Harry Potter and the Cooper Clan
Chapter one
Ready for a new journey

My name is Harry Potter. But I prefer to be called Harry Cooper. Why? Because that is the family's original name. It just so happens that they changed it to Potter, which is Ancient for Thief, to make people believe they were no longer into the family business: Being a Master Thief – of course, they couldn't be more wrong.
My father and grandfather, unfortunately, never got the chance to learn how to be a Master thief, but fate had other plans for me and from when I was 4 to when I was 10, I traveled through time to learn of my Ancestors how to be a Master Thief. I even got my own Treasure Trove, a hidden location, only accessible for me and my family.

Currently, I'm not really trying to steal anything, except for a few more hours of life. I'm standing in a major arena with a gigantic black scaled Dragon in front of me and her beady eyes see me as a threat. Of course, the fact that the task behind this situation is to steal a Golden Dragon egg is both good and bad for my current situation.
Good, because it helps me get back into being a Master Thief. And bad because I don't see that giant, black mother dragon letting go off any of her eggs anytime soon. Still, this situation has one other advantage for me; I can finally try and push together all my ancestors have taught me and put it all into action in one fell swoop.

Hiding behind a gigantic boulder at least twice my size in length and four times my size in weight, I peak around the corner and hear the growls before a blaze of fire is shoot at my boulder. Hiding behind it again, I sigh and think: "And they want me to outfly that? No chance, I'll be toast and my broom will be history."
I then sit down with my legs perfectly crossed and whisper: "The Patient Bear Catches Most of the Fish. Time to focus and get all my powers together. I can only hope that the boulder will hold long enough." And with that I close my eyes and focus not on my surroundings, but on all that has been growing inside of me.
All the techniques and powers that Tennesse Kid Cooper, Rioichi Cooper, Salim al Kupar, Sir Gallath Cooper and even Caveman Cooper taught me, I try to put it all together in my heart and slowly feel as if pieces of a puzzle are falling together in my blood, fusing with the fluid and surging through me with its incredible power.

Opening my eyes, I reach behind me and grab a cane in the shape of a sword, but with the bended end of a cane and with a silver hood around a brown handle. Pulling it out in front of me, I peak over the boulder and see that the Dragon seems to belief that I have moved away as its wings are extended from my side of the field to the other side.
Closing one eye for better focus, I set my feet against the boulder and pull all of my energy into the cane now stuck in the boulder. Pulling against it with my weight and legs I let it sling me over the boulder and the gasps of the crowd are almost deaf to me as I land on the other side of the Dragon's back and slide off its left wing.
Jumping and making a summersault, I hide behind a boulder a little closer to the Dragon's nest and am now in clear vision of the Golden egg. Smirking as I am one step closer to reaching my goal, I stack the cane back on my back and grab another, this one made of wood, with a saber-toothed tiger-tooth at the end and rope tying it all together.

I cleave with the cane into the boulder and when I have broken off a large chunk, I swing my cane in my hand in circles before giving the chunk a strong swat with the tooth, slinging it all around the around the field. The Dragon looks up and seems enraged by the flying piece of boulder, but I don't care about that currently.
Instead, I jump onto the boulder in front of me and – like my ancestor Rioichi taught me – stand on it with my left foot, while my right is pressed against the front of my left leg. Focusing all my power into my left foot with my hand up in front of my face and holding up my fore and middle finger, I make another jump.
Feeling the power of the Leaping Dragon Technique my Ancestor taught me, I smile as I end up almost two feet away from the egg. Lying myself flat against the wall I can almost feel my magic activating the Invisibility Technique my ancestor Slytunkhamen III taught me and sneakily slide closer and closer.
Peaking over the edge, I see the egg right in front of me and looking up, I see the Dragon still looking at the boulder chunk I shot off. I smile and quickly grab the silver cane again, using the bent end to slowly pull the Golden egg towards me. grabbing it, I sneak away past the wall and safely reach my boulder hideout yet again.

There I am spotted by the spectators and the commentator shout: "What! I don't know how, but in an amazing move of jumping and turning invisible on the spot, Harry Potter has been able to get his Dragon Egg. This is beyond incredible!" I shake my head and put the egg in the backpack on my back, next to my many canes.
Looking around the boulder and seeing the Dragon being tranquilized by the Dragon Keepers, I quickly sneak behind it and out through the same tunnel through which I got in. There I lean against the wall of the tunnel and whistle before I say: "Oh man, I did it! I got to unite all my powers together! If only my ancestors could see me now."

