Sarah confronts her husband when another memory returns. A memory of one of her deepest held secrets and fantasies. One she thought she would never share with anyone, until Chuck. Of course, Chuck, being who he is, rises to the challenge once again.

Warning: This story is rated hard M/NC-17 for sexual themes and D/s BDSM content. If this type thing makes you squeamish or, quite frankly, you're younger than eighteen, it's time to leave now. But if you're old enough and adventurous to read this you'll see the dedication and the love shine through.

Disclaimer: I don't own Chuck, any of the characters within it, nor any of the innuendos from the series that inspired the creation of this story, not even the OC's I've added. I make no money from it, and I don't write this to ruffle anyone's plumage.

Sarah Versus the Scenes

Chapter 1 - Another Memory Returns

"Can I... ask you... a... rather delicate question, Chuck?" Sarah said, posing the query as she tried to catch her breath while staring at the ceiling after a particularly energetic afternoon lovemaking session.

Chuck picked his head up off the pillow and drew her in with the arm he had around her, attempting to read her face as his fingers lazily stroked circles on the side of her breast. "Yeah," he said, stretching the word out, "You can ask me anything, Sarah; always."

She turned her head to him and gazed into his brown eyes, and for a long moment, fell into them. Almost a year had passed since she'd moved back into their apartment home, after spending a month and a half with her mother and her adopted sister, Molly. The loss of five years of her life at the hands of Nicholas Quinn had left her adrift, not knowing who she really was or where her future lied. And though her instincts had told her to run, a stronger inner voice prevailed and convinced her to stay close, to take refuge with her mother and wait. To try to find herself, even if what she found were only tiny shards of what she'd appeared to become.

What she'd seen and heard on 'their' beach told Sarah that Chuck deserved at least that much.

During the third week at her mother's house, her memories started to return. At first they were tiny snippets of disjointed moments, very confusing at the beginning. But somehow many of them were validating a fervent feeling that came from deep within her whenever she thought of Chuck. Because what she was starting to remember was Chuck; not the arrangement of Wienerlicious cups, not carvings she'd made with her knife on a wall... Chuck. She discussed many of them with her mother, Emma, and with her encouragement started to date her husband all over again.

Barely another three weeks passed for her to recover enough of what had been lost - combined with the new memories she was making - to decide to move back into their apartment again. At first, she stayed in the guest room, sleeping alone on the king sized bed in the surprisingly large and richly appointed room. It was perplexing, because the room was obviously the master suite, complete with a half-bath, a much larger walk-in closet, and a sitting area large enough for her to use for yoga. Why was Chuck - and apparently also her for nearly two years - sleeping in the smaller of the two bedrooms?

Then early in the morning after her third night sleeping in the room some astonishing memories came back to her in the twilight of a lucid dream - a very lascivious lucid dream. Something about the way she was lying in the bed had triggered it. Not only did the memories wrapped within it explain why they'd slept in the smaller bedroom, they told her a lot about the room she was in.

She'd purchased the very firm foam mattress she was sleeping on shortly after Morgan moved out of the apartment. In fact, she'd furnished the entire room, from the bed frame and mattress to the table and chairs by the window. As well as a very suggestive chaise that was obviously made for more than just lounging. Honestly, the other two chairs looked almost as suggestive.

To her astonishment their guest room was also a playroom... and she'd designed it! And though the mattress she was sleeping on was surprisingly comfortable, she'd bought it for another specific reason - it was a fabulous surface for sex. No, check that... for making love... of the deeply tantric variety. In this room - a room they seemed to always giggle about when a guest was staying in it - she had issued a challenge to Chuck the very day she'd furnished it.

The 'chaise' - at the time sitting near the window where one could lounge in it and read by the window light - was called a Tantra Chair. And on that particular afternoon she'd left her iPad laying on it for Chuck to find when he discovered the changes she'd made. The tablet's browser was opened to two web pages - the Tantra Chair site and a page entitled 100 Kamasutra Sex Positions.

God, the look on Chuck's face. That memory alone was gold.

That first crystal-clear revelation boggled her mind; how they'd done the one-hundred most popular positions in the Kama Sutra over the span of a month. A Month! Her and Chuck! In this room! In this bed! On that chair!

Needless to say, one thing quickly led to another when she confronted Chuck about it. And since neither of them were working - beyond some small computer contracts Chuck had with Diane Beckman - and they were spending so much time together...

Well, five days later she wasn't back in their cozy former bedroom. Instead, Chuck was in their new master bedroom with her; and they were once again conversing about their dream home during pillow talk. Although the one they were in, and Chuck himself, was already a dream home come true.

It had all happened so remarkably fast. This second time around falling in love had been one of the most intense experiences she'd ever had in her life. Strangely enough, this time around, through the lens of twenty-twenty hindsight, Sarah had known exactly what to do about it. She was now counting her blessings that she'd fallen so hard for her Chuck the second time.

Through it all, her memory had continued to slowly return. Sometimes tiny little pieces, other times huge chunks. Her therapist and Chuck were helping her the entire time, often in couple's sessions. Many of the returning memories came to her as more dreams while she slept. A few of them, like that third morning back in this apartment, were moments of startling clarity on the cusp between sleep and wakefulness. At first she didn't know if they were real or fantasy, even though those first returning memories of that room should have guided her. They felt so surreal.

