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EDIT: Before I continue, yes, Dyne is OP atm, but later plot-points will diminish his power. I also want to breakdown his 'Mimic' Abilities on the Clock:

1 O'CLOCK MEMORY COMMAND; CHIKARA GAUNTLETS: Obtained from Isamu, the Osakan lady/terrorist leader. Her gauntlets are powered by steam and let out excessive force when used, enough to break boulders.

2 O'CLOCK MOMORY COMMAND; STAR CANNON: Obtained from Madoka Orimura, daughter of Reimu Orimura and head of the Orimura house. This powerful laser induced with crimson energy is powerful and can blast other IS in the air in explosions.

3 O'CLOCK MEMORY COMMAND; OPTICAL TEARS: Obtained from Cecilia Alcott, the Representative Cadet of the United Kingdom. These four BITS can launch off directly from the wings and fire lasers to distract the enemy. Not much focus is needed to command these BITS.

Past: 10:26AM, August 29th, 2021, at the Oceanside of Portsmouth, England:

Cecilia's POV

"M-Mother?" I looked at her, confused about that perplexing smile of hers. Whenever she's into these situations, she's usually irritated in this type of situation. But today… something was different.

"Oh dearie… Why must you always be so irritating to deal with?" She muttered softly following up with a chuckle, enough for the slob of a father to hear, but with a hint of a cold deathly aura around the question. What I was expecting from the outcome made me shiver a little when I looked at my father, lazily leaning and sleeping on a lamppost.

"Sigh… Why must you always be nagging most of the time?" He asked back. He then turned his head behind him, where our two maids, one with long pink hair tied up and one with short olive hair reaching to the back of the neck, who accompanied us, while holding our suitcases. They looked angry too, considering how they had to stand his attitude. "Ms. Elna, Ms. Aoi, please carry me back to the limo. Walking sure can take a lot out of you." He ordered, as if he was a sleazebag, and stood up straight, ready to be carried.

But today, Ms. Elna looked even angrier, but with a smile, and she let go of two of our suitcases. Ms. Aoi had the same annoyed face, but was also a little surprised from noticing Ms. Elna's face, all red with anger with her short olive hair. Ms. Elna clenched her teeth and muttered:


"Hm?" The slob crossed his arms. Father wasn't one to hear his servants say no to him, but hearing one from Elna was quite shocking to him. "Did you just say… no?" Mother's smile got even bigger.

Elna's face showed her gritting teeth and yelled at the top of her lungs.

"I SAID NO!" She was huffing and puffing with anger. It frightened me a little when I saw her eyes widened with a furrowed brow. I was hiding behind Mother, clinging on her leg, frightened on the fight happening between Father and Ms. Elna.

"Y-You-!" The slob of a father tried to say something back until-.


An explosion, right on the portside, appeared, shaking and scaring everyone on the townie side of Portsmouth. A boat, which was peacefully on the port with sailors fixing the sails turned into a mountain of flames and flying pieces of splintered wood. I gasped from the explosion, while being thrown backwards on my backside from the impact by around 2 feet. My father's face became pale from the sight of the explosion, all the colour leaving him to turn it into a bleaching white.


Another explosion appeared on another area, this time on a group of motorboats. They broke formation from the impact waves on the sea, and flew about, one even landing on the portline. I turned to Ms. Elna and Ms. Aoi. They turned towards the explosions, but they didn't look fazed. Aoi showed a little distress, but Elna was not.

"Egh… couldn't they have warned us about this?" Ms. Aoi suddenly said while the waves still rippled in a large fashion. Elna said nothing, but glared back at Father with a smile, who turned back to her, shaking on the spot.


A third explosion appeared, this time on the tower. The white tower was bombarded with an explosion, flames spouting from the right of the base where I was. I watched in dread as the tower toppled. I heard people screaming as the tower began to fall. Tears welled up in my eyes.

I was scared.

I then heard zooms from the sky as suddenly gray IS machines flew across the sky and went into town. I knew that they were IS, but nothing like our security measure IS we had in England, where they were blue. The gray IS flew into the town, and many more screams were heard. The tower connected with the ground, and a large explosion occurred, releasing even more screams of pain. I turned around, not wanting to watch.

"N-No please! Spare me!" My father's voice was yelping in horror, as I watched him being picked up by my mother. She was in her IS, gripping my father with her large aquamarine gauntlet.

