Clockwork Shield: A golden shield, with hands that point to the current time, that looks like the Big Ben's face, with a thin see-through indestructible mirror glass covering the face, able to reflect any projectile with ease. It is attached on the front of the forearms, and can shift instantly from one arm to another. Able to absorb and deflect any projectile without harming the shield level of the IS. Once shots has been absorbed, it can be stored within the shield battery where it can be launched back in a cannonade style, or absorbed to restore IS energy.

The Knightblade: A beam saber made entirely of aura and light, rumoured to belong to a legendary templar, bringing judgment down to foes while protecting their comrades in battle. It is attached within the shield, and able to be activated within the slightest of thought, although it's not good with cutting cleanly. The aura emitting from the handle of the shield can steal the energy of the IS and can do of two things:

Once sheathed into the shield, it can restore your own IS energy.

It can manifest into the Knightblade and increase your power on your next strike.

It also can shift to three elements within command:

Age of Suns: Fire

Age of Ice: Ice

Age of Storms: Lightning

Age of Futures: Light (default)

Age of Ends: Darkness

Aether Armour: Made by the finest, exotic and most indestructible metals (rumoured to be the famed orichalcum, the exotic metals of Atlantis, but it was not confirmed) and leathers.

Soul Shackles: Chain launchers made of light on both arms, engraved in the energy veins. Can be unleashed from the arms to take hold of enemies. It's close to impossible to be broken by someone else.

Chrono-Shifter (Codename: REWIND): A repair unit that can rewind the fabrics of time and space to repair an inanimate object, or reverse someone's death. To reverse someone's death though will cost a lot of energy from the pilot though.

Chrono-Standard (Codename: CHRONO): The lovable sprite, Chrono, will tag along with you in battle! She can attach to a single IS and disrupt their movement, weapons, and controls. If the IS is unmanned, she is able to take control of the IS.

Chrono-Storm (Codename: RAIN): A shockwave tramsutation unit that can be emitted from the Knightblade from a single swipe, firing harpoons of light that home towards targets. The harpoons vary in element, depending on what AgeChronos is in.

Chrono-Force (Codename: BLAST): The power of wind and energy sockets; enough to fire blasts from the palms of Chronos. Is able to slice almost anything with this blast, though it will be deadly inaccurate on where you want to slice.

Chronos-Void (Codename: VOID): A vacuum unit that can generate a powerful black sphere, similar to a neutron star that sucks everything in with its powerful gravitational force. One who gets caught in the void can be crushed indefinitely. The void gets bigger the more it swallows, but can be dispelled by the pilot.

Memory Shocker: A small but powerful taser attached to the arms that shock the target. It's very strong, enough to make the target see and reflect his/her past regressions (and also see stars). It's non-lethal though, so it's impossible to kill someone with such a taser…

The Lucky Golden Pocket Watch: A memento, having the power of reading other people's moves, or thought, and watching people's past memories and regressions, and their intake on it.

Time Crusher Unit:Chronos's ultimate ability, and involves much energy to use. The use of chronoshift installed and utilized within Chronos towards the maximum potential, inflicts large amounts of energy on a large zone (as big as a large capital city) that basically distort and halt time and space indefinitely to roughly up to 15 minutes. While in this area, the pilot can weave the distortion of space and use whatever is trapped within the distortion. It will bring as much as no pain to a complete strain to the pilot, depending on how large the area is or how long it has been held. It cannot, however, reverse or speed up time in the area.

12-Hour Evolution Visor and Wheel: Chronos unfortunately cannot achieve 2nd shift due to the unknown creator's… unawareness... through the usual conventional means. Thus, it solely involves the utilization of the pilot's visor to scan and copy parts of another piece of the IS in sight, in order for the certain part of it to be formed for the pilot's sake. For example, if the pilot wants to copy the wings of another IS, they must scan it in order to have it copied and added onto Chronos. Keep in mind that the nanobots within Chronos will take time to create such equipment, depending on how large it has to be. The pilot may save and customize any part that has been copied and saved for later use, whether it could be before or during battle. However, the pilot can only copy just one particular set (wings, bits, gauntlets, pieces of armours, ONE passive ability, ONE main weapon, etc.) for twelve different IS. But the road to achieve 2nd shift… it'll be a long, mysterious and tedious one…


Regeneration: Whether it was wounds, broken bones, fatal wounds or blood gashes on the pilot, they will fix themselves up and regenerate three times as fast as any other, whether or not Chronos is activated alongside with the pilot.

