-In which, Shiho knows something is wrong when her office door won't open and she plays on Yzak's insecurities. "Maybe I should ask Kira or Athrun."

I'M BACK, PEOPLES! Sorry for the long absence, but it took me a while before I could come up with an idea for this fanfic. Also, this is the last chapter of this fanfic! Hooray! Thank you all for liking and reading this story! And without further ado, please enjoy! (Warning: it's not my best)

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❤❀~Yzak, Weak in the Knees?~❀❤

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It was a wonderful day, a wonderful day indeed for our lovely Shiho Hahnenfuss! Yep, extraordinarily wonderful day for her! Why, just this morning had been just magnificent! Her hair hadn't been tangled last night because she didn't toss and turn last night. And when she woke up, it was a bright and beautiful day with birds singing to and fro their melodic songs. And then when she came into work, people complimented her. She hadn't done anything different, no make-up or different clothes. They just complimented her out of nowhere! Yep… T'is a wonderful day for our lovely Shiho Hahnen—

Wait a minute.

She twisted the doorknob to her office again. Why wouldn't her door open? Why? It's unlocked, so why? WHY WOULDN'T HER FREAKIN' DOOR OPEN?

No, Shiho told herself, A lady should not speak like that. No, I must be ladylike. Ladylike . . . or else Captain Yzak won't like me anymore!

And with that thought, her hands and arms found the strength to pry open her office door, only to find herself right in the path of a paperwork avalanche! Yikes… Thank god she didn't get any paper cuts from those horribly stacked paperwork. She didn't do well with paper cuts. Fighting in a giant Gundam suit, she could do but paper cuts were just downright horrid for her! Thank goodness she did not receive any cut from the paperwork.

Speaking of paperwork . . . on one piece of paper was a bright yellow sticky note. And because it was yellow (yellow being one of Shiho's favorite colors), she immediately took notice of it. And after she read it, she crumpled it up, despite it being her favorite color.

It had been from Dearka. Oh, how she loathed getting sticky notes from him… Every time he left her a note, it meant more work for her. This time was no different. Nope! All this paperwork had been sitting on Dearka's desk for a few days already—she distinctively remembered handing him the paper work for Gundam fix ups three days ago—and now he expects her to help him? Ha! Not by the hair of her chiny-chin chin, and that wasn't a lot—in fact, it was none at all.

But now, what was she to do with all of this paper work? She couldn't possibly finish it all up in a day, even if she wanted to help Dearka out. Oh, no, no, no. This wouldn't do at all… Not at—

"Shiho, is everything okay?"

Oh, the heavens must have been shining down upon our lovely Shiho Hahnenfuss today because standing right before her was her sweetheart, the handsome Captain Yzak Joule. It was hard for her to contain herself, let alone her evil smirk.

"Well . . . actually…" She saw Yzak's eyes narrow, but she continued on with her sweetly "innocent" voice as if she didn't notice his sudden change in demeanor. "I kinda sorta need your help, dear." She saw the ends of Yzak's lips begin to curl. Good, she thought to herself, I'm getting there. "You see, I have a spa appointment today, and I can't possibly go if I have to finish all of that demon Dearka's paper work. I'm sure you don't want my skin to shrivel up and make me cry at the thought…"

"Actually, Shiho—"

"It's alright if you don't want to help me," Shiho continued, fiddling with her fingers. "I mean, I know how busy you are with all of your captain duties, but I thought you could have helped me. I guess I was wrong. Maybe I should ask Kira or Athrun." She saw Yzak's hands curl into fists, and she knew she got him where she wanted him. "Or maybe I could ask your mother? I mean, she has nothing to do, and I'm sure she wouldn't yell at you or anything if you don't help me." She saw Yzak tense, and she almost couldn't stop herself from giggling at her bullshitted plea for help. Heh, bingo!

"Well, if you come back early enough to help me sort everything then—"

Yzak didn't get a chance to finish, for he was suddenly engulfed in a giant hug.

"Oh, thank you, Captain! You won't regret helping me! I'll repay you somehow!" And she added in a big kiss, just in case.

And so, for that day, Shiho enjoyed her day-off while Yzak toiled with Dearka's paper work. Well . . . toiled wouldn't be the correct word because, halfway through the mountain of paperwork, Yzak started having little fantasies of his own which included our lovely and conniving Shiho Hahnenfuss and maiming poor lazy Dearka Elsman.

And so . . . all's well that ends well.

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