"M-Mother…!" I cried out, but my voice didn't reach her. Her smile got malicious and stretched onto the side of her face. Her eyes sharpened and gazed

"Sorry, darling~." She replied to his terror, with a grin. Her grip tightened as he screamed.

"But you aren't needed in our new world."

Present: 10:29AM, April 6th, 2032, at the ISA Academy arena:

Normal POV

"U-Urrkk…" Dyne muttered as pain interweaved into his head. "That memory…" He grimaced and his grip was released off [Blue Tears]'s frozen arms.

He has previously been launching punch after punch with his [Chronos-'Chikara Gauntlets'], (from Isamu's personal IS) from his [1 O'CLOCK MEMORY COMMAND], to Cecilia and her [Blue Tears], now in a critical damage state. Her arms are frozen solid and pinned on the walls of the arena, her wings damaged and unable to move away. The class became more disturbed and wanted to look away. Some of the others became angry on how barbaric the male fighter is on torturing Cecilia and threw insults that couldn't be heard from a long distance away. Cecilia was in tears from the pain and had bruises over her, while her eyes started to daze a little. She yelped for anyone to save her every time she was landed a punch on the gut or the limbs. But Dyne… he loved every second of it.

But suddenly, a painful memory flashed in his head, and shook his mind around, stopping the punching and torture. Cecilia, in major pain, meekly looked at his grimacing face when he suddenly stopped, his eyes closed from the memory that he just experienced.

Once the pain subsided from his head and straightened his posture though, a shadowy figure came from behind Dyne and-.


The sound of a katana clashing on metal rang in the air. Cecilia looked up in surprise to see Chifuyu with a katana clashing with Dyne and his shield once again, but this time, she was hell bent on killing him. Was it for beating up a fellow student and torturing her?

"What do you want? Here for Cecilia?" He simply asked. The voice changed to the lighter tone that Chifuyu has heard on the first day of the spring semester. The tone threw her off, but it infuriated her even more.

"W-Why…?!" She muttered, teeth clenched and her eyes brimming with the fiery intent on murder. Readying her katana for a forward slice, she screeched.

"Why are you so damn strong?!"


Chronos's shield blocked the katana, just in time. But it seemed as though that Dyne acted a little less experienced when it came to blocking Chifuyu's katana strikes than before, as he was becoming a little imbalanced.

"Why would you say that?" He suddenly replied back with a question. He lowered his shield and turned around to Cecilia, now fainted from the battle from exhaustion and pain. "Don't you care about your dying student?" This made Chifuyu, who was readying another strike, falter a little for a second. It was a line that she wouldn't expect him to say from the two days they have seen each other.

"W-What makes you say that?!" Chifuyu barked in a little disbelief, even shakily lowering her katana to show no harm. "O-Of course I care about my stu-!"

"Tsk tsk. I would have expected better from you, Orimura-sensei, or 'Headmistress'."

She was interrupted a voice that made her stop on her tracks, followed by two gray [Uchigane] security IS landed close to Dyne and the walls of the arena. They immediately grabbed Cecilia's limp body and made their way back to the hangar and towards the hospital wing. Cecilia grunted in pain as she was being picked up, signaling that the security isn't handling this very carefully. Chifuyu just stood there staring at the flying IS with a speechless face; while Dyne deactivated his IS and watched Cecilia go, feeling justified but with a shed of guilt.

Chifuyu then turned around and saw a familiar face that made her skin pale. She dropped her katana and shook at the sight of a woman in her mid-40s, in a suit, stockings and tie, much like Chifuyu's attire, holding a clipboard, and wearing a much more serious look. The woman then walked up to Chifuyu, her eyes were almost piercing to the very soul, and shook her head and sighed. But behind Chifuyu was Dyne, who was perfectly fine a minute ago, who was shaking as well, out of fear and realization.

Ichika's POV

"I thought I told you about not harming this particular IS! Did you forget?!" She scolded her, as if they were mother and daughter. Chifuyu simply sulked in humiliation and looked down to the ground. I looked at the two in disbelief. That blasted woman… couldn't be…

"Heh… you finally see what's going on." Dyne said inside me, acting confident with the 'I told you so' attitude. Though I don't know what is it he tried to tell me.

"See what?" I asked in my thoughts.

