looking forward to the day we both said them out loud; but in that moment it was enough.

We got dressed, and left the studio, walking briefly through the store… we waved goodbye to James and John, both of whom were minding the customers. And I blushed as James scraped the forefinger of his left hand along the length of his right forefinger, in the universal signal for "naughty." Mercedes blew the guys a kiss...then she and I left the building.

I parked my car outside Mercedes' house, and walked her to the front door. She invited me in, but I declined because it was a school night. I did kiss her deeply, to let my lady know I'd miss her the whole time we were apart though. Then we broke away to stare at each other. I grazed my finger along Mercedes' sweaty cheek and she clutched at the hem of the wife beater I wore. After that we kissed again, and it seemed even sweeter than the first one. After we pulled apart a second time, Mercedes let herself into her home and I waited on the doorstep for the light to come on in her room. I walked to my car, got in, and let out a deep sigh; I hadn't even realized I'd been holding my breath.

As I drove home I was hit by this really stinging pang of gratitude. A real sense of contentment. And me being the deep thinker I am, tried to figure out why it hit me so hard. By the time I got home, I'd come up with an explanation.

Do you want to know the thing that I love best about being with Mercedes; like, the thing that tells me she and I are going to fall in love fast and hard and stay that way for a long time? It's all in how much she appreciates the fact that I think about things. She seems to admire the way I mull stuff over really hard and for a long time before I say them out loud. And it's refreshing.

See, I always knew in the back of my mind that Tina and I were going to have some major-league conflicts about certain things in our relationship, once I stopped biting my tongue so much. Back then, I could totally see me getting in real hot water with my ex for disagreeing with her. Tina already calls me by my full government name, just like my mother, when we butt heads sometimes; and she hates it when our viewpoints don't mesh…its almost like Tee thought I owed it to her to always agree with everything she says. Or like we owed it to the world to think exactly alike.

But Mercedes understands the amount of sheer thought I put into stuff. So even though she might not exactly like where my brain takes me sometimes, she's never automatically offended or angered by them. Mercedes gives me a chance to explain things that she doesn't get, before arguing with me about them. And I respect that. Hell, I'm relieved by it.

I mean, I put a lot of thought into our first date. I planed it out meticulously on Sunday night after we parted ways. I knew I wanted to share my dance class with her, but I also knew that it wasn't likely to be something she'd do on her own. So I pondered it for a long time to come up with a way for the both of us to have fun. The shopping trip, replacing her teddy, the ice cream… I planned it all with the intention of buttering Mercedes up for the dance class beforehand. So by the time we actually got all leotard-ed up, she'd enjoyed herself as much as I knew I would during the class. So it worked out. Just on general principle, I feel like I can share things with Mercedes more freely. And I like that, almost as much as I like her.

After my shower, I did my homework, called my girl to say good night, and rolled into bed. I didn't know, obviously, when the next time would be that she and I made love. I have strict parents, she's a teenage girl with no other siblings at home…we'd be supervised pretty closely for as long as we were together; that much I already knew. I also knew I couldn't take my lady to dance class every week to bone. But, as I drifted off into slumber I also decided that I didn't care. Even if my girl and I didn't have sex again until next year's Prom, I was okay with it. Because honestly? Being with her was definitely worth the wait.

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But in my defense, I had some serious issues with plotlines and this installment never came together to my satisfaction. Hence the long update time. But I totally think what I came up with in the end was worth the wait. Let me know though.

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Actually, I want to thank everyone who took this trip with me. It's done now…that much I do know for sure! But the universe I created here is one that really speaks to me. I've been wanting to explore a Mercedes-Harem world since I discovered what the hell fan fiction even was. So this is like, the fulfillment of something I've been interested in for awhile. I hope everybody liked it!


OH! Before I forget…I want to share with you guys my headcanon for the resolution to the whole Teacher vs. Mikecedes deal. These one-shots are sort of a day-in-the-life type of thing, so I couldn't really add it here if I wanted to keep my continuity. But I thought about it in great detail…and I wanna share.