Strength Boost: The pilot has their strength multiplied, even without Chronos active.

Time-slipper: The pilot's running speed and reaction speed is increased, as fast as running across walls and ceilings with ease.

History: Innate knowledge from the past, starting from the beginning of the world to the present.

Auto-Repair: Chronos is able to repair itself out of battle, no matter how damaged it is. It will take around 48 hours though…

The 'Foretell' Beacon: The power to perceive when opponents act, and when is the best time to block attacks and counter. Think of it as an inner conscience…

Partial Materialization: The pilot can activate and use any separate part of Chronos to use as he deems fit.

Visor Scan and Helmet Skin Functions: A helmet feature that can do scanning with close-up, X-ray, heat, night vision, ethereal vision and diagnosis. The skin functions holds many items used for different adaptabilities, like scuba gear, space gear, heatproof suits, rubber suits, stealth units and the optimal steel skin (able to block many bullets and regular katanas, but doesn't shrug off the beam weapons so well; can also hold bones completely intact when flying in high speeds).

Hehe, so how's that for a synopsis of what Chronos can do? By the way, the updates will go a little slower today. I'm still in the midst of work here D:

Anyway, Read and Review please, and Infinite Stratos doesn't belong to me. Read and Review doesn't either.

Past: 5:52AM, October 5th, 2024, just on the desolate outskirts of town:

"Hey, is he alright…?"

"Nah, leave him alone. Doesn't look like he's alive…"

"Besides, we need to catch the line! Don't want to get shot at…!"

The conversation was heard and then faded out on the right as I opened my eyes to let in the glaring sunlight. My head was pounding and everywhere was hurting. I felt my scratches and cuts on my body sting from the harsh cold breeze that just flew by. When I took a look around, it looked as though it was the slums of Tokyo.

"The usual place…" The buildings gave the same broken down and old-fashioned feeling as they were much different to the metallic ones I remember seeing before a year ago. The streets are, as usual, littered with people who looked like they needed something in their stomachs. Some were selling food… or what looked like scraps of food, others doing music on the streets while getting barely any coin for their efforts, and the rest just walking or running through in order to gain things in other methods. As I looked harder, the crowd almost consisted of all men, walking off towards their new homes...

Their home… their new 'association' which is the self-serving backlash of the Infinite Stratos (IS for short), the new age for the whole world. It spells certain evolution for many of us while it also spells doom on its face. I was never informed about this when I was young, so why did my family never tell me…

Infinite Stratos, over the course of the modern age, was firstly designed to be in space exploration. But it turns out it was a despicable lie, which, in reality, was a female-only battle suit, much more stronger than napalms. The women felt as though they were glorified, but men felt depreciated. This only went into minor scuffles here and there in the world if IS but it later became a complete disaster 6 months ago, known as the 'Purge of Society'...







Those were what reigned upon the ones in the slums. Many IS's and their pilots were indulged in a killing spree, and their targets were everyone. Well, not generally everyone, but their targets are men. The IS reigned missiles and gunfire down on us. The mothers and girls were safe, but the men and boys were always rallied towards their death by means of cold blood.

Not just Japan was covered in male blood, but everywhere on the world was engulfed in half-smitten genocide. England, China, Germany, France, Russia, America, you name it! It was like women were only glorified for themselves all because of a stupid toy that looked like a Gundam and their generous ego. Sadly, that 'toy' can easily kill me with a few gunshots, and many women are arrogant enough to shoot you even if you gave them a dozen chocolates for White Day. The genocide was thankfully halted though… seeing friends that I have made over the past year in the slums made me forget that I'm even disowned. But…

"Mother… Father… everyone… what's happening…? Why have you all turned into monsters?" I felt that life wasn't going to cling on to me once I knew I could never go back to my old life.

And I never will go back. When I merged with Chronos, I felt a new destiny within me awaken; and from that day, I knew that I was going to change the world and cut the world's ends from predomination. But change for what? For the better… or for the worse?