"That woman is the same woman from the meeting a day ago. AKA she's your mother, Reimu Orimura." Dyne immediately recognized her, which made me grit my teeth. Unsettling anger filled my soul, making me desire harder to cut her up into ribbons. "But what is she doing here? She can't be the headmistress of this place…"

I was about to answer back with much inquisition, but two sharp glares caught my line of sight. Chifuyu and the Reimu person stared back, both with their sharp glares at me. It made me step back a little and it also made me flinch a little that Reimu was smiling, but I was prepared for anything, as I had the pocket watch out behind my back, ready for activation. Then Reimu walked to me, still with that innocent smile on her face, and came to me face level.

"Fufufu, it's nice to see you again." She said in a polite fashion that even confused me. She put her hand on my shoulder to reassure the politeness, but I felt a ton of pressure on the grip, saying that something is up with her.

"W-What more do you want from me?" I asked, with a hint of desperation. Like I said, I got to be prepared for anything.

"Why don't you come with me? We'll meet in my office and talk peacefully there."

"No way, I'm not going with someone like you!" I backed away, but was shot a glare by Chifuyu.

"Hey! That's Mother you're talking to! Watch how you ta-!" Reimu's smile didn't fade, but she did something mildly...


…Something mildly dangerous, yet impressive. I stared wide-eyed as she flung her clipboard through unbelievable speed and smacked Chifuyu's face with such strength. The clipboard then fell to the ground as Chifuyu stumbled backwards, hands cupping her forehead to ease the pain. Reimu then turned back to me, still the same smiling face and innocence from before, and gripped my hand.

"Ignore what she has said. My daughter won't bother you anymore." She assured me. I wasn't focused on that when she dragged me out of the arena. I was more focused on the iron grip she had when she grabbed me by my hand. When she grabbed me and forcefully pulled me, it felt like a chain cuffed to my wrist and being dragged around like a pet prisoner. It didn't help that Chifuyu also came along (most of the time, being silent) and student onlookers staring at me like I had organized a crime. But of course, by tomorrow, everyone will know what that crime was.

Later: 10:52AM, April 6th, 2032, just outside of the Headmistress's Office (after a clothing change):

Ichika's POV

It wasn't quiet…

It wasn't welcoming…

But it was very nerve-wracking.

The secretary's office was like any other secretary's office, except without the secretary typing away at her own computer. She left her messy desk unattended as 'she went for a coffee' as I just entered in.

But that wasn't what I was being wracked about. Firstly, there was a commotion in the headmistress's office. The head staff, the headmaster herself and Chifuyu-nee were all in there discussing about… something (probably about me), and somehow it caused a large commotion inside, only having angry muffled voices coming out of the door. If I could have, I would have activated Chronos and would have been able to have the X-ray vision and/or my lucky golden pocket watch ready to know what they are planning. However, that was not the case.

Secondly, there was a commotion going on outside of the secretary's office and out into the hallway. There were whispers and phrases that I couldn't make out, but I knew that it was the voice of teenage girls. It was probably because I made such a commotion from that battle, and now there would be a nasty rumor about what 'happened' at the arena and it would downsize me. Again, if I had Chronos activated, I would have shooed them away. However, that was not the case.

Thirdly… well…

"Hey Utari-san, have you found the last novel of Fairy Tail yet in the manga stores?" The bodyguard, dressed up in a suit and tie on the left asked, tilting her head and leaning her body forward, towards the one on the right.

"No, Momo-san. I couldn't find it. What about you?" The one on the right replied as she turned her head towards the left. She was wearing the same attire as the other bodyguard.

"Aww, Utariiiiiiii~… I would have been excited to know what happened after the fight against the Order of the Hungry Wolf!" Momo (I think that was her name), complained and sulked on the spot in such a girlish way where she stood guard.

"I knooooow, Momo-san~… I'm sorry…!" Utari apologized in the sulkiest way and held Momo's shoulder to get her to feel better.

At that point, I just stayed seated in my chair, made a long depressing sigh and made a double facepalm. It seems that I have bad luck with bodyguards these days.

"Impressive battle out there, Master Ichika!" Chrono congratulated in my thoughts, in a very positive voice. "Those moves you did were unmatchable!"

Yeah… "Yeah…" I thought I would assure victory, but… but then Dyne had to just jump in.

"Oh what's wrong?" Chrono asked, changing her shift into a worrywart. "Were you unhappy that Dyne stepped in?"