First of all, when Mercedes got home from dance class and showered all Mike's slobber off her body, she put on her the pink PJs and bunny slippers her daddy loves to see her in. Then she went and found him in his den. She walked in, full of tears and so very, very sad…

Cue a father's broken heart.

When he asked why Daddy's little girl was so upset, Mercedes tearfully told him how she was being picked on by the teachers at school. Daddy Jones was immediately angered and made sure to find out if she was being targeted for being Black. When he found out the teachers were bothering her because she was a Black girl dating an Asian boy in a school where folks don't approve of that kind of thing…he was even more mad. Because Daddy Jones taught all of his kids love has no color…na'mean?

So she showed him the log of fuckery that she and Mike compiled, complete with approximate times and the names of several witnesses, and Daddy Jones took it from there.

His legal team…ahem, not one lawyer; a whole motherfucking team y'all…took witness statements, got signed affidavits, made video statements with Mike and Mercedes and most of the ND team…all of that. They discovered that Mr. Schuester was behind the whole thing, and exactly WHY he started the mess. So by the time the lawyers scheduled a meeting with the superintendent of the school board, they had their case all sewed up.

End result? Figgins was reprimanded, and a school board member was sent to McKinley to "observe" the daily workings of his school. Every teacher in the halls of McKinley was sent to mandatory sensitivity training, so they could avoid the shit in the future. And Schuester was suspended for the remainder of the school year without pay.

Mercedes and Mike approached Coach Bieste and asked if she would run Glee in his absense. Usually, Rachel would have done any organizing necessary to keep the club running smooth, but she was too busy crying. Shannon lacked the experience of Schuester, but genuinely loved the kids. Plus, all the girls had stepped in to help her when she needed more football players earlier in the year. So she owed them. Bieste agreed to oversee, and assigned Mike and Mercedes (the best dancer in the group and the best singer, respectively) to run camps for all the stuff she knew nothing about. Vocal exercises, dance training, song selection workshops…the whole nine. And by the time they went to Nationals in New York, the group was so prepared it wasn't funny.

Mr. Schue, who had been verboten from attending any on-or-off campus school-sponsored activities in which McKinley students participated, showed up in New York anyway. He originally went to meet up with April Rhodes, but couldn't stay away from the competition. Especially after Rachel called him to complain about the fact that she and Finn hadn't been assigned to do the lead duet. Despite the fact that he'd been specifically warned by Figgins to stay the hell away from Mikecedes at all times, he came and sat in the audience; watching as the New Directions came in third after Vocal Adrenaline and Sistas With Attitude.

Now, Mr. Jones and Mr. Chang had flown to New York together for the competition. They'd become golf buddies since their kids started dating, and liked one another a lot. The two dads sent their wives to the spa for the weekend, and came to surprise the kids together. Daddy bonding, if you will. They saw Will Schuester's simple mug in the venue, and decided quickly to teach his curly-fro'd ass a lesson.

They caught up with Will as he tried to slink away from the building and proceeded to molly-wop his ass. Mr. Jones is big, and heavyset, and strong. Mr. Chang is wiry and sneaky and fast. Together they are the perfect storm of whoop-ass. Mr. Jones punctuated all of his fist-slams with mentions of "favoritism-showing, dimple-chinned motherfucker" and "vest-wearing, sizeist, creeper-ass," and my personal favorite, "you and your little precious snowflake Rachel, trying to hold my little girl back…sitting around scared that 'Cedes was gonna come in and shit on your life. Fuck with me now, Jim Crow."

Mr. Chang just cursed up a storm in Mandarin.

In the end, Will couldn't report the crime, because he wasn't supposed to be there in the first place. He had no clue if he'd be pink-slipped for the following year or if he still had a job. He couldn't let anyone find out he'd disobeyed specific instructions. So he went back to Lima and told Miss Pillsbury he'd been in a traffic accident in a New York City cab. She believes everything he tells her anyway.

The daddies got away with it and the rest of the world was none the wiser.

The End.