Foreword: First off I wanted to thank everyone who is reading this. This was my first fan-fic that I have ever written. I originally wrote this story in 2013 and spent a lot of thought and energy on it. For me this story is about my love for all things Stargate (and BSG as well) but it is also about my love of story and the way that story can take us to a different place even if it is just for a minute or two. While my initial thought in bringing this story back to the forefront is about the Cylon Chronicles and the world it will "flesh out" I recognize that many of you may have never read this story. For those new readers I first want to say thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the journey, it is like nothing else you have read here. For all of you I hope you enjoy the story and I look forward to hearing from you.


In a strange way this day was like many others for Jack O'Neill. The day started like any other. Jack drank his Coffee and then received his briefing on all ongoing operations on earth and within the Sol system. As head of home world Command General O'Neill was a busy man. He had only recently been able to move back to Colorado now that he had moved home world command to what was formerly NORAD. Now that the IOA was finally gone and the United Nations had been given its rightful responsibility of being in charge of all off world operations Jack had been put in charge of all home world security and over all command of all U.N. military assets (they were calling it Tauri force command). He was free to put his headquarters wherever he wanted. And the old closed down NORAD would do perfectly. Now of course the SGC was still alive and well as Jack was now just a few floors above it.

Joining the controlled chaos that was Stargate Command Jack made his way to the gate room. Much of what jack remembered about the place had changed with disclosure. Now that the world new about the greater Galaxy and their place in it budgets had all but disappeared and they could make the changes they had needed, like the expansion of the ante rooms around the gate and the addition of a rather large vehicle prep and launch facility. They had actually moved the gate to the side so that it was edge on towards the gate dialing and computer room. No more dodging weapons fire coming through the gate. Strolling into the Gate room jack was reminded of all of this as he stopped to stand next to Colonel Mitchel head of SG-1. "Good morning general" said Cam. "How are you this morning Cam? Which planet are we clearing of ORI today?" the general asked curiously. "It should be the last of the ORI from Orban." Mitchell said as the last two of the new up gunned Stryker's sped through the gate room and into the gate. "Have you seen the new strikers in action yet ?" Mitchell inquired. "No, although I hear the new plasma guns are something to see" "yes sir they are." Mitchell said somewhat quickly to tone down the chatting he knew the general was not always fond of.

They watched quietly for a few more minutes as the last of the attacking force moved through the room and the gate closed behind them. General Carter entered the room shortly after the gate closed and quietly joined the group coffee in her hand as well. "They should be ready with the new M1's in the next few weeks. If you like those Stryker's you haven't seen anything yet Sir" carter said playfully to her superior. "Carter I didn't even know you were here. I just assumed that you would already be on Atlantis." O'Neil said suprisedly as he turned around to face his longtime friend. "Daniels information is exciting sir but I had some space com matters to attend to yesterday and just thought an evening at home would be nice. Glad to see the last bits of Home world command are now finished above us?" carter inquired. "Well I figured since I can't get Harriman I might as well get as close to him as I can." O'Neil added jokingly. "I am still not sure how this place would function without him." Cam added. The conversation ended abruptly as the event horizon of earths gate came to life and Walters voice came over the loud speaker "Thank you for the compliment sir's and they are ready for you on Atlantis." "Thanks Walter, see you in a bit." General O'Neil said as he made his way up the ramp with his subordinates in tow on their way to Atlantis.


Stepping through the Gate into Atlantis is was hard to miss the beauty of the place, with its stained glass windows and graceful steal architecture. Jack was surprised by how brown the sky was outside. It was so brown outside Jack could barely see the piers of the city where the Dock yards were in full tilt building ships as fast as they could throw three pieces of trinium together. "Did they just land another asteroid?" Jack asked Carter. "Yes sir, this one makes the sixth this week. They say they may have enough of a mass of oxygen in the next year to jump start the life cycle's here on Mars. It's Hard to imagine sir but we could have two habitable planets in the Sol system within the next twenty years," Replied carter. "Who knows how long it will last though since the planet can't really hold on to its atmosphere?" Cam added. "I have a friend who is working on that. Even if we can't restart the core of the planet at least we can seed enough stuff here to keep an atmosphere for a few million years. If we haven't figured out the problem by then we don't deserve the planet." "Too much information Carter," Jack playfully quipped. "Follow me Gentlemen and we can get the briefing started."

