"Any student who is here taking the final exam, make your way to the auditorium! Any one caught outside will be unable to take the exam and well get an automatic zero! Last call!" The squeaking of doors, footsteps, murmurs and a lock being turned was heard throughout the halls as one black-haired boy, tattered and dirty, was rushing in vain to reach the entrance exam hall.

Panting and short heavy breaths were escaping him as he approached the door and banged his red sweaty palms on the door hard and pleaded with the top of his voice to let him in, but to no avail. After minutes (or what seemed like hours), his injured legs gave way and sulked to the ground, with tears flowing from the boy's eyes.

"W-why…?" he sobbed with grimy tears streaming down his face. "Why didn't t-they push me a-around hic… at a d-day l-like this…?"Painful, yet distant memories flashed in his head, like little screws twisting into his brain, of girls thrashing insults. Teenage girls have become a major pain in the boy's life, spewing insults to his face, kicking him around in the dirt, the works.

The boy then drew his lucky golden pocket watch. It was a gift to him from…who knows, but he kept it as if it's his lucky charm. It read 9:55 am, and he slammed his head on the ground. It was only five minutes before exam time, and they locked him out of the exam room. The boy cringed with fear and hate, and was howling silently with sadness and tears flowing out, until a little voice echoed in his mind:


The boy opened his eyes from noticing the voice. "Who said that…?" was what left the boy's mouth, and suddenly saw two black shadows of feet in front of him. The boy, out of disbelief, surprise and hope (for someone who can let him in the exam hall, however that was not the case), sadly saw no one there. He looked left and right, wondering where the shadow went, but heard the distant voice again.

"Come… face me…"

"Where are you…?" The boy said to the voice, though no one was there to answer. But he had a good sense of hearing, being able to detect the voice from across the halls on his right. His chest felt a little tug when he was going down that direction, and continued on his way. As he walked, the boy felt the tugging to be stronger, and the voice getting louder.

"Do you have any wits, boy…?"

"…" He hesitated, while gripping his sweat-drenched fists and stopping on his tracks. But then continued on forward, with no answer.

"Or… have you acquired the strength, boy…?

"…" His eye quivered by the sound of the question reaching into his head. He shook his head and kept walking, until he stopped in front of a lone door on the wall, out of place of the school. A sign hangs on the wall, fixated by a nail. A dark aura presides around the area, as if to tell the boy to turn back.

"If you don't possess wits and strength…then what do you have…? Courage…?"

"!" The boy stopped on his tracks, eyes widened and hesitant. Does he have courage? He trembled his limbs and sweat pouring down. "I-I…" the boy muttered in his breath. His legs nearly gave way until the voice talked again:

"If you wish to obtain my power and your dreams… then show me your courage. I'll be waiting behind the door… but time won't wait for you…"

The boy gulped hard, and took his steps lightly. His heart pounded like it was going to rip out of his chest and explode. But he closed his eyes and kept walking, and soon enough, he was at the door. His hand trembled at the doorknob, but it took most of his strength to open the brass knob to encounter what seems to be one of his nightmare coming true.

"Careful with those cores, Mia!" was an order from an official wearing a sergeant's uniform and clipboard, while dozens of female workers were dragging robotic IS machines to what looks like dozens of supply planes. He was scared of females when the world of IS (or Infinite Stratos) was introduced into the world and gender dominance was tilted towards the wrong direction. It wasn't just the female bullies that frighten him. It was all the females, ranging from the bus drivers, the rich women who order men around and worst of all, the task forces that utilize IS. Very few of them are followers of conduct, but almost all of them go against the rights of humans and destroy and pillage for what they want, even if it's by blood.

The boy was drowned in familiar memories of when his family disowned him because they wanted a daughter; one that can at least use an IS. They thought he could only be a good househusband, or a servant of their famous lineage, but he's not anyone who can raise their morale or their pride. No one loved him in his family, and no one would take him anymore. Not his mother, his father, his twin sister, not anyone… except her older sister, but that memory was excruciating… He hated them, but held it in. He didn't want to mess with a prestigious family, but it made him feel weak.

Stay strong…

The boy opened his eyes and, in desperation and gleam, caught his attention to one particular IS. The mechanical body had the appearance of a golden armour and black leather with gauntlets and fabrics so luscious and mysterious that no human can comprehend. The boy started to walk towards the IS sitting alone in the center of the room, while task force officers from one end were loading the same grey IS into the plane. He didn't care, only walking slowly towards the mesmerizing IS.

"Hey Captain! What's this kid doing here?" One female worker yelled as she caught sight of him. The boy didn't falter in his looks and kept walking, as if hypnotized.

"What's a kid doing here? Didn't he see the sign?" The captain muttered to herself, as she started to run towards the boy. When she approached him, she bonked her clipboard on his head trying to get his attention. "Hey kid. What are you doing in a place like this?" The boy didn't listen, eyes unfocused from the IS.

Yes… come closer…

As the kid got closer, he noticed the fine details of energy veins in the legs and arms. On its left arm was a round shield in the shape of a gear; with what looks like a handle stuck on top of the shield. When he inspected closer, he noticed the veins on the left arm were shaped in chains. The joints of the IS looked as though they were golden gears attached, as if they were clogs working in a watch or clock. The wings on the IS were large, and looked very… aether. The wings had 2 large halves of a gear attacked to his back with long pointed winglets attached. The feel and familiarity of the structure of the IS… it felt as though they belonged to a more futuristic time period. The plaque written on his helmet said "Chronos". His head ringed a little when he voiced the name in his head. Where did he hear that name…or when did he?