"No, it's not that." Yes it was totally that. "I'm just worried about… why those three people in those [Uchiganes] interrupt the fight between me and Cecilia. I was really getting into it…"

"Well, you were struggling a little out there, so Dyne had to step in for you." Chrono reasoned with me in my thoughts. "Did you really want to become mincemeat out there?"

"Well, no…" That is not a good enough reason, Chrono…

"Oh really now, Ichika? What was not justifiable?"

"W-Wha? Were you listening in?"

"Yeah. I can hear your every thought." Ugh, now I really have no privacy. I thought I heard Chrono giggle as well as he finished that phrase.

"But, now's not the time for lollygagging." He suddenly became serious with his tone. "Ichika, can you let me control you for a moment?"

"Huh? Why?" What can be so important now?

"I'm just curious from what the School Board of Unruliness wants to do with us. And you know that you don't like being the lab rat."

"We already know a plan, so don't worry."

I felt a little unsettled about this idea, knowing that it was Dyne's fault for actually killing someone and nearly killed another… and I didn't know if I can trust him again to do such things. Then again, he has-

"Hey, I just jumped in to save you, and I had no choice but to kill them! That's all, right?"

"I was doing just fine, even though it was a 3 vs. 1."

"Okay, so you were doing fine. I just… wanted some of the action that's all!"

Ugh… "Fine, I'll let you borrow me for just this time. But no killing and no hurting; I don't want to attract any more negative attention. Chrono, keep him at watch."

"Don't worry. He won't even hurt a fly."


Dyne's POV

"Alright. Plan A into motion." Dyne said, a smile stretching across his mouth. At the door to the hallways, he heard Momo and Utari still talking about Fairy Tail.

"So where else can we get the next volume of Fairy Tail?" Momo asked her bodyguard friend.

"I dunno now…" Utari sighed. "I tried every store, and they are sold out on the first 30 minutes. I couldn't get my hands on the volume 37… Better luck next time then…" Dyne raised his smirk and stood up.

"You mean volume 37 of Fairy Tail that was sold out at the local manga store here?" I asked 'curiously'. "I happen to have a copy of that with me right now."

They suddenly turned to me and looked at me, wide eyed. "REALLY?!" They both said, with jaws gaping and eyes shocked. I simply nodded, without any reason why they would be so… excited for some book. Humans can be quite scary if you ask me.

"I have it right here." I lied as I showed them the 'book' they always wanted. Then they did something that I probably would have feared.

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK HE HAS IT!" They screamed with delight as they jumped up and down. I nearly had to close my ears with my hands, but I heard Chrono's voice talking.

"Quick, Dyne! Throw the book outside!" I did what she said and opened the automatic door, where teenage girls were surprised by the screaming from the bodyguards. I threw the book outside and they ran out the room where the book landed. Finally! I took the liberty to lock the door behind them, as they plowed their way through the hordes of students who were the rude onlookers. Outside were screams and then silence, and finally some banging from the door was heard. That was the cue for Plan B.

"Alright, [The Lucky Golden Pocket Watch], ready and active, Master Dyne!" Chrono reported to me. I nodded and ran to the headmistress's door, still in an arguing mode. I flipped open the watch, reading 11:08AM. It's good enough on time. I closed my eyes and the black in my eyes became white.

Another Present: 11:08AM, April 6th, 2032, in the headmistress's office:

Chifuyu's POV:

"So… do we have a deal, my daughter?"

In all of my years of teaching, I felt so… defeated. I couldn't discipline one of my students, let alone a man who used to be my brother, to follow my will as an instructor as school. My mother offered a deal: to get him off my hands and move him to another class, or keep him in my class with the bet still going on for the role of headmistress.

"But it wasn't my fault! He was the one who started up that fights, and he even tortured one of my students and even severely wounded two security IS pilots who tried to save her!" I tried to fight back with as many reasons as possible, but the stern frowning look on Mothe- err, Headmistress Reimu's face kept staring down on her, along with the deadly four other head staff members sitting in the board room meeting.

"Sigh… If I was just your headmistress, I would fire you immediately." Reimu warned her in a stern voice. I stiffened my shoulders as Mother scolded me with her harsh tone. The four members turned to each other and nodded, mocking me with their attitudes on how they can look down on me… "But you still need training, so I'll let you stay as teacher for a while. Yet, you still haven't complied with the deal."