As they made their way to the conference room Jack was glad to see that the rest of SG-1 was already there and ready to go. He was anxious to hear about this new planet Daniel thought he had found. Jack was a bit baited the other night when he and Daniel had met for beer and pizza. Daniel had been so excited he had blurted out the words Kobol and possible city ships before Jack had shushed him. Now that the whole world knew about the Stargate and SG-1's missions there was a crazy thirst for information so operational security had become rather difficult. He had admonished Daniel and reminded him that they were still dealing with classified information even if the program wasn't secret they still didn't need to talk openly about all of it. Daniel agreed and so Jack had to wait until the briefing to find out more.

Sitting down Jack did not expect to see so many people at the table. From his right were Vala Maldoran, Lt. Hailey, Col. Mitchell, Gen. Carter (in charge of space command or everything in the milky way), Col. Caldwell (commander of the enterprise), Col. Chekov (commander of the odyssey), Commodore Missen(commander of the Normandy), and several assorted marine and army officers that the general did not know. "Sir I took the liberty of asking command to bring some of the various commanders that we may need for this mission if you should decide to proceed" said Carter nervously. "No problem, I trust you. The ships commanders I know but some of you I don't know. Please introduce yourselves," said O'Neill. In order the officers stood "major Hanley sir, commanding the third brigade second ACR." Next stood a tall woman with bleach blonde hair who while thin in stature carried an air of power "Major Caprice Fourth battalion Tenth mountain division" she said quickly to no one in particular. "Weren't you guys the last ones out of Afghanistan?" asked General O'Neill. "Yes sir, It would seem no one wanted to fight once they realized that there fight didn't really matter anymore." Maj. Caprice said quickly, as the room remained silent for a second after her comment. Next stood a stocky midsized serious looking man. "Major Young sir, third battalion 75th ranger regiment" he said with as little emotion as possible. Lastly another man probably six inches shorter than the rest but making up for it with an obvious aura of command. "Colonel Patton sir, third red horse squadron". He said with some pride. "Thank you all for being here. And I am glad to meet you. Please proceed Daniel" jack said to get the room moving.

"Thanks for that." Daniel said as he finished shuffling his papers and readying the PowerPoint he had put together for this briefing. "to get to the point, Through the course of my studies in the ancient archives here on Atlantis I have come across quite a bit of information regarding Other cities and the network of planets and satellite's that the Alterrans created in their fight against the wraith and the galaxies at large. Most of their network it appears was destroyed but it now seems that there is an area of space in Pegasus that the Wraith for some reason never seemed to invade. "Daniel paused to take a sip of water.

"Any idea why the wraith stayed away?" Jack Inquired.

"I think it was because they had some sort of defense network that the wraith couldn't get past, but we won't know until we get there."

"So what do you think is there that we might find? And do you have a planet or anything more than just some area of space?" Jack asked a little more pointedly.

"Yes, not only do we have a gate address we know the planet is called Kobol and I think it might have a city. More precisely several cities and possibly a city ship factory or satellite factory. The Alterrans records on this are sparse; I think it's their version of classified information." Daniel said with a hint of humor.

"What are you waiting for? Go." Said Jack with some finality.

"Sir I think the issue here is how large a force that we should send" Carter interjected. "What are you proposing Daniel? What do you think you need?" Jack asked Daniel pointedly.

