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It was Alec's birthday, and Magnus decided the best way to celebrate was to throw a party, complete with a band, hundreds of guests, and, of course, a cake.
Luckily, Alec managed to veto this before the invitations were sent out in favor of a much smaller party with only family and friends (and by friends, he meant Simon, who came because of Clary, who came because of Jace). But, unfortunately, Magnus had already ordered the cake. So, come the day, Alec, Magnus, Isabelle, Jace, Simon, Clary, Maryse, and Robert were faced with a seven-tier chocolate masterpiece. Magnus shrugged sheepishly.


Light shone through the gap in the curtains. Actually, it shot in, concentrated into a single beam. The beam had apparently decided to set the location of its focus to Alec's eyes, waking him up with a groan.
"What time is it?" he murmured.
Next to him in the bed, Magnus, the world's lightest sleeper, woke as well. He sat up, but didn't open his eyes.
"It's early, darling." He moaned.
Alec grimaced. "I know..."
"I'm tired."
"I know."
Magnus twitched his fingers to close the curtains, and flopped back down.
"Love you..." He said as they fell asleep again.


In the weeks leading up to Halloween, Alec insisted he didn't want to dress up.
Magnus disagreed.
He presented his boyfriend with a costume worthy of quite a bit of awe.
It appeared to be a centaur costume, with a horse's body that extended back behind him and, for some reason (that Alec suspected to be magic) didn't drag. The rest of the costume was a fake bow and quiver of arrows that Alec protested even more vehemently.
But, because Magnus was Magnus, Alec was presented at his Halloween party bare-chested and pulling an enormous velvet horse body behind him.


The first thing Magnus noticed upon entering the infirmary was the blood.
It was everywhere - soaking through the injured Shadowhunter's clothes, coating his skin.
He had gotten a call from Izzy that her brother ("The cute one, with the blue eyes") had been badly injured by a Greater Demon and needed healing.
Magnus scowled at the family, nervously milling around. "I need everybody out!" He ordered imperiously.
They looked as if they wanted to argue, but knew better and hurriedly left. Magnus rolled his long leather coat sleeves up and got to work, drawing deep down into his magic.


What Alec and Magnus had first noticed about each other were their eyes.
Magnus saw the clear longing Alec's blue eyes held for his parabatai, so like the longing he had once seen in a blue-eyed Welsh boy who longed to love a warlock girl. And he felt sorry for Alec - but there was something that led him to fascination.
Alec, of course, noticed the slit-pupiled, bright yellow-green cat's eyes that marked Magnus as a warlock. They burned like nothing he'd ever seen. He had met warlocks before, but none who stared so deeply at him. None like Magnus.

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