The four members… How they all frightened me at first sight, but I immediately grew accustomed to it. The one on the left beside Mother is Cynthia Alcott, the second mightiest English warrior of the [Age of Rebirth], the sister of the fallen Agatha Alcott, and aunt of Cecilia. Right now she's fuming, due to her niece being all battered up and tortured by Dyne. "Ugh…" She pouted on the spot. "Why can't we get rid of him instead? He has ruined my niece, and spoiling our welfare! He's not worth our time!"

The one on Mother's right is Junko Rautaro, the incredibly lewd Brazilian Representative, with a metallic scouter for her left eye and has a knack for dismantling machines. She developed this nasty twitch of pleasure these days, when she heard about Dyne's IS machine and how Shinonono did not make it. "Ohohohoho, now now, Cynthie~!" Junko comforted Cynthia in a very… creepy tone. "I don't wanna kill him, but I want his machine! Those materials composed of his IS would be luscious to my hands~~."

The one on the far left is Benelevé Agnès, a rather shy naive woman, but polite and honest at the same time. She is also the Representative of Belgium, and has family ties to the Dunois Corporation back at France, one of the largest Corporations for IS. She's also a favourite to Reimu, as they look like they have some sort of relationship with each other, but I shuddered at that thought. "I don't really think killing him is the right way though…" Agnès giggled nervously and just smiled like an airhead.

Lastly, on the far right was Clarissa, an ambassador and borne child soldier back from the Germany training camps. Her and I go a long way back as I have instructed her and her military friends, but she had to side with the headmistress today. She somehow rose to the ranks as Mother has taken a liking to her. Her eye patch she keeps on her eye is a secret only the board knows, and she prefers to keep it that way. She does have a knack for Japanese manga though… "I don't really care. He hasn't made much of trouble compared to the camps back at Germany." Clarissa just smiled and shrugged as she kept reading her copy of Fairy Tail volume 37. "I mean, killing is part of turning oneself into a dominating war machine..."

"B-But what if he won't listen to us?" Benelevé asked nervously and shakily.

"He doesn't listen to anyone of us anyway. As chosen as part of this staff to make the decisions, I say disregard of the swapping of classes and just plain expel him!" Cynthia exclaimed, getting up from her seat and slamming her palms on the desk; just like Cecilia, only a little more forceful.

B-But we need his IS machine! I wanna dismantle it and make more weapons! Lots and lots of them!" Junko shouted her complain, following it up with giggling and laughter.

"Who cares about his machine?! Not one of us would want him to be in the new world!"

"But think about it, Cynthia-san. Wouldn't you want someone who has beaten up your weak niece and beaten A-class IS hunters with little to no effort in the later half of the battle to be part of the revolution?" Clarissa interrupted with her idea. Cynthia wasn't too amused about the interjection.

"Excuse me! All warriors that are of English heritage are born to be brave warriors and graceful to their movements!"

"Ehhh… but she was quite the rowdy one…" Benelevé added, much to Cynthia's dismay.

"Hehehe… not to lie, but she is much too arrogant just from IS movement alone…" Junko also added, also much to Cynthia's dismay.

"That explains why your niece lost." Clarissa finished with her argument, leaving Cynthia seething in anger.

I couldn't really care about what they are arguing about. I was deep in thought of what I should choose. I knew my mother and only my mother's decisions were final on her word, so it's either he stays in my class or goes to another. My soul wanted to say, 'Let him go to Class 2; you'll have a fun semester without him bothering you… He won't humiliate you, hurt your students and he won't be your problem…'

But another part of me was saying, 'NO! She bet you for her position for headmistress, and you have dreamt your life on becoming that position! Besides, you can kill him later once he's finished his roles!'

"-ifuyu! Chifuyu?!" My mother's voice rang in the air. I snapped back into reality and looked straight towards her in the eyes, glaring in confusion from the la-la-land that I have been from for the past 2 minutes. "Do we have a deal?"

I tried to open my mouth, but if felt as though it was glue shut. My limbs were trembling on the spot and sweat poured down from my forehead. What did I want: my position as headmistress, or him off my back? I gave it thought, but I then came to a close. I may not get the position, but I can still get revenge on him… from my humiliation… I had no choice and I forced open my mouth…

"Erk…I'm not going to back down on my deal. I'll-" But then suddenly:


Everything came to me, like it's part of a nightmare-ish shock:

"Ichika? Who's he?"