Present: 10:34AM, April 5th, 2032, in the party room:

"O-Oh, wow! What a surprise…!" I said nervously, as I saw the crowd of family members surround a table on one end, trying to make the surprise give off more pizzazz. Two twin girls, both in chocolate hair, in yukatas made a jumping cheery face when they gave the surprise, while one black-haired lady pulled the 2 crackers of confetti and fired into the air. Another purple-haired lady was also giving a smile, which was on the other side of the confetti lady, but I can tell her smile is forced. Standing at the corners of the room were black-suited men, each holding an AK47 with them. They gave a serious, yet blank look on their faces for some reason.

But my attention was caught to the two directly on the other side of the table: a woman who looked like she was in her mid 40s with a smile on her face, and the man who is close to balding, who had more of a forced smile on him as well. I immediately straightened myself and walked in. Madoka… if that's her name, followed in with a cheery smile.

As I walked in, I noticed the decorations they had to pull. The room was filled with streamers hanging on the wall and balloons on the ceiling. The table in front of me had treats, ranging from cookies; onigiri, grilled yakitori, strawberry Pocky, Toppo chocolate and even a fruitcake were there too. I already had my breakfast, so I hung on my stomach. They looked too good to be there.

"Ouaahhh! This is Onii-saaan~!?" The twins cheered as they wobbled to me, with Pocky in their mouths. They looked like they were 9 years old, with red eyes and stubby noses. The only difference between them was that one of them had a small dot on their lower left cheek.

"Wow, he looks so strooong~!" One of the girls complemented.

"Yeah, and he looks so braaave~!" The other replied, and they both giggled.

"Um thanks?" I thanked them nervously. They sounded like the ideal little sisters.

"Awww~ aren't Chui-chan and Rui-chan just adorable, nii-san~?" Madoka asked, while squealing my name at the end of her quotation. That didn't settle inside me well enough for some reason.

I turned, with my eyes rolling, to see another lady approaching me, having this sergeant look in her eyes. She had long flowing hair and in a sergeant's uniform (who guessed?), but had a very warm welcoming facial look on her. It looked like she had a scar over her eye, so she must be one to fight countless battles… "Squall Meusel, pleasure to meet you, Ichika Orimura." She sweetly introduced herself, and then took a small bow afterwards.

"U-Ummm flattering, Squall-san…" I said, nervously scratching my head and blushing. Madoka gave a small giggle beside me, and Squall's smile got a little wider. "You're a cousin or a friend or something?"

"A friend." She replied. "I am part of an organization that helps others around the world using IS."

"Cool." Helping the world with IS? That's something new, and I would join two-fold, but there were other pressing matters at hand. I turned around to see the purple haired woman fidgeting with her hands, but stood up straight quickly and nervously when she saw me. Suddenly then, I remembered who she was, but…

"Hello there." I cheerfully said, pressing in to see if it was she.

"Oh, h-hi I-I-Ichi-chik-ka!" She stuttered back, in broken Japanese. That was all I needed to hear.

"Hehe…" I remembered the times when she first fought me. It really was the Osakan woman from the highway. "What are you doing here? My parents know you?"

"Q-Quiet…" She angrily muttered under her breath. I heard a small growl from Madoka, as she was glaring at the Osakan lady.

"Be nice, Isamu-san…! Got it?!" She snarled back. I pulled myself back a little and gave a confounded look. Then she turned around, only to show back her grinning face and girly giggles. What the… What's up with her?

"Hey, son. It's so nice to see you!" I heard behind my back. I turned to see my father and mother, both smiling and patting me on the shoulders. I felt warm and welcome in their arms, but it somehow felt cold to the touch. "We've been worried that you've would have never been found!"

"Aww it's nice to be back…!" I said, smiling, but not even sure why. Even throughout my whole life of pain, misery, and trauma, especially caused by my family, I couldn't help but laugh and enjoy the mome-!


"Errghh! What the…." I thought, as I cringed and grimaced in the terrible pain I just experienced.

"Sigh… I can't believe it. Even if you are my vessel, you are still too naïve…"

"What…? What are you saying? These people-!"