Then she'd mentioned one of them to Chuck and, with a startled but happy expression on his face, he told her it was real. Now every time she had a dream they would discuss it right after she awoke. Her therapist had instructed her to wake her husband immediately to tell him about it while the memory of the dream was still fresh in her mind. Some of the dreams had indeed turned out to be fantasies and oddly disjointed musings filled with symbolism. But often times when she had a dream, and related the details of it to Chuck, it would free up another locked up memory from her subconscious mind.

Like her lucid dream that morning in the 'guest room', some of those dreams and their accompanying memories had been very sexual in nature, moments of sheer joy and deep intimacy with her Chuck. She was discovering that her mind had locked away and closely guarded many of those memories when Nicholas Quinn had tried to steal them away from her. She had fought to keep them with every fiber of her being. Those and so many other deeply emotional memories she had also hidden in a special place, ones that had swiftly pushed her back into her husband's arms as they returned.

Still, some of the most incredible experiences that had come back to her over the last several months were the truly epic, sexual exploits she had shared with her nerd. Some of them had simply amazed her and lit a fire within her that had led to some very special moments in the bedroom... and a lot of other places as well. Looking at her kind and gentle husband she mused that if Chuck had ever told her some of the sexual things they had done she would have told him he was crazy. Her nerd did that? She could feel a big grin of wonder forming on her face once again.

Then Chuck's voice slowly pulled her from her reverie. "Sarah? Hello, Sarah. Ground control to Major Sarah-"

"Hmmmmm?" she lyrically intoned. Her eyes focused back on his as she pushed that one particular memory she'd been thinking about aside so she could concentrate.

"You've got that look on your face again," he said with an amused smile. "What's up? Did you have another one of those dreams? Is that what your question is about?"

She gave him that patented and, oh so endearing tight-lipped smile of hers. "Yeah," she thoughtfully replied with a roll of her eyes, "One of those dreams... last night." Then her eyebrows furrowed a bit and her face became slightly more serious. "But this one was very different."

Chuck tilted his head to the side studying her for a second, and then his eyebrows slowly went up a notch. "How different?" he cautiously asked.

"Do you remember how I reacted when you had my hands pinned over my head last night? How intensely I climaxed?"

"Yes, that was pretty hard to miss," he said slowly as he started to flush, swallowing thickly.

Sarah giggled as she reached down to give him a squeeze, and her grin grew right along with the sensation of his very large penis growing rapidly in her hand. She marveled at the feel of it, recalling her reaction the 'first' time she had seen it erect and how it had affected her. A more self-assured and audacious Chuck could have easily been cast as a porn star.

What would porn star Chuck's stage name have been? I wonder what the name of his first pet and the street he grew up on were? Her grin grew huge. "God, you're adorable when you get like this," she observed, as she could see that his tongue was tied in a knot in his throat. "How did mild mannered Chuck Bartowski ever manage to do that?"

"Do what?" he croaked.

"Haha! You know what. Did you really think that memory was going to stay buried forever? It came back to me as I was having that huge orgasm last night. Then I had a dream about more of it early this morning." Wow, he is rock hard!

Chuck swallowed audibly again, "Oh. One of those memories." He smiled sheepishly at her.

"I had no idea we had ever been that kinky," she said softly with mirth dancing in her eyes. "It's not a fantasy, is it?"

"No," he replied guardedly, "We've tried some very... unusual things."

"How did we ever get there? That was..." She was having trouble finding the words, too. "It was amazing, Chuck. It was so incredibly hot. How did it happen?" Sarah looked at him with a challenging grin. Something was telling her it probably had a lot to do with her. She'd always had a sexually adventurous streak. It didn't really surprise her that she might have encouraged Chuck to do the same, and it appeared he'd done it with gusto.

He looked at her thoughtfully for several seconds and shrugged, "You suggested it one night. We were talking about my interrogation training when I was in... Europe. And you mentioned how being bound and gagged in your own training kind of freaked you out, because it really turned you on." His eyes showed some vaguely hidden agitation, as if on the reflection of a stressful memory of his own.

"It freaked me out a bit too, Sarah," he cautiously continued, "because we've both been in some very tense situations where we have been tied up and almost tortured. And we've watched a colleague actually get tortured, I was really floored that you wanted to try something that even remotely resembled it. And you finally confided in me that you'd had a pretty wild past, especially with the CATs. I didn't know what to think of it, but you suggested doing some role playing, you convinced me it would be good for us, even good for our work, and it turned out that we were pretty good at it too, and we both found that it was an incredibly intense experience, and, God, I'm rambling again," he said, taking a very deep breath, as he stroked her cheek with his fingertips.

"It kind of got started because you said you wanted to explore more of that side of yourself... a side you said you'd rarely shared with anyone... with me."

Sarah fixed her eyes on Chuck's for a minute as she thought about it. His pursed lips and the worried look in his warm eyes were revealing emotions she'd seen frequently over the last several months. He thought he'd overstepped again by talking about her past. He didn't want to contaminate her recovery with implanted or false memories.