And then an ancient voice with an Arabian accent says: "But we have, and we're very proud of you, Harry." And looking up as I had my eyes closed while leaning against the wall and see people, looking half-raccoon-half-man, standing next to me, dressed in clothes that prove they are all from different periods in time.
The one who spoke is a man with a purple fur with a thick white mustache running over most of his cheeks and curled up at the end along with a small white beard that also has a small curl. The man wears a high white turban with red feather and blue gem at the front and wears a white shirt with brown vest, green pants and red shoes.

I look at the man shocked and shout: "Uncle Salim!" The man laughs and says: "It's good to see you in good health, little one. I hope you have been sleeping well." And I say: "As well as I can, Uncle Salim. It's good to see you too. All of you really. Uncle Rioichi, Uncle Tennesse, Uncle Bob, Uncle Gallath."
The men I mentioned all smile as I look at them and then the first bows with his hands flat against each other and I do the same, showing him honor like he does me. Another smile is my reward and I quickly hug the man, which is responded to by all my other ancestors coming over for a family group hug – the first ever.

Then a man with white beard and bright blue eyes and a man with grey hair and a green bowler hat walk over and the first says: "Those were quite some amazing techniques you pulled off there, Harry." And the other says: "Yes indeed, but you still broke the rules. You were only allowed a wand inside the cage."
To which I ask: "And get burned to a crisp, I don't think so. Those other Champions have three years more experience in magic over me, they had the magical capacity to fight that Dragon with magic. I had to rely on my family and that's exactly what I did." The man looks shocked and his companion asks:
"How long have you had these canes, Harry?" And I say: "Since I was four. I made them myself over the years, while living with my ancestors." And I smile at the men standing behind me. The man looks shocked and asks: "Ancestors?" To which I say: "Indeed. I don't know what you were told, but I didn't grow up in Surrey.
I grew up in Ancient England, Ancient Japan, Arabia, the Wild West, Egypt, England, the Ice Age and Medieval England. All under the guidance and protection of my many fellow Cooper Ancestors.""I'm sorry, Mr. Potter, but did you say Cooper?" And I smirk at the green-bowler-hat-wearing man as I retort with a question:

"Tell me Minister, what did the Grandson of Sir Gallath Cooper do on his father's deathbed?" And the man answers: "Change his name into Potter and stop being a Master Thief like the rest of his ancestors." I smirk as the man seems to realize what he just said and I say: "We might have changed our names, but not our birthright."
"You mean, you still steal?" And I answer: "Only from other thieves. Something my great Uncle Otto here made legal during his brilliant period, didn't you uncle Otto." And a man wearing a old English Flying outfit, complete with knee-high black boots and a long scarf, who has a small bushy moustache smiles and says:
"You bet your broom that I did. Stealing from people has been illegal for 65 years now, it has, but stealing from other thieves is legal and will remain legal as long as the Potter – or should I say – Cooper line has roots in English lands, something I myself and Sir Gallath continue to make sure of, if I may be so rude to point out."

The Minister looks shocked and the other man asks: "How is it exactly that you look like Raccoons, if I may be so rude to ask?" And my Ancestor Rioichi says: "It is Potter tradition. If a Potter discovers what his true talent is and performs a wondrous task with it, preferably something involving a heist, he gains Raccoon form."
The man nods and I ask: "So how's my brother? I don't see Sly here amongst you guys?" And Tennesse, a man with cowboy hat, suit and even spikes attached to the back of his boots and a holster attached to the side of his belt, who wears a brown bowler hat and – unlike Otto and Salim – who has no moustache, says:
"Well Garsh Darnit, that's a mystery to us as well. When you learned to use all our techniques at the same time and formed them together in your little heart, we all got the opportunity to see you in action. I was sure it'd be a complete family reunion – like the time we got on that blimp to save Sly and Mss. Carmelita."

To this I shout: "WHAT DO YOU MEAN SAVE SLY AND CARMELITA! WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM?" And Uncle Salim answers: "La Paradox had them, unfortunately, along with our canes. But we were all able to get our canes back and that restored time like it should." He then turns to Tennesse and the cowboy says:
"I was able to save them from being thrown in a time vortex, but after that I was thrown back to my own time too. I don't know nothing about what happened to them." This worries me greatly and I ask: "But they were okay, right? When you saved them?" My uncle nods and says: "Sure, they escaped La Paradox just fine as far as I know."

I sigh and say: "And they're more than a century away from us in the future. There's no way I can find out. Something must have happened to my brother for him not be able to get there." Then suddenly I whiten as I think of something and ask: "Oh no, what if he got to beat La Paradox, but was still thrown into the Time Vortex afterwards?"
The others all look as fearful as I do and then Uncle Bob comes over and gives me a bear hug that could give Mrs. Weasley – a red haired woman with 7 kids – a run for her money as he says: "Don't worry, we'll find them. Sly saved us all, no way will he be lost forever." But all the other two men hear is:
"Aguhlomph gurrah serri yho sierinul." And they each shake their heads as I say: "You learn the language if you stay with them for a few years and." And I pop out a small device from my ear and say: "If you have an auto-translator stuffed in your ear. Same with uncle Bob, that's how he can understand me."