"-Stole all your love away, and your dignity as well. They plan to do the same thing right now! How about I remind you of the 'Purge of Society'? Wake up and face reality!" And a sharp pain was released through my brain and into all of my body. My body felt like needles and axes as blood.

"Aaaarrgghh!" I screeched in total pain, before blacking out.

"Now sit and listen, for I'll make the truth clear, and your destiny back on track."

Present: 10:39AM, April 5th, 2032, in the solitary room 1, 5 minutes before:

Third Person POV:

The Orimura's finally has him numbered. The man they have resented in the past, now secretly redeemed back because of his usage in IS, was now managed to be back into the family, but through… secretive illicit ways.

Madoka, instead of a dress, is wearing a suit, much like Chifuyu. She had to look professional, even if she had to bring her own hypnotic helmet with an illusion projection unit for her own 'persuasion. She also had to bring a whole ton of 'insurance' that it will go well: bodyguards with guns aiming at him (but not shooting… yet) AND her mother Reimu Orimura, leader of Phantom Task and strongest IS pilot there is, AND her father Atsushi Orimura, a strict but gentle counselor in their organization, AND two of her younger sisters/child soldiers Chui and Rui, who are cute, but aren't exactly nice to their surroundings (they did want to see him though), AND Squall Meusel, co-leader of the Phantom Task just in case things got out of hand (because Chronos had no database and no one knew that this IS existed), AND Isamu Horida and her merry, yet rowdy band of terrorists who are the witnesses of the blond man and fought him in the past. PLUS she had to sneak a couple of people from the Federal Bureau in order to have the blond man properly signed back into their family. That is a LOT of insurance.

Everyone was being silent around the table and eyeing on the hypnotized blond man, with his eyes being locked and movements on him barely shown, to sign the resignation papers that the Federal Bureau have offered him. Her mother gave an impatient breathing pattern and a small malicious smile, indicating that she's reaching the limit on her patience and that she's excited for the outcome. Her father closed his eyes and mumbled himself something, but no one paid attention. Chui and Rui were both shaking in excitement, as having a new brother will keep them entertained (whatever their entertainment may be). Squall smiled to herself, as a new super-soldier like him would guarantee success in any mission. Horida was just cross-armed and trying not to care, as her terrorists were feeling the opposite: shaking in their uniforms with sweat. Madoka predicted that right now was the coup de grace for him to sign the papers before he became suspicious of the virtual reality and tries to break out. So she seductively went to his ears and whispered:

"Nii-san, that piece of paper is for you… we'll go on a trip and enjoy our new lives… just the family… No more school, responsibilities, or anything~. It's just the handsome you, with little ol' me~ and the whole family here to relish it... Your girlfriends can come too, you know~. Just sign it, and you'll be on your way to paradise…"

She then blew a kiss in the man's ear, signaling the hypnotic unit to work its magic. What was happening was electricity generating within the unit and images were fragmented into Tempo's nervous system. The senses made him fool that there was a cake being sliced and served to him and that he was to eat it for good luck and manners, but it would actually be him signing the papers and legalizing him to become their son once again, much to his own dismay.

However, that was not the case.

Tempo's POV

"Hehe… Madoka-nee, you should've tried harder than that…!" I said, in a grinning smile. I then heard gasps fill the room, and horrified and shocked eyes staring at me. Oh ho ho, this is gonna be fun…!

"W-What… d-did you just say…?" Madoka's voice trailed off as she was in complete shock. "T-T-There's n-no way t-that you c-could b-br-!"

"-break out of my brilliant Hypno-helmet Mark IV! It should have been flawless!" I finished her sentence. She gasped again, seeing the worlds repeated right back at her. In all honestly, I hated her voice and what she said back at the virtual reality (VR), and I couldn't believe that she sounded like that still. I stood up, broke the pen that was handed to me and ripped the paper into shreds with no means of slowing down from any regret. The eldest lady in front of me flinched and gasped at my actions. The father did too, but not so much. The rest of the gang just stared at me, but the bodyguards did not. All four of them aimed their machine guns and fired straight at me…

However that was not the case.

"Huh? The guns!" One of them said in irritation as he tried to fire it, but to no avail.