As she often did when he got this way, she tried to wipe his worry away. Returning his affectionate gesture, she trailed her fingertips across his cheeks into his long curly hair and pulled their lips together for a gentle, heartfelt kiss.

The memories of those training days at the Farm were very real, and still fresh in her mind. They were from before the period of time Nicholas Quinn tried to wipe from her mind. Yes, her experience at interrogation school had been unquestionably different. She'd been very shocked by her own reaction to being bound and gagged, cuffed to a hard metal chair for hours, and then finally being suspended by her wrists while she was flogged with a piece of rubber hose. The sexual heat she felt during those experiences was alarmingly powerful, and it had curiously helped her get through the training with very high marks.

She was a complete control freak who hated surprises, but had often wondered what it would be like to totally let go with someone she could utterly trust, in a controlled environment, especially after she had gone through that class. She'd experimented with it a bit during her time with the CATs, but had never completely submitted, except to one other person, preferring to exercise dominance, for the most part, on another woman. Sometimes she wished she could just give up the control she normally craved, relinquish it totally to someone else.

Still, she was quite surprised to hear that she had confided, even with Chuck, this closely held secret and fantasy, apparently along with some of her other sexual adventures. But he also knew about her mother and adopted sister, and Molly had been the most closely guarded secret ever. And her memory and current experience was telling her that the someone with whom she could give that absolute trust, and had already given that absolute trust, was the nerd she had married, her Chuck.

She nodded, agreeing with his explanation and assessment. "Were you always the Dom? I don't remember anything but a shadow of a memory of going dominant on you."

Chuck looked at her pensively; as if he was trying to decide whether to take the conversation any further. "Most of the time I was the 'D' and you were the 's'," he finally answered. "You know, you're usually the more dominant one in our more...vanilla? life, so the kink usually involved me being the dominant one. We were both surprised that I was pretty good at it." He pursed his lips and dropped his chin, looking at her from the top of his eyes. "What exactly did you remember?"

"Well," Her eyes grew big and her pupils dilated just thinking about it, "I was only wearing a pair of black stockings and red stiletto pumps. You tied me up in a G-String rope tie and then laid me in the middle of the bed and frogtied my legs. The rope was black." She paused for a second and took a sudden breath, "God, we must have been into this pretty deep for me to know the names of those things," she realized.

Sarah could feel the heat radiating off her and a fire igniting down below. "Anyway, you had this very intimidating sex toy you had altered to work wirelessly from an iPhone app you wrote...Geez, Chuck, you are some devious nerd," she exclaimed, looking at him with wonder as he tried to hide a wicked grin.

"The Bartowski special Virtue Trio Vibe," he said, his smile turning prideful, "It's one of your favorites."

"Yes! That curved purple nubby thing with the ring on the end. Wow. It was unbelievable how that thing hit all the right places." She gulped and grabbed his hand, "Feel that," she said, guiding his fingertips to her smoothly shaven sex. She was very, very wet.

"Like I said, one of your favorites," he said, his voice having gone up half a register from listening to his wife's description and the feel of his fingers on her smooth folds. "It has three vibrators in it that can be programmed to run independently. And, yes, you're correct, I modified it...considerably," he replied with a chuckle, "Tell me more. What happened next?"

Sarah gave him a salacious smile in return and huffed a breath, "You naughty, naughty boy."

She suddenly pushed Chuck onto his back and swung over on top of him in one swift motion. Sitting on his toned abs just above his hips, straddling him, she held his erect cock in her hand behind her and stared into his eyes, with her other hand resting on his chest, as one corner of her mouth turned up in a smirk.

"You put that thing in me and tied it off by the ring to the front rope of the g-string tie. It pulled that one vibrator against my clit and the vibrator in that bulb on the end of it landed right on my G-spot. And then you turned on that evil iPhone app!" Her breath started to shorten at the very memory of it.

Telling Chuck about it was causing the heat within her to build steadily. She couldn't take any more of listening to her own tale, and rose up taking his hard shaft and, guiding it to her entrance, settling just barely onto the head of it and paused. Then she dropped swiftly down onto him, her clit crashing into his pelvic bone, and she gasped with a suddenly taken breath.

"Gnaaah! Oh, fuck, Chuck!" Sarah ground into him for a few seconds as she watched his face change from his own pleasure, then rose up just as quickly to the top, just barely keeping him in, and paused again, before slamming back down. They both took a synchronized breath with a rush as she hit bottom, and she shuddered. "So big!" Sarah repeated this several times more before fixing him with an insatiable and earnest look in her eye, and shivered at the fierce and animistic look he was giving her in return.

She then lowered herself down and settled out across the length of his body as she gripped the sides of his legs with her own, and started to grind again. As she did, she rose up slightly arching her back supporting herself with her hands spread across his chest, her elbows bent, and pointing outward. Her breasts rested provocatively on her arms pushing them up, giving Chuck an eye-popping view. She locked her eyes onto his with an amused smile, waiting.

Finally, his eyes came up to meet hers and she watched the tips of his ears turn red. She shook with a silent laugh as she continued to slowly grind. "Your tits are so gorgeous, you must understand the power they hold over me," he said, with a slightly guilty tone and a sheepish grin.

