God is in the Details

Summary: My take on what happens in the 24 hours after 3.7, when Ruth is rescued from Andrew's house.

Disclaimer: All Spooks characters belong to Kudos and the BBC. The dialogue you recognize belongs to Raymond Khoury, writer of this episode, Kudos, BBC, et al.

Danny and several CO19 officers quietly approached the front of Andrew's house. Once at the door, Danny picked the lock and opened the door. He called out quietly, "Ruth?"

She replied in a strained voice, "Danny."

Danny entered slowly and held up a hand to indicate to the CO19 officer to hold off.

"Ruth, are you okay?" he asked as kneeled down next to her and worked to free her arms.

"I knew you'd find me. I just knew it." The relief was evident in her voice.

Adam entered the room from another doorway and asked Ruth if she was okay.

Ruth nodded as Danny continued to work on her bindings and added, "We're fine."

Adam hit the speed dial on his phone. "Harry. Andrew's dead and Ruth's fine." Adam walked through the entry and out the front door.

Once Ruth's arms were free she brought her hands to her lap, rubbing her sore wrists. She turned to look at Andrew one last time. "It's such a waste. He could've done so much."

"It's alright, Ruth," Danny consoled.

"He was just so… alone."

"It's alright. It's over now." Danny placed Ruth's arm over his shoulder and telling her to be careful as he helped her to stand.

As they turned towards the door, Ruth stopped and looked at Danny. "Promise me… you promise me… that we'll never end up as broken or as bitter."

Danny nodded. "I promise. I promise, Ruth."

They turned and slowly walked out the door.

The paramedic wrapped a blanket around Ruth and guided her into the back of the ambulance. Her wrists and forearms were red from the bindings with a few places almost raw from her struggles to free herself. Her wounds were cleaned and bandaged and the paramedic gave her instructions on further care.

Adam stopped by the ambulance to check on Ruth. Since she didn't require further treatment, Adam told her he would give her a ride home. She tried to say that she would catch a bus, but Adam told her it wasn't an option. He went back into the house and retrieved her handbag, then escorted her to a waiting car.

Ruth looked out the window as the car weaved through the London streets on its way to her home. Adam was seated next to her and she could feel his eyes on her. She was thankful he hadn't tried talking to her; she was still running through the events of the previous day in her head but she had no desire to talk about what happened just yet.

She hadn't realized they were so close to her home until the car pulled over and stopped. Before she could move Adam was out of the car and around to her side, opening the door and extending his hand to help her.

Ruth took Adam's hand and walked to her front door, suddenly realizing she didn't have her keys. Turning to say as much, she watched Adam's right hand reach forward and unlock her front door with her keys.

"I found them in your bag," he answered to her look.

After getting Ruth settled with a cup of tea, Adam informed her that she was not to go back to the Grid. Ruth started to protest, but the look on Adam's face told her this was a battle she wouldn't win. She thanked him for bringing her home.

As he walked out her front door, he turned and placed a kiss on her cheek. "I'm just happy that you are all right. I'll see you tomorrow."

Ruth closed the door and engaged the lock. Taking a moment to think, she climbed the stairs and prepared a bath.

Danny closed the door to his flat behind Will North, having just broken the Official Secrets Act by telling him where to find Zoe in Chile. His stomach rumbled and he checked the clock, realizing that he'd never eaten lunch. He decided to check in on Ruth before he ate, however. He knew this was her first experience with being abducted and he wanted to be sure she was doing okay.

Ruth answered on the third ring and initially sounded good. She told him she'd taken a bath and then relaxed with a book, but as Danny listened to her talk, he could hear her voice take on a nervous edge. Not wanting to point it out, he asked her if she'd eaten yet. When she replied in the negative, he told he was coming by and bringing takeaway. She'd tried to argue it wasn't necessary, but he insisted and told her he'd be there soon.

An hour later they were settled in on Ruth's sofa with heaping plates of Chinese food. Ruth filled Danny in on the events of the previous day.

"Once he touched the diamonds, things happened quickly. Within a minute he was dead and I was doing whatever I could to free myself, with no luck. So I sat there and thought about what you or Adam or even Zoe would have done in the same position, but I couldn't come up with anything."

They spent some time talking about Zoe, wondering how she was getting on before the conversation died off as they both finished eating. Danny cleared the containers away and made tea. Ruth jumped when Danny placed the cup in front of her.