"They're jammed! I can't fire them!" Another one replied and grunted as he meddled with the safety lock and trigger.

"Hmph, there's no point to it…" I advised to the bodyguards, who now paid attention to me with strained look through their sunglasses and snarls on their faces. I'm glad Chrono placed a firearm-disabling field over the room. I pulsed energy into the helmet, breaking the connection off from my nervous system and head, and ripping the contraption in half with my bare hands. Everyone was in pure shock, even Madoka-nee, that my brain and nervous system was unscathed. Well, I shouldn't really call her as a sister anymore.

"N-Nii-san…y-you…" Madoka muttered in an exasperated voice, hinting that she was absolutely embarrassed in front of her parents, and absolutely pissed that her Hypno-helmet Mark IV failed to capture a new brother. It was only a matter of time before she snaps.

"What's wrong, 'Madorka'?" I teased menacingly at her, with pleasure. Madorka… that one has a nice chime to it… "Fufufu… your little hypnosis 'party plan' just pooped before your own slave-driving parents?" The intensity was built to the max, and some intense feelings was being held by the people held in here too. Chui and Rui were pouting angrily, and Squall looked like she was in a combat stance. But mostly, my mother was keeping her cool, but I knew she was fuming inside. Back to Madorka, she didn't waste any time. She materialized a blue-ish silver cannon and aimed at me.

"Die…" She whispered.

"Not a chance." I replied.

Another Past: 10:21AM, April 5th, 2032, back at Classroom 1-1

Houki's POV:

"Fuaaah! I'm back, class!" Yamada-sensei appears at the front door, looking the same cheery self as yesterday. Where was she? "Eh? Where's Tempo-san?"

"You told him to go to a meeting before class started. Orimura-sensei is accompanying him." Aikawa Kiyoki replied.

"Huh?" Yamada scratched her head in confusion. "I didn't tell him that…" Really? Is she that forgetful, or…

"But you were here when you told him to go to the meeting."

"Ehh… before class, I remember that I was heading to class, but then I was approached by men in black suits…" She was trying to think as hard as she can. I honestly thought that she was lying through her teeth, but no one can ignore that innocence. "…Then that's all I remember after that! Ehehehe…"

Everyone was silent. But I'm not just silent…

Black suits…? What do they want with Ichika…? Was it like what happened to me when I was separated from him? I have to know… I can't get separated from him again…

Distant Past: 11:25AM, October 2nd, 2023 in an armoured security truck:

I HATE HER! I HATE HER! I ABSOLUTELY HATE HER! I was crying in the truck, not ever wanting a part in this revolution, but they locked me here in separate trucks, away from my parents. They say it's for security reasons, but I think it's for my sister's own intentions. I don't want to be with her. I don't want to even see her face or hear her name or anything related to her…!

I was banging on the walls of the truck, trying to let me out. First they ruin my chances of winning the kendo tournament, and then I wouldn't be able to see my home again. But they crossed the line when they pulled me away from him… my first love…

"Houki…!" A muffled voice called and softly rang inside the truck. I opened my teary eyes and looked around, only to spot the back window of the truck.

"Houki…!" The voice came from the winder. I ran to poke my head towards the truck to see…

"ICHIKA!" My tears flowed like a river when I saw him running towards me. He was all tattered and sweaty, but he was still running with his life. He was heavily panting and his eyes were watering with tears as he struggled to reach his hand to the truck.

"I'M SORRY, HOU-HOUKI!" He cried as he nearly tripped, but still kept running. My tears did stop as he kept going.

"ICHIKA!" I couldn't say anything else. I wanted to say so many things to him. Ranging from 'I love you,' to 'Don't leave me alone…,' or even 'I don't care about my family legacy, I just want to be with you forever!' It never happened to come out. Until-


The truck slammed their brakes on full force, as the force sent me on the floor. I also heard a loud thud in front of me. I gasped at the sight in horror as I went to the mirror again as I saw Ichika lying on his back as he have landed a large blow on his head from the truck. Blood was flowing out of his nose and tears welled from his eyes.