Sarah returned his smile and lowered her lips to his, giving him a soft and seductive kiss. Then she pushed back up and gazed, once again, deeply into his smoldering brown eyes. When Chuck looked back he was met by hot blue flames and a sweet, but not so innocent smile as she pleasured herself on him. "You can look at them as much as you want," she said shaking her breasts provocatively in front of his face, with a short giggle. "They're yours, too, Chuck. All of me is for you...Sir. That's the way this is supposed to go, is that correct, Sir?" she said, with a submissive lilt.

"You're getting the idea," he answered deeply with a tight smile. His hands came up and cupped her breasts with a firm squeeze, and he circled his thumbs over her nipples roughly and possessively. "Tell me more," he commanded, gazing into her darkening eyes.



Chuck raised an eyebrow, looking at her sternly in a way that was as humorous as it was intense.

"Oh, you want..." Sarah tried to compose herself as she thought of what happened next, and the heat within her built up at a rapid pace. "You walked out of the room and left me there. I lost track of time. That vibrator worked me over from one end to the other in waves that kept changing in speed and intensity. After a while it started to build and I completely lost control. I don't know how long it went on."

"You sure did lose control," said Chuck, his voice starting to develop a tremor, "It went on for more than an hour, and I could hear you all the way into the living room. I kept listening for you to shout the safeword, but you never did."

"Pineapple," she said, finishing his thought with a slightly breathless shiver.

"Yeah," he smirked, "Some things never change. I finally came in to check on you because I was getting a bit worried. You were squirming like crazy, bright pink all over, and wailing, with your head swinging wildly back and forth. You finally saw me and just stared at me with huge eyes as you gasped uncontrollably, but you never said it. I thought the neighbors were going to call the cops, you were so loud. That's when I-"

"You put that black leather panel gag on me," she giggled, "Wow, did you ever pull it tight, that quieted me down good. Then you put those clover leaf clamps on my poor swollen nipples." She took a long trembling breath, "You have a very devious alter ego, Chuck."

"It seemed to have the desired effect."

"What? You mean pushing me over the edge of a bottomless cliff? God, I couldn't stop coming, they hit me one after another with increasing intensity. And the whole time you just sat in that chair and watched me." The thought was pushing her up to the verge right now.

"It was a spectacular sight. I had to stay with you and watch because you were gagged. So I would see when you finally gave me the signal. Glad I did, really, it was an astounding show. I'd never seen anything like it...up to that point. There were others later, though."

Sarah's eyes got big, "More intense than that? I want those memories, Chuck," Sarah exclaimed forcefully, starting to snap her hips as she ground her clit into him.

"Ung, why...not...make new...ones instead?" Chuck reached up and grabbed her ass in his hands and started to pump as Sarah dropped down, wound her hands down under his shoulders, and clamped them onto the sides of his head, fisting his hair. She lowered her lips to his and locked him in a tightly sealed kiss as their tongues danced with each other, and both their breaths became short and shallow. The pace increased and Sarah finally broke the kiss and her whole body quaked when she climaxed like she had been hit by a giant piston as Chuck bottomed out in her.

"Oh God, Chuck," she rapidly shrieked, sharply and repeatedly each time she dropped to meet him coming up. With each collision Sarah gripped his big rod hard when he hit her magic button and the end together, her hips snapping in wildly shuddering sync with her nerd. And then with a loud grunt Chuck pushed her instantly over the top again as he shot his load deep into her, delaying his thrusts to feel the astonishingly exquisite sensation of her pulling it out of him in rippling waves.

As they slowly wound down, Sarah tucked her face under Chuck's chin where she laid soft and simmering kisses on his neck, her hot breath panting on him. They simply laid there for a long time in post coital bliss. Then Chuck heard Sarah mumble something into his neck he couldn't quite make out. Or maybe he just didn't believe his own ears.

"What was that?" he said, craning his neck enough to look at her. "What did you say?"

Sarah lifted her head and gazed at him with dreamy eyes. "I said, I want to do that again. I want you to take complete control of me like that."

"What? You mean... like... ?"

"Yes, you know exactly what I mean."

"Sarah, are you sure? Do you really know what you're asking?"

"Yes," she said emphatically.

Chuck gazed back at her for several seconds studying her face, trying to gauge the sincerity in her eyes. "Sarah... I don't—"

"Show me, Chuck." Sarah's words were close to demanding. "Please," she tempered, apparently aware of it.

"Right now?"

Sarah sucked her lower lip under her teeth and nodded.

"You have to say it Sarah; yes, or no."


Drawing a breath, Chuck replied with resignation as he closed his eyes, "All right. If you insist."

Slowly opening his darkening eyes, he swiftly rolled her over onto her back and pinned her wrists forcefully next to her head, his weight spread out across her. Chuck then lowered the suddenly hardened features of his face to within inches of her own, staring with brooding eyes that bored into hers and abruptly unnerved her. Sarah's breath hitched uncontrollably at the bewildering change in him as he almost effortlessly slipped into the role. For a reason she didn't even begin to understand, it excited her immensely.