"Sorry, I was just thinking about how I can't seem to stay out of trouble." Ruth didn't elaborate and Danny couldn't resist adding, "It's not like Harry's going to discipline you for being abducted."

Ruth let out a soft laugh. "I never know what he's going to do anymore. I'm sure he could find a reason... unauthorized fraternization with a GCHQ employee or something. It would be almost as pathetic as my disciplinary hearing a few months ago."

Danny turned his head quickly to face Ruth. "What disciplinary hearing? What are you talking about?"

"When you and Zoe were on the ship dealing with Newland, I was monitoring phone calls and communications for a number of people on a watch list. I became, shall we say, intrigued by the voice of a man we were monitoring because of his position and the people he comes into contact with. Anyway, I took things too far; I went for lunch in a restaurant after I heard him say he had reservations and sat at the table next to him. During lunch I overheard him talk about singing in a requiem and I went as well, taking Malcolm along as my brother."


"I know, Danny, trust me. You can't say anything that I haven't already said to myself. I'm not even sure why I did it. Maybe I was still feeling down and out of sorts over Christmas and the fact that I spent it here alone instead of with my mum. But I did it and it was wrong, though ultimately nothing happened. And instead of giving me a slapped wrist, which would have been enough, Harry dragged me through this charade of a disciplinary hearing."

"So how did that go?" Danny was surprised he hadn't heard anything around the Grid about it. Disciplinary hearings, though confidential, were usually hot gossip especially when they involved someone like Ruth.

"It started out fine and then I made a comment about how work was my life, to which Harry replied that I needed to separate the two, as if it was just that easy. My annoyance with the whole process reached its limit and as I walked out of the room I told him exactly how ridiculous I found the hearing. To his credit he let me vent and never mentioned it again."

She turned to Danny, who had a look of disbelief on his face. "You are a dark horse, Ruth Evershed. Tell me more about this guy."

Ruth spent the next few minutes recapping her interactions with John Fortescue. She then stood and walked to the window overlooking the front garden.

"I think what bothered me after it was all over was that even after I saw him at lunch, I had no intention of doing anything further. It was Sam that talked me into going to the requiem and she was reporting my actions to Harry." Ruth leaned her forehead against the window. "I was so embarrassed and felt as though everyone was laughing about it. 'There goes Ruth. She can only meet a man by listening to surveillance recordings. How pathetic is she?'" Ruth pulled back slightly from the window and wrapped her arms around herself, continuing to look out over the front garden.

Danny sighed. "You're not pathetic. We just talked about this. This life we've chosen doesn't make it easy even if we do meet someone we fancy." He stood and moved near Ruth. As he got closer, he noticed how tightly her hands were gripping her arms and that she was biting her bottom lip. "Are you alright? You seem nervous," he asked.

"It's getting dark," she said as a shiver ran through her. "I guess I'm just tired. I didn't exactly get a great night's sleep last night."

She turned to Danny and that's when he saw not only the exhaustion but a touch of fear. He placed a hand on her shoulder. "Ruth, the past 48 hours have been long and difficult and you're exhausted. I'm going to go and let you get some sleep."

"No!" Both were surprised by the strength of her response. Ruth turned and looked back out the window. "I spent last night tied to a banister with a dead body at my feet. I know I live alone and I'm used to being alone, but I don't want to be alone tonight." She turned back from the window and looked at Danny. "Will you stay with me?"

Danny did his best impression of a fish and Ruth realized how her question sounded. "Not like that. I have a spare room. I just need to know that I'm not here alone tonight."

Danny closed his mouth and nodded his head. "Of course I'll stay."

Ruth let out a sigh of relief. "Thank you."

Danny wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close. "I'm so glad you are okay. I'm not sure what I'd have done if I lost you so soon after losing Zoe." After a moment he released Ruth. "Now, you need to rest. Go upstairs and I'll find my way to the guest room later. Sleep well and I'll see you in the morning."

Ruth smiled. "The guest room is the first door on the left and the bathroom is right across the hall. Goodnight, and thanks again."

Danny watched as she moved into the hall and then heard her footsteps climbing the stairs. When the sound disappeared Danny cleared away the mugs of tea that had since gone cold. Checking the time and seeing it was only half seven, he settled onto the sofa and turned on the telly, hoping to find a football match.

He was so engrossed in the match that he nearly missed the gentle knocking at the front door. Moving quickly before the visitor decided to try the bell, Danny wondered if Ruth had had plans for the night. Opening the door, he failed to find his voice in the surprise of who was on her doorstep.