"Umm kid? Hello?" The captain was waving her hand and shaking his shoulder vigorously, but still not getting his attention. This kid is a tough one to break. She tried another method of yelling in his ear, but it still does nothing. Many of the co-workers caught the attention of the captain belting out her voice, and started to whisper what was going on, which halted the loading process.

"Seriously, what's a male doing here?" One of the co-workers whispered.

"I don't know. Did he get lost?" Another replied in near silence.

"Heh, maybe he just got lost after searching for his mommy~!" A third obnoxious one said out loud, and all the co-workers went all-out laughter on the poor boy, filling the workstation. The boy gripped his fist and furrowed his eyebrows, but showed no sign of chickening out.

Pitiful creatures… show them what you are made of…!

"Yes…" He muttered and reached out his hand to touch the metallic exoskeleton. The voice boomed inside the boy's head, yet none of the females can hear it, nor hear the boy muttering. They were too busy laughing at the poor tattered boy when all of a sudden; a massive glow and tremor engulfed the workstation. The laughter stopped immediately to only be replaced by screams of dread and gasps of awe, even with the captain covering her mouth with her hands, but still very shocked by the outcome, when they looked at the boy disappearing in the light. The light grew even more vibrant and the tremor got even worse as a few models of grey IS flew backwards and even one of the planes tipping over on its side due to the tremors. After the glow, all the officers and workers see is an IS, with wings of aether-like gold and armor of the densest steel. The women working there were mostly in awe of the pilot. A man? One single man, with lush golden hair, replacing the natural black colour, and yellow eyes, that can operate an IS?

"Impossible…how?" was one voice, heard at the balcony. Everyone, except the boy turned to the fierce-looking woman up at the balcony, in total shock. Her serious eyes were widened from surprise, and sweat drooped down from her forehead slowly. She was wearing heels, a black suit with a tie and had long black hair, but they were trembling, along with her cold shaky limbs. Immediately after a few seconds, she ran down the long stairs and ran towards the male pilot, only to be in complete shock when she made out the identity.

"I-Ichika…Orimura?" was all she can sputter out of her gaping mouth as she took a step back from the second surprise. The boy then looked at the woman, with empty eyes then closed his.

"Orimura-san! What's going on?" Two captains rushed over to the fierce woman standing in shock to consul her, but ended up having the same expression as them as they saw the figure standing in front of them. By that time, the boy opened his eyes towards them, but not with the reaction of what they hoped.

"C-Chifuyu-nee… why…?" a meek desperate voice came out of the boy, and started to shake his head, from a very slow speed, but gradually getting faster to the point of desperation. He put his hands between his head and kept shaking, as if struggling to get something off of him. "No… Chifuyu-nee…!" The elder sister looked at him in fear, but gripped her fists in anger as soon as he said those words.

"Take him out…" is what the woman muttered. The captains gasped and looked at the sister in shock.


"I SAID, DO IT!" She yelled at her with a detestable tone. Soon, four security women with IS's and katanas arrived through hovering and surrounded the boy in a square, as he was finally calming down and holding his forehead from the pain he had to absorb. The commander then ordered "TAKE HIM OUT!" in a harsh and commanding tone, and the IS security, still in disbelief, but in devotion of their commander, then dived towards him and slammed their swords at the boy, but in vain.

"Me…? Taken out…? Not today…and not ever…!"

When the swords slammed, the boy ducked down and immediately used what equipment he had, as if he was a high-ranking officer in the military. His left gauntlet, completely covered in golden-plated armour, crossed in front of his head and blocked the left, front-most katana from connecting, while the right one cross his head to block the right, front-most one. The two wings had minds of their own, bringing themselves to parry the two katanas behind him. The workers gasped again, and even the captains were gasping at the sight of him guarding the attacks for the first time, as if it was first nature to him. Suddenly, a different voice came out of the boy. Instead of a meek and distinct voice, a deeper, yet more threatening and deadlier voice was heard.

"The ones who retracts their IS and moves out of the way for more than 2 seconds…DIES!"

His threatening voice felt like chills of the ethereal. The IS security responded with a nasty flinch, disabling their IS and backing away at a far distance even faster than 1 second. The boy returned to his original standing position, and had a serious glint in his eyes, as if he was someone completely different. The workers were scared out of their wits, trembling their legs with fear, and even having a worker faint. The captains readied their handguns, awaiting the next attacking maneuver, but they also had their limbs trembling. Lastly, their sister was in shock and fear when she saw the moves the boy had. She was astounded, but at the same time, terrified. "I-Ichika…" Her fear, yet her anger was present, responded to the boy in the IS. "Why?! Why are you here?!"

"Ichika? Who's he?" He questioned the lady and grasped the handle on his shield. He unscrewed it and out lit up a beam saber, almost made entirely of light. Everyone gasped again and another worker fainted. "Hahaha… why bother if you don't care…?"

"W-Wha-?!" The woman said, before she got cut off and was forcefully kicked towards the ground. 2 captains ran to her aid as they helped her up. "Ichika! How could you…?!" The woman was gritting her teeth and had blood dripping out of her fists, and had eyes filled to the brim of hatred of the past. The bruise on her suit was clawed off, revealing her stomach area.

"Don't spout your lies to me!" He pointed the saber towards the suited woman and the captains. They flinched with much fear. "The weak man's no more! My name is Dyne Tempo! And time won't wait for you!" He made a smug-like smile on his face and turned to the outdoor side. He spread out his wings and lifted off, taking to the skies with much grace. Everyone didn't know where to start pondering, but they do know one thing; his presence will shake the world, and the change of history's fateful weave will inevitably occur.

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