After the party was over, Spike and the Mane 6 headed back to the Library. Waiting there for them was Princess Celestia.

"Princess Celestia? What are you doing here?" Twilight was surprised to see her mentor here.

"I heard about a little problem involving you 6 falling in love with Spike," said the Princess.

The friends told Celestia about what had happened with the Love Potion and how Spike had almost gotten married to them.

"I'm a bit disappointed that you didn't marry all 6 of them, Spike," said Celestia. "I would have liked to be a Grandmother."

Spike knew Celestia was only teasing. She also acted like a mother to him. He opened the door to the library and gasped. The punch bowl was empty! And standing next to it, finishing the last bit of punch was Trixie!

"The Great and Powerful Trixie's thirst has been quenched," she said triumphantly. Suddenly she turned and saw Spike, causing her eyes to turn Pink as the love potion began taking effect.

"Oh no," said Spike. Suddenly Trixie pounced on Spike, in a tight hug.

"Oh, my love!" she cried. "Trixie has been wondering when we'd ever come face to face! Trixie must have your gem nibbling babies!"

"Twilight, help!"

"Sorry Trixie," said Twilight, using her magic to levitate Spike away from Trixie. "But you can't marry Spike. That's because he's marrying us."

Spike's eyes widened. "W-what?"

"Yeah," said Pinkie Pie. "He's ours! Unless you want to share him with us, then all 7 of us can marry him." Spike could not believe it. They were in love with him again.

"Oh no!" cried Spike. "Not again!

He managed to free himself and raced away as fast as he could with the Seven Lovestruck Mares chasing him. Jokesterrap and Angel Pearl noticed this.

"What was that about?" asked Angel Pearl.

"I don't know," said Jokesterrap.

They went in the library and saw the potions book Spike was looking at. Jokesterrap examined it.

"Well what do you know," he said. "A couple of the pages were stuck together. The antidote was incomplete and therefore, it wore off. Poor Spike," he chuckled.

"Shouldn't we do something and make another antidote?" asked Angel Pearl.

"Not yet," said Celestia. "I find this to be quite entertaining. Maybe I'll get to be a Grandmother after all."

Spike ran through town trying to evade the love-struck girls. Other stallions saw this and cheered for him.

"Now he's got seven girls in love with him!" said a Stallion.

"Well done, Spike!" cheered another.

Spike didn't know whether or not to object to the praises. Presently he got bored of running and decided to accept what was happening to him. The 7 mares tackled him to the ground. When the dust settled they were hugging Spike. His face was covered with kiss marks.

"Ah well," Spike shrugged. "I think I could get use to this."

After they were cured, Celestia decided that Spike was to marry the Mane 6 and Trixie. She didn't exactly say why though. Apparently, having multiple spouses is considered legal when you're a dragon. Eventually the Ceremony took place. There to see it were the Families of the brides. After the vows and what not were made, Spike had a little announcement.

"This has been the most random time of my life," he said. "Who knew that by causing one thing to happen it would result in me later getting Seven Wives? And that 6 of them were my closest friends." He looked around. "But this still might as well be the best time of my life. And I'm going to do whatever it takes to enjoy it. Thank you."

And so after the reception and chats with the families, they headed off for a Honeymoon. While seeing them off, Celestia's sister Luna spoke to her.

"Sister, why did you wed Spike to those 7?" she asked. "Are you really that desperate to have grandchildren?"

"Trust me Luna," replied Celestia. "I have a feeling that things will play out when needed. And that they will help Spike save the world even."


Celestia didn't answer. She just watched as Spike headed off with his wives. In the distance, a mysterious Dragon watched over them. Then he saw Spike.

"Good Luck, my son," he said before taking off into the night.