The truck started again at full throttle, leaving dust on its trail. Ichika was shrinking on the road. I didn't want to leave him. But he tried to lift his hand towards me, as if he didn't give up. I tried to give my hand to him, but I couldn't because of the window. The bloodstain on the window was the only thing that made me not want to die. I was left heartbroken… and I never told him that I love him, more than anything. The infinite sadness finally overcame me…


Another Present: 10:23AM, April 5th, 2032, in Classroom 1-1

"Well, if anyone wants to volunteer to check up on him, that will be certainly be-!" That phrase made almost all the girls jump with their hands up. I was included in the mix, and… well, let's just say all of us volunteered to go. But I had more reason than anyone.

Later: 10:42AM, April 5th, 2032, just outside the solitary room 1:

Sigh, Ichika… I can't stop thinking about him… After all that has been done… I wonder how he's doing in that room…


An explosion appeared out of nowhere, right in front of the large group of girls, and blasted the walls. Red energy was guzzling around the area until it cleared. All the girls screamed. I just flinched from the surprise. In the midst of the explosion was a man with blond hair, holding up a materialized gear-shaped shield, with a clock face.

"Tempo-san?!" I exclaimed. Many gasped from seeing him fighting… IN THE SCHOOL!

"Huh?! What are you doing here at this time?!" He replied back when he saw us in shock, but another beam of energy was fired towards him in a flash. Many of us screamed again and tried to move back, but most of us tripped and fell. Tempo shielded the shot; this time though the shot disappeared and faded in Tempo's shield instead of exploding. He then turned to us with golden mustard eyes, filled with concern. "Now's your chance! It's dangerous here!"

"Tempo-kun!" Yamada-sensei, obviously not listening, ran up to him and gave a big angry huff. "Why are you causing all this destruction?! Stop this instant!" W-What? How can she jump to that conclusion? But then another explosion appeared, and she snapped out of it, by cowering behind me.

Tempo's POV

"Hmph, you're all the same…" I muttered. It pisses me off so much that people can't see the truth in front of them. I then pulled out my pocket watch, launched it in the air and summoned Chronos in a flash of light and on my side. If one of my unknown destinies is to fight, then I'll willingly accept that.

"Idiot Nii-san!" Madoka cried bearishly as she charged at me with a beam gunblade in her hand. Immediately, I used my [Soul Shackles] on my arm, and chains of light lashed out on her. She got caught and I flung her to the other side of the hallway, trying my best not to destroy the walls. The girls were still in shock from what is happening, but now Yamada-sensei realizes what is happening. Ugh, thank you for realizing…

"Dyne-san! What's going on?!" Houki asked me in a loud concerning voice.

"It's a welcome party! What does it look like?!" I replied. I couldn't really care much for the other girls in the class. I couldn't care much for Yamada-sensei. But I did care for Houki… or at least I'm doing it for his sanity.

Suddenly, two more IS launched at me with beam katanas with lengths shorter than the average. Chui and Rui, with angered faces and temper, are riding their own IS, both in pink colour. "Child soldiers…? You can't be serious!" I said as I grabbed both of their katana handles before they could reach me. Somehow their strength as children were incredibly large, as they got me sliding towards the wall…

"Onii-chaaaaaan…!" Chui growled angrily, as she struggled in vain with her beam katana.

"Y-You disgraceful…!" Rui growled angrily as well. This wasn't their day to have that many sweets.

"And I thought they were cute… I guess not!" I muttered to myself as I pushed them away. I guess my head really did hit hard in the 'party'. I then saw a flash of energy approaching to my left, and immediately knowing whom it was.

"Hahahaha! You're toast, Ichika!" Madoka's voice echoed in the hallway, reaching to me faster than the shot. That naïve girl…

"[Chronos-Void Level 1]!"

Third Person POV

"No kaboom?" Madoka muttered in her breath. She looked up and, to her horror, saw her [Star Cannon] charge shot was being absorbed in a dark sphere. The sphere looked like a small black hole, sucking in the energy until there was nothing left. What she also saw was Chui and Rui knocked out on the side, in a daze and left on the side of the floor.

"Sorry, no death today." Tempo sneered at Madoka, still shocked at what Chronos can do. He can block any of her shots, have a light saber, create chains out of his arm and summon black holes… and judging from his sneer, Madoka looked as though she was outmatched. But then his expression changed, from a sneer to a straight face, and dematerialized his IS. The flash of light disappeared and Tempo held his golden pocket watch tightly. This confused Madoka. Why would he…?

