I'm going to be writing some drabbles based off one-word prompts for each of my ships, and this is the Malec one.

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Alec had been surprised when Magnus had given him the key to his loft. Alec certainly came over enough to warrant it, but this… This made everything seem so permanent, and Alec wasn't sure he wanted permanent. No, that was wrong. He did. But he couldn't. His parents would kick him out, disown him, and he couldn't live like a mundane. Magnus had looked so eager when he presented Alec with the small key, he couldn't have refused if he wanted to. Neither of them could tell, but they were already in love. Past the initial infatuation. So he smiled.


There was a pile of limbs on Magnus's couch. If you looked closer, you could see that two long arms were locked around a torso, and two faces were pressed together grinning. Alec and Magnus lay tangled, and they were both laughing.

"I have to remember that in the future." Alec said. "If you ask me to help you tuck in the cushions…"
"It's a dirty trap and I will attack you with hugs and kisses. Really, Alexander, I'm disappointed you fell for that." Magnus smirked.
"Shut up," muttered the Shadowhunter, leaning up to enforce his command with a kiss.


During Alec and Magnus's grand vacation, they detoured from Europe to visit India. Alec had been initially nervous, but once they arrived and he took one look at the shining sun, decadent sights, and – of course – Magnus's sari, Magnus knew he would have a hard time getting his boyfriend to leave.
They had spotted elephants and tigers at the Nagarhole and Bandhavgarh National Parks, ridden in a rickshaw, and hiked across the mountains in Manali. One of the many perks of dating a warlock, Alec had come to appreciate, was being able to Portal around the country to various sites.


Magnus had declared that he was taking up painting, and Alec was his muse. He attempted to paint many portraits, 'borrowing' some art supplies (Not Clary's, as she'd murder the both of them). Unfortunately, the last time he had attempted art was likely around the time of da Vinci, and to say he was rusty was an understatement.
The final result was a wasted week, a very tired warlock, and an apartment cluttered with paintings of what could be interpreted as abstract art, or a melon. Magnus vowed never to paint again (although he made no such promise for sculpture)


Many Shadowhunters who had known his family for years, and many who hadn't, had told Alec that his love for Magnus was wrong. He had eventually gotten to the point where he let it pass silently.
That didn't mean it didn't hurt when someone sneered at him, or scoffed at them
Whenever things got bad (which, unfortunately, they seemed to do often), Alec would call Magnus and just talk to him. Magnus had had his share of assholes to deal with, and he knew how it felt. But how he wished he didn't. How he wished neither of them did.

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