A/N Not my best work. Hastily written, but I felt I needed to write something to cover this small area of not very much shown space.

Total the Polar Bear wasn't sure what to think when one day his living quarters changed locations from a cozy bed to a giant cage of sorts. Then again, he didn't think much about things other than food, Timmy, and sleeping. But now his interests had expanded to the gorgeous female bear living with him in the enclosure. Staci, her name was. And once more his interests expanded. However, this time it was to a subdivision: 'Love'.

Or thats what he thought he felt. As soon as the gate clicked shut he ran up to her. He said (rather, growled but in a friendly, hyper way. Note: Being hyper was not something he usually or ever was except when it came to getting to food.) "Hi! My names Total! Whats yours?" He found out her name later by mention of a zookeeper. Staci gave him a glance, and sniffed the air. Returning her attention to the thing in her paws...What was it? Total realized it was a beach ball she was holding tenderly and lovingly. His face fell as he realized she was giving much more attention to an inanimate object than to the only other Polar Bear in the exhibit.

He walked on four feet instead of his usual two and laid down near the small pool. Multi coloured fish swam about, and Total for once in his life, didn't pay any attention to the food.

That resolve created by his miserable mood was broken however when his stomach began to rumble to the point of pain and he had to eat a few to avoid starvation. This kept a cycle going for days. When people came to the zoo, they passed over the Polar Bears quickly because of how 'boring' they were. Eventually, on Saturday, Timmy dropped by with Rice Krispies and he was finally motivated to do something. When he ran for them, though, Staci beat him to it, still holding the Krispies. He simply stopped as to not anger her anymore.

Days went by without much happening. Except for some sort of incident involving getting in a car with Timmy and driving through a building, nope.

At least, until he started to get jealous. That, or he got bored of moping around. Whatever the case, he ripped the Beach Ball straight out of Staci's paws and got loaded back to Timmy. Apparently, that qualified as 'hostile behavior' and was therefore a danger.

So life returned to normal after a brief break in the ongoing road. Maybe not the best story, but its life.

Of course most people go their entire lives without even so much as SEEING a Polar Bear but thats beside the point.

A/N I still can't tell if Total is imaginary to Timmy or not. Sometimes, it appears so, and others, not so much.