You watched him observe your arm carefully, his eyes scanning it. "How are you so clumsy, (y/n)?" Tony chuckled, his eyes gleaming. You hit him playfully on his shoulder with your unbroken arm. "Tony!" You teased. He carefully wrapped his arm around you, warming you. You stared into his glowing heart, the shininess of it entrancing you. "Careful down there, it's fragile." He warned his voice soft. "Though, it does belong to you.". You grinned and looked up to his charming face and caressed it. "And mine to you." You replied, eyes softening. "Lights off." He said, pulling a blanket over you. "Good night, heart keeper." He whispered into your ear. "Goodnight." You whispered back, as you closed your eyes, his heart softly glowing before you.