"If you want to do this you have to do exactly as I say, no questions, no backing out, and with both eyes wide open." His voice was low, serious, and gravelly; very distinctly un-Chuck-like. But at the same time her nerd somehow still showed subtly through in an oddly reassuring way. "You'll need to trust me, Sarah, like you never have before, and you have to be prepared. There are certain things you will have to do, very specific rules you will have to follow. Am I making myself clear?"

"Perfectly," she said quietly, tensing when his eyes narrowed and the line of his mouth drew tight, "Sir," she blurted submissively, "I understand perfectly, Sir. I'm yours. Please, use me as you see fit, Sir."

His mouth broke into that goofy one-sided cartoon Chuck grin that she loved so much, "Yes, you always were mine," he said, with cocky confidence.

Sarah fought with all her might to keep from raising an eyebrow at his swaggering words. She'd seen this before. A fleeting memory told her he'd used this sort of hubris on their adversaries very effectively during missions when all the chips were on the table. And he'd also used it on her in scenarios just like this; very highly charged sexual scenes.

However, his bluster was so uniquely Chuck, because a little fear almost always showed in his eyes. She gazed up at him with her lower lip trapped beneath her teeth, somehow knowing by what she saw in those eyes that this wasn't the time to test him with impertinence or the normal version of herself. She was beginning to question what normal really was at this moment.

Chuck's smile was devilish as he gazed down at her before giving her a toe curling kiss, keeping her arms pinned. Then he bounded off the bed the second the heated kiss broke and reached for his sweat pants. "Where are you going?"

"Don't move," he said with steel in his voice. He was back in character, mostly. Mirth was dancing in his eyes as he pulled a hoodie over his head.

Sarah watched him stride barefoot from the room. A few seconds later her eyes shot open wide when she heard the front door open and close. She jumped to her feet and ran to the window, but forgot that the larger master bedroom they now used had a window view of the courtyard that was partially blocked by a raised planter with several large bushes. She just caught a glimpse of Chuck as he walked by towards the passageway leading to the community pool area. What is he doing?

She thought hard for a moment and remembered that when they'd moved into this bedroom Chuck had moved some things from the closet to a small storage room that each apartment had near the pool. Most of the tenants stored grills, pool toys, and other odds and ends in them. Over the last few months she'd reacquainted herself very intimately with the rest of the apartment, but never once thought about looking into that room.

Hesitating for maybe only a second, she then ran naked to the Morgan door in what was now their shared office and guest bedroom. Carefully, she pushed up one end of a slat in the blinds and peered out the window into the courtyard. A few minutes later she watched Chuck appear, carrying what appeared to be a black army footlocker and a narrower, but longer black case similar to what a photographer might use to carry lighting stands and other equipment. He also had what looked like a large cylindrical sailor's rigging bag slung over his shoulder.

Judging by his posture it looked like he was carrying at least seventy-five pounds. She froze for a second as she was flooded with curiosity, watching him walk toward their front door. And then she snapped out of her daze, dropped the blind, and ran quickly back to the bedroom. She barely made it back to the bed, stretching back out into the same position she was in, when she heard the front door open. Sarah took a cleansing breath and worked to get her breathing back under control.

Chuck walked into the room sideways to get the longer case through the door and looked at her curiously as he set his burden down on the floor near the bed. He watched her appraisingly as she rose up on one elbow to see what he was carrying, and then he moved swiftly onto the bed, one knee on the mattress and his other foot planted on the floor, pushing Sarah firmly back down into the bedding with his hand spread over her chest between her breasts.

He held her there staring into her eyes. She could feel her heart still beating rapidly under his hand from her run through the apartment and the excitement it had created. And what he was doing was only making it worse. "I thought I told you to stay here," he said coolly, his eyes again boring into hers.

Her mouth fell open, and then closed as she visibly gulped. God, he is good at this! But he seems to be good at everything he decides to do well.

"Here we are, just getting started, and you're already asking for punishment," Chuck said, the slight exasperation in his voice belied by a smile that showed only in his eyes.

What does that mean?! "I'm sorry, Sir, it won't happen again."

His lips broke into a tight smile and he chuckled under his breath, "Yeah, right, sure it won't. Your track record of incorrigibility says otherwise. I think you must like corporal punishment."

Sarah's eyes grew wide at his words and she audibly swallowed again as she felt her heart race wildly under his hand. It didn't go unnoticed by him.

"Yup, you like it, you little trouble maker."

Grabbing her arm at the elbow with his free hand, he pulled her to her feet as he stepped off the bed. He wasn't rough about it, but he wasn't gentle either. He did it with an air of authority. The same way Sarah recalled she had learned to handle a prisoner at the Farm so many years ago. Chuck stepped back and looked her over, slowly and deliberately, from the top of her blonde head down to her deep, red polished toe nails.

His smile grew more. It looked downright possessive. "You are so damn beautiful," he whispered, causing her to smile brightly at him. He shook his head with a toothy grin and pointed to a small round area rug on the floor near the two reading chairs by the window. "Walk to that rug and assume the Nadu position."

Without even thinking about it, Sarah did a pirouette on her toes, her slightly longer than shoulder length hair swinging as she spun around, and she gracefully glided over to the middle of the rug with her arms at her sides. Her feet barely left the floor, her back was straight, and her chest was out showing off her pert breasts. She then settled smoothly to the floor on her knees, her thighs spread very wide, and she sat on the heels of her outstretched feet, with her chest out again, and her chin up. Her eyes then settled to the floor a short distance in front of her as she placed her hands palms up about half way down her thighs.

