"Why can't you find somebody else to teach you."

"Ebisu-sensei is scared of monkeys."

"What about Asuma-sensei?"

"They don't like him. Apparently he said some very rude things to them when grandpa first tried to teach him."

Sakura sighed as she stared down at Konohamaru, it was like having another Naruto around. Sakura sighed, that knucklehead teammate of hers had already been gone for six months. "I just don't have the time right now Konohamaru."

The boy immediately frowned and then a grin came over his face. "You don't know how to do it, do you?"

Sakura felt her cheeks flush "I can too."

Konohamaru laughed "Cannot."

"Can to!"

"You cannot, you cannot, you cannot!"

Sakura brought her fist down on his head before he could say anything else. "I can to, now let's go." She grabbed the back of his scarf and started dragging him, large scroll and all to training ground three.

Settling down in front of the memorial stone Sakura unrolled the scroll and began sorting through all the information she had read and learned about summoning. You had to sign a contract and the signature had to be in blood. After that you had to offer a sacrifice of blood, from the hand you had signed the contract with, and then go through the hand signs while molding your chakra and then pressing your hand to a flat surface. Who knew those books on summoning she had rented from the library would come in handy.

Sakura read the names on the scroll; they were all a part of the Sarutobi clan. Sakura turned to Konohamaru "Bite your thumb and sign your name. "

Konohamaru nodded and did as instructed and then went through the hand signs as Sakura directed him and then slammed his hand on the ground. Nothing happened. He turned towards to her "I knew you didn't know how to do it."

Sakura scowled "Go to the library and ask the librarian for the book about summoning. Mention my name, she'll know what it is."

"But nee-chan."

She pointed "GO!" he was off running the next minute as Sakura went back to studying the scroll.

"What are you doing?" Sakura jumped a bit at the voice and turned to stare at Shikamaru. She hadn't seen much of the rookie nine lately. She was one fourth of a team that didn't exist anymore and she had no desire to be reminded of what she now lacked.

"I'm studying a summoning contract."

He squatted beside her "The Money clan contract? This belongs to the Sarutobi clan. Asuma-sensei griped about it when Ino asked him to teach her how to summon."

"I'm helping Konohamaru, but it didn't work."

Shikamaru looked at the scroll and pointed "He didn't put down his finger prints; the contract needs them to be complete."

Sakura huffed "The books say nothing about fingerprints."

"Probably to prevent the people who don't know what they're doing from making a mistake; if you don't believe me just look."

Sakura glanced out of the corner of her eye at the previous signatures; sure enough there were the fingerprints. Sakura glared at Shikamaru; he didn't acknowledge it. Sakura growled and brought her thumb to her mouth and bit. That got his attention "What are you doing?"

Sakura didn't even look at him "Showing you that I know what I'm doing." Finishing with her name Sakura pressed blood to her other fingers and pressed it on to the scroll and then began going through the hand signs; steadily molding her chakra before slamming her hand on the ground "Kuchiyose no Jutsu."

A puff of smoke rose from the air and Sakura came face to face with a monkey a foot taller than she was. He attacked a moment later and Sakura immediately brought her arms up to block a punch that sent her back and through a tree. Then the monkey was attacking again hitting Sakura quicker than she could block until she was on the ground pinned starring up into the eyes of the monkey "How can a Kunoichi so weak summon me? My name is Enma, and I am the King of the Monkey clan, and unless you can beat me we have no contract."

A moment later he was gone in a puff of smoke and Shikamaru was at her side "Now I get why Asuma-sensei didn't like them." He helped Sakura sit up and she wiped some blood from her forehead.

She turned towards Shikamaru "I'm going to beat him."

"Sakura. . ."

"I'm not talking about right now, but once I'm done training with Tsunade Shishou, I'm gonna summon him again and then I'm going to beat him."

Shikamaru sighed "Troublesome, but I guess it can't be helped."

Sakura's brow furrowed "What?"

"You're going to need someone to spar with, and truthfully I need it to. I have to make sure that what happened when we went after Sasuke never happens again."


"So we may as well help each other out." He extended his hand out to her and she took it and he pulled her to her feet. "Let's meet here an hour before sunset every Tuesday and Thursday."

Sakura smiled and nodded as her name was called from a little bit away. "Sakura nee-chan! I got the book!" Konohamaru stopped in front of her panting and sweating. Then he looked at her "What happened?"

Sakura grinned sheepishly "I might have accidently signed the contract."


"And I might have accidently summoned Enma."


"And he might have beaten me in a fight."

"WHAT? Nee-chan how could you?"

"That doesn't matter, what matters is, I need to hang on to the contract for just a bit."

Konohamaru shook his head "No way I can't do that."

Sakura raised an eyebrow and crossed her arms across her chest "So your mother knows you have this scroll then?"

The boy very quickly looked away "Not exactly."

Sikamaru joined the conversation "And we know Asuma doesn't have anything to do with it, and if I had to guess the Third probably had this hidden and the only reason you know where it is, is because he showed you." Konohamaru didn't answer "I thought so. So in the mean time you're going to let Sakura keep it safe for you."

Konohamaru finally nodded his head before heading home, muttering about unfair, blackmailing, comrades.

It would be a year and four months later, two months before Naruto came home that Sakura would summon the Monkey King again, and this time she was ready. She didn't even give him a chance to get used to his surroundings before throwing a punch that sent him through into the water. Sakura wasted no time in following up the attack with another. The fight went on for two hours until Enma called an end to it, and held out his hand for a handshake in symbolism of his acceptance of her as a summoner of the Monkey clan.

The only ones to witness the fight were Shikamaru and Konohamaru. "My mom's gonna kill me."

Shikamaru yawned "You've kept it quiet for nearly two years what makes you think she's going to find out now."

"Enma likes to train. He and granddad would train at least once a week together and he loves to be called into battle; crazy old monkey."

Shikamaru just shook his head and stared down as Enma began pointing and directing Sakura in something. This defiantly wouldn't stay quiet for long.

This is based off of chapter 48 of my fanfic 80 Day challenge. It won't follow it exactly, but it carries the general idea.