"Hahaha… why bother if you don't care…?"


"The ones who retract their IS and moves out of the way for more than 2 seconds… DIES!"

"Ichika! How could you…?!"

"C-Chifuyu-nee… why…?"

"It's time we labeled him out of the family… for good!"

"Don't spout your lies to me!"

"A humiliation to the house of Orimura. Why can't you be any more beneficial to us? Now fetch me more water!"

"The weak man's no more! My name is Dyne Tempo! And time won't wait for you!"

"Why… Mother… Father… Nee-chan… Onee-san…? sniff sniff Why do they reject me…?"

"Know your place, heretic."

I gasped, with my eyes widening and about to pop, and words spouted from my mouth in a half-dead voice.

"T-T-Take him off my hands… he's t-too much trouble." I released all the air out, relieving all of the tension inside, and fell to my knees in defeat, weakness and heavy breathing, but Mother's mouth stretched into a grin.

"Fufufu~ I knew you would say that, darling~." Mother replied to me in a cheery tone.


"Okay, then it's official!" Mother announced proudly as she stood up. "He'll be transferred in class 2 then, starting tomorrow! All in favour say 'Aye'!

The room was filled with the word 'Aye!' I sighed of relief but shook my fist. I had new determination now, to rid of the heretic whatever way possible, without losing my job at least… and now I don't have to kill him in front of his old classmates. I got up, turned around and pushed the door open, until-.


Present: 11:13AM, April 6th, 2032, just outside the Headmistress's office:

Dyne's POV

Yeow! That really hurts! W-What-?!


"Huh?" When I opened my eyes, I saw myself on the floor of the secretary's room. I frantically looked around, but in front of me was Chifuyu's body and glaring eyes, staring down at me, like I'm some sort of spy. Immediately, I straightened myself upwards and stood up, where I saw Reimu come in from behind Chifuyu. Reimu, unlike Chifuyu, had a concerning smile on her, indicating a motherly worry, but I looked away.

"So… what happened there?" I asked nervously, brushing off the dirt off my uniform pants. "Heard a lot of yelling. You sure it was a peaceful argument?"

"Well, for the most part…" Reimu muttered, enough volume for me to hear. "But we have come to a decision. You'll be brought over into Class 2, starting Thursday tomorrow. Any complaints?"

Class 2? Why? I sort of like my class, seeing Houki and all, and the girls there are rather nice people.

"Who's in that class?" I asked. "And why swap me? I actually like Class 1."

"Really? You've beaten up a fellow classmate and you scare the daylights out of Orimura-sensei and Yamada-sens-."


"Y-You!" A female English accented voice was heard from the pitch-black meeting room behind Reimu. Storming in was… Cecilia? No, it was a woman who looked like her. Reimu simply stepped aside like it was nothing, while Chifuyu got shoved to the side. Now she glared down at me with enraged eyes, as she was just a centimetre taller than me with golden locks in her hair, suit and tie attire and aquamarine globes sharpened towards my eyes.

"M-Me?" I simply replied, shaking a little from her 'entrance'.

"You're the simpleton that has beaten my poor niece into pulp!" She exclaimed. "What makes you think you're so special because you're a boy, huh!? Going around and beating a representative cadet from one of the world's biggest and most exquisite countries in the whole world?!"

"Well, I-, wait, you're related to Cecilia?" I could already tell from the 'simpleton' and the 'world's biggest superpowers in the whole world' part.

I could already tell from the arrogance.

"Sigh…" Reimu sighed as she walked up and put her hand on the English woman's shoulder. "Tempo-kun, this is Miss Cynthia Alcott, one of our head staff and she governs the paperwork, creates the lesson plans for IS, and hosts the exams and tests for most of Japan's schools, including this one." She then turned her attention to Cynthia, now calmed down. "Cynthia, this is Dyne Tempo, the male student that can pilot an IS. I'm sure you have heard about his on the news a week ago."

"Of course I have heard about you, but you are still not welcome here!" Cynthia still pouted and crossed her arms. "I don't care whether or not you can pilot an IS or not. A savage beast like him has no right for the likes of us!"

Some staff member and their accommodation. "Me savage? You don't have a right to call me savage!"

"You were being barbaric in the match today, even killing somebody! Don't tell me that's barbaric!" Oh, she is ASKING for it!