The men look shocked and then a girl with bushy brown hair, large front teeth and brown eyes runs over and says: "Harry, you were amazing! How you made those jumps? And those canes!" I smile and then she says: "Harry, we have to hurry. There's something going on outside the arena. Weird lights and thunderbolts flashing over ground."
This worries me and I run after her, my family following me on the heel and Hermione asks: "Who are they?" And I almost cause her to fall in shock as I say: "My ancestors. Long story." The girl stumbles but nods and we run on over to the Stone Circle connecting the grounds to the bridge that leads to the Clocktower Courtyard.

There lightning is indeed flashing around and I can almost see a twirling shape of mass and energy swirling inside the light as Tennesse shouts: "Well garsh darnit, that's Time traveling. It must be Bentley and the gang!"
This makes a large smile appear on my face and I ask: "Do you think they found Sly?" And Uncle Gallath answers: "Let us hope so, Harry. Let us hope so." Making me worried as the – to me – all too familiar blue van with flames on the front and on the front doors appears and drives over the walkway to the Owlery.

The van quickly makes a turn to the right and the brakes are heard screeching as the van comes to a stop right next to the cliff on the right side of the path. I cringe and say: "Uncle Bob, let's help them." And I grab the tooth-headed cane once again, running for the back of the van as Uncle Bob grunts and follows me.
We both stick the end of our canes into the bumper at the back of the van and pull with all our might, until the van is at least 5 feet away from the cliff. Sighing in relief and sliding down at the corner of the van, I look up as the right front door opens and a small turtle in a wheelchair, with clear glasses and a camper's hat on steps out.

The turtle's name is Bentley and he's the brains of my brother's team, while the pink Hippo, who wears a blue shirt with white shirt underneath, who has a champion's belt around his waist, red gloves with open fingers, white shoes with red stripes and a black thief's mask with red head cap on top, is the brawn of the team.
I smile at the turtle and say: "Do you always pull dangerous stunts while in the van? You were two inches away from falling into that cliff." The turtle looks back and whitens as he sees it. I shake my head and ask: "Where's Sly?" To which a female voice with Spanish accent answers: "We were hoping you would know."

And I see a fox-woman with long blue hair, brown eyes, a blue strapless top, blue jeans with brown belt and a yellow jacket steps out of the van from the right side behind the right door, where the wall opens up to reveal another door. I look shocked and ask: "Wait, you don't know where he is?" And the three shake their heads.
My lower lip trembles as I fear for my brother and Bentley says: "A year ago, Sly told us to take Carmelita out of the blimp, while La Paradox's Time Tunnel had torn a hole in timespace. We did as he asked, but after he had been able to beat Le Paradox and throw him off his blimp, we never saw him again.
We've been waiting for him for almost half a year and after that, we decided to just jump through time in hopes of finding him. So far, we haven't been exactly successful, but reaching you should prove we're heading in the right direction, right?" I smile at my friend, while worried for my brother and suddenly get an idea and say:

"And maybe even the solution to your problem. I just need a quick visit to Diagon Alley and then – I might actually be able to give you the means of finding my brother." This makes the three smile widely and Carmelita asks: "Are you sure?" And I scratch the back of my head in discomfort as I tell her:
"Well, my long-termed plans don't always work out the way they should, but I sure have learned her that I have double-sided luck. Whenever things go bad, my instincts make them go good again. Seven if my luck proves true and my plan fails, we should have a good chance of finding Sly and getting back to my time."
"That sounds good enough to me." Tennessee says and Bentley looks shocked as he asks: "Tennessee, what are you doing here?" And the Cowboy answers: "Harry here learned the task he needed to acquire the Raccoon form. We were all allowed to see that happen and now, we're all ready to help find our joined Heir Sly."

The Turtle smiles and Murray asks: "So what are we waiting for? Harry, what's the plan?" And I tell him: "If I can get myself a new wand, we should be able to use it for the Time Machine. Especially if I get to enchant it with a permanent tracking spell centered around Sly, which should then allow the Time Machine to track him down."
The group looks shocked and Dumbledore, who has arrived with the rest of us says: "A Wonderful idea, Harry. You have my permission to leave the grounds and skip classes until you've found your brother. But I would like a full explanation once you got back." I nod and smile at my Headmaster, ready for a new journey.