3 Years Later

Katniss POV

I run my hands over the expensive silk of my gown. The material is wondrously soft beneath my fingers but even the beauty of the gown doesn't make me feel more comfortable in it. The once smooth plane of my stomach is no longer that way. I turn to the side and scrutinize. I wonder how or if Peeta even finds me attractive anymore.

The door creaks open behind me and in the mirror I see Peeta walk into the room. I open my mouth to ask a question but he reads my mind and says, "Your Mom."

I nod in understanding and look back at myself.

Once again Peeta reads my mind. He comes up behind me and wraps his arms around my waist. His hands come to rest on my stomach, which I have become so self-conscious of.

"You're beautiful." He murmurs in my ear. "Especially now, more than ever before." He plants kisses along my neck leading down to my shoulder. "I love you." He whispers against my skin.

"I love you too."

"We should go. It's just about time."

I nod my head in agreement and turn away from the mirror. Peeta places one last tender kiss to my lips and with a smile he grabs my hand. I follow him out of the room and towards the great hall.

Upon entering the room I head straight for my mother who stands by the window rocking back and forth, humming softly. She turns when she hears my approach and I can't help the happiness and warmth that fills me at the sight of my daughter tucked into her arms.

Gently I gather my daughter into my arms. My mother straightens the long skirt of my daughter's first gown. Today we introduce her to the kingdom.

The kingdom has been thriving in the past years. Everyone is happy. There has been no more need for Everdeen. With Peeta as King there will never again be the need for revolution like that.

"She's perfect." My mother says adoringly. She makes a few final adjustments to the skirt that drapes over my arm.

Peeta comes up behind me and leads me with a gentle hand against my back. He leads me towards the balcony that overlooks the courtyard.

"Are you ready?" He asks, his obvious excitement radiates from every fiber of his being. He has been nearly unable to contain himself from the moment our daughter was born. Of course the entire kingdom has been unbelievably excited to meet our daughter. I'm thankful of course that we've had the time to settle into our roles as parents and for me to recover after giving birth. Peeta of course has been the most doting father and husband but I know he has been looking forward to this moment.

Even after three years as Queen I still feel nervous every time I make public appearances. All those years of making sure to stay hidden have been ingrained into my mind. But there is no need to worry now. There are no secrets anymore; I am no longer a secret anymore.

I hear Peeta being announced. He kisses me then kisses our daughter's forehead before walking out onto the balcony. His appearance is of course greeted with a loud cheer.

Peeta greets those who have gathered. He welcomes them warmly and thanks them for coming.

"With great pleasure Katniss and I would like to introduce you to our daughter. Princess Elizabeth Rose Mellark."

The crowd cheers with renewed vigor. I walk calmly onto the balcony with my daughter sleeping contently in my arms. Peeta wraps his arms around us, his smile is beaming as he gazes upon our daughter.

"We would like you all to get a chance to meet her. Please join us as we celebrate. There will be food and drink for all."

And celebrate we do. Everyone joins us for the celebration. Finnick and Annie bring their son, Nicholas. Gale and Johanna join us as well and bring news that they are expecting a child of their own. Cato and Madge haven't quite settled themselves with the idea of settling down and starting a family quite yet. Marvel, Chaff, Haymitch and Beetee all moved themselves into the village and began living ordinary lives. Marvel rejoined the military, as did Gale's younger brother Rory. Although I suspect that his reasoning may have something to do with Prim relocating to the castle. Thresh and Rue opened up an apothecary. Rue's mother, Thresh' aunt, moved in with them, as did Rue's younger siblings and I can tell that Thresh is very happy with the arrangement. Since his parents died Rue has been his only family and now he will get the chance to grow closer with his aunt and cousins.

With Peeta's rule the kingdom is filled with hope for the future. And I know that Peeta will be an amazing influence on our daughter and that when it is time for her to reign as Queen she will only continue the good work of her father's.

Peeta and I, well I am convinced that this is what it feels like to live happily ever after.

The End

A/N: Hey all. Well that is the end. Just a short little epilogue. Hopefully you all enjoyed the story! I know I have loved writing it and I am sad that it is finished. However I am super excited for all the other stories I am working on. I'll probably be posting another one soon so keep a look out! Thanks for being such amazing readers! I love you all!