"It's barbaric too when they kill people of their own country and calling it justifiable in the [Purge of Society]! That's more barbaric!" She looked stunned that I knew, but just like Cecilia, she didn't falter.

"Hmph, a woman of exquisites like me can do anything they like, and exterminating the pests from my country was the only thing to clean it! Plus it's called the [Age of Rebirth], not some stupid purge!"

"Hmph! Don't get me started!" I hated it that people just did what they liked to do, just because they can. Especially this woman right here! "You think you're so damn special, all because you're the identical twin sister of 'The Great Agatha', one of them barbaric inciters of this stupid age!"

"How dare you call my sister barbaric! I'll have you know that she housed the great family fortune of the Alcott family and that she depends on her daughter to inherit it! She would never incite a purge!"

"Oh yeah, she would incite a purge! What do you think happened to the Spinnaker tower?!"

"You're so uninformed, you little brat! The English government took it down, because-!"

"Ridiculous! Can't believe you resort to cover-ups and lies for your sister's little incitement! She destroyed the town of Portsmouth with her maids and half of the Japanese squadron, even wanting to killing her own husband!"

"H-How did you know?! I-I mean, hmph, ridiculous!" She was starting to sweat a little, meaning she knows so. "Her husband was a sleazebag and slouch, and it would have been a matter of time!"

"But it didn't justify murdering almost all of Portsmouth's townspeople and the Spinnaker Tower itself. Are you just saying that people lower than you are garbage and savages?! That's no way of a reason for killing them!"

"W-What do you know?! Why am I even talking to you, a savage that knows nothing?!"

"Hmph, always the same, from then to now! You really are such a sad person. Why not just kill everybody in the world if that's what you want to do!?" I simply yelled back at her, finally ending the argument. She said nothing and turned her head in such disgust and frustration.

"Ugh, do what you want then, but you better be ready for what's coming for you!" She walked around me to the door, which lead to the hallways of the school. The banging was silent, but once she opened the door-.


"Reimu-dono! Chifuyu-sensei!" Utari, looking exhausted from banging the door and pissed beyond belief, burst in with Momo, also looking tired. "Tempo-san loc-!"

"You're stepping on someone, you two." I didn't even give them a look. They simply looked down and gasped. These two were unaware that they trampled Cynthia, apparently 'the second strongest warrior next to her twin sister', making me thinks that I should have warned her. But nah… it makes me laugh just thinking about it. I took my steps to walk around the trampled lady knocked out on the floor and continued my way towards the mess hall, as I get ample amount of stares from the students as they saw me coming out of the ruckus. While I walked down towards the mess hall, I reflected on what happened during those dreadful and mournful six months; the times of the [Purge of Society].

Those six months where everyone turned against each other, including my friends from back at the slums.

I thought they were people I trusted. We were little kids in the slums, pickpocketing for food and at least making life a little better for ourselves. But when I turned 8, and when those times of the Purge arrived… it became dreadful and mournful. Everyone was getting killed left and right, showing themselves that they think they are righteous with their own mechs they call IS. I even specifically remember the time… the time when she even had me at gunpoint.

Distant Past: 5:32AM, June 7th, 2021, at the slums of town, during the Purge:

The tanned child held up the gun towards me, the barrel smoking after shooting down my two other friends. They had holes in their chest, blood pouring out from behind them. I was cornered in our hideout, along stonewalls illuminated by the fire burning outside. For me, I was scared to the point of hyperventilation. My eyes and limbs shook with fear as I saw the gun being pointed to me, trigger resting on her finger. I was asking myself, 'Why?! Why would she do something like this?! Weren't we friend, having something in common and sticking together?!', but I simply backed up to the corner of our now-wrecked hideout.

For her, though, she simply stared blankly at me without any emotion, her tanned-skined hands shaking on the gun with her trigger about to pull. "Ichika…" She finally said, as surprisingly, a tear rolled down her cheek from her eye. It made me finally want to reason her.

"Why, Emilia?! Why are you doing this?!" I exclaimed desperately, trying to get a reason from doing this. "I thought you were our friend! I thought I could trust you! Why?!" I was in tears now, watering and flowing out of my eye sockets. But Emilia… didn't change her demeanor; instead she cried tears while keeping her emotionlessness.

"I don't… expect you to for-…forgive me… Ichika-san…" She blubbered without emotion, and pulled the trigger. I clenched my eyes shut.


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