"What did I say about leaving me out of your little schemes…?" A dreadful and threatening snarl came from behind Madoka. The dark aura that crept violently along the hallways made Madoka shake in her own machine and had the guts to turn her head around. Everyone also shuddered from the ferocity behind Madoka, except Tempo, in which he knew it was coming. How? The power of foresight!

"Ehehe… Chifuyu-oneesan~… What a surprise...? Hehehe…" Madoka comfortably, yet with extreme nervousness, talked in her usual tone. She was trembling like an earthquake, and is scuttling away very, very, very slowly… Tempo smirked, because of the outcome that will ensue.

"Don't make me break you… or turn you inside out…!" Chifuyu revealed her glinting demonic eyes and fangs, and screamed a war cry and a "Get back here!" as she chased Madoka down the hallway. The girl screamed and tried to fly away with her IS, but her vast speed is barely able to keep up with Chifuyu's ungodly speed on her heels. She made a sharp turn on her left and-

"Huh?" Dyne didn't believe it, but… Madoka flew into the solitary room and out a gaping hole that just appeared. Chifuyu stopped at her tracks and growled at the damage that has been done. "Didn't think they would do that. For once I didn't see it coming…" Tempo thought. Maybe his powers really were fading fast…


"YOU BIG IDIOT!" The demonic sister scolded with such a harsh tone after delivering a blow on Dyne's cheek and him landing on the floor on all 4s. She has been through many accidents, but never this one this large. A giant hole in the wall, a wrecked solitary room, a broken door, a near-broken wall, and minor scrapes and drags. Tempo can't really catch a break, can he?

Tempo's POV

"Sigh… so much for family…" I sighed as I was kneeling before Chifuyu as she kept hitting me with notebooks. Luckily, no signs of bruising, so thanks, Chrono! What was she hitting me for: the damage I've done… But I swear that this is not my doing! When I looked at my right, I saw some snickering from the girls in front. I can tell this is them seeing 'how barbaric I can be'. But what they didn't know is that Madoka and the family started it…

"LOOK WHAT YOU HAVE DONE! DIDN'T YOU READ THE RIGHTS YOU WERE GIVEN?! I OUGHT TO HAVE YOU EXPELLED FOR THIS!" She kept going and going on about what I have done with the damages and that my human rights weren't totally applicable with the punishment I was gonna receive. Oh right, I forgot. The world changed tipped too much on its scaling that even some of our rights as men are abolished to make room for female society. I sighed, and hated this place even more…

"[REWIND]!" I raised my hand and snapped my fingers. Instantly, my energy flowed out and joined along with the windows and walls. In retrograde motion, the pieces and the textures suddenly flowed back to its original form. Everything was as it should be 1 hour ago… and my body wasn't so sure it would agree…

"Oh, umm…" Chifuyu was staring around her, everything neat and tidy, shocked on what happened. The girls were even more so, but their mood changed to a swoon. Houki was giving an awed face as she saw the windows repair themselves. But I didn't get any other credit from anyone else. If fact, today I didn't want any.

"Ugh…" I couldn't stand it… I just got up and walked to the mess hall for an early lunch; ignoring the stares and comments and Orimura's demand for me to stay, and not even grabbing my books and bags for next class. What was I thinking, helping these… these… these 'insignificant humans'? I help them and I avert their crisis… and they go and backlash at me… what's with this world…?

"So… what destiny will it be?"

"What do you want?" I wasn't in the mood.

"It's your answer I want. Do you wish to side with these foolish humans? Or live you life… as the man with freedom?

"You mean, the destroyer of all…" I've known him long enough to see what he's wanting.

"Nonsense. It's the power of a judge, to bring judgment down on the strong and bring the world back to its current state."

"I don't know yet… I need to know more."

"Sigh… how long? It's getting impatient on my time here on this rock!"

"At least… until the tournament is over." I told him as I got my lunch from the mess hall.

"Alright, suit yourself, Ichika Orimura…"

"I promise I'll give you an answer soon, Dyne Tempo…"

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