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Elena was resting on her side and breathing heavily; Damon icy blue eyes grew soft as he stared at the sleeping Elena, his hand griped hers tightly. Suddenly she bolted into a sitting position, "Damon" She screamed in terror.

"Shh. Shh. I'm right here, 'Lena." Damon hugged her tightly and slowly pulled her back onto the hospital bed.

"Hey, I heard Elena scream. What happened?" Jeremy ran into the room.

Elena hid her face into Damon's chest and whispered into his ear, "Who is he?"

Damon's eyes widen in question, "Your brother?"

Jeremy just stood and watched, his only family he had forgot who he was.

"I-I don't have a brother. I just have you, Damon." Elena clung to him and unhurriedly turned her head to face Jeremy. Bonnie soon bounded into the hospital room, and in response Elena scooted against the wall behind her bed. A clear IV needle was neatly placed into her left arm and a pulse rate scanner gripped her finger.

"Elena?" Bonnie questioned uncertainly.

"Who? Are? You?" Elena let each word tumble out.

"I'm Bonnie, 'Lena. It's okay you probably just momentarily forgot your memory. Here, let me go get the nurse." Bonnie hastily left the room.

While Bonnie was gone, Damon dug his fangs into his wrist and urged Elena into drinking from him. As she drank, Damon held her head, gently. She drunk deeply, until Damon pulled away and he crouched down to face her. He pointed to Jeremy, "Elena, who's this?" He seemed like he was speaking to a child. In response Elena shrugged and pulled Damon to her mouth and kissed him until he lightly pushed away.