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The night sky was lit up with a million stars, and it was absolutely breathtaking.

"Clockwork, look over there! It's a shooting star!" The voice came from a young five year old boy. He had adorable sky blue eyes and fluffy black hair. The man- or should I say ghost? he identified as Clockwork let out a laugh.

"Indeed it is, Daniel. Tonight's the best night of the year to see a shooting star shower," Clockwork explained. He ruffled Daniel's hair affectionately. "Some day.. Some day you'll fly among those stars."

Daniel's eyes grew wide with wonder.

"Really?" he asked wistfully. Clockwork nodded, and looked at the falling stars.

"Really. You are destined for greatness one day. You'll fly among the stars, free as a raven."

Daniel gave a huge grin to the older ghost.

"L-like an astronaut?" he whispered hopefully. Clockwork looked down at Daniel and grinned.

"Well... something like that," said Clockwork knowingly. Daniel grinned, and then let out a giant yawn. He scooted closer to Clockwork and nuzzled into his shoulder.

"Clockwork?" he asked sleepily.

"Yes?" responded Clockwork. Daniel closed his eyes.

"Thanks for being my daddy when mine left me..." he said quietly before drifting off to sleep. Clockwork bit his lip as he looked at the sleeping child. With a sigh he planted a goodnight kiss in Daniel's messy hair.

"Thank you for bringing joy into my numb life," he whispered. "Goodnight, Daniel. Sweet dreams."

And Daniel dreamt of flying in the night sky, free as a raven.

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