"Look at me," Chuck said softly. Her eyes came up to meet her husband's, and she flushed as she saw him gazing at her with utter and complete adoration... and surprise. "You remembered how to do that?" he whispered hopefully.

"I...I-I don't know. I don't think so," she whispered back, biting her lower lip for a second, "I just did it, like my body simply knew what to a dance, Chuck...Sir."

The corners of Chuck's mouth, her husband's wonderfully talented lips, turned up into a sheepish smile. "I love you, Sarah Bartowski." He took a deep breath and sighed, "I love you so much."

"I love you too, sweetie," she said, with complete abandon and a soft sigh of her own. She was getting used to the new last name and at this particular moment hearing it gave her a special thrill that sent a shiver through her. And that four letter word had rolled so easily off her tongue.

Chuck walked over close to her and ran his fingers through her blonde tresses as her gaze once again settled to the floor in front of her. He combed her hair out of her face with his hand and gently tilted her face up with his thumb and forefinger under her chin. He then bent over and placed a tender kiss on her lips, one that shouted out his love for her to the entire universe. Their eyes locked for a moment as his hand caressed her cheek. "I am without a doubt the luckiest man in the world."

Chuck shook himself out of his reverie and strode across the room to pick up the foot locker and carried it over, sitting it on the floor in front of Sarah. Her eyes fell on a small engraved brass medallion on the lid, and she smiled as she read it - C & S's Toy Box - and she tried to stifle the giggle, but failed.

Chuck grinned at her, "I thought you'd like that. You are, after all, the one who put it there."

"Really? I did that?" She beamed at him.

"Yup. Do you know what's in there?"

"Ha, I have a good idea," she exclaimed, a little nervously.

"Well let's not keep the beautiful lady in suspense," he said teasingly. Sarah watched Chuck out of the corner of her eye as he walked over to the nightstand on her side of the bed and reached into the bottom of the drawer. His fingers wandered a bit and his hand came back out grasping a piece of red ribbon with a few brass keys on it.

That was in my drawer the whole time? "I never even noticed that," she said softly.

"It was under a bunch of stuff. Out of sight, out of mind." He caught her eye as he walked back to the trunk and wagged his finger at her. "You need to clean your drawer more often," he said, with a wink.

Chuck crouched down on his knees next to her and opened the lock hasp with one of the keys, and unhooked the two latches flanking it. He then looked over his shoulder, watching her carefully, and paused for dramatic effect. He watched with a smile as Sarah's breath hitched, and she turned bright pink from her shoulders on up when he lifted the lid and she peered into the trunk.


"Have we used all this... this stuff?" she incredulously asked.

"Oh, yeah. That's not even all of it either," he said, pointing to the other things by the bed. "There's also another large case still in the storage room with costumes and other specialized clothing in it. Too much to carry in one load," he added with a roll of his eyes. He smiled tightly at Sarah's wide-eyed reaction, grasped her upturned hand on her thigh, and then gave their interwoven fingers a squeeze. "We also have more in another special place."

His tight smile turned gradually to a grin, when her eyes got even bigger. Chuck then reached into the trunk, took an object out, and stretched to place it into her other hand which was still dutifully resting on her thigh. A tingle shot through her as her hand closed around it.

Sarah snerked at the sight and feel of the object as she examined it. "Oh, my, God, the source of all of that magnificent torment." It was the vibrator from her memory. It was firm and flexible, colored two-tone purple, and about seven inches long with a pronounced curve to it and a bulbous end. There was a row of nubs along the outer curve of it and a pronounced bump on the inner curve of it near the molded curly-cue ringed handle. She felt Chuck squeeze her hand as he cleared his throat, and she looked up at him.

He had something of an annoyed smirk written on his face, "I'd command you to pleasure yourself with it but the batteries are obviously dead. It's been sitting in the storage room for months." He reached into the pocket of his hoodie and pulled out his iPhone, showing her the display. It had the bluetooth app open on the screen, with a delightfully amusing graphic showing a 'no pairing found' warning. He let go of her hand and chuckled, "You can go ahead and examine it for a minute."

Sarah smiled impishly at him as she raised the toy up in front of her holding it in both hands and feeling its shape with her fingers. "Darn dead batteries," she quipped with a short giggle. She watched as Chuck stood up and sat in the chair across from her behind the open footlocker.

"I said examine it."

"But the batteries are dead," she said with exasperation and a tilt of her head.


"God, you're a tease," she said, and looked up from the toy to see him glaring at her, but with that mirth once again dancing in his eyes. "Sir."

"That's better," he smiled, "Now try it on for size." It was obviously a command.

Sarah's eyes fell down to her crotch as she took the implement and tentatively ran the end of it, and then the nubby shaft, back and forth across her already swollen labia, holding it with her right middle finger through the molded ring on the end. She was already so wet, and she could see the end of the toy and the shaft start to shine from a mixture of Chuck's and her own juices. She looked up at her nerd to see him watching her intently. She kept her eyes glued to his, and smiled at his eye-popping reaction, when she suddenly plunged the toy all the way in with a gasp.