"I think we will need two science teams that we can break in half if need be depending on how many cities or city sites we find. I also think we will need some ships in orbit for assistance over watch and as many able hands as possible." Daniel added with some trepidation. "That is a good start Daniel, Commodore Missen how many troops can you take on you ship." Jack asked the room. "Sir we are fresh from the ship yards and have only recently taken the wrapping off of her but I believe the Normandy class troop ships are rated to carry 30,000 souls and their equipment. Less if you added an ACR to our complement of course." Missen added warily. "Do you think you can transport 3rd brigade 2nd ACR, 4th battalion 10th mountain, and the 3rd red horse battalion? " Jack asked directly.

"Yes sir we can as well as an extra red horse squadron if needed, along with all provisions" Missen added. "We will need some follow on though sir as we will not know ahead of times all of our conceivable needs." Added Colonel Patton.

"That shouldn't be a problem colonel. Our basic plan will be this. SG-1 one will move by gate to the planet and make initial assessment of the viability of the mission. If they determine an initial success we will then move all available assets to the planet by way of the Normandy , Odyssey, and Enterprise." Jack stated.

"sir the Odyssey can take the tenth mountain with us to allow more space for another red horse squadron if you would like sir. We can clear out one hanger deck for their equipment and such. We have little need of a fighter cover when we have the enterprise and her drones by our side to destroy any enemy fighters." Colonel Chekov interjected.

"That would be great, however I think we should add major young and his rangers to the group on the Normandy as well so we might have some additional muscle. "jack said. "This mission may be a long one and have some danger, I think the more we can defend ourselves on station the better." Jack thought for a moment. "Plan for a year's worth of rations and supplies. This is an incredibly important mission that could have real ramifications for our long-term prospects in these two galaxies. If we find what Daniel thinks is out there we will have a new planet to defend. So whatever we put there has to have some staying power. "Jack added thoughtfully. "Fortune favors the bold people" jack paused. "Let's be bold" Jack added for a final statement.

The rest of the meeting started to break up as the ground commanders found Colonel Chekov and commodore Missen to make arrangements for their respective units. And the meeting that were sure to follow. Jack made his way to the front of the room grabbing colonel Caldwell and the rest of SG-1 to have a quiet meeting with the three of them. He stopped abruptly and cleared his throat to get everyone's attention.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Colonel Caldwell will be leading the space side of this mission while Colonel Mitchell will be overall commander and in charge of all ground forces. Ships will leave in one week with SG-1 and the science teams leaving through the gate bridge. Both teams will rendezvous at New Lantea two weeks from today. Everyone understand that?" A chorus of yes sirs erupted from the rooms which were answered by Jack "fortune favors the bold." "Be bold" everyone answered and took their cue to leave the room.

"Interesting Jack" Daniel said while smiling. "What, I've been reading lately and I like the phrase" Jack said defensively. "Don't look now but you're becoming motivational." Daniel chided. "Daniel, I want you to get two people who can lead science and discovery teams as well as a second in command for each so you can break up the teams if you need to. You need to find them quickly though so they have time to assemble their people and bring them with you in two weeks. "Jack stated. "Colonel Caldwell I would like for you to transport the science teams from new Lantea to this planet Kobol. You will also have to tow the other two ships through hyperspace so that you can all make the two week window. " "That shouldn't be a problem sir, we can safely house over a thousand extra personnel." Colonel Caldwell added. "That should give you a ceiling on the size of the science teams. If you need more they will need to come through the gate. For now this is all I can spare." Jack stated. "But jack the ORI are gone..?" Daniel said inquisitively. "Yes, but the Lucian Alliance is proving to be more of a threat than we thought. I think pretty soon there is going to be a call for all hands to be on deck for that. The sooner I have all of you in Pegasus the less likely that they will push for you to be a part of the fight with the alliance." Jack thought for a second. "While I don't have to answer to the Security Council I do answer to the secretary general and he listens to them. And they are not wrong, even if they are a little short sighted at times." "Thanks Jack we'll do our best." Daniel added with some finality. "When you get to Pegasus make sure the five of you brief Dr. Weir. She will be the one to offer additional aid if you need it so you need to sell her on this." Jack said to the whole group but Colonel Mitchell specifically. "Colonel Caldwell I know that the Enterprise is a Peg Fleet ship but I am assigning you for now to this mission specifically, unless you hear from me that will not change. That is why you must get her to buy in on this. It will make things go better for you there." "Thank you sir, we will make it happen." Caldwell added. "Glad to hear it." Jack said as he started to walk away looking for General Carter who had left the room earlier. "Fortune favors the bold" Jack stated to the room as he neared the exit and made his way to Carters office behind the control area of the tower. "Be bold" the five remaining members of the meeting answered with a smile as they watched the General walk away.