"Geez, Sarah," he exclaimed, "You are such a naughty girl. And I love that so much about you."

"It's not nearly as big as you...Sir," she said playfully as she worked it in and out and moved the handle up and down, experimenting with how it felt with the varying angles of entry.

"Ah, but you already know it's very talented in other ways."

"Too bad the batteries are dead, Sir." she said, with a pout.

"Batteries? We don't need no stinkin' batteries," he answered with a Mexican bandito accent.

She arched her eyebrow at him and immediately lowered it when he shot her a warning look and said her name with a matching tone to his voice.

Chuck stood up and reached into the lid of the locker, pulling a rubber flogger whip with a braided handle from it. She froze when he stood directly in front of her, towering over her, holding the whip with the flat tails lying across his other open palm. The handle and the flat rubber tails of the whip matched the toy she was holding deep within her, two-tone purple, the darker tone being nearly black.

"Assume the Bow," he commanded. "And leave it in and hold it," he added, when he saw her start to pull the toy from her vagina. With a strange sense of excitement, Sarah's tremulous hands pushed the vibrator back in up to the handle and flinched a bit when the large nub came firmly in contact with her clitoris.

"You know the safeword. I expect you to use it if you need to."

Sarah nodded in reply.

"Say it," he said, with that commanding voice.

"Pineapple, Sir. If I need it...Sir."


Sarah took a deep trembling breath, as another fleeting memory passed over her. And then she pushed her feet out next to the sides of her butt, keeping her thighs spread wide, her weight still on her knees, shins, and the tops of her outstretched feet. She grasped her ankles and slowly arched her back as she bent backward. She felt the muscles in her thighs stretch out as she did it, and she contracted the muscles in her pelvic floor, performing a kegel, to hold the sex toy within her.

When the top of her forehead touched the floor with her neck arched back, she brought her hands up next to her head and placed them palms down on the floor with her elbows pointing up. She then raised her butt off the floor, sliding her head toward her ass as the arch became more and more pronounced, and with Sarah's obvious fitness and flexibility, it was very pronounced indeed. All the while she was straining to hold the vibrator in her pussy. Sarah was now completely exposed and helpless to her nerd, and she marveled at how her vulnerability felt so wildly exciting.

"Wow, what an amazing sight," Chuck quietly said as he watched her tremble almost imperceptibly in front of him. He stepped forward and let the tails of the whip drop with a gentle slap onto her flat and toned belly, and smiled when she jerked and gasped. The sex toy involuntarily pulsed in and out of her from the surprise when he did it. "Shall I pleasure you? Or punish you for your earlier impertinence?" he asked, with a hint of amusement in his voice.

"Pleasure me, Sir...please," she earnestly asked, as she felt Chuck grasp the ring on the dormant vibrator.

"Wrong answer, Sarah," he said gruffly, "Care to try again?"

Sarah felt a very odd shiver of anticipation travel through her as she thought about the sensation of the whip on her flesh. "Punish me? Sir?"

"How about both? Would you like that?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Say it," he said curtly.

"Please, pleasure and punish me, Master."

Chuck snickered under his breath, "Sir is perfectly adequate for now, Sarah, but I'm glad you're getting into the spirit of things. Would you like me to do them both at the same time?"

Sarah hesitated for a few seconds as she weighed the consequences of her answer and searched for some help in her memory. A sudden, trembling thought overcame her. "Yes, please, pleasure and punish me at the same time, Sir."

"Good choice. Though I wasn't really going to give you an option anyway, if you were wondering."

Chuck closed the toy box and took a seat on the lid. Then he started to push and pull on the toy by the ring, angling it so it raked across her g-spot as he did. After a couple of moments he could see and hear Sarah start to softly pant. He then slapped the whip across her belly, causing her to jerk and gasp again. She trembled and started to sway back and forth with the motion of Chuck pumping the curved toy in and out of her, quaking with a raspy breath every time the whip that she couldn't see struck her belly.

He wasn't striking her hard. The tails of the whip were barely more than falling onto her skin, but the sensation of it hitting her smooth flesh was an incredible turn on. Then he struck her with the whip a little harder and banged the bump on the toy into her clitoris, picking up the pace and intensity of the strokes from the whip and the phallic toy at the same time. Sarah involuntarily increased the arch of her back as her breath now came halting, and short, and ragged.

"Do you like that?"

"Yes...Sir," she bleatingly confessed between increasingly ragged breaths. The feeling was amazing as he pumped the implement in and out of her, crashing the large nub into her clit with every plunging thrust. The slaps of the flat rubber tips of the flogger whip across belly were causing her to convulsively grip the toy hard with every swat to her aroused skin. He was pushing her steadily right to the very edge with every stroke as his cadence continued to build speed. "Chuck! I'm so close," she said tremulously.

"You can't come until I say so, Sarah."

"What?" Suddenly, what was happening became crystal clear, "Please, Chuck, please, let me come," she pleaded.

"Sarah," he said, with a warning tone. She jerked and shrieked as the tails of the whip started to slap across her breasts and her hard and sensitive nipples.

"Please...Master...SIR," she rasped, "please let me come, please, Sir."

"Just a little longer, Sarah."

Sarah bit down hard on her lower lip, trying to stave off the huge orgasm she could feel building up within her. Chuck kept increasing the pace with the toy and the whip. Her breath was coming now in quick and spasmodic blasts through her nose. She could feel herself starting to slip over the edge. "Chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-Chuck!"

"Now, Sarah, come!"

"Aaaaaauuugh!" she cried out, and her body convulsed violently up and down as her hips and head rocked back a forth. Oh my god! She heard it rapidly over and over in her mind as she was racked by the intense orgasm. Then her attention came back into the room far enough for her to realize she was shouting it out loud. She bit her lip again, hard, snorting breaths through her nostrils like a chugging steam locomotive racing down the tracks, as the climax slowly began to abate. But Chuck didn't stop. And she felt it building quickly again as he increased the speed and severity of the strokes even more. He's not stopping!

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa," she cried out once again, as she was hit by another sudden earth-shattering climax from the toy plunging rapidly in and out of her, raking roughly across her g-spot, and banging into her clit. "Chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-Chuck! Chu-chu-chu-chu...Chuck! Chu-chu-chu..." He kept going. He didn't slow down. He's not stopping! He's not stopping!

This time she literally screamed as it hit her again like a hammer, before the previous climax had even started to diminish. And then it hit her again, and again, as she gyrated and shook wildly in the throws of ecstasy. He's not stopping! He's not stopping! Oh God! He's not stopping!


"Pineapple! Pineapplepineapplepineapple,"she finally shrieked at the top of her lungs with a heaving chest and breaths so crazily rapid they were blending together.

Chuck stopped suddenly and Sarah collapsed to the floor in a panting, writhing heap. Then, after pulling the purple phallic toy slowly from her vagina, he sat down in the chair, smugly smiling, twirling the vibrator on his finger through the ring. He sat, watching her intently for several long moments while she gradually recovered.

An awestruck Sarah was watching him too from the corner of her glassy, half-lidded eyes. Eventually, she languidly rolled onto her side and turned her face to him as she rested the side of her head on the rug. And she stared at him with those oh so expressive and darkened eyes of blue while a huge and sloppy grin slowly overtook her face.

Her nerd, wow, her nerd rose from the chair, set the toy on the footlocker lid, and settled on his knees next to her, stroking her hair and her bright red cheeks tenderly. She wanted to reach out and hold him, but decided the role she was currently playing probably wouldn't permit it, so Sarah kept her arms obediently wrapped around herself under her breasts, pushing them up for him to admire.

Her husband smiled at the gesture, but he then peeled her arms away from her as he pulled her up and placed them around his neck. Then he took her head in his hands and gave her a long and fervent kiss. "We're done roleplaying for now, baby, and I'm done being the heavy for the time being," he said softly. "Are you okay? Sometimes I think you don't know when to quit."

Sighing heavily, Sarah buried her face in the crook of his neck as he continued to stroke her hair. "You're one to talk, Mr. B, making me use the safeword like that," she whispered, with a laugh that could be more felt than heard. "I'm fine, Chuck. I couldn't be better. That It was unbelievable. I'm at a complete loss."

Chuck kissed the top of her head, enveloping her in his arms tightly, "I'm always at a loss where you're concerned, Sarah. Sometimes it just feels like a dream and I wonder when I'm going to wake up."

Slowly releasing her, he gazed into her dazzled blue eyes for a moment, and then gave her a sweet, loving kiss and rose to his feet. "I'm going to go get us something to eat. Why don't you go ahead and have a good look in the toy box. Maybe you'll see something in there that will spark a memory. Or maybe you'll just see something you'd like to try out," he said, and broke into that comical grin that showed one side of his teeth for a second. "And I'm sure that you'll get some devious ideas yourself, about having your way with me, too."

He walked to the doorway and paused to look back at her, locking his eyes with hers. "We'll start to discuss some details and talk about some rules and maybe some other boundaries over dinner. I can see you already remember a lot, so it shouldn't be a big deal getting back into the swing of things. Prepare yourself, Sarah Bartowski, you may have restarted something of epic proportions; that is, if you think you want to continue this." He looked at her a little pensively, deciding he needed to make the statement the question he had intended. "Do you want to continue this, Sarah?"

She nodded back at him with a broad, tight lipped, smile from where she was sitting Indian style on the floor. "Yes. I do." She tilted her head to the side and dropped her chin a bit, looking up at him through her lashes. "Just how far have we gone with this, sweetie?"

He grinned at her and shrugged, "Pretty darn far. But this is maybe a bit new for you again? That's where the discussion of boundaries comes in to play. I guess we have to figure out how far you want to go again," he said with a wink and a short laugh, before walking out.

Chuck froze for a second in the hallway when he heard his wife say mischievously, "Pretty darn far, Chuck."

Sarah shook her head as she watched her astonishing nerd leave the room. She groaned, slowly rising to her hands and knees, and crawled shakily over to the trunk, where she sat in front of it with her legs crossed again in front of her. Then she picked up the toy, staring at it for a few seconds before opening the lid, and looking into the large footlocker, to begin perusing its contents.