As quiet descended on the room the last five people sat back down at the table to start to hash out some plans and figure out how they were going to make this all work. "I think that Dr. Rush and Dr. Perry would be a good fit for the two science team commanders, they areā€¦" Daniel and Sg-1 talked for quite some time while Colonel Caldwell quietly excused himself after the first five minutes or so to find the other ship commanders and re-brief them on plans and situations for supplies. They all had a lot to do to prepare.

Two weeks later near New Lantea in the Pegasus Galaxy

In the dark of space out at the edge of the New Lantea system a bluish hole in space began to open, allowing three ships of familiar design to enter normal space. The Normandy, Odyssey, and Enterprise quietly exited hyper-space within sight of the outer orbiting gas giant. As they began to make their way in system unbeknownst to them a small ship was observing their arrival and looking for the signals that would tell them that some of their missing people had come back to them. Those people might not realize that they knew them but this "raider" as it called itself definitely knew them. They were all Cylons.

New Lantea: same time

Within the gate complex the Stargate complex alarms began to sound. Over the speaker system the gate tech cried "off world activation, incoming wormhole." As the last chevron locked the pool of water shot out form the center of the circle like water funneling into a drain only to be pulled back and collected in the puddle that was the event horizon. The Iris quickly covering the gate as they waited quietly for the authentication codes that identified friend or foe. "Receiving IDC form the gate bridge midway station mam." The gate tech said to Dr. Weir who had just arrived in the room. Stepping up to the control console at the front of the room Dr. Weir pressed the key to activate the mike "Daniel you are cleared to come through." "Open the iris, stand down defenses" Dr. Weir stated to the room to decrease tension levels and end their preparations. "You should also be seeing three ships approaching, they will be the Normandy, Odyssey, and Enterprise. " Daniel stated just before walking through the gate at the mid-way station into the gate room on new Lantea. He was promptly greeted by Dr. Weir "hello Daniel, good to see you. I did not expect you to bring friends" she stated as people began to stream through the gate. "Sorry for the surprise Elizabeth we have been so busy none of us have had time to talk to anyone and this briefing I have for you is pretty hush hush. Did you see the ships in system yet?" Daniel asked as Dr. Weir turned around to look up at the window to the Gate Control room. "Mam, it appears there are four ships.. No sorry the last one just disappeared. There are three ships coming in from the edge of the system. Fourth must have just been a glitch. I will have them run a diagnostic." The gate tech replied with a little confusion. "Good, Thanks" Elizabeth said as she turned to stare at Daniel and his growing number of companions. "Once Colonel Caldwell gets here we can begin. There will be a thousand people coming through so it may take a minute." Stated Daniel.

"In the meantime how about a quick tour of the facility" Dr. Weir added.

"That would be great. Is there a place we can move the science teams to so they are not in your way here in the gate room?" Daniel asked.

"Of course, Colonel Shepherd is here somewhere and he can take care of it." Dr. Weir added while keying up her radio to get the colonel into the action.

"Thanks again Elizabeth. It is good to see you." Daniel added to help smooth what would soon be a rather large headache they were giving the